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  1. Game after game after game like this. You build a tactic that completely dominates matches, and you're penalised by the opposition scoring from a ludicrously smaller number of shots. Edit: And then, of course, the very next home game...
  2. OK thanks @knap, that's great – I actually managed to finish third myself, so I did turn it around by using Beowulf as my No2 tactic (used that shape to counter 4-4-2s and whenever I came up against 3ATB). Some of the games we lost, every shot against us was flying in – I guess it happens occasionally. One thing I also think is useful in away games, given how often diagonals are played to wide attackers, is to have full backs with jumping stat > 12. I'd kind of forgotten that when I purchased Aarons, who is good going forward but useless in the air. That Spurs formation can be hard to break down – Roberto Martinez is their manager and it seems to be his go-to defensive formation. Cheers again for looking and thanks for the great tactics. I was meaning to ask you – how important do you think "defend narrower" is? I have been tempted to turn it off as I'm conceding a lot from out wide.
  3. As in, rotating two during the same season, or one season with one, one with another?
  4. Am using Tea For One with Arsenal, first season finished 2nd, second season won the league. Now third season, everything has gone wrong – pretty much the same team. Superb morale, full tactical familiarity, yet we're getting battered... Any ideas how to arrest the slide?
  5. I think this sums it up: I was a goal down and, as my final attacking change, I replaced one centre back with a taller one because I knew a set piece was my best/only chance to score. In previous versions, there's always been an acceptance that there would be bugs at release, but they would be sorted out by the winter patch. I think this is the first time – in terms of the match engine, at least – that this absolutely hasn't been the case.
  6. Defend wider so that the wide CMs help out the wing backs, and stop a two-on-one from the opposing full back and winger.
  7. Thanks for replying. I take your point on all this, and I realise the trade-off of a high-pressing style can be that you're always playing against a tight, packed defence. I would add that this is a logic that certainly applies to real football, but that I don't think particularly does to FM, which is unmistakably in this match engine a flawed approximation of real football. Also the stats are skewed by a 9-0 victory over Brighton. Irrespective, I've tried to mitigate things mentioned in your point. I have two extremely tall strikers, Maxi Gomez and Tammy Abraham, to receive crosses from two wing backs with excellent crossing stats. They regularly win headers and volleys from, at most, 10 yards out – and these almost always go at the goalkeeper. In the build-up phase, both strikers peel wide to drag out centre backs – and Kulusevski, my attacking mid, bursts from deep. He is also very tall and gets on the end of crosses. Most, again, go tamely at the goalkeeper. Mason Mount is a player with a high long shots stat. Another source of goals against a packed defence. He shoots straight at the goalkeeper from a favourable angle 18 yards out. I think most importantly, the 5-3-2 is a formation that naturally gets pushed back anyway, giving you room to counter. If the AI plays wide, their winger always can dribble a significant amount without the WB engaging him, because the WB will always drop back in line with the CBs defensively, irrespective of ball positioning. So, when we win the ball back, there is the option for a quick counter, or for a pass into the midfield and a through ball to spring Abraham through, who is extremely quick. Again, this works well. The one-on-ones are missed 85% of the time. The sad truth is that a lot of my goals come from set pieces, purely because I've got, with the exception of Jorginho, Mount and the wing backs, a tall team. If not that, it's a cross from Lazzarri to Renan Lodi. None of which is really what I've set the tactic up to do. I'd say we have ways of scoring everywhere, and the tactic works offensively as I'd hope it would. But for some reason, what appear to me to be extremely simple chances (shots from six yards out, one-on-ones) are missed far, far too often. I suppose my question is, what is a clear cut chance that the game thinks is a clear cut chance, and that I should score from? Is it a near post header from a corner?
  8. Here we go – note how effective it is defensively (again, unrealistic) with only six goals conceded.
  9. If you add in the Birmingham game, it's 65 shots for and 7 against, for an aggregate 1-0 defeat.
  10. he tactics forum or PM me your tactics that you use seeing how unusual some of your game stats are? I will do that later, no problem. I anticipate people will pick fault with my tactic, but it has been designed to give us a number of ways to score – and it creates chances in those ways, yet what appear to me to be incredibly effective and simple chances (i.e. close-range shots and one-on-ones) are missed anyway. All my players have high morale and 100% tactical familiarity. It's like I need to devise a tactic that lets my players score the types of goals the AI do – i.e. wrong-foot 50-yard screamers from low morale, low match fitness, fifth-choice right backs. I would note that I don't have "counter" ticked a lot of the time. This seems to be the way to make first-touch 50-yard passes suddenly become freakishly accurate.
  11. Every. Single. Match. Like. This. It's a real shame that there's some really astute and valid criticism in here, and it's buried in a thread that few people will visit or realise the purpose of, due to its very specific and unusual title. Please try and offer your thoughts somewhere more public as well. The match engine is getting worse year on year, which is a real shame. It's at the point where I'm very willing to accept this is a game, and am happy to score goals the way the AI wants me to. But I can't even work out how that is. Just a really ungratifying experience.
  12. Armini was sold under my nose by the U20 manager for £800k before I had the chance to set up staff responsibilities. Heartbreaking. Ideally I would rather not sell either of the two players I mentioned there, but I just don't think I have a good enough squad to compete in the CL second season, so would rather re-invest in other areas. I think Andre Anderson could do a job as the replacement of SMS.
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