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  1. Have only done serious saves with EFC and over a full season I've had 53%, 49% decreases and couple of other smaller decreases, but I put it down to having the best physios and sports scientists I could get my hands on, I still have the best physios and sports scientists which is my curiosity about this now, and I'm trying to use this save as a long term one for my topic in good team forum. As you say it forces you to think and use squad players or in my case U23's more, I've noticed in my dabble with the LLM that there's not much you can do with training as sessions are limited, so that has prevented me starting a serious LLM save for now.
  2. It's first time I've had any major issues with injuries in 19, my previous saves have all had similar to HUNT3R decreases, so have already put it down to bad luck, was just curious, as I really enjoy the training aspect and don't want to reign it in, I want my players to work hard, thanks for quick feedback and responses. It's a whole new challenge so it keeps me happy.
  3. Both mostly training, international matches aswell, here is my current injury history Have managed a week since last injury, and currently 19% increase on expected injuries, as i say I'm not moaning and think it's an unlucky save, but my training methods haven't changed from my last few saves.
  4. Have been in on the betas since you started them and happily going along with them and reporting bugs as necessary, currently on 19.2 just reported possible offside bug. Did ask this question in feedback thread but it quickly got buried amongst the stat talk. So will ask here, has there been any change regarding injuries and or training, can't see it in release notes, as I have been carrying on with how I've been doing things since I got stuck into training am on a new save and my injuries are horrendous, I'm not moaning or saying it's a bug, but curious to know if there have been any changes in this regard or am I just on an unlucky injury cursed save?
  5. Have noticed over last couple of days since 19.2 beta update far too many bad offside calls, I realise there will always be some but now there are several every match, I include a pkm showing some bad examples, far too many to list but specifically around the 31/32 minute mark it is impossible for this offside to be called no matter how blind we think officials are, Gomes to Richarlison. The ball is played across the box behind a line of defenders and when my player receives ball offside is called, with a full defensive line playing him onside, as I say too many in this match to list, but this is a recurring theme over last couple of days, not all against me but I probably notice the ones against me more. Have tried clipping some highlights but presuming uploading/saving highlights still not working. OffsidehowEverton v Tottenham Hotspur.pkm
  6. Deleted file as you said and all good, 3 panels showing Thanks.
  7. As topic suggests this will be about my beloved Toffees, or Everton Football Club, whichever you prefer. As I have been working on my tactics since the beta release mid October have finally settled on some which I am enjoying watching and getting useful results, and they don't include any players in the DM position, but holders in the midfield instead, which gives me a nice and balanced 433 of which I use 2, one with 1 support role and one with 2 support roles, my third tactic is a 4231. In this thread I want to see if I can win league and cups including Europe without the need of a DM, as any Evertonian who has watched us over the last couple of seasons(not counting this season) is sick of seeing 2 DM's at home to Fulham/Cardiff or whoever, no disrespect to Cardiff/Fulham fans, but no team should play 2 DM's at home unless you're expecting a hiding. I do play with and tweak training quite a bit but I won't go into that too much in this topic, as for the first season I'm only really going to be adding some keeper and set piece trainig unless I feel something really needs working on. Here are the tactics The squad Medical Centre as of 7 Oct 2018 Pre-season went well, only game I didn't win was against AEK and I used the 4231 against them and they didn't bite. And season has started very well overall, lost at Utd opening day and lost at home to Chelsea, in a tight match, Iddi Gueye getting sent off didn't help, but promising signs for rest of season, great cup tie against Arsenal in EFL Cup 3rd round twice coming from behind, Kieren Dowell scored a cracking freekick to force penalties. So after 8 league games this is the table I'm very happy with the start, already confident of CL qualification, and planning ahead, De Ligt has signed a new contract with a minimum release of £28.5m, so may try to get him in ready for next season, as past experience tells me that the £80m-£120m Chelsea want for Kurt Zouma is not something I'm prepared to pay, will also try to buy Gomes as can usually get him for between £20m-£40m and , £120,000 p/w wages, apart from that will only be loaning out players and getting rid of dead wood most of which is already out on loan.
  8. This is how my season ended lot more clean sheets and I'm finally happy with my formations and defence, only one really bad game and I have no explanation at all for it, guess it was just one of those things, but 11 clean sheets in second half of season, means that this thread has helped me achieve what I wanted at the start. As said in previous post my initial experiment has gone kaput, due to changes with ME in beta updates, but gives me an excuse for another thread.
