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  1. Germany beat Argentina on mine but I hasten to add I reloaded the game after South Korea beat Mexico in the Final first time around. It just looked silly!!
  2. info provided

    Just wondering if this is going to be fixed at all?
  3. under review

    Any ideas if this is getting fixed as it's a pity you can't see previous managers of other Clubs.
  4. Maybe don't use him as a playmaker but as a central midfielder therefore not everything goes through him. I have Manuel Lanzini with Gylfi Sigurdsson as back up and neither have great decisions but have other good technical stats. I started out trying them both as an AP A but neither excelled. Changed to a CM A and both have decent goals and assists ratios now so might be something to try.
  5. Satisfied with Season Three although slipped up with a 1-2 home defeat to Man United with three games to. Cost me Champions League Qualification, just!!! Nice way to finish though!!
  6. Interesting question this. Just looking at the EPL I checked my reputation after winning the League with West Ham second season and it jumped from "national" to "continental" I assume sometime over the summer between the end of season two and the start of season three. At the start of the game it seems Man City, Arsenal, Man United, Spurs, Liverpool and Chelsea had a worldwide reputation with all other EPL Clubs at National. Now at the end of my third season I am at Continental and Liverpool and Man City have also dropped from Worldwide to Continental. League Standings in the three seasons for the Top Clubs are as follows : Man City - 7th, 14th, 6th Arsenal - 4th, 3rd, 9th Man Utd - 2nd, 6th, 1st Spurs - 5th, 4th, 2nd Liverpool - 3rd, 5th, 3rd Chelsea - 1st, 2nd, 5th West Ham - 6th, 1st, 5th City's League performances make a reputation drop understandable but Liverpool seem a bit unfortunate especially if you take into account history as MBarbaric says. What is interesting though is that reputation and League standings don't seem to affect player purchases much. City despite not qualifying for the Champions League since my game started still have Aguero, Kompany, Silva, De Bruyne and Sterling, although in Sterling's case he is unhappy after a transfer was blocked. They have also continued spending over 100 million in two seasons and yet whilst I don't quite expect it after winning the EPL and qualifying for the Champions League very few, if any top stars from the so called top Clubs in the EPL or indeed Europe were interested in a move to West Ham, so in my case I guess reputation hasn't been quick enough!! I am pretty sure IRL City's top players may have jumped ship without Champions League Football in three years!
  7. Yep Keita has a work rate of 18 but so does Mark Noble. In my save Keita is 24, Noble is 31 and yet Keita's condition after say 70 minutes is nudging the high 60's and yet Noble's is always in the mid 70's at that time. Can't quite understand it.
  8. Bit confused and hopefully someone will be able to help. I have two players in my squad who are constantly losing stamina in the later stages of games and also I am often being told that they need a rest. The players in question are Naby Keita and Cheikhou Kouyate. Keita has a natural fitness of 16 and stamina at 17. Kouyate natural fitness of 17 and a stamina level of 12, (which may be his problem). Kouyate tends to play as a BWM D and Keita a BBM so yep they are two quite fitness based roles and both have high work rate and teamwork stats so they obviously do a lot of work. However Keita also tends to be shattered late on even if you play him as a CM and I have no such issues with players like Noble and Obaing who have slightly lower stats in the fitness and stamina stakes. I also never get such issues with my wing backs and they play in a 4132 so logically they are doing as much running, if not more, than Keita. It just seems strange that arguably the fittest player at the Club is the one I regularly replace with 10-15 minutes remaining. Any ideas?
  9. I'll message you the tactic as I have a conspiracy theory mind and as soon as I post a tactic it always stops working next version!!! Lanzini does quite well in CM. A tad lightweight but always seems fairly consistent and scores goals and makes assists. Need another good CM though because Nobes is getting older!
  10. Thanks Knap.... It's thanks to you and your tactics....
  11. Here you go. It's one of Knaps Tactics which I just dragged back one of the three strikers to the DM area and eventually settled with a BWM D. Sometimes I use wing backs rather than IWB. I don't really like IWB's and prefer width but I find in this version wide players don't defend narrow enough so the IWB's seem to do the trick. It seems to work most of the time bar the bizarre FM runs of results such as my latest intriguing run which I won 5-1, 3-0, 4-0, 2-0, 4-0, 4-2 then lost 0-4 to an Arsenal side I hadn't lost to in three seasons then 0-0 then 1-3. Always seems to happen like that for some reason. Anyway I have given up on the in's and out's of tactics if I find something that half works I am happy no matter how or why.....
  12. I know what you mean. In game second season I won the League with Calleri scoring 23 goals with 16 assists. IRL he couldn't hit a cow's ass with a banjo!!!
  13. Thanks Herne, lost the Europa League Final to Spurs 2-1 though but can't win em all!!! Might try and get Rugani in over the summer and offload a few. Still get a bit frustrated that fringe players still moan when not playing no matter what your League position is. Calleri is fantastic, pity that's not the case IRL!!!
  14. Delighted. Won Premier League second season. First time I have won it since FM12 I think, a long wait!!!
  15. Be interesting to see what mentality you are playing as well. I find offsides are far more common when I am chasing a game, especially bizarrely the last 10-15 minutes when I start to throw men forward. It always confuses me because real life logic would suggest if a team is leading with 10-15 minutes to go they may drop deeper but I find the AI rarely seems to do this and if I have an attacking mentality I will just keep being offside.