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  1. Why my manager performance : Noteable criticism but pleased?? It appears when I already qualified UCL....
  2. When I click club profile , then squad list appear. Not profile club. In preference show profile for landing page club
  3. Please someone tell me what does it mean? and how to fulfill that? Thanx before
  4. 1. Rajkovic 2. Marin 3 .De Ligt 4. Tonali 5. Dolberg
  5. Anyone can tell me why? My chelsea team = 12 players on international duty Because super cup date in the middle of international match ????
  6. This is Marin season 2023-24 in my team Inter Milan
  7. Can you dont change the colour of line? I like the line between panel.....(red for liverpool) or you can make dark, light and default type . i really like the club and player screen
  8. Hi....i want to ask about training if I change tactical style several times in the middle of season ( ex. from gegenpress, to tiki taka, to park the bus, maybe back to gegenpress ) , will team training change automatically? because I set my assistent to handle team training, but individual training i handle myself. Thanx...
  9. LIVERPOOL = Have a very best squad, match with gegenpress tactic INTER MILAN = One of best transfer, qualified to UCL group stage DORTMUND = Have a very best youngster and wonderkid, qualified to UCL group stage LEVERKUSEN = Same as Dortmund with youngster, want t
  10. My next Mauro Icardi....same from Inter
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