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  1. How does it work after a few seasons? Just asking as I created an add on for FM17 with lots of additional cups, however after the first season it stopped generating league fixtures.
  2. In my edit I decided to put Rhayader back in the Cymru Alliance, with their Reserves in Mid Wales South. It then gets around having to promote from Mid Wales South. It also brings the Cymru Alliance back up to 16 teams, therefore making it possible to set minimum teams to 16 too, so in future seasons it will always have 16 teams. I did the same with Glantraeth in the Welsh Alliance too.
  3. It can be tricky for the South, but its quite straightforward for the Northern Leagues. What I tend to do when creating a Welsh database is, Welsh National (Wrexham Area) - 1 Down > North East Wales League - 1 Up Welsh Alliance League - 2 Down > Vale of Clwyd - 1 Up, Gwynedd League - 1 Up Mid Wales League - 2 Down > Ceredigion League - 1 Up, Montgomeryshire League - 1 Up, Had to do this with Mid Wales due to an error in the database regarding the Aberystwyth League, if it worked properly it'd be 3 down. I tend to not bother promoting from Mid Wales South due to it mainly being Reserve teams and it could get messy further on into the game. Welsh Football League 3 - 3 Down > South Wales Alliance - 1 Up, Gwent County - 1 Up. These leagues have automatic promotion places in real life. Then for the 3rd promotion place I normally choose between either Swansea and District or Pembrokeshire. Basically because 4 doesn't go into 1, the Basic editor doesn't allow Play Offs between specific leagues, and the two listed above have their Level 6 leagues in the database too. This way you have 8 teams relegating from Level 4.
  4. I'll have another look at my file, but I'm struggling to find the time at the moment.
  5. There's no point as it doesn't work properly after the first season.
  6. I created one going down to Level 4 with loads of cups, but it wasn't creating fixtures after the first season. I'd spent ages making it, and got a bit downhearted with it after that so haven't bothered with it since. I might look at doing it again when the next update comes out.
  7. It was a tricky one when it came to Cardiff Met this year as there isn't a specific way to account for Uni teams in the database without a load of feature requests and coding changes. After a few emails back and forth between myself, my superior and however it is he deals with, it was decided to set Cardiff Met as Always Amateur and with a minimum age of 18. I suppose this one will be ongoing though and will have to be constantly evaluated. Its a trick one to with regards to players abilities and reputations. As we couldn't set them as a Semi-Pro team as they're not, however with their players being Amateurs, any that perform well will be hoovered up on Free Transfers, its a tricky one.
  8. Due to any club in Wales being able to apply for a wildcard for this tournament, in game it was decided that the exiles were also eligible (for example Merthyr in real life). These teams were set as ones that the computer could select at random to take up a wildcard at some point in the future. However, due to the low probability of any of the Professional teams taking part in real life, they were also set as having a low probability of being selected in game. Any appearance of Wrexham, Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, plus Colwyn Bay and Merthyr, in game, is completely random.
  9. Its been a long time coming as I've been incredibly busy with other stuff. Here is a Welsh update down to Level 4. Tested until 2025. Also contains some extra cups. https://www.mediafire.com/?a559ho5z6pptld6
  10. When I get around to doing to doing one. I have started it, however I am also in the middle of moving house as well as being in my third year of university, so time isn't something I have a lot of at the moment.
  11. The only cup I updated was the Welsh Cup, I didn't do the Regional Cups as I'd added that many teams it would have taken me ages to do. Strange that Deeside Phoenix are only competing in the Welsh Trophy seeing as you've got them to the Welsh Premier. They should be in the Welsh Cup and Welsh Premier League Cup.
  12. Right, finally finished it. Just testing it now. Reckon a few people could be pleasantly surprised by a few additions.
  13. I haven't forgotten, I'm just very busy with Uni work too so any spare time is going into that. If I get a spare few minutes I'll upload it this week.
  14. I'm already on the case. I've sorted out the errors with the Trophy. Just need to test it for a few seasons.
  15. To do this I would have to re-create the Welsh Cup from scratch which I haven't got the time to do.
  16. Because Port Talbot are affiliated to the South Wales FA. The South Wales Cup I have added in my Welsh update is only for teams playing in the South Wales Amateur and South Wales Senior leagues at level 5 and 6. Newport on the other hand are in Gwent and the Gwent Cup I have added is for all sides in Gwent. I am aware that there are Senior and Amateur cups in Gwent, but I found before that if I made cups league specific instead of specifying the clubs I'd end up with teams who shouldn't be in certain cups playing in them. Also I didn't want to specify the exact clubs for Senior and Amateur competitions because say for example in game a team progress from the Gwent league to the Welsh Prem, they'd still be playing in the Amateur cup.
  17. I'm still working on it. I'm also very busy with Uni work which obviously takes priority at the moment. Good news though, it isn't that far off being ready.
  18. The format's may be slightly different than real life but they are based on real cups.
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