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How to raise Commercial Revenue?

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For Roma should be relative easy, what I use to do is:

- Sign old superstars as @SC00P0NE said
- Sign good players for your team but prioritize those who has the more Global Reputation, usually players around 25 years old, because they will improve and increase their reputation and for this sell more shirts and also you may get to sell them for a good amount of money
- Sign youngsters with the most global reputation available usually under 18 years old, try to get them for less than 5 million euros. This approach is similar as previous one but requires more time, is quite good for teams that have a very limited budget.

And finally by managing Roma I think the best chance to get more money for you is to build a relatively young core team that stays together for many years and star to become a regular participating in the Champions League, this will increase your money thanks to the competition revenue and your players will increase their reputation if they play good matches in Champions League.

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If you got time and patience, Buy a bunch of cheap youngsters(19yo and younger) with big potential, develop them as much as you can and sell them for profit. You can do it with any team in the big leagues and make serious bank.

You can develop them by giving them game time or sending them out on loan if you are stacked with players. In 5-7 years you are going to be rich.

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