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  1. This has now been changed. For the first time Cardiff Met now have a researcher so hopefully their data will improve significantly.
  2. Do you have anything definitive to back that up? The following websites all put the capacity between 2,500 and 3,000 2,502 - 3,000 - 2,500 - Aberystwyth's Official site doesn't state the capacity - The following all put it around 5,000 5,000 - 5,500 - 5,000 - However how reliable these sites are, especially Wikipedia, is anyone's guess. Plus in terms of finding information and are more reliable sources.
  3. Due to any club in Wales being able to apply for a wildcard for this tournament, in game it was decided that the exiles were also eligible (for example Merthyr in real life). These teams were set as ones that the computer could select at random to take up a wildcard at some point in the future. However, due to the low probability of any of the Professional teams taking part in real life, they were also set as having a low probability of being selected in game. Any appearance of Wrexham, Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, plus Colwyn Bay and Merthyr, in game, is completely random.
  4. Is what something that has been sorted? If you mean the contract issue, that has been sorted in my unofficial update. If it's the Bangor, Northern Ireland issue that's still ongoing as it's an underlying issue beyond the database.
  5. Has now been rectified with addition to the database of the defunct club Connah's Quay and Shotton.
  6. Have raised this as its still showing up even though in the database everything is set as Bangor, Gwynedd.
  7. Upon starting a new game as Bangor City when going to arrange friendlies with 'Nearby Teams' it brings up teams from Bangor, Northern Ireland. I don't know why it is doing this as in the access database their 'City Located' is set as Bangor, Wales whilst their ground, Nantporth is also set as Bangor, Wales.
  8. I don't get how that has happened. The only team who's contract info I changed for the last update was TNS as they were hoovering up everyone on Amateur contracts. The Aberstwyth contract info remained the same as it was in the pre-update version, in which this issue didn't arise.
  9. What sometimes happens with regards to players like Loveridge and March at Port Talbot is the player gets transferred from outside the Welsh database, so therefore I don't get the opportunity to evaluate their stats correctly. Whilst other factors can be that the research is subjective, for example the TNS researcher for example might under-rate their squad, whilst simultaneously the Haverfordwest researcher might have slightly over-rated their squad, obviously this leads to discrepancies in the data. With regards to the Contract situation, that is unfortunate and a complete disaster to be honest. I have provided a link to an add-on created by myself which hopefully will rectify that, and at least make Wales playable again. With the grounds for Europe, I have to submit a file on a season by season basis stating where the Welsh teams are playing their European home games, for example Bala played at Rhyl this season. This is done outside of the database, and is done annually. I'm baffled at to why Bangor is being linked with Bangor, Northern Ireland, as in the database Bangor City are set at Bangor, Gwynedd, along with Nantporth also being set in Bangor, Gwynedd. As for the Youth Players at Aberystwyth (along with other clubs), in a previous version of FM I tried to get a lot of the Youth Players included, however I found that if say for example a researcher then left the role I had loads of players per team who I didn't have any idea of there whereabouts, i.e were they still involved in the youth set up of said club, or had they left. Given that not all clubs have researchers, it was creating too much work for myself. Which leads me on to my next point, Not all the clubs in Wales have researchers so for this reason the data sometime suffers. Around my season ticket at Wrexham I try to get to a fair few Welsh games at all levels of the pyramid, as well as watching Sgorio on S4C. This isn't ideal however compared to someone who watches their club week in week out. Last summer I recruited 30 new researchers, (alongside about 8 pre-existing researchers), out of the new recruits only 2 actually did any work for me. This then leaves some clubs neglected, for example one lad offered to research Airbus, however he vanished off the face of the earth when the files were due in. This then means that the Airbus data ends up having to be done by me at the last minute, and therefore it suffers. I don't know how reliable a new researcher is until they actually submit some work, plenty of people talk a good game but deliver nothing. That is why there is also a reluctance to get rid of researchers, as I'm not going to sack a reliable researcher (albeit one who occasionally might make mistakes), and replace them with an unknown quantity, as if the replacement doesn't deliver the goods then I've lost a reliable researcher too. This happens multiple times for multiple clubs, and is massively frustrating. I do the FM Research on a voluntary basis, alongside studying for a History degree and working Part Time, so constantly being let down by time wasters diverts time away doing other things with the database, as I'm then having to do the work someone else was supposed to be doing. I'm as much a fan of the game as you lads are, and I don't want the Welsh League's suffering either.
  10. I've made an add on here, in which I have also hopefully addressed the contract issue. It adds the Welsh Leagues down to Level 4, however obviously you don't have to load them all up. Once downloaded place into, Documents>Sports Interactive>Football Manager 2016>Editor Data Like all updates though, it will only work on a new game.
  11. Strange, I've just started a new game to have a look and they are worth 250K on mine. I'll investigate it further though.
  12. I'll have to re-evaluate the contract situation in Wales. Each club has set in the database the type of contract they offer to each player category. For example, Key Player - Full Time, First Team - Full Time, Rotation - Non Contract, Backup - Non Contract etc... There was an issue raised by robda1st before where TNS were hoovering up everyone on Amateur contracts, which I tried addressing by setting them to only sign players on Full-Time contracts, apart from youth players who are set as Part Time. Previously for some reason they had been set to sign Backup and Rotational players on Amateur contracts. Somewhere along the line something has gone wrong and will have to be looked at with regards to the other clubs, as it hasn't been an issue before, and nothing has changed in the database regarding contracts, aside from TNS.
  13. Its been a long time coming as I've been incredibly busy with other stuff. Here is a Welsh update down to Level 4. Tested until 2025. Also contains some extra cups.
  14. There is now a new Port Talbot researcher, he started late into the research process so of course there will be issues whilst he gets used to the role. What reason would I have to purposely overrate Port Talbot? I have no affinity to them in the slightest. To answer your question, yes I do watch Welsh games, only last week I was at Brymbo v Coedpoeth in the Welsh National League, that is the extent to which Wales is researched. Before I took on the role, there was no way the Welsh database covered the range it covers now, with huge tracts of north and mid Wales non existent previously. Now alongside the Welsh Premier being researched, 90% of the Cymru Alliance is complete, as are most of the top teams in the Mid Wales League, Welsh Alliance League and Welsh National League. As for the contract thing at TNS, I changed the details so that they don't sign players on Amateur contracts, and have a current test save going up to 2025, and they don't appear to be signing players on Amateur contracts, to the detriment of other clubs, anymore. How about being constructive rather than just criticising? In fact I even messaged you offering you the opportunity to have a look at the Aberystwyth data, but as yet I'm still awaiting a reply. I know you offered before, however if I already have a reliable researcher I'm not going to replace them with an unknown quantity, especially not when reliable Welsh researchers are hard to come by as it is. Furthermore, when wading through the huge amounts of time wasters who offer their services, some genuine people, like maybe yourself, get missed out.
  15. When I get around to doing to doing one. I have started it, however I am also in the middle of moving house as well as being in my third year of university, so time isn't something I have a lot of at the moment.