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  1. I wanted to make changes to a database i came across. Quebec as a Nation. I changed continent and region back to North America but i've come across what i think will be the first of many problems.
  2. Are there any mega packs with kits for every team in all the leagues worldwide.
  3. I tried sega and they said to to run in compatibility mode.
  4. I tried them first and they said the same thing as you suggested .
  5. Just tried them all and still won't install. Windows 10 is a pain.
  6. Sorry if this is on the wrong place. I can't get football manager 2006 to install on laptop .
  7. Ant1976


    I found the problem for it.It's for FM 19. Looks like i can't get it to work with FM 20. Unless somebody else knows how to fix the problem.
  8. I recently downloaded a complete megapack of leagues . And i'm having trouble trying to verify the cup competitions for Australia. Can anybody help please . It's for FM 14 14.3 update. Austrálie.dbc
  9. Ant1976


    Try this now. It should be okay . I used the latest update . 962182667_RBTreEsseSaludecio.fmf
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