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  1. I requested that Alfei be transferred to Aberystwyth, however the transfer happened fairly recently after I'd submitted the database. With this being the Beta, and not the full version of the game, I assume he will be there when FM17 is released properly.
  2. Due to any club in Wales being able to apply for a wildcard for this tournament, in game it was decided that the exiles were also eligible (for example Merthyr in real life). These teams were set as ones that the computer could select at random to take up a wildcard at some point in the future. However, due to the low probability of any of the Professional teams taking part in real life, they were also set as having a low probability of being selected in game. Any appearance of Wrexham, Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, plus Colwyn Bay and Merthyr, in game, is completely random.
  3. Upon starting a new game as Bangor City when going to arrange friendlies with 'Nearby Teams' it brings up teams from Bangor, Northern Ireland. I don't know why it is doing this as in the access database their 'City Located' is set as Bangor, Wales whilst their ground, Nantporth is also set as Bangor, Wales.
  4. I don't get how that has happened. The only team who's contract info I changed for the last update was TNS as they were hoovering up everyone on Amateur contracts. The Aberstwyth contract info remained the same as it was in the pre-update version, in which this issue didn't arise.
  5. Its been a long time coming as I've been incredibly busy with other stuff. Here is a Welsh update down to Level 4. Tested until 2025. Also contains some extra cups.
  6. When I get around to doing to doing one. I have started it, however I am also in the middle of moving house as well as being in my third year of university, so time isn't something I have a lot of at the moment.
  7. The only cup I updated was the Welsh Cup, I didn't do the Regional Cups as I'd added that many teams it would have taken me ages to do. Strange that Deeside Phoenix are only competing in the Welsh Trophy seeing as you've got them to the Welsh Premier. They should be in the Welsh Cup and Welsh Premier League Cup.
  9. Right, finally finished it. Just testing it now. Reckon a few people could be pleasantly surprised by a few additions.
  10. I haven't forgotten, I'm just very busy with Uni work too so any spare time is going into that. If I get a spare few minutes I'll upload it this week.
  11. It's not. It consists of 12 teams.
  12. I'm already on the case. I've sorted out the errors with the Trophy. Just need to test it for a few seasons.
  13. To do this I would have to re-create the Welsh Cup from scratch which I haven't got the time to do.
  14. Because Port Talbot are affiliated to the South Wales FA. The South Wales Cup I have added in my Welsh update is only for teams playing in the South Wales Amateur and South Wales Senior leagues at level 5 and 6. Newport on the other hand are in Gwent and the Gwent Cup I have added is for all sides in Gwent. I am aware that there are Senior and Amateur cups in Gwent, but I found before that if I made cups league specific instead of specifying the clubs I'd end up with teams who shouldn't be in certain cups playing in them. Also I didn't want to specify the exact clubs for Senior and Amateur competitions because say for example in game a team progress from the Gwent league to the Welsh Prem, they'd still be playing in the Amateur cup.
  15. I've now explained my absence in the data thread.