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  1. I have tried Jimmy Wong's solution but have another issue that hopefully someone may be able to advise? I try to select FM19 as a program but Football Manager 17 (fm exe) appears as the program to customise. I try and add FM19 as the program which appears as Football Manager 2019 Touch 19.3.4 - 1206437 (staging) but as soon as I select Football Manager 17 (fm exe) appears again. It seems I am unable to choose both FM 17 and FM19 for this solution as 17 seems the default? Thoughts appreciated.
  2. Not just me then!!! I've just played a couple more games and I was going to say it resembles a ping pong machine. Dreadful on the eyes. Normal ME tempo is okish until something happens and I go cross eyed trying to see what's happened but slow the ME tempo and it's like watching The Six Million Dollar Man running in slow motion, maybe that's why so much judder in the ME graphics it just can't keep up with the ball!! The juddering graphics is terrible and ME colours are very strange, it's all very dark like the sun doesn't exist. I had the juddering ME in FM17 and kind of sorted it out rolling back to an earlier Nvidia driver but nothings working with this game and yet COD purrs perfectly on my machine FM17's speed was perfect. In the games I've just played I have had shots straight at the keeper who saved and the ball went out for a throw in at 100 miles an hour, I mean how many saves go for a throw in IRL?! Passes, shots, clearances are like my wildest slices or hooks on the golf course in a howling gale! As you also say I think players brains have been taken out, it's really strange but it doesn't resemble football at all. FM17 IMO was so close. I've played it for two years and loved every minute and the only thing that made me get 19 was that there is no editor in FMT17 or a transfer database too load or I would have done that. Might well go back to it and just start a new game because as far as I can tell March, April time is the last patch so I guess it won't get any better. I've played FM since the CM days and certainly ME and gameplay wise I think this is the worst I have seen, such a shame.
  3. Playing FMT but you hardly hear a peep in that forum so as it's the ME I am asking about (same ME for both) I thought I would post this here. Decided to have a try at FM19 after bypassing 18 due to enjoying 17 so much and I must say after a two year break I am quite disappointed and find in all departments I have so far seen FM17 seems far superior. Without trawling through 88 pages are strikers not scoring, bizarre unrealistic swerve and bend on the ball on many shots and passes and repetitive shots hitting posts and crossbar an issue in this version? If not the games I've played so far must have been played in a hurricane!!!
  4. Allardyce?!?!? As a lifelong Hammer I am insulted!!!! Seriously many thanks much appreciated,. Sorted a couple of bits out by reading your hints and changing back to the official skin as the fan made white was hiding some buttons! Sadly the Retro skin is just as dark but not to worry,. Temporarily had some relief with the lagging by downloading an "old" NVidia driver but how long that will last I am not sure. I think there may be some link with leaving the game to go to the desktop and then back to the game but not sure but it's definitely an issue between Nvidia and the game itself. As for the roles and tactics I guess I'll just have to take some time to study them. I just liked the 4132 I played with in FM17. Played lovely football, was a balanced mentality, was a good shape for my squad and most of all strikers actually scored!!! This seems to be a difficulty I am finding so far. Must say though I just find that FM17's ME had a far smoother feel to it, at the moment I am finding (bar strikers not scoring) a lot of passes etc with unrealistic bend and swerve on them and an incredible amount of shots hitting posts and bar,. **Just played another game and it's hit me, it reminds me of pinball. Don't think this is going to grow on me TBH, thinking I might just start all over on 17.
  5. You are probably right. In FM17 the only way I could find an answer was to wallop an FMT thread in the main forum and yet FMT as a streamlined game is a life saver for me. Mind you if FMT had an editor I wouldn't have purchased 19!!! Had the juddering in FM17 to be fair as well but sorted that out to an extent by rolling back the NVidia drivers to an earlier incarnation. I have a Nvidia GeForce 580 but it's more than good enough for FM as it runs COD absolutely fine! I'll have a hunt around and see if the answers can be found elsewhere.
  6. Just purchased FMT19 on PC after having a long term save on FM17 and must say I am quite disappointed so far. The game just doesn't seem as smooth as 17 and it doesn't help that the 3d match engine judders a lot, not smooth at all (any ideas on how to solve that?) I play pretty much for the match itself. Not interested in all the training etc and the only thing I always have input in is transfers and match day so I have a few bugbears compared to FM17 but of course as it's a newer game I am hoping someone may be able to advise on how to cure a few of these bugbears. Also some of these changes may have happened in 18 and I didn't buy that one. 1. Not sure why SI did away with the old white skin. The dark and retro are far too dark. I have downloaded a made white skin in the skinning forum but it's still not quite as good as 17's as I find the match day info is far too small. In 17 I left it on the condition tab and I think you only had condition, goals, assists, ratings and that was about it making it easy to see but now whatever tab you use for the match the info seems overloaded thus making the text very small. 2. When on the tactics screen did moving the tactics pitch to the left and info to the right happen? Has totally confused me. 3. In 17 I used to have highlights on key and a little match box just appeared on the pitch showing whatever you liked which in my case was just match stats but you could still see the pitch. Now it seems if you click stats between highlights the box covers the whole screen and I have had highlights playing in the background but the box won't go away meaning I have to click the home button again to return to highlights. Any ideas? 4. Talking of buttons on 17 you had a pitch tab so you can return to the match at any time, has this gone or is it hiding somewhere? 5. Highlights seem non existent and that's on extended as well. Plenty of shots on goal but the highlights hardly kick in. A key highlights game on 17 was smooth and most of the time showed plenty of action but 19 lags terribly between highlights and it takes a lot of time for any highlight to click back in,. Am I missing a setting where you can choose how long there is between highlights or something? Most of the match rather than watching action I seem to be looking at a stats screen with the words "waiting for the next highlight". 6. And as I said above the ME seems very stutter, not smooth at all. Anyone else had this issue and how to solve it? 7. And cameras. On 17 TV camera was a perfect height and incline now I just cannot seem to get the right height or zoom at all. If it ain't broke why fix it!!!! In a nutshell very disappointed considering it's two years since 17 and I must say 17 is IMO miles ahead of 19. I hope if I can iron out a few of the issues it will become better but at the moment I feel 17 was a far superior game and don't get me started on all the new tactics screens, I can't even upload my successful tactic from 17 because it's all changed. I thought Cariello and Mezzala were characters in Spartacus!!!!!
