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  1. This is probably my biggest bugbear in this years FM20, I watch on comprehensive and see it far too often (along with rabona crosses) I can say through trying all the CB roles/combos to try to eliminate it, the role makes no difference, to me mentality makes no difference, either. The worst examples I've seen are the CB spinning 270 degrees to boot it out for a corner, when at 90 degrees could boot it upfield, at 180 degrees boot it out for a throw, but no always a corner. I would suggest it definitely needs looking at, I can only tolerate it because the AI does it a lot too, so to me the numbers need turning down.
  2. DCL (Dominic Calvert Lewin) can become top class with some nurturing, he scores, assists, I never sell him, and he a consistent performer, though needs encouraging in teamtalks sometimes. I use him mostly as a PF(s) though 2 of my tactics have him as PF(d) and I love him in the (d) role because of his workrate, and always paired with poacher.
  3. I can live with the fm base one now I've got the backgrounds sorted, it was way too bright without, it's a great skin for me so thanks. Have seen shrewnaldo somewhere but not 3
  4. That is good and the first I used, now using FM Base Skin'20 (on FM-Base) with the graphics/background copied over, it has a bit more brightness which suits my eyes.
  5. Only one on beta, then after few seasons with EFC will start a LL save and alternate til next years beta, though will probably do a few tests at some point using 2/3/4 variations on saves I've made at end of different seasons
  6. I always test all my tactics preseason, I try to get around 10 games preseason, and use all 3 tactics, though can't remember if in LL you can get 10 friendlies in, but anyway, I always build 1st tactic as primary, load it in second slot couple of tweaks maybe change lines and mentality, then same again with third slot, but this one I tend to make more defensive, then use them all preseason, if you want you can try to pick appropriate opponents for the mentality, i.e use the defensive against couple of bigger teams. Also don't expect your players to adjust quickly, especially if you change what the club would normally use, it took me till December before my tactics started to really click, and it is important when your players are learning formation to persevere, train them hard, play as regular a line-up as you can, understanding the need for rotation, if your getting hammered every game the obviously you need to change something, and it can be as simple as removing a get further forward PI or add a close down more PI. No need to drop the AML/AMR back on the third tactic YET, give it a go and see. In LL I tend to play more 4-3-3 bit of direct hoofball. Though I won't start LL game until full release and I've done my first full Everton save.
  7. Think for the starting point your not far away, for myself unless you are trying to overload the Right side I would swap the TM to Att and the PF to Sup. And all I will say for your third is good luck with that, I tried something similar which I'd done in 19, but it didn't work for me, not saying it won't for you especially as your using it for LL. There are far better people around to help fine tune the tactics, but I would say let them play and watch the matches I always watch comprehensive and find that to be the best way to fine tune the tactics to suit YOUR players, quite often it is obvious, like a stay wide midfielder disappearing inside for 10 mins, or a CM getting caught out. If you like what you've got give 'em a go and let us know how it goes. Am sure someone more helpful will be along shortly.
  8. Not posted in here for a few days. So bit more feedback and a match that sums FM and footy up. As I've got used to the updated menus and navigation, tried few skins, for me in all the small things basically QoL things some I didn't know I wanted but are so good, i.e the reports from loan manager really useful, playing time I could go on but you get the idea, the ME issues are still there but it seems to be a bit better after .3 update, No real complaints from me, I am really enjoying my experience in 20 so still a big thumbs up from me. Now I've just had one of those matches that ain't good for the old ticker, you all know I'm Everton, I'm using 442 this year (see other threads) having good season and it's F.A cup semi-final day I've got Arsenal at Wembley, lively opening 20 but no good chances for either side, then 26 min, my FB sloppy pass cracking strike from Lacazette, then we got more involved in game a ding dong end to end battle with neither side quite connecting up top then 71st Richarlison bought down in box VAR PEN, old reliable Baines misses AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! then more end to end couple of near misses both sides, 94th min Richarlison whips in a cross Moise like a salmon BACK OF THE NET!!! YYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!!!! extra time both teams tiring few long shots strikers not getting on end of balls into box, pretty scrappy really, rembered 4th sub in extra time so bring on Schneiderlin for Gbamin just for PENS We score they miss first, its gonna be my day i'm thinking, then Gylfi misses NOOOOOO!!!, they score we score they miss, then Schneiderlin remember I bought him on just for this so of course he misses, after 7 penalties each I lost 5-4, absolutely gutted and exhausted it took me t'mill n'back that match, as you can see we pretty much matched Arsenal and I like what Emery said after the match So in summary after that it's like I love it, I hate it, I love it, I hat it, I love it, I ha it, I love it, I h it, I LUUURRRVVVEEE IT
  9. Knew I shouldn't have popped in here. In answer to topic title When I'm winning yes, when I'm losing no!
  10. There is a slight issue regarding transparency and the default skins but a couple that I've found are ok at the minute can be found in this thread mentioned near the bottom and there is more info too.
  11. If your form is that bad maybe try a team meeting (I'd save it first though, just in case), I generally try to ride it out though, fortune always changes eventually.
  12. The base skins from here No there is no background folder, and I tried last years method with no joy, and also now tried with the backgrounds folder from dark is dark which as I said above doesn't work on the base skins but do work with the FM Base Skin'20
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