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  1. A_Sober_Paddy

    4-1-2-3 Lower League(ish)

    Not strictly tactic issue/questions How on earth do I stop my players giving away so many stupid penalties? Think I have giving away 7 in the league for stoves/pushes
  2. A_Sober_Paddy

    4-1-2-3 Lower League(ish)

    I have found in the past with wingers on support, they never attack the back post and I seem to score a good few goals from that
  3. A_Sober_Paddy

    4-1-2-3 Lower League(ish)

    anyone ever use DB on stopper? Is it very aggressive? when i say lower league its roughly about league 1/2 level cheers for all the responses too
  4. So I'm going into my 5 season with my current file, and finding consistency had to come by over the last season or 2. Playing in League of Ireland Premier Division. Ideally I want to play ---------GK-------- FB(s)-CD(d)-CD(d)-FB(s) -----------DLP(d)------ -------CM(a)--CM(s)----- W(a)-------------------W(a) -------------DLF(?)--------- Basically wanna play an attacking system and untilize my wingers to run at defenders. With my CM(a) attacking from deep to give central options, and opposite winger to attack back post But I'm having difficulty finding the best role for my striker. Also finding it hard to get an DLP who can play DM or on defensive duty. Was thinking of just going with ---------Anchor(d)--------- -------AP(a)----Cm(s)------ But don't know how balanced this would be On phone so can't post screenshots
  5. So i have been having trouble finding consistency in my current save file, so decided to go back and look at tactic* I only had 2 TI's Exploit Flanks So i'm wondering if i was just lucky in my game last year? *Won 7 consecutive league of Ireland titles
  6. Hey all So i have 2 decent full backs, but they aren't very comfortable playing FB(S), so i've been using them as DFB(D). But ideally i want to to develop into full backs that can offer the team something outside the defense. Any & all advice welcome RB - Bjørn Erik Haugstad LB - Malo Michel
  7. A_Sober_Paddy

    Players Can't Be Registered for Cup???

    No idea whats wrong above????
  8. Playing with an edited DB. Relegation/Promotion playoff between Premier League & First Division 1 team from premier 3 teams from first But when the games arrive the following occurs, Players...all players from both sides become unavailable for playoff matches? Anyone ever come across this?
  9. A_Sober_Paddy

    Add/Remove League Feature

    Cheers guys Is there a list of league update dates?
  10. Hey So i'm looking to start up a new save file, and was looking at a possible journeyman game, but i'd like my game to run smoothly, so can't load a massive amount leagues. So i was thinking of adding and removing leagues as i go... But never used the feature, how good is it, does it through up any issues? DOes it take long to load the additional leagues? Just any negative impact on game world?
  11. A_Sober_Paddy

    Players Not Willing to Move

    Managing Fairview in Ireland, using an edited db, with different league structure. But what i don't get is; why are players now not willing to sign for me, when they were the last time i loaded the file, reputations haven't changed. In the game all that's past is 1 day.
  12. So I loaded up my save, which i'd not played since december, and i went about signing players who'd i'd had shorlisted. Having previously looked into them. They were interested when i last played, according to my notes. But when i go the offer them contracts, i get a load of Playing in League X is not a good career move DOn't feel moving to another country is a right thing But i haven't advanced a number of months, i just loaded my game and this issue was right in front of me. Was there anything in the update that would cause this? Also i decided to carry out a test, i loaded a new save, with original database. Selecting my current team and tried to sign a number of players who'd i had signed in the save mentioned above and all but one player now not interested????
  13. A_Sober_Paddy

    Semi Pro Yet Non Contract?

    having a similar issue with a custom file i created, have a read of this thread, it seems to have sorted out my problems. I've only partly tested it myself tho
  14. A_Sober_Paddy

    Semi Professional Issues

    Cheers, But the problem I'm having is once I win promotion into the higher levels I turn semi professional but can only offer non contract, whereas the AI clubs can offer part time contracts.
  15. A_Sober_Paddy

    Semi Professional Issues

    From my experience AI clubs who turn semi pro (from ameteur) can offer part time, yet i can only offer non contracts