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  1. Ant1976


    I found the problem for it.It's for FM 19. Looks like i can't get it to work with FM 20. Unless somebody else knows how to fix the problem.
  2. I recently downloaded a complete megapack of leagues . And i'm having trouble trying to verify the cup competitions for Australia. Can anybody help please . It's for FM 14 14.3 update. Austrálie.dbc
  3. Ant1976


    Try this now. It should be okay . I used the latest update . 962182667_RBTreEsseSaludecio.fmf
  4. Does anybody still have working links for the database and facepack.
  5. Sorry if this is in the wrong place. Just installed the game. Activation Code won't work. Internet connection is good.
  6. Does anybody still have the links for the database and facepack ?
  7. Try This. https://www.fmscout.com/a-around-the-world-leagues-megapack-fm17.html
  8. Looking good so far. What leagues you doing ?
  9. Does anybody have a link for facepack. I don't use facebook.
  10. Being a Cardiff fan .I would like a 1926 1927 database if it's possible.
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