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  1. Anyone able to give me a hand on getting the Instant Result button into these skins? I want to play with 75% transparency/opacity (whatever is the correct term here) and have edited one of Michael's skins to that. Looks great. Previously I was using the Wannachupbrew skins. Can I cut and paste the custom boxes folders from Michael's skins into Wannachup and achieve the same transparency without breaking anything else? Or is there a better way? Thanks
  2. Just want to second this, it adds so much playing with backgrounds. Love it. Thank you
  3. Hero, so these are the ones that will work with the background packs? Can't wait!
  4. Is there a skin out for FM21 that will work for this background pack, please? Thanks
  5. Also second question @knap, why the overlap with inverted wing backs, how does that work in-game? More effectively than underlap would?
  6. Hi @knap – not questioning the brilliance of your tactics, but was wondering why Get Stuck In is always on? I usually start with it, get a couple of yellows in the first half, and then panic and take it off But I'll leave it on if you think it's crucial... Do others tend to stick with it too?
  7. Match engine much better, particularly for a beta version. Very impressive. Side note – are there any transparent skins out yet?
  8. Game after game after game like this. You build a tactic that completely dominates matches, and you're penalised by the opposition scoring from a ludicrously smaller number of shots. Edit: And then, of course, the very next home game...
  9. OK thanks @knap, that's great – I actually managed to finish third myself, so I did turn it around by using Beowulf as my No2 tactic (used that shape to counter 4-4-2s and whenever I came up against 3ATB). Some of the games we lost, every shot against us was flying in – I guess it happens occasionally. One thing I also think is useful in away games, given how often diagonals are played to wide attackers, is to have full backs with jumping stat > 12. I'd kind of forgotten that when I purchased Aarons, who is good going forward but useless in the air. That Spurs formation can be ha
  10. As in, rotating two during the same season, or one season with one, one with another?
  11. Am using Tea For One with Arsenal, first season finished 2nd, second season won the league. Now third season, everything has gone wrong – pretty much the same team. Superb morale, full tactical familiarity, yet we're getting battered... Any ideas how to arrest the slide?
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