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  1. You can only withdraw them if they are over 23, as the Olympics mens football tournament is an under 23 competition, with 3 over 23 players allowed per squad. You are obligated to release the under 23s but not the overage players. I always withdraw all the over 23 players and never had a complaint.
  2. Its definitely outdated/wrong in FM at the moment. I took over every club at the end of the season as a test, and basically all of them are receiving far less than that table from real life last season. On average most clubs seem to be receiving around 20-30m less than they should be.
  3. Tv money appears to be outdated in Spain. For my first 2 years in La Liga as a newly promoted side I only received a basic sum of 37.5m. I also received no extra payments for 'merit and resources'. It should be a basic sum of 50m that everyone gets and then two extra payments. See screenshot and link for more info. I believe its outdated in FM at the moment. https://sillyseason.com/money/la-liga-prize-money-101083/
  4. Guardiola got sacked first season in one save, 2nd season on the other. Been a recurring theme on FM with Guardiola.
  5. Or just name 6 subs, that works fine too. I actually always only name 6 subs when starting out between championship and league 2 due to this ruling- I just go without a keeper on the bench.
  6. It's as easy to remove in the editor as last year. Takes about 2 minutes. Until the effects of Brexit on work permits in football are known in real life, I don't want it in my game.
  7. Sorry, close this, I've found them, they're in the physical section of attributes. Makes sense I guess.
  8. Hi all, I can't seem to find the players heights listed on this years game, has it been moved? I've looked everywhere on the profile of players but cant see it.
  9. On a serious note, it's highly likely to drop tonight I think. It's never come out later than the Thursday before (from memory).
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