  9. This isn't a moan, but has something been changed regarding injuries with latest beta update? I only ask as I love the training and started new save after last update carrying on doing what I've been doing with training, bit extra here and there and now I'm being hammered with in game injuries and training injuries, not minors but months worth of injuries, I lost main striker first day of preseason for a 2 weeks and then 6 months within week of his return. I lost my strikers in 3 consecutive matches to injury only one was minor. I'm not moaning or crying about it, as it's the first time with fm19 I've had any real injury issues, it could be I'm on an unlucky run, but 5 games into season 21 total injuries and upto 7 months is a lot, currently 4 out for 6 weeks-5 months, as I say not moaning, in fact it's an extra challenge, but am guessing training influence and injuries has been tweaked. It's still keeping me interested and won't change my training habits, as I like the results they produce, but I can't see anything about injuries in release notes, so was wondering if there have been any tweaks?
  10. Will only comment on fm19 youth intake and as I've only got that far in a season with EFC I take them all and let them develop, but have done something I've never done before in any fm youth intake, I managed to terminate a contract after 1 week of training, because after first U18 training report one kid was 6.05 next worst 7.15 so I had a word about working hard to reach potential, he gave my lip saying he would do alright, so without even checking his potential I terminated contract, and guess what he only had 1.5 * potential, blacked out 2*, cheeky little */?@>, almost ready for next intake following season, he's still without a club. If managing lower down I look at them all and cherry pick who I want.
  11. I'm about to start my umpteenth EFC save, and have settled on 433*2 and a 4231, these are shown in my CB pairings EFC experiment thread, just with a tweak to either CB to cover if facing pace. Had a great season and won league and once I sorted my defensive issues was a great season.
  12. Superb analogy, yes I get it love NFL, am a Cowboys man for my sins well over 30 years, though more familiar with the roles at line of scrimmage and the attacking roles, the glamour end you could say. Managed to get my defensive issues sorted and it was my own stupidity, my defensive coaches seemed to have changed in training wrong training assignments, once I re-ordered my coaches managed to cut down on the leakiness, not been too well last few days, will post screenies in a day or 2 for rest of season, won league with ease. Once settled on a NCB+BPD both on defend, and depending on opponent or my formation, could use cover with either role to good effect, covering either left or right side depending, only went badly wrong in one game. Experiment well out of window after latest beta updates, massive change in possession stats in last few games of season, and few other issues since latest update, not sure if good or bad, but will do another run with settled defensive roles and see how it goes.
  13. In the picture above, you can see my HoYD doesn't recommend to renew any contracts, but there are a couple there that I'm sure I will offer contract to, but would like the chance to have a chat and say look you've got 6 months to earn a contract or it's the highway for you or words to that effect. Obviously the picture is with 6 months remaining but we get this screen at the start of the season and well I get it every 6 months, down to my staff settings, so whilst this is for youth contracts it could apply any time we get this screen youth or first teamers.
  14. I have to admit style of play kind of confuses me, I know I don't want Geggenpress or tikki-takka, I suppose I want attacking/counter-attacking from a solid base, but not sure, as I've previously said it's the defensive side I concerned about not my tactics, though I do now understand that one effects the other. I've confused this thread myself, I started by wanting to get my CB roles sorted without a DM but have clouded it by trying to incorporate all the advice at once, I am appreciative of your feedback, it has helped me put together and great streak, which unfortunately just ended in a big way. Also I am a reactive manager in match especially if I fall behind, I will go chasing a game early, which is 50/50 work/fail, and that will always be on me. My defensive issue aren't even that bad as screenies below show, but it's the amount of games I concede in 20 games into the season, only 5 clean sheets, though this is probably the only bit of my season that is a true reflection of Everton. But first my 3 tactics, have ditched the 41221 now replaced with another 433. Now have settled on NCB + BPD as my CB roles, both on def, though if facing quick forward may change to cover in match. Stats As you can see I'm probably being over critical of myself and my defence, but there's just too many 1's in the against column, I don't mind defeats, like the one that ended my unbeaten run as I went chasing the game from 2 down. Even though the 4-0 win over Arsenal is the standout result the most satisfying was the 1-1 at home to City as it was a solid defensive effort and the 1-0 against Wolves especially after running a separate experiment on that game. The cup defeat to Liverpool was kind of my throwing game as just beaten them in league, I went wonky 4231 to try and catch them out and it backfired, but didn't want extra game in Dec anyway I normally don't introduce 3 at the back until second season, just as a surprise formation for games I'm expected to win big or to catch a big team out. And will do so in this case.
  15. Thanks for that Seb, and in which forum would I ask the ME guys a question? So if I'm understanding correctly start them in the postion they have learnt.
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