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  1. Also looking at the competition history in the database... Most of the leagues in Ireland run along a different timescale than the LOI... So looking at Mervue screenshot , the titles should be listed 2001/02 instead 2002 etc etc All the leagues in the Munster file i sent run along the same time frame as the Galway league (Starts late summer/Autumn and Finishes Spring the following year, so season records should read 2000/01 instead of 2001 for example) PS...I have sent another email to round out the Munster Junior Leagues file
  2. Adding Mervue United under the "New Club" tab for the Mervue United Juniors achieves the linked history
  3. I did the mervue change, via pre game editor can sent you a screen shot of how it was achieved, it's the same way Newcastle West in the Desmond league...I can compile similar files for the majority of the junior leagues, if the format is sufficient... I have been trying to built an archive of historical result and history for junior football in Ireland
  4. Club History... Mervue United & Mervue Juniors When Mervue competed in the national league, they entered a 2nd team in the local division...I feel the histories should be linked as below
  5. So i added the third tier in the republic of Ireland system...But when i go to start up the game, select the Ireland, only given the default options of Tier 2 and above Anyone know what may be the issue?
  6. Cheers...will I sent the information I have in a PDF or will I just include it in the body of an email?
  7. Where is the email address? Is it possible to extract a changelist from an editor file? As i have the following done...According to the editor file 6,000+ changes Added Cities/Towns(with correct GPS co-ordinates) Added Stadiums/Corrected Stadium names Added Club Jerseys/Shorts Added Club Colours/Corrected Club Colours Added Year founded(where it was missing) Added History of Junior Leagues(in munster) & League Cups to fill out those histories
  8. Maybe this is a general issue... But within the Irish system(Outside the playable leagues), most clubs are missing history... I have used the 19 editor to start fixing these issues, as well as correct club colours and jerseys...year founded as well So far i have completed... Munster Senior Premier Limerick District League Limerick Desmond League Clare District League Kerry League North Tipperary & District League South Tipperary & District League Waterford & District Premier League Also added in cups associated with above
  9. Cheers mate, that was the issue...it seems like a silly feature
  10. So i am having touble with relegation/promotion in the editor... In FM19 editor i had the option to link division like this But in FM20 editor, there are NO options whatsoever Also there is no option for relegation or promotion playoffs
  11. So i have set up a number of cup competitions, I would like to place limits on the amount of players in match squad...That have played in certain competitions... E.G If i set a cup competition for clubs based in Manchester, i would like to limit the amount players in the match squad who have played 5 premiership games in the season to date Is this possible in the Editor
  12. I don't think so, I'll look into that cheers
  13. So i changed a team name and its displaying incorrectly On the team pages its displaying correctly But in fixtures its displaying as Killusty Any help greatly appreicated
  14. Hello, So i'm looking to set up a regional cup(well maybe 20 such cups) I plan to add these to an edited Irish league set up...But here is the bit i need help with... I don't want the first team from premier division to compete, have the premier teams use their underage sides, but for non premier teams to use the first team... Hope i explained it clearly
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