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  1. I'm looking at setting a club cup competition that will draws certain teams... For example, if i wanted to set up a london cup, but for it to ignore the premiership clubs... Is it possible, to set up the competition to draw the best 16 teams while ignoring the premiership clubs? So i was thinking if i put all the london clubs into a team pool, and for the cup the take the highest ranking 16 teams, while ignoring the premiership clubs?
  2. Apologies, I assumed the keeper issue was too small for a specific thread. My previous post was in relation to defending from open play
  3. I am back...so I am still having issues with this. In the affected leagues all clubs have cities and stadium have correct cities. It's sorting/reordering teams wrong.. I will use an English example, for a geographical point of view It's like having a regionalized English league, but in the southern section you have Newcastle and in the northern section you have Birmingham. It makes more sense to have Birmingham in the south and Newcastle in the north in that scenario.
  4. That won't work, because the i am using secondary divisions. I'll illustrate it here Example Competition: So from the above i want the teams that compete in the prem, to use their Underage squad in stead of there senior team, but i also want to make sure, that if Dunboyne get promoted to the Prem, that the they would then use their underage side instead of the senior side... I'm trying to create a competition that would mirror the England FA County Cup structure...
  5. A couple of things have popped up. Firstly in the Junior Leagues, there is a big gap between final game of season and county championship finals for some county's Secondly, there seems to be a group affect of clubs deciding to upgrade their stadia, which results in numerous clubs temporarily using the same stadium. In my file, it was 5 Clare teams all playing outta of Jackman park in the 2 season, bit this didn't happen to my brother until his 6 season. Premier and First Division sides pretty dominate the county championships, despite adding the restrictions on their match day
  6. Competition is 16 teams, With 4 groups of 4, playing 1 round of games Have the stadiums set up as such
  7. Cheers got it fixed...also got host nation sorted... But it seems to play all the games in the same stadium, despite having the stadiums set and assigned to different stages... Not at my PC, so can't post a screen shot at the moment
  8. Cheers... Looking at the competition, it seems to be running every 2nd year as opposed to every year... Any suggestions as to how to fix that?
  9. Looking to assign a host nation to a continental competition...how do I do it? Can't seem to find anything in the editor?
  10. Ok i have used the Adv Edtr... I am still getting strange teams being allocated into divisions... I have used the regional division setting at club level, as well as the "reorganize child comp" setting... SO in my file Lucan(from Dublin) get put into the south region, while a team from the south region(Mallow) was assigned to the Dublin region league, so straight away a simply swap of those two teams would fix that, but the game didn't do this...But clubs have cities set in the DB
  11. What determines the ability of pre-gens in game? Also with regens? Is it purely down to facilitates or is there more at play? Like tier within the league structure, reputation of club/league/nation?
  12. Is it possible to set Mon, max and average attendance for different competitions, or is that only possible at club level?
  13. So i have Cup Final set for the 1st May 2021... In the first season, the final is played on the correct date and day... But on the second season the final gets played on a Wednesday 11th of May... The semi final days had been played 3 days earlier that scheduled in the second year
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