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  1. I'm a bit confused at the minute, granted not hard to do or could be because I don't do social media, but I'm looking for feature announcements and I can't see any, apart from what's on first page, maybe I'm missing something but have been looking for more, but IF better medal ceremonies and league rule changes are it, I have to say I'm worried what other "features" are going to be announced. I was feeling flat after the first 2 announcements though I applaud the effort regarding the packaging and the Arsenal edition, alright for gunners, BUT what about your average joe who usess steam and doesn't support Arsenal, and I know I'm in a minority now-a-days, but what about those people who don't use social media. Last year I thought you did well with all the release stuff. I don't normally moan when I post here, but I think you may be forgetting your older fan-base and loyal customers to pander to the younger ones, instead of striking a balance, though I know you are trying to please everyone. Sorry for rant and I look forward to some bigger announcements to come.
  2. Initial thoughts, mmmm there goes £35. Favourite thing I noticed the ABC ratings in the Manager Performance Update. Also really glad pitch condition is back. Hope the videos will be posted here like last year, as this is as close as I get to social media.
  3. This must be a bug (I notice OP says he has reported this), I am currently attending a Europa League match (scouting players) between Marseille and RB Leipzig and I can see no supporters anywhere. Reversed my touchline cam and saw a spattering of people. Attendance given as 1099 (1099 away) in a stadium with a 66339 capacity and can find nothing about anything about restrictions on OM pages. Not going to worry myself about it as only playing my last save before 20, but think it definitely needs looking at.
  4. Generally at a good price too, another I like is Joshua Zirkzee (Dutch kid at Bayern) a little more expensive, seems to develop slower than Arp but turns into a powerful goal scoring machine.
  5. Weston McKennie, if you don't mind someone with a bit of bite in him, he will play well enough but pick up a few red cards along the way.
  6. Great signing. cost me £250,000, as he had signed new contract. He replaced Coleman for me at EFC, second season player of the year, 3rd season United offered £38m, I offered him new contract slightly better wage he signed and were still together and he is my most played player 7 years in, he does everything so well and so consistent.
  7. This to me is the most overlooked aspect of what goes on in game, there has to be some form of "artificial" balancing, whether the ME or the AI world otherwise the game would be too easy, as we would all win all the time and some would be happy and some would moan that it's too easy. So with the balancing aspect the scales will always tilt one way or another, thus generating "over rated" teams in each save, that will also vary from save to save.
  8. I know the poll is closed but I would have gone for " Calendar bug ,only 1 day to recover between 2 officials games, especially a the end of the season (Obviously, i'm not talking about the Boxing day) " How do you set that? The last time it happened to me there were 2 PL fixtures on the Wednesday after the official end of season yet I still had to play 4 games in 8 days.
  9. I only have one wish as a new feature, I would like to see a dugout or manager area camera with ball tracker with ability to change focus to other areas to see what my players are doing depending on situation, though would settle for it set at halfway line with ball tracker for an easier implementation, because the sideline cam that I use doesn't give the feel of a managers view. Other things would be the usual tweaks that have already been mentioned. The thing I enjoyed most about the new tweaks for 19 was the training I really got into it, but after I had a few months away from FM when I went back I thought it had changed for the worse, or wasn't working as well as when launched.
  10. Have only done serious saves with EFC and over a full season I've had 53%, 49% decreases and couple of other smaller decreases, but I put it down to having the best physios and sports scientists I could get my hands on, I still have the best physios and sports scientists which is my curiosity about this now, and I'm trying to use this save as a long term one for my topic in good team forum. As you say it forces you to think and use squad players or in my case U23's more, I've noticed in my dabble with the LLM that there's not much you can do with training as sessions are limited, so that has prevented me starting a serious LLM save for now.
  11. It's first time I've had any major issues with injuries in 19, my previous saves have all had similar to HUNT3R decreases, so have already put it down to bad luck, was just curious, as I really enjoy the training aspect and don't want to reign it in, I want my players to work hard, thanks for quick feedback and responses. It's a whole new challenge so it keeps me happy.
  12. Both mostly training, international matches aswell, here is my current injury history Have managed a week since last injury, and currently 19% increase on expected injuries, as i say I'm not moaning and think it's an unlucky save, but my training methods haven't changed from my last few saves.
  13. Have been in on the betas since you started them and happily going along with them and reporting bugs as necessary, currently on 19.2 just reported possible offside bug. Did ask this question in feedback thread but it quickly got buried amongst the stat talk. So will ask here, has there been any change regarding injuries and or training, can't see it in release notes, as I have been carrying on with how I've been doing things since I got stuck into training am on a new save and my injuries are horrendous, I'm not moaning or saying it's a bug, but curious to know if there have been any changes in this regard or am I just on an unlucky injury cursed save?
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