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  1. Hey guys not had a chance to play recently also to scared to since new update 😂
  2. lecco beat me 4-0 but some how I beat mantova 3-1 lol but that's me out the cup
  3. in the poule scudetto and iv not way of winning a game as all my players are on hols raging
  4. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I did it I won the league don't know what happened to audace lost there last 4 games in a row never seen than before bizarre one that but it was a good old battle with them to the end and I made it to the quarters in the cup to have bari beat me 2-1 im now regarded as one of best Sammarinese managers of all time an the rest of my results for the season so next up is building a team to stay up in serie c
  5. decided to restart as just club manager and earn the national job and try hopefully build up the national squad for future funds wise as you all know its very poor and when it comes to signings iv made non just stayed with the team that was already there and promoted some players from u20's n 18's at the moment im 2nd in serie d and in the serie d cup quarter finals my results have been excellent I have been really impressed my formations that iv used are 4312 at home and a 451 away
  6. also the amount of long balls via ai that beats you isn't really
  7. something else iv noticed in this save is I am dominating matches and 20 plus shots and there is to hardly any shots not at the goalie in games I should be at least 4-5 up.
  8. uploading save my morale was excellent now dropped to quite good / dressing room was excellent and dropped to just above average this is drastic in dropped considering all results file uploaded name - Klopp Scala - San Marino.fm
  9. no just about to start new season on it but if u look at results u see the streak I had then moral massively dipped after that just managed to get morale up if you look at results from pervious season you can see but I have same issue in other games its hard to keep morale up in game at times and the reaction so over the top from perfect drop to unhappy
  10. Klopp Scala - San Marino.fm that's it now when you go in you see what I mean
  11. hi rob thanks for getting back to me its taking age to upload so might be a while lol
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