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  1. Guardiola got sacked first season in one save, 2nd season on the other. Been a recurring theme on FM with Guardiola.
  2. Or just name 6 subs, that works fine too. I actually always only name 6 subs when starting out between championship and league 2 due to this ruling- I just go without a keeper on the bench.
  3. It's as easy to remove in the editor as last year. Takes about 2 minutes. Until the effects of Brexit on work permits in football are known in real life, I don't want it in my game.
  4. Sorry, close this, I've found them, they're in the physical section of attributes. Makes sense I guess.
  5. Hi all, I can't seem to find the players heights listed on this years game, has it been moved? I've looked everywhere on the profile of players but cant see it.
  6. On a serious note, it's highly likely to drop tonight I think. It's never come out later than the Thursday before (from memory).
  7. I'm considering FC Koln in the Bundesliga 2. Some fantastic talent for a 2nd division team like Timo Horn, Jorge Mere, Jonas Hector, Koziello etc. Huge stadium too and should have a decent budget. Nice challenge getting them back up and establishing them as the dominant force in Germany eventually!
  8. If it does come out out tonight, I'll certainly be celebrating with a couple of pints of Beta.
  9. Don't let today's disappointment beta you guys. There was always a beta chance of it being released tomorrow. I'm off for some betaroot soup, be back tomorrow.
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