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  1. I've tried quite a few in various forums and to be honest all play the same really with no real input from strikers. If you find one let me know!!!!
  2. I've noticed an awful lot of tactics around this year are based on an attacking philosophy and I'm yet to see anything on the forums that seems to be based on balanced or lower. In FM17 I had a great 4132 tactic that was balanced mentality with quite a few support roles. Transferred all settings over to FM19 and I couldn't even get a shot on goal with it let alone a goal. Swapped roles, swapped mentalities tinkered here and there and I cannot get a 4132 to work at all in an attacking sense. The reason why I think is that it relied on strikers scoring goals (their job) and strikers movement is clearly off in 19 thus why seemingly most tactics doing the rounds are either 442 or 451 or similar using wide players to get the goals. FM usually has certain formations that work - don't work - on each release but 19 is the first that I have noticed all have an attacking mentality it seems and whatever the formation/strategy they all seem to play the same.
  3. That's what I mean, it's hollow isn't it? I wonder how real life players and managers deal with that feeling if they are at all bothered!!
  4. Not sure if it's quite the word but I ask because winning trophies in FM always brings a sense of achievement, otherwise why would we play it? Even in FM17 when I managed quite a few trophies over the years including my first ever Champions League win in FM the little records that we ticked off over time added spice and all manners of success were gratefully received and I never once got bored of winning a title or trophy and always had that sense of achievement,,,, until today! Second season after scraping my Hammers into 4th place at the end of the first and we had some fabulous results in The Champions League defeating Juventus in the Quarters and then PSG in the Semis. Real Madrid awaited in the Final and to be honest I just hoped we could keep it close. However after only 4 minutes Casemiro gets sent off for them with an inexplicable two footed lunge and then after 29 minutes Gareth Bale gets his marching orders for the same thing. We have 28 shots, 14 on target and win 2-0 with the score kept down by brilliant defending, great goalkeeping, poor finishing and my inability to find a way to get my strikers scoring!! They hardly threaten with one shot on target, my approach is almost apologetic. However it's a 2-0 Champions League win over Real Madrid and there should be that sense of achievement but nope, not this time. If I had been interviewed after the game I would have probably been a tad embarrassed, apologetic. You could almost hear the reporters and pundits scribbling their notes saying that West Ham only won the Champions League because Real Madrid were down to 9 men. If it was real life I would be trying to convince my players that it's not their fault that Real had 9 men and to look at the achievement as the Competition as a whole rather than one game but it still feels a hollow victory and part of me wants to reload the save and see if we can beat them with 11 men!! Of course I won't - it's still in the record books!! Anyone else experience such a hollow victory?! I can't believe a game makes you feel so ashamed!!!
  5. I have seen two when a goalkeeper literally just rolls it straight to the strikers feet for no reason at all but I had one for an against so sometimes it works for you and that old Liverpool keeper, I forget his name did that in a Champions League Final if I remember correctly!!!
  6. I guess so but I expect the AI board probably doesn't process say a Managers long term "project" (I hate that word!) as much as say a real life board does because obviously in FM there is no conversation between potential manager and board like their would be IRL. For instance Klopp may have said IRL "I'll get you success but it will take 5 years", that sort of thing whereas as you say board expectations in game seem a little more black and white. It's in some ways a shame SI doesn't hard code certain managers for at least a couple of years due to rep although I guess that's a debate in itself, although as a human manager you would be allowed to take charge from the start. Klopp I thought was particularly harsh as they finished first, he was sacked and they then finished second, although not quite sure where they were when sacked. Just a shame these to managers don't last too long in the FM world.
  7. Anyone know why top managers always seem to get sacked early in FM? I'm two years in and Guardiola was fired on 13/5/2019 despite finishing 2nd in the League although no Cup wins. Klopp was sacked 11/3/2020 despite winning the League in 18/19 and Guardiola incredibly took over - Klopp is still unemployed. Whilst Spurs haven't done particularly well with 5th and 7th place finishes Pochettino was sacked on 6/3/2019 and was followed by Benitez who was also sacked in under a year and now Ancelotti is there. Solskjaer left his "interim" role in May 2019 and Zidane took over. Sarri was sacked (no real surprise). Silva gone at Everton and replaced by a bloke called Chris Wilder, Rodgers sacked at Leicester within a year and a half and a host of other PL teams have sacked Managers and to be fair replaced them with unlikely replacements. FM seems more savage that real life!!!!!
