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  1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🙈🙈 your using my format and rules 🙈 and calling it freedom as a dig at me because I’m Scottish 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 as for changing rules without consulting that’s not how you run a clan you should know better and that you should have 2 or 3 members helping you run it. also remember you where kick because your childish behaviour and bring up thing that had been disgust and decided on but you kicked because it didn’t benefit you that one of your members quit after misleading him and stealing our rules. you so false Charlie and manipulative
  2. Charlie you can’t steal someone one clan name make your own up euro challenge league has 13 members
  3. Welcome to FM20 EuroChallenge League… First thing first... If you'd like to join PM @Director of Football and ask. https://discord.gg/dP6V6Gd Anyone who is deemed unfit for this network game may be banned or kicked. Please be respectful to others and follow the rules. We're looking for dedicated players; experienced network FM'ers are particularly welcome. New members will be asked details before being accepted. Now that FM20 has it’s final patch we're running an online career game using the top division in England, France, Germany, Spain & Italy. We play Monda
  4. Had the first and what a great start 11 out of 13 on
  5. Clan Name: FM20 World League Game: Fm 20 Type of Game: Career Age: 38 Timezone: GMT UK When can you play: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings 7-10pm. Leagues: Fra, Ger, Eng, Spa, Ita, Dutch Steam Username: Djwillster / Lionheart1299
  6. Welcome to FM20 World League… Now that FM20 has it’s final patch we are starting an online career game using the top division in England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Portugal. We're looking for 6-12 dedicated players; experienced network FM'ers are particularly welcome. We’ll be playing Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings 7-10pm GMT. You’ll also need Discord for chatting and messaging during gameplay. YOU
  7. my 2 mids are car and mez then reg in dm and my other tac is a reg with dm next to him. but before the update I was rpm and mez with halfback and other tac was a reg and vol
  8. Hi there I don’t normally post here but is it just me or is the regista absolutely awesome this year since the latest update. Iv moved to using it in a 442 with 2dms at home and a 4123 1dm away I’m smashing the majority of teams. im Dortmund in my save at the moment unbeaten in 30 matches in my 3rd season don’t get me wrong I still think the me since latest update is a lot worse that the beta for a weeks there but my tacs a smashing most
  9. What’s going on here all over them 2 matches in a row there’s no excuse for there results and I drew and lost with stats like that and also the passing is worse. please for the love of god please roll back to the beta as the update has made the game worse and to be honest I don’t care if I lost every game but ffs this is a joke when you team is so dominant and you spank teams be you don’t score and you have a team that some awesome
  10. so before the update with the beta before this update game play was more impressive with clean crisp passing and build up play taking away from I went unbeaten with rangers in the league and wining the treble the went to Dortmund and done the quadruple and lost one match in league but that one loss was after the latest up date but that's not what I have a massive issue with. I have noticed that there is a massive issue where every one on one if a failure and I have not scored a one on one since the update. the passing is not as good there is passing but before the build up was better pass
  11. Hey guys not had a chance to play recently also to scared to since new update 😂
  12. lecco beat me 4-0 but some how I beat mantova 3-1 lol but that's me out the cup
  13. in the poule scudetto and iv not way of winning a game as all my players are on hols raging
  14. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I did it I won the league don't know what happened to audace lost there last 4 games in a row never seen than before bizarre one that but it was a good old battle with them to the end and I made it to the quarters in the cup to have bari beat me 2-1 im now regarded as one of best Sammarinese managers of all time an the rest of my results for the season so next up is building a team to stay up in serie c
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