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  1. How do you change the league fixtures? I used to put in breaks, but seems you can only have one season break within the current editor
  2. Hello, Just a quick query. In Fm18 I remember there be alot of unattached regens generated each year. But in FM 19 the number has drastically declined. Has anyone else noticed this? I have used the ingame editor to show all players in search to test. But major difference in number of regens unattached. By unattached regens, I means players generated but never assigned a club
  3. Hey, Just wondering is there any utility in which i can get a player picture generated(in the same style as the regen's) so i can add them to the game for a few created players Cheers
  4. Hello I remember reading somewhere that it is possible to create a file with a list of names that will be used as regens in the game. Anyone point me in the correct direction?
  5. I think there is a work around, were you put in season breaks for just a few days and that should force the game to have more games further on in the calender.
  6. I'd hazard a guess and say its a space/processing issue
  7. Just Discovered the issue...The Custom Competition setting is the issue, where i use a group stage followed by a knockout rounds(where teams should be added, but aren't)
  8. Doing a new league structure but cup Competition's aren't working properly. E.G Teams aren't being added into later rounds, such as 2nd round. I have set Competition's up the same as in fm18 Any help?
  9. I know that(being gfrom there) but in game there is a link that doesn't exist in real life and thus causing problems
  10. No it happens even if you don't edit the nation rules. If I remove teams from the Munster senior first(which is a league with zero impact on playable Competition's within the game) yet it's connected to the Norn Irish system
  11. I thought the challenge had rules about only loading the English league and no edt DB? Have they been lifted?
  12. Why is the Northern Irish league and Munster league in the Republic linked?
  13. New League of Ireland Structure Senior Structure New Cup's & Existing Cups FAI Cup - All Teams compete League Cup - Teams from Premier & First North Western Cup - Teams from Northern Western Premier & First South Western Cup - Teams from South Western Premier & First Eastern Cup - Teams from Eastern Premier & First Underage Structure National Cup FAI U19 - All teams compete Added Stadiums to all u19 sides to avoid accelerated pitch decay and fixture congestion. If anyone wants to test the file it would be greatly appreciated. Download here https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1619984547 New structure to accommodate the cups to work correctly
  14. I don't know, i have had nothing but nightmares with contential competitions in FM Editors in the past so stay away
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