  8. I thought the defending was pretty decent in FM17. Too many penalties given away but I didn't concede too many goals throughout the season the season in 20 odd years and the main thing, strikers scored goals with plenty of decent play through the middle. Crossing and wide play wasn't great but at least forwards scored. My main issue with 19 is even the top tactic makers seem to create a tactic that makes wide players their top scorers because balls through the middle and strikers scoring seem to be an issue.
  9. Right Lucas now it gets interesting. I didn't have a save for around the time my Assistant left on his own accord (he went to join up with Pellegrini again) however I did sack my new Assistant and let it run for a couple of weeks and placed an advert and bizarrely nothing happened. So I reloaded a save from months prior with that original Assistant but mutually terminated him before he left on his own accord. I placed an advert once again but this time within days a new Assistant had been found and signed without my knowledge. I have saved the game twice, the day before I mutually agreed termination with old assistant and the second save was once the new assistant had been signed. Can I upload them on this thread, is there the capability or do I have to load them elsewhere? All staff responsibilities were the same for the two experiments. The only thing different was the first experiment the Chief Scout was down as responsible for scouting but the second time when an assistant was automatically found for some reason I had DOF down doing the scouting. Maybe this is the reason I don't know. I may rerun the first test with DOF as main scout.
  10. Thanks Lucas I have done that now but it may be a while until I get a new staff member so I'll keep that in mind. Are you able to clarify if this is an issue (bug wise) or just one of those things?
  11. I agree to an extent it's been the same for years. However the longest save I ever had was FM17 Touch where I was over 20 years in. It was the first incarnation that I had used "plug and play" so to speak because I was fed up with having to tinker each time a patch came out so ended up tinkering with tactics for months and only ever really got a few months of good gameplay in with a settled tactic before the new game came out. I went and and downloaded a 4312 but it conceded too many goals. Dragged the AM back to the DM position to make it a 4132 and made it a BWM D and went on a trophy spree for years and loved every minute because the football was good and the strikers were scoring. It was fun to develop because certain players were better than others cohesion wise and getting the right partnerships in the shape was a good challenge. But it played realistically and because it was narrow teams that played wide could give me a problem which was fine because that's where I left the space. Missed 2018 and had a go at 19 and must say the tactical options in plug and play seem very similar in what they all try and do no matter what the setup. I watched a video and tried out a tactic from a very successful tactic builder on all forums and must say it was fun losing 5-4 to Man United after being 3-1 up but again it was very attacking with high pressing which they all seem to be. I recreated my balanced 4132 for 19 manually as I couldn't transfer it across and I can't even get a shot on goal!!! No matter what you do you can't get strikers scoring or getting players to cross without hitting the first defender (to me anyway) so it's all about goals from elsewhere and that's just because the strikers miss chances constantly and their movement is poor. There are too many variables to making a tactic now so I am just lazy and will just keep downloading until I find one I like. The most successful I have tried are on here but again they are a 451 and a 442 and who really plays 442 these days IRL and if they do it tends to be the strikers that score the goals!!
  12. Yeah well I have jumped from 17 to 19 and never had this issue in 17 so I suspect there was a setting somewhere. The annoying thing is it doesn't even give you the choice to accept or cancel the transfer and lo and behold you are just told you have a new member of staff out of the blue. To be fair the choices haven't been too bad so it will be interesting if I could find out if the automatic pick is the "best" available. If that's the case it would probably be a good thing to have but not so great if better options are out there on a manual search. Just a bit odd you can run an advert but before any options come up someone has been automatically picked anyway. ***Nope scrap my comment about the automatic choice possibly being the best option it's not. I am ridiculously trying to time it right in signing a new Assistant before the automatic choice gets the job,. It's silly because you don't even see the target until it's too late so the only option then is to terminate the automatic choices contract immediately. This is really silly having to reload a game just so you can sign the staff member you want to and it renders placing an advert useless,. If there isn't a setting where you can choose your own staff it must be a bug?
  13. Sorry, FMT question again as you never get a reply in the FMT Forum!! I'm either blind or something is a little amiss here. I'm down as handling all contracts and transfers but my Director of Football (I assume it's him) keeps hiring staff!!?? I mutually cancelled the Chief Scout and placed an advert but within days a new Chief Scout had been hired and I have no idea how. Fortunately he wasn't a bad choice actually so I kept him but the same thing has happened now my Assistant Manager has left so I have restarted the game, cancelled the offered contract to this new Assistant but can't seem to find a way of stopping it happening again. Is there a hidden setting re the DOF and staff hiring I haven't seen somewhere? This is my staff responsibilities page as it stands.
  14. I guess it must be my database then and I needed to load Holland or something. Frustrating as he was top class!!
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