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  1. Hate to be a killjoy but the game hasn't gone beta yet according to Miles on twitter a few minutes ago. Surely be at least another couple hours in that case?
  2. I'm going for an 8pm release personally. The beta might come out then too.
  3. No idea but there's also a Rugby Union Manager. The things you learn when waiting for a beta!
  4. Is it just, or is this thread like double the size of last year's?? Great work.
  5. Haha. I personally couldn't care less about the ads, I bought the game in September! If you can't see how ads all over Facebook and Insta stating a product is out now since midnight can be considered bad PR, that's your opinion mate. I'm entitled to mine.
  6. With the adverts, I reckon they were pre-timed on the assumption its never been later than 15 days before in previous years, so it would definitely be out by now. There is probably a big problem that delayed things last minute. It's very bad PR work as some people will have bought the game specifically after seeing those ads, thinking its available immediately. That being said, 95% of us would have already bought and won't care about the ads.
  7. Biggest news headlines of today predictions: 1. FM21 Beta is out 2. Potential Covid Vaccine.
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