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  1. FM2016 - Wales to Level 4

    I'll have another look at my file, but I'm struggling to find the time at the moment.
  2. FM2016 - Wales to Level 4

    There's no point as it doesn't work properly after the first season.
  3. FM2016 - Wales to Level 4

    I created one going down to Level 4 with loads of cups, but it wasn't creating fixtures after the first season. I'd spent ages making it, and got a bit downhearted with it after that so haven't bothered with it since. I might look at doing it again when the next update comes out.
  4. [Wales] (Official) League Specific Issues

    Looks to be only affecting edited databases. It worked as it should on the regular database. Slightly frustrating however as I'd spent hours adding leagues and cups which the editor said should work.
  5. [Wales] (Official) League Specific Issues

    A similar thing has just happened to me too. I was using an add on which included extra Welsh leagues and Cups and no fixtures were created for the second season. I'm currently holidaying for a season, without the add on, to see if its an issue that only affects edited databases or not.
  6. [Wales] (Official) Data Issues

    Could still do a job for Wrexham too the way we are in front of goal this season!
  7. [Wales] (Official) Data Issues

    We're aware of who he is, however as Gripper says nowadays he's 40 and playing for a 3rd Division side. It isn't high enough priority given the amount of last minute requests. However I am working on an add on which includes Wales down to the 4th tier, and I've put him at Llanelli Town on that.
  8. [Wales] (Official) Data Issues

    I requested for him to be transferred the week it happened. However with it happening close to the data lock I assume it wasn't done as it wasn't deemed important enough.
  9. University clubs

    It was a tricky one when it came to Cardiff Met this year as there isn't a specific way to account for Uni teams in the database without a load of feature requests and coding changes. After a few emails back and forth between myself, my superior and however it is he deals with, it was decided to set Cardiff Met as Always Amateur and with a minimum age of 18. I suppose this one will be ongoing though and will have to be constantly evaluated. Its a trick one to with regards to players abilities and reputations. As we couldn't set them as a Semi-Pro team as they're not, however with their players being Amateurs, any that perform well will be hoovered up on Free Transfers, its a tricky one.
  10. [Wrexham] (Official) Data Issues

    Recent developments to get in before the data lock, Director Don Bircham and Director of Football Barry Horne both step down as of yesterday. Kieran Wolland should be set on loan at Colwyn Bay. http://www.colwynbayfc.co.uk/players/kieran-wolland/ Dean Keates new manager on an 18 month deal. http://www.wrexham.com/news/wrexham-football-club-appoint-dean-keates-as-manager-121366.html Also I had a message on Facebook last week off from a lad who says he's now the Analyst at Wrexham. Told him Wrexham doesn't come under my jurisdiction, however I thought I'd pass it on. Liam Partyn (74017849) currently in the Welsh Database as a player at Castell Alun, although he hasn't been updated since 2012.
  11. Some changes at Colwyn Bay, Chris Bibby, Mark Keddie, and Adam Whitlock all released. Also Whitlock should now be set as a Striker, however should also have some Goalkeeping attributes. He was a goalkeeper with Wrexham's Youth Team until last season, then he joined Colwyn Bay on loan who converted him to a striker. Whitlock also made 1 league appearance this season. http://www.colwynbayfc.co.uk/2016/09/manager-announces-squad-changes/ Also Jack Kelleher has signed for Colwyn Bay, http://www.colwynbayfc.co.uk/2016/10/kelleher-returns-to-the-bay/ As has Michael Roddy, http://www.colwynbayfc.co.uk/2016/10/irish-cap-signs-for-the-seagulls/
  12. [Wales] (Official) Data Issues

    Thanks, I'll get them requested now.
  13. [Wales] (Official) Data Issues

    I haven't had the chance to evaluate Coyle, I requested him to be moved over but I don't recall ever seeing him in my database. Alfei has been requested to be moved over and as far as I'm aware he now has been. I'll have to apologise about the Cledan Davies one, the source I saw was a newspaper article that said he'd signed for Caersws and didn't mention a loan. The Mullock and Walters ones I'll request now.
  14. [Wales] (Official) Data Issues

    Which season did Wrexham enter the League Cup in your game? As the wildcard application is open to all clubs in Wales it was decided to allow for the possible inclusion of the Welsh clubs playing in the English system, even if the chance of them entering in reality is remote. I did log the correct wildcards for this season so Wrexham shouldn't be entering for 2016/17 season, if they are its a bug.
  15. [Wales] (Official) Data Issues

    I requested that Alfei be transferred to Aberystwyth, however the transfer happened fairly recently after I'd submitted the database. With this being the Beta, and not the full version of the game, I assume he will be there when FM17 is released properly.