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  1. Going full time is a bit of a random date it seems --- this year the day I won the playoffs (or next day at latest), board announced going pro with an early June date. I've had saves in the past where we didn't go pro until late June or even July....like I said, a bit of randomness in there it seems. If you're going pro June 14th, you should be okay with any of your current team you want to resign (yes, you actually have to renew their contract on a full-time basis). In practice, in my first year of pro I usually only have a handful of my players on full-time contracts, the rest are on thei
  2. I always start with the Beta --- usually find a team at least. I try to get a bunch of saves for as many different teams as possible (host them on mediafire for others who don't want to holiday thru looking for their favorite team). If I find an interesting team, then I go with it (and stick with it, barring being sacked or a major update w/ release that had previously/potentially killed the game.
  3. Will be running it again as well. Next year I'm taking a slightly easier route. My chairman absolutely crippled me (at Needham Market). In my first 8-9 seasons, I got absolutely no support from him...not a single pound invested in the club. In fact, for the first...6 seasons or so, I managed to prise one measly extra scout out of him. Around season 7 I actually got a modest 3rd round FAC draw (Leeds maybe?) that wiped away my cash debt, and I got an extra coach or two. Season 10(ish) (after 4-6 failed attempts to sell the club), we finally transferred to a local investor. Only slightly
  4. Is this some sort of record maybe????? 17-16 PK shootout, round one of the Carabao cup
  5. Season Review (Season Seven, 2026-27) Table / Position Graph / Squad / Finances / Transfers / Manager Attributes / Facilities / Annual Injuries / Competitions / Reputation / Club Vision SUMMARY Season Seven went about as I expected. We did get off to a quicker start than I anticipated, then settled down to a steady slog. In the end we finished well out of the relegation zone, but we lacked consistency of any kind. Part of the problem was the fact that I only had 1/4 or so of the squad on full-time contracts -- the board surprised me a bit when they went pro in early Ju
  6. Heartwrenching end to the season GoonerGez! Great job on such a successful run though! Hopefully you can build on it and win it all next season....so close in that first season!
  7. Season Review (Season Six, 2025-26) Table / Position Graph / Squad / Finances / Transfers / Manager Attributes / Facilities / Annual Injuries / Competitions / Reputation / Club Vision SUMMARY Season Six was, to put it mildly, a stunning success. We started out slow, but gradually picked up steam as some new players integrated into the team. Things looked bleak early, with a rare run of form in the friendlies giving us one draw and 5 losses, causing, I am sure, a plummet in morale. Looking back, the slate of teams we played (Man Utd U23s, Grimsby, Fulham U23s, Cardiff)
  8. Um....so in season 6....I got drawn in the "Tunnock's Caramel Wafer Challenge Cup" --- essentially the scottish cup. How does a SE/Mid-East English team find itself drawn in the Scottish Challenge cup??? Am I bugged??? Okay...checking the wiki on the Scottish Challenge Cup --- it's random -- 2 teams from the English National League (started in 2016/7) --- just...never seen it before!
  9. Season Review (Season Five, 2024-25) Table / Position Graph / Squad / Finances / Transfers / Manager Attributes / Facilities / Annual Injuries / Competitions / Reputation / Club Vision SUMMARY Season Five was, quetly, very successful overall. At least, we achieved my own private goal of challenging for the playoffs. By the players and board's standards, it had to be hugely successful, as neither of those two entities shared my opinion of our capability to achieve that type of goal. However, by matchday eight, it was pretty much a surety. We didn't have any really long
  10. Eh...the reason is we're nearly/over £1M cash debt. Unlike other boards.....he's not up for being replaced...nor for injecting cash into the club. his answer to making up the 1M cash debt is reduce wages by a thousand or two. would only take...50 years...to make up that 1M debt that way The sad thing is this season --- he cut the wages Jan 1, knowing we had an away FAC3R match 2 days later ---which netted us nearly £200k in gate receipts (putting us into profit for the season, if only temporarily). Had he waited 2 days, he wouldn't have needed the wage cut.
  11. And....right on schedule (again) -- Jan 1, wages reduced again... from 5.36K/wk to 4.47k/wk --- now, most of the VNN/S teams have a wage budget higher than mine....and we're sitting 6th in the VNL! If we don't replace our board after this season.....I am very likely done
  12. sounds like my style I rely on my scouts to forward interesting players for me to look at. I generally only trial in 10 or fewer in a season --- and they must have a scout recommendation of at least 70 for me to do that (barring an emergency -- for instance I lose two starting DCs mid-season, then I might trial in someone slightly lower). I also only sign staff who answer adverts (or are recommended by existing staff). Gives it a bit more challenge...but I've done this for years, so no reason to change now My thoughts are --- I pay a staff to do something....they oughta be doing
  13. And.....right on schedule...Oct 2 of season 6....the board cuts my wage budget from £7.65k/wk to £5.36k/wk..... (actually, a steeper percentage cut than he's made in the past....means by January I'll be down to...£3.9k/wk???
  14. Yeah...gonna stick with it another season. It's the first time in this challenge (I've been playing this challenge for at least six or seven past versions of FM) where by this point and with this debt I haven't 1) either had a takeover or 2) at least have the board inject cash at least (and usually more than) once in 4+ seasons. We'll see what happens. Third year in five I've got takeover rumors floating around... with an expectation of hitting -£1M cash debt by end of season (barring a great cup draw/run) I'm hoping that will trigger it. Worst part is probably getting dinged for "f
  15. Season Review (Season Four, 2023-24) Table / Position Graph / Squad / Finances / Transfers / Manager Attributes / Manager Character / Facilities / Annual Injuries / Competitions / Reputation / Club Vision SUMMARY Season Four was frustratingly great (for our first season in the VNL at least. We had a lot of ups and downs thru the season, but for the most part stayed clear of the relegation battle from the start. We scored fairly well (when we took shots -- we were top of league in shots on target ratio, but only mid table in shots taken). Last season's acquisition, Tom
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