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  1. You don't have a screenshot of how that would look do you?
  2. Just looking at the club reputations of many junior clubs in Ireland and comparing them with clubs around Scandinavia Ireland Fairview Rangers (8 time Junior Cup Winners - A Record), flloodlit, 3G pitch & currently building a seated stand...Reputation 500 Finland Laajasalon Palloseura (Not won much of note), using a football ground no different from a regular junior side in Ireland...Reputation of 2300... I can understand that, Laajasalon Palloseura play in the Finnish Third Tier(which has over 90 Teams) but they are still classed as amateur like Fairview Rangers..
  3. How do I set up continental competition with custom competitions? For example, I have a custom nations league file for Ireland...and I want to set up a continental comp using some of the leagues I have created in the custom file?
  4. The Current League structure in Ireland is made up for 3 separate codes of football... Senior, Intermediate & Junior, these different codes have very little interaction across the football pyramid only in a few cup competitions. Its a mess to be honest, where you have some Junior clubs paying more than some senior clubs, with the added benefit of less travelling due to Junior leagues being defined within small areas compared to the national senior leagues. So I have decided to join up these 3 separate codes, with a streamlined pyramid...My limited skill within the Advanced Editor
  5. Does that work for Cup Competitions by chance...as in get last team to win the cup as opposed to a league
  6. Yes I even added more recent history for the comps too, just as a fail save
  7. Getting the following error message, i'm trying to create a competition that draws previous winners from other leagues... At the moment trying to test it with just 2 competitions( 1 Cup 1 League) Any guidance and help very much appreciated
  8. Does anyone know how to edit this competition? I have managed to extract the competition by using the technique here But i can't seem to navigate to the list of qualified teams?
  9. Just wondering, is there any way to get the game to generate players(not just 6-7 players) for clubs who get promoted from inactive leagues into active leagues?
  10. Cheers will have a gander, it is only the first division I have the issue with, all the 6 divisions below are fine, it's only the first division that seems to have this front loaded schedule
  11. I started from scratch, but reused the Irish Premier and First... What i would do is, just swap out your top division for the Existing Irish Premier...you can change the current Irish Premier so its as you want it... Or else, you will need to go into the Advanced Editor and make changes to the Scottish Irun Bru Cup(or whatever its called now)...
  12. If I could get 144 teams dow to 48 within 3 rounds ideally
  13. Currently doing an Irish league custom DB, have had no issue re Scottish League system... Are you using the Irish Premier Division, or did you create a new top division?
  14. Not an issue with these teams, have already removed ground shared with teams in the top 2 division, no underage system set up yet, so their underage sides not using the grounds either Games aren't being moved for TV, these are scheduled dates for the First Division, not moved(reschedules dates) Competition conflict isn't an issues, as i have a planner that i used to select match dates(This is the premier one, as there s more potential conflict)
  15. So i'm trying to figure out why 2 divisions have different match dates, despite the settings within the editor(Basic Editor) being almost identical Settings: Premier Division Settings: First Division Fixtures: Premier Division Fixtures: First Division Might seem like nit picking, but the issue with those 2 midweek games being played in the First Division, means that there is a very congested beginning of the season, and during the last 12 weeks of the season, only sees 7 games being played compared to the last 12 weeks in the premier w
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