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  1. For the OP again. Been trying to come up with something for away games against the big clubs since 2017 and in my latest save I might have stumbled across something I thought I would share. Still based on the 4132 but a few changes in PI's and TI's with closing down reduced and change in mentality. Early days but doing quite well. I don't change to the defensive/contain unless I am at least two goals ahead. The Attack one is if I need a goal. COUNTER EXPERIMENT_EEA5DF54-8848-4788-A5F6-2E4CD00626C6.fmf DEFENSIVE & CONTAIN_ADCC4375-FA48-45DB-9980-338340D46800.fmf ATT
  2. I'm still playing FM17 and just restart at times and try a different philosophy. Since FM2019 my old graphics card and old graphics drivers don't seem to like FM and as soon as I upgrade drivers the whole thing just stops working so I stay on 17 until one day I can afford a new PC! Since 2017 I use my SH IWB A which was a Knap Tactic but I withdrew a striker to the DM position,. I won quite a few titles over the years with that, but struggled against big teams away, certainly first few seasons so in my latest save I stumbled across what I call the SH WHU 41311 which has done quite well
  3. Well I came on here to see if it was worth purchasing FM20 and after reading the comments since the updates I think I'll stick with my save on FM17. Didn't buy 18 as I was really happy with 17. Bought 19 but just didn't like it at all and now see a lot of negative comments for 20. Such a shame. 17's engine isn't perfect but it's not far off and if they could have improved from that engine in successive years I suspect we would have had a cracker of a game these days! I stick with 17 because at least strikers score which for me is what it's all about.
  4. So no one has noticed that the ME on medium is too quick and too slow one notch down? Or that the ME is laggy and juddery? Or that matches seem to be played in the dark? Or that the match text zips by? Think I'll uninstall the demo and keep an eye on how people think it improves as time goes on. Deleted my 19 game as well and going to start all over again on FM17 as IMO that was the last stable'ish incarnation there was.
  5. Trying out the demo today and first look the ME doesn't seem much different to last years, which isn't great. Same old issues I just find it incredible that it seems more important to get unimportant features right at the expense of the ME. Also still notice the juddering in the 3d engine that FM has suffered for the last few years, will this be fixed as it's a no go buying it if this is going to be the case? Again with the ME the play on medium this year seems far too fast but if you slow it down a notch it's too slow, so no realism at all speed wise. Plus the match text zips thro
  6. Forgive me if I come across as a total noob with this question but I've never played the BETA before. Over the years I've seen comments like "play the BETA and decide if you want to play the game" so always assumed you could download the BETA if you haven't pre ordered the game or not. But from what I can find it seems you can only download the BETA if you have purchased or pre ordered the game? Can someone clarify? Thanks.
  7. I'm seeing plenty of WTF moments when leading in FM19. Ahead and cruising many a time and the opposition hasn't had a sniff. So when all else fails for the AI FM's gods smile on them with either a penalty, free kick or other set piece gifting them a goal. Failing that my keeper will either fall over, kick it against an opponent or turn his back on a back pass from the half way line! If that doesn't work for them a cheeky sending off always helps despite their number 8 hacking my players to bits for 90 minutes without even a warning and if that doesn't happen a 35 yard screamer into the top
  8. Hey Knap, I know what you mean, I personally think some areas (not all) of the ME are a mess especially striker movement and the awful crossing situation where it just hits a defenders knees bounces to an opposition player and off they go and score. I find it hard to believe there "isn't a problem" like some suggest, I've tried various set up's and roles and it happens far too much. In fact I would prefer the cross happened but got headed away by a defender at least that's realistic,,,,, However, I think I "might" have had a breakthrough. Since I bought FM19 I have been trying to play a
  9. Hey Knapp. Has something changed? My FMT version is showing 19.3.5 but I keep seeing we have a 19.3.6 update? However over the last few days I cannot score or defend to save my life, it's as if everything has stopped working!!
  10. Definitely the ME and also a firm solution to the juddering and lagging in the ME. I'm playing on a graphics driver that is from 2016 because it's the only one that works to and extent and even then if it rains in the game the juddering returns. So frustrating and it does ruin the experience.
  11. Thing is though there is no earthly reason why it can't be played on the last Sunday as neither were playing anyone else that day!!
  12. You could be right. I checked the FA Cup Final date as well and that was 18th May so that wouldn't even have interfered if either Palace or Arsenal had contested it. In previous FM's I had seen the other way around with fixture congestion due to the Cup Finals but now as IRL the Europa League and CL Finals are way beyond the end of the season, in fact IMO far too delayed dates wise so much so your players must lose match fitness, but this doesn't explain moving one fixture. It wasn't even televised so I just can't see the logic behind it.
  13. They did have a Euro Cup Final but it's a big gap between the League Game and the Cup Final (fixtures attached). Palace had no such game. If this happened in real life the result would be definitely looked into as both teams benefitted from the 1-1 draw. As Spurs 08 says above "all 38 games should be played simultaneously barring hugely exceptional circumstances." on the last day. I'm just intrigued if anyone else has had this?
  14. Sorry to bump this and too late for 2019 anyway but has anyone else had this or is it just me?! Loaded up a new game just to try a few new tactics and players out and last weekend of the season again one match was delayed till the Monday night. Arsenal v Palace. 1-1 draw so Arsenal knocked Man City off the top on goal difference and Palace sent Huddersfield down on goals scored. In fact it was the best possible result for both of them!"!! This must be a bug yes?
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