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  1. So in my current file, being getting to the Champions League group stage but have only got out of the group once finishing third...My squad is the best i can get for the moment, but i was considering putting out my u18's side this year and not quailfry and instead drop into the Europa league, only in that once and won my group with 6 from 6 with a squad considerable weaker than the one i have now... Decided i wouldn't throw the playoff round, get passed galatasaray 4-2 over two legs, to be drawn in a group with Arsenal Barca Juve UCC Would have been a first seed in the europa league group stage... Anyone ever throw a game like suggested above
  2. Firstly if this isn't the correct place, can i mod move it... So i'm managing a club in Ireland, and i've brought to being a regular in the champions league group stage, with this, i have amassed a lot of financial power. I have managed to get my board to improve youth recruitment, junior coaching and youth/training facilities to a very high standard. Used the in-game editor to check exactly how good my facilities where... Recruitment 20 Junor Coaching 20 Training/Youth Facilites both 18 But in my last youth intake, i got nothing but utter rubbish, none of the players had the potential to match any of my rotation players, again i decided to use the in game editor just in case my coaches assessment was wrong...it wasn't, the highest PA was 91...The League is ranked 25th in Europe ahead of Norway Top Flight, Germany, France, Italy and Holland Second Tier. Hired A HOYD with good personality and same Preferred Formation... But its been 3 years of utter rubbish with youth intake... Any advance on how to improve P.S Club Rep is 5,611(National)
  3. A_Sober_Paddy

    Player Valuation-Despite Talent & Potential

    Dortmund eventually made an offer and used the interest of Dortmund, Liverpool, Redbull & Inter to get €22 million , but it took alot of back and fourth...7 weeks in game of negotiation amoungst all clubs
  4. Hey I have this really talented player, and his drawing attention for the likes of Inter Milan, Liverpool, AC Milan, Marseille & about 12 other clubs. Here is the player As you can see his valued very conservatively. I had a look at his under-the-hood stats and his CA-143 PA-157 Liverpool made an offer: 210,000, i countered with 5 million, immediately withdrew, players in the game playing who aren't even as good are going for 5 - 7 million. I know my club reputation isn't the best, but again looked under the hood, its 5150, his a top player with the potential to be a premier league starter for sure, his also played very well in the champions league where i defeated PSG in the group stage twice this season. This is value so low because of the reputation of the league and club, despite paying in the group stage of the champions league in 3 of the last 4 years
  5. A_Sober_Paddy

    4-1-2-3 Lower League(ish)

    Was trying to recreate an advanced playmaker without the hard coded playmaker tag, to avoid a passing loop between him and my DLP.
  6. A_Sober_Paddy

    4-1-2-3 Lower League(ish)

    So just finished my season...Finished on 84 Points but still finished 2nd System was Control Team Instructions Exploit Flanks Occasionally - Work ball into box -------------Gk---------------- FB(s)--CB(d)--CB(d)--FB(s) ---DLP(d)/Anchor(d)--- --------CM(s)--CM(a)------ W(a)--------------------W(a) --------------AF(a)------------ My CM(a) was at the start of the season was an AP(a), but i found that my DLP and AP got into passing loop just passing the ball between one another. My CM(a) has a couple of instructions added Dribble More More Risky Passes Move Into Channels Had a few games were we created zero chances, but had other games were we created 30 chances
  7. A_Sober_Paddy

    4-1-2-3 Lower League(ish)

    Not strictly tactic issue/questions How on earth do I stop my players giving away so many stupid penalties? Think I have giving away 7 in the league for stoves/pushes
  8. A_Sober_Paddy

    4-1-2-3 Lower League(ish)

    I have found in the past with wingers on support, they never attack the back post and I seem to score a good few goals from that
  9. A_Sober_Paddy

    4-1-2-3 Lower League(ish)

    anyone ever use DB on stopper? Is it very aggressive? when i say lower league its roughly about league 1/2 level cheers for all the responses too
  10. So I'm going into my 5 season with my current file, and finding consistency had to come by over the last season or 2. Playing in League of Ireland Premier Division. Ideally I want to play ---------GK-------- FB(s)-CD(d)-CD(d)-FB(s) -----------DLP(d)------ -------CM(a)--CM(s)----- W(a)-------------------W(a) -------------DLF(?)--------- Basically wanna play an attacking system and untilize my wingers to run at defenders. With my CM(a) attacking from deep to give central options, and opposite winger to attack back post But I'm having difficulty finding the best role for my striker. Also finding it hard to get an DLP who can play DM or on defensive duty. Was thinking of just going with ---------Anchor(d)--------- -------AP(a)----Cm(s)------ But don't know how balanced this would be On phone so can't post screenshots
  11. So i have been having trouble finding consistency in my current save file, so decided to go back and look at tactic* I only had 2 TI's Exploit Flanks So i'm wondering if i was just lucky in my game last year? *Won 7 consecutive league of Ireland titles
  12. Hey all So i have 2 decent full backs, but they aren't very comfortable playing FB(S), so i've been using them as DFB(D). But ideally i want to to develop into full backs that can offer the team something outside the defense. Any & all advice welcome RB - Bjørn Erik Haugstad LB - Malo Michel
  13. A_Sober_Paddy

    Players Can't Be Registered for Cup???

    No idea whats wrong above????
  14. Playing with an edited DB. Relegation/Promotion playoff between Premier League & First Division 1 team from premier 3 teams from first But when the games arrive the following occurs, Players...all players from both sides become unavailable for playoff matches? Anyone ever come across this?
  15. A_Sober_Paddy

    Add/Remove League Feature

    Cheers guys Is there a list of league update dates?