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  1. Tactical Approach in Lower Level

    Cheers, Do you try and limit your TI's at this level....Sorry for all the questions, the last FM I play with any consistency was FM14
  2. Tactical Approach in Lower Level

    Do you ever find BWM effective...I've tried it with mixed results?
  3. Tactical Approach in Lower Level

    The 4-1-2-3 DM Is that strikerless, with 3 AM or is it 2 Wide 1 Striker
  4. So i have been having serious difficulty trying to get consistent results in FM17 at lower level... Level I'm talking about is players with a CA in the range of 65-100. Typically try to play 4-4-2, but in some games i will dominate and then next week loss by 5 goals, i have also tried 4-2-3-1 again the same issue. Both systems have wingers, and going forward it can get brilliant but then go 4 games without scoring a goal... Both Systems generally are wide or normal width... But then i played a few games in a negative approach 4-1-4-1, with a very similar approach to two above systems, but were narrow, this approach lead to beating teams whos players have a CA range of 120-145... I'm not the only person i know who is having trouble getting a tactic to work consistently... The Match engine seems to be geared towards narrow system, with little to no way to get a system to work with wingers... I have tried a save with United and found the same issues with tactical inconsistency, but at least at that level you have players who can really change this in a moment... What is the best approach to get tactical consistency at the level i like to manage at with the current match engine
  5. File uploaded "(asoberpaddy)Full Time Error" The game is using an edited database, does that need to be uploaded? In the file i uploaded(after i saved) i added another manager to Galway and the following players were willing to move to galway but not Limerick Ulysses Veghelyi Morgan Fehrling Frederic Kayembe Ilolo all released from AIK(sweden) in my edited database i upped the City of Limericks attractiveness to see if that helped, but no joy http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=850798412
  6. So i'm managing in Ireland, managing Limerick fc listed as professional club. But when i go to offer to contracts to players, i get the "Will not move to another country for anything other than full time deal". Despite being a professional club. So i decided to test and see if this happened with any of the other professional clubs in Irleand, and all the players who gave me "Will not move to another country for anything other than full time deal", were willing to job Galway, Bohemians and Derry. Is this a bug?
  7. Hey all, Have encountered an issue, i am managing a club listed as Professional, but yet players keep saying that they move country for anything other than a full time deal. It only seems to happen to my club. So i ran a test I added managers to other clubs in the same league and the same players who were giving me the "Will not move to another country for anything other than full time deal" we entering into talks with these clubs. Is this a bug or what?
  8. 4-2-3-1 consistency issue

    Can a mod please move this for me, posted in the wrong spot, I wanted to post in the tactics discussion and help part
  9. Hey all Playing the following system Control Flexible 4-2-3-1 Play out from back, mixed passing, normal width, work ball into box. GK Fb(s) dcb(d) CD(c) fb(s) Cm(s) cm(auto) W(a) AP(s) w(a) AF (a) I am winning some games 5-6 nil, and then go a spell were my striker can't score or all the chances we create are quarter chances. And we lose to sides I should be beating. I was thinking of changing the following Leaving k and Def the same. Cm(d) Ap(s) W(a) AM(s) W(a) AF(a) Was thinking the am will get a bit more forward to support lone striker, with the playmaker now sitting a bit deeper. Open to feedback and critique of the system. But it's just the complete black and white performances that are getting to me. Also with the above system is AF the best option to go with? With the lack of money and an already big squad at the start of the game I was very limited with options up top.
  10. Basically can't get a tactic that is consistent. Can't get my teams passing success rate above 61% Conseding too many goals from misplaced passes. Full backs pumping long balls directly to opposition, leading to goals. Tried 442, 4231 Play out from the back Short Passsing/Mixed Players dwelling on the ball when they have great options and then losing it I'm getting really annoyed at this game, it seems to have increased 10 fold regards tactics compared to fm15
  11. FM 17 - Ireland Pyramid Structure

    Continental rules are tricky to use and get right.
  12. FM 17 - Ireland Pyramid Structure

    I have one it's pretty much finished, it's a 18 team prem 18 team first and followed by regional divisions of 16 teams. Also has a u21 regional league and an nationwide u18 structure. It's nearly done, just need to sort out an issue with the fifth tier http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=792996008
  13. Blacked Out Division, Can't manage there

    Figured it out, it won't allow me to manage in these leagues because i have them set up as a league with 4 groups of 10, which is confusing because this exact same set up worked last year with zero hassel
  14. Blacked Out Division, Can't manage there

    No and no
  15. So edited league but can't manage in the bottom division http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=793006141 can anyone explain why this is?