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  1. anyone getting a lot of injuries in their saves?
  2. As the title states, will my edited league structure form fm16 work on fm 17?
  3. Cheers got it working, much appreciated
  4. Yep, sorry I was technically wrong the 300k and 400k for the rounds are actually appearance money. Also the teams who fail the make the groups stages get a solidarity payment of 250k.... The same club last year got 550k for getting knocked out of the 2nd qualifying round. 300k appearance for 2nd round and 250k solidarity money, this was Prize money. And all figures in €
  5. How is it possible to edit champions league in FM 16, I did it on fm14/15 I think. Just can't figure it out
  6. How can one edit the champions league in the editor, looking at the prize money morseo
  7. Well the amounts are correct, but it only is awarding to the losers of the round, whereas the winners also get the same amount of money
  8. Just looking though the prize money for the champions league and it seems to be inconsistent with what i've been reading and hearing for people with a club currently in the champions league... In the game for example if your team gets into the 3rd qualifying round after playing in the 2nd qualifying round and gets knocked out you receive prize money of €400k(€0 for winning 2nd quailfying round and €400k for losing 3rd quailifrying round), but in real life you get €700k(€300k for winning 2nd qualifying round and €400k for losing 3rd qualifying...
  9. So into my third season with Limerick, started well in Europe, winning 5 drawing 1. League campaign started, looked like world betters in first few games, then looked like an under 5's side against a midtable side lost 3-0. Then won 3 and again looked terrible but this time against one of the title challengers....on paper I have the best keeper and defenders, but look so shakey at times it's infuriating...I have tried the retain defensive/conservative approach for these games but all that happens is I lose them 1-0 instead of 2-1 3-2... What's the best approach to games against the "bigger" teams. Also how does one deal with players who look uninteresting
  10. Losing matches isn't the issue as such, it's the fact that the players have literally turned useless over night. Take my striker, scored a hat trick against sociedad in Europa league, and 2 against Newcastle, then in his next 5 games, zero goals, shots on the target zero, despite have 19 shots in those five games, players passing in the 80% range, in the mid 50's, morale was very good, now it's on normal, taking the soft approach as being assertive generally leads to mutany. If I lost and the players were doing what I told them fine, but they are ignoring instructions. I had a big problem tactically in my first season fixed it, bit now it seems like I'm back to square one. First 3 league games, I won them all 5-1 against Cork, 3-0 against Galway, 1-0 against bohs they finished 5th, 2nd and 3rd the year previous with me finishing fifth...it seems like the players have gone deaf all of a sudden, it's just proper annoying and seems to be random...
  11. On a run of 16 games unbeaten, lost 2 and drawn 1 of my last three, missing sitters, misplacing passes...dominating games still but making all these mistakes all of a sudden, nothing has changed...
  12. Would that be considered aggressive defending from my instructions
  13. Uploaded screenshots
  14. So having an issue with my defenders, centre backs to be precise.... Both are set up CD(d) Team instructions are Closing down- sometimes Passing short Defensive line - high But it keeps happening, I'm hitting on the break, 2 attackers, 2 defenders. One of the defenders leaves his man to help the other defender so it turns into a situation where two defenders on man with ball, and a free attacker...it ends with a goal... Just uploading some screenshots now so will add them in here. Anyone have similar issues?