  7. Just upgraded to FMT19 from FMT17 and can't stand the dark or retro skins. Never thought I would miss FM17's light skin so is this the same as the FMT17 skin? Also never used skins before so does this move things about to the old style as I have no idea why SI have moved things around on the tactics screen for instance. Sorry for the silly questions!!!
  8. Still playing FMT17 and in the late 2030's. My avatar looks quite good for my age at that time!!!! With West Ham and have won 19 PL titles, 11 Champions Leagues, 18 Community Shields, 7 FA Cups, 8 League Cups, 10 World Club Cups and 8 Super Cups. Have lost quite a few finals as well for good measure!! Have twice done the clean sweep "Septuple" or whatever it's called and had a few years with England with a World Cup win and Euros win. All with the same 4132 formation. Hoping to retire if I can beat Man United's Premier League record of 21 wins as the quality players have dwindled and not sure if it was Brexit but I can't bring in youngsters anymore who haven't got a host of National appearances so can't get work permits so probably have my weakest squad in years. Not sure what to do afterwards. Might start a save again just trying with British based players or only under a certain value but am tempted to try FMT18 or go for FMT19 as wouldn't mind to find out how far the likes of Declan Rice can go as he isn't in 17. At the same time I'm not sure if it worth upgrading? Shame FMT doesn't have an Editor as I would have just added a couple of players and it would have helped considering it gets boring playing in the same kit for 20 years!!!!
  9. Yeah that's partially my fault as I tend to just run them rather than save, although I will save this one to my downloads. Nvidia guy really helpful to be honest, he thinks it could be due to a vBios update re the manufacturer of the card and I didn't know this but according to him some manufacturers like Gainward, zotac, EVGA etc, don't have an updated vBIOS that can go along with the later series of drivers and although NVIDIA manufactures the chipset for the card, the complete card is manufactured by companies such as those. So with Nvidia,, the manufacturer and Microsoft all involve issues like this will be a minefield for anyone accepting any responsibility as to why certain updates don't work for some. He did say though all drivers are available to download long term and there wasn't any issue in using an old driver if it works. The reason I put this on is that I see people reinstalling Windows and making drastic changes before even checking rolling back the driver.
  10. Michael, looked at that article but some say on there that Windows updates anyway regardless of the settings? Is there any way to just request graphics card drivers are not updated as that seems to be my only problem although I just keep the download page of my working driver favourite although I am keeping my fingers crossed Nvidia doesn't delete old drivers download options!
  11. I'll send Smurfs post to my mate!!! LA Noire crawled at the best of times!! Great game but god it was slow!! My PC cost around a grand but it was a few years ago. Always been fine with FM and on the old graphics drivers runs fine even on high graphics even though the game in 2017 shows graphics capability as 1 star although on FM16 it was rated 5 stars!! It is a few years old though and whilst graphics card was high end a few years ago it probably isn't now. Having said that "when" the graphics drivers work Call of Duty runs fine so FM should too and the "only" issues I get are after Windows updates. NVidia have emailed me and are investigating so they may find something with my PC (bios or something else) so if they do I'll log it here.
  12. I wish Microsoft would give us an option not to have Windows updates full stop! Bar talking to Nvidia for two hours I have had constant blue screens of death all pesky day of constant System Service Exceptions all since their "fabulous" cough, "Spring Creators Update"!! Not sure who the creators are but I wish someone would sack them!! PC was fine 24 hours ago... Problem is if you roll back (if that is at all possible) apparently you can't get security updates. Mate of mine has had enough and is going to buy a Mac!! Well at least the old driver allows FM to work if nothing else although getting a BSOD when 4-0 up against Man United is a tad annoying, although of course Windows trying to read an old graphics driver could be the cause of the BSOD itself!! Wish all these companies would talk to each other!!
  13. I am still playing FM17 and yet again after Windows 10's forced through Spring Update my game once again was lagging terribly, both interface and match. Call of Duty is the same so it's NOT an FM issue. I have spent half the afternoon live chatting with Nvidia because I see so many forums with people being told to do this and that and the most obvious port of call is often missed. Remember when Windows updates it automatically updates graphics cards and this, for me anyway, is always the issue. For me any graphics card from 2017 onwards just doesn't work and even at times shows that Windows has disabled it in Device Manager so I always roll back to my previous driver although sometimes you have to hunt for it. So rather than running endless scans, producing vast logs and start deleting or installing new programs just firstly try rolling back to the driver you were using 24 hours before and it may just work. For me the driver that works is : Might just work for someone else and hoping that Microsoft and Nvidia might just start talking to each other!!! GeForce Game Ready Driver Version: 372.90 WHQL Release Date: 2016.9.21 Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit CUDA Toolkit: Language: English (US) File Size: 339.44 MB
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