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  1. djwillster

    eSports4FM.com 24hr tournament

    Hi everyone, November is the month for Prostate Cancer Awareness – it’s a killer, and 1 in every 8 men will get it. I’m trying to raise awareness, particularly as men seem to find it hard to go to the Doctor’s when they’re not feeling well. Cancer awareness costs money, therefore Prostate Cancer UK need donations. In my effort to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK I will be hosting a live 24hr gaming stream on www.twitch.tv/pitchfever on 7th December starting at 7pm. If you’re a fan of Football Manager the game, you can join the online tournaments for only a ‘suggested’ £3 with FM Touch 2019 – this is all donated to PROSTATE CANCER UK. If you cannot donate don’t worry, free entry is available. You can still donate even if gaming isn’t your thing with a minimum donation of only £2. DONATION PAGE Thank you for your support – Dave Knight (aka JP Chenet) / William Donnelly (Djwillster / Tactical Obsession)
  2. So as you can all see I've now set up the game and raring to go looks like it will be a great challenge this year. On the side on finances this is poor as always has been so I'll hopefully be able to get in a few loan players for free that are decent enough Board expectation's that I can see at the moment are to finish top half of the league but only time shall tell on this but I'll be trying to push for the title fingers crossed lol
  3. hey there guys great to see after all these years kandersson is still at it I will be starting a new game and streaming live from tomorrow buzzing for it never got chance on 18
  4. Really I don’t see how that post was going know where fm fans commenting on how poor the game is. what happened to expression of free speech just because you disagree with wats raised its closed and say as expected it’s going nowhere is an absolute joke al because it’s slated fm due to the lack of innovation which is starting to drive long time players away. its shambolic that on a forum for true fmers that have been playing on the franchise that in its early days was awesome and now is held back due lack of ideas of improvement. instead of adding crap the doesn’t matter like multimedia feeds invest the millions made into the game improve the graphics and throw away the ai and make something the totally blows the rest out the water. let players make sponsorship deals and build the stadium and surroundings like in the old uefa management game actually give the fans wat they want for a change. Also if the game was not released for 2-3 years due to all the improvements instead of throwing out a game that’s not even ready fm fans would actually appreciate this and only update that would come out it’s the transfer update. its asking to pay £30 plus a yeh for a game that is not actually moving forward when the game is moving backwards and has lost its magic and excitement.
  5. djwillster

    The end is nigh....

    Dude u need to find something better than that to say ur a newbie and I’d run rings around you. iv been in most of the clans on here and ran clan there is a brotherhood with in the true gamers in fm community and it’s demineshing due to the lack of real innovation and creativity that fm was founded on and now it feels like miles is just piggy backing off a great idea and bleeding it dry instead of evolving the franchise. it could be so much more and it’s a pity as it’s wasteful of an era That’s exactly what Jp and myself mean
  6. djwillster

    The end is nigh....

    Sorry to see u go Jp it’s been a pleasure playing with you for wat feels like an eternity lol
  7. djwillster

    The end is nigh....

    I totally agree is a disgrace the game has nor really improved all they are intrested in is leading people on and taking all the cash and not investing it to improve the game and hold it bacdk from being something that is super no longer dpes it have that magic within or the thrill of wanting to play it this was a game that killed marrages now its a game that makes you want to hang urself and slit ur wrists
  8. djwillster

    Clarification on Update 18.3.0

    how the hell can you say that without seeing my tac and not seen my prev results in other saves prev to update and at no point was I getting a spanking or losing much
  9. djwillster

    Clarification on Update 18.3.0

    really what the hell its going on with this game yet again tacs totally fall apart big time and wht the hell are gunners the best team in the game I swear this game gets worse after every update its a total shambles and disgusting having to spend hours trying to make a tac that works again happens every up date and then you hit out with the same **** theres no ai or me changes well sorry but what a lot of ******** if that was the case the results would not be so drastically different
  10. djwillster

    3-2-2-2-1 - the midfield 4

    shhhhhh jp I'm on ur pic lol
  11. djwillster

    FMO Available players thread

    Game: FM2017 Type of Game: Career Age: 35 Timezone: GMT When can you play: most week days and dependent on shifts after 830pm Steam Username: djwillster
  12. djwillster

    PGC: The Spanish Inquisition for FM17

    still going well guys keep it going
  13. djwillster

    Why, why, why?

    I'm all for a tougher game but within reason this just isn't realistic its near impossible specially with lower league teams no tacs I make work at all so much so iv smashed my monitor and had to replace it
  14. djwillster

    Why, why, why?

    I'm considering that myself or just never play another fm ever as if its not that the I'm dominating teams and playing them off the park and cant score for crap
  15. djwillster

    Why, why, why?

    iv been getting the same its really annoying 16 games unbeaten then u lose to every team and their mum its like they cant pass the ball or shoot