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  1. Hey Knapp. Has something changed? My FMT version is showing 19.3.5 but I keep seeing we have a 19.3.6 update? However over the last few days I cannot score or defend to save my life, it's as if everything has stopped working!!
  2. Definitely the ME and also a firm solution to the juddering and lagging in the ME. I'm playing on a graphics driver that is from 2016 because it's the only one that works to and extent and even then if it rains in the game the juddering returns. So frustrating and it does ruin the experience.
  3. Thing is though there is no earthly reason why it can't be played on the last Sunday as neither were playing anyone else that day!!
  4. You could be right. I checked the FA Cup Final date as well and that was 18th May so that wouldn't even have interfered if either Palace or Arsenal had contested it. In previous FM's I had seen the other way around with fixture congestion due to the Cup Finals but now as IRL the Europa League and CL Finals are way beyond the end of the season, in fact IMO far too delayed dates wise so much so your players must lose match fitness, but this doesn't explain moving one fixture. It wasn't even televised so I just can't see the logic behind it.
  5. They did have a Euro Cup Final but it's a big gap between the League Game and the Cup Final (fixtures attached). Palace had no such game. If this happened in real life the result would be definitely looked into as both teams benefitted from the 1-1 draw. As Spurs 08 says above "all 38 games should be played simultaneously barring hugely exceptional circumstances." on the last day. I'm just intrigued if anyone else has had this?
  6. Sorry to bump this and too late for 2019 anyway but has anyone else had this or is it just me?! Loaded up a new game just to try a few new tactics and players out and last weekend of the season again one match was delayed till the Monday night. Arsenal v Palace. 1-1 draw so Arsenal knocked Man City off the top on goal difference and Palace sent Huddersfield down on goals scored. In fact it was the best possible result for both of them!"!! This must be a bug yes?
  7. Hi Knap, I found the !!!!!!!!!!!19.3.5PILGRIMAGEKnapIWB4141P107 but I don't think it's the 4141 you suggested. Do you have the post number or link to the 4411 P108 no loss and PILGRIMAGE 4141 P106 NO LOSS? And sorry but what is the FA version? Thanks mate sorry I must be looking in the wrong place!!!
  8. Hi Knap, I have been using my own 4411 which I've had variable success with but it's very inconsistent. I downloaded your !!!!!!!!!19.3.5WULF4132PFDMIWBSPKnapP104ALLCUPSSALAH and it's been fantastic with getting the strikers scoring, absolutely brilliant. However I have got a lot of attacking midfielders as well so is there a 4411, 4231 or 433 (41221) you would suggest for West Ham? and which 4141 would you suggest for tough away games as City, Arsenal and Liverpool tend to give me a drubbing!! Thanks in advance.
  9. Sorry to jump in the thread but I was wondering if anyone has any answers on this. In the PL in my game a vast majority of sides are playing a 4231 "but" with two midfielders in the DM strata and the three AM's in the AM strata somewhat different to a majority of 4231's. How on earth does the AI get these to work? They seem potent in attack but also good defensively so wondering if anyone tries this way rather than the standard two CM set up?
  10. Oh absolutely I'm not assuming that everyone has the same experience, I'm putting my opinion forward from several saves and various tactics and IMO I've struggled with striker movement or the lack of it and too many crosses being delayed and hitting defenders legs. Which is why I said I would rather have crosses played in with defenders heading them out constantly rather than the issues I have seen. Great that you haven't had those issues, I'd love to see and try your tactic which avoids these problems to see where I may be going wrong. Interestingly I have tried varied crossing strategies and frankly don't see the difference between low, mixed or floated and when using a TM with crosses aimed at middle crosses still either hit the legs or fly over to the opposite wide player who interestingly are always my top scorers so there are some benefits!! Of course that could be tactics, player quality or any number of things but they are the issues I have faced and I have read others have similar issues. Of course 17 wasn't without it's issues and yes narrow formations were the way to go which is why I ended up with a 4132 which played very nicely but can't hit a cows arse with a banjo with it in this version and 442's and 4141's are the way to go for many although I play a 4411. My point is that it's a shame that new features seem to be so important when a polishing of