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  1. MIDSEASON REPORT So far, so good with my would-be temporary start this year with Chippenham. Through December, we sit top of the table w/ 43 points (1 point ahead of Margate w/ 1 match in hand). Just lost 3-0 to Margate, our worst result of the year, and actually things look to be slowing down, as we've only scored 1 in past 3 matches. Granted, Striker David Pratt (8 goals on season) has been out for the at least 2 of those), leaving striker partner Andy Sandell (9 goals) with a converted MC up front. Pratt is back in early January, so we might be able to get back to our scoring ways. But the real strength of the team has been the defense. I've not tallied it up, but I'm pretty sure we're conceding fewer than 2 SoT against us through 20+ matches. We are leading the league in fewest goals conceded, clean sheets, and a host of other defensive categories. The top teams have closed the gap (at one point we had a 7 point lead on the 2nd place team), but hopefully we can keep up the strong showing down the stretch and earn at least a playoff (but still hoping to lift the title). If we can avoid a slump, and avoid any serious injuries (I've only had a couple so far) then we have more than a chance. I need to take advantage of it now, as I've already gotten at least 3 starters who have announced their retirement --- and the single scout I could hire (retired player whose asking price started at £110/wk, instead of the usual £200/wk --- which I couldn't even come close to offering) is not gonna be able to find me replacements in time for the new season!
  2. Check page 1 post ---5 or 6....I've got a King's Lynn save hosted and linked
  3. Good luck with them! I had my best success ever in this challenge with that team (back in FM2015). Got to the EPL (as of now have 5 matches left in the...31/32 season??? sitting 3rd, made Quarter finals of Champions league as well before getting knocked out. No surprise that my best success also came with my best ever Newgen (Robyn Watson came through my youth setup in my first year in charge --- managed 500 senior goals for the club --- and somehow I managed to keep my hands on him for the whole time). Likely a feat I'll never duplicate!
  4. I think I arranged my pre-season friendlies 5 days apart so that I could fit enough in. No specific days (like Wed/Sat) --- just picked a day and then spaced them out by 5 days. Subsequent years I usually let AssMan set preseason friendlies (he usually arranged 4-5) and then fill in a couple more to help ensure fitness. When I'm semi-pro I pretty much train every day I'm allowed --- which is usually...3 days a week in a one-match week? I agree --- semi-pro training can be a pain
  5. I always go Very High fitness in general training, Tactics in M.T. Training for the first 4 weeks or so of preseason. Usually between friendly match 5 and 6 (I try to have 7 preseason friendlies) I'll drop to High, and depending on fitness levels leave it there or switch to tactics or cohesion (cohesion if I've made a ton of changes to the squad). The extra fitness levels work wonders I've found.
  6. Don't remember tbh---just remember free kick awarded. To be honest, it could well have be a DFK that the taker just opted to take in another manner. Pretty sure it was not a handled backpass...but again...that was some several matches ago. I'll have to go back and maybe read the match report....I might well have missed something. Regardless---the GKs have had some lovin' applied (and as a former keeper, I'm happy to see it too!)
  7. 3-D printers ship with all physical copies...print your own trophy! (very tongue in cheek )
  8. Have had a keeper carded for handling the ball out of box (momentum carried him out) as well as for committing a foul inside the box resulting in IFK so far...
  9. I had a minor change to my wage budget when I signed a 16 yo DC ---- had to drop from £8700/wk to £8100/wk in wages in order to pay the xfer fee --- which sounds about right. I just think it's a combination of rep and wage total. (Need to confirm my total wages w/ staff added---that probably is the reason. As I said...I could get a little over £100/wk....but not near the £200 requested. Lowest I could get them to go was £160/wk too....just too big a difference to start with :-/ )
  10. Same here ---- all the scouts that I've had approach me want £200/wk. I think I might be able to squeeze out £140-150/wk --- but certainly no where near £200 they're demanding. Got a good start regardless (14 points from 7 matches) --- so I'm about to go to the board and request a bit more....maybe I'll get lucky there!
  11. resolved

    Another widget issue: The "Focus of Attacks" and "Match Information" widgets seem to....have the same identifier tag? I set those two widgets in two separate spots on the screen during game play. Anytime I leave the pitch view (looking at analysis, making subs, etc.), the "Match Information" widget changes size and location to exactly the same spot the "Focus of Attacks" widget is occupying. Not critical bug...but annoying
  12. Haven't seen Methyr Town yet.....also have mid-30s in total teams found. I'll be running some more save seeds throughout the week, and for another couple weeks after full release....I usually manage to get near to 50 of the teams available.....eventually
  13. I'll do in morning (just off to bed now...its only 2AM....gees I must be getting old!) if I kept a pristine save....(which I'm pretty sure I did).
  14. Gonna take a break from holidaying a multitude of saves --- found one of the popular annual clubs....meet the new Chippies manager! (I'll go with this until I get sacked, or my multitude of holiday saves over the next couple weeks turn up something more interesting/challenging!)