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  1. I'm still not far enough in for ME appraisal yet apart from to say that long throws are hilarious. Also considering I've only got to Oct 1st in game 4 players upset as I want them to earn contracts instead of me just saying yes, have seen this mentioned here already, but it is very unrealistic and annoying. Have a question regarding the opposition scouting reports in the bottom right it has a box saying "Use suggested training", I don't see any training suggested so I'm reluctant to hit the box/button. Has anyone used this box/button if so what does it do? I can see sort of a suggestion i.e Keane's positioning may help to combat this, but if it wants to change my training surely it has to show me what training will change.
  2. Save file is about a week before the issue happened. As title says season is 6 matches old and I have failed in an objective to qualify for Europa League which is as you can see in screenshot it says planned end of season 21/22, and more to the point my actual target is only top-half, as a additional info am currently sitting 4th.
  3. This is basically what I logged in to say, though have only watched 6 preseason matches so far. Think this will be first year I won't bother with any skins, I like the look. The reason I bolded the last part is I'm on a 2yr PC but the efficiency seems so much better than 21 overall which was a whole lot quicker than anything before. Still early days but so far I'm a very happy bunny.
  4. You won't get that info in this thread, it is waiting to be locked.
  5. As always a pleasure, and see you all next year. Though may return sooner.
  6. Challenge accepted, where are your gifs to help the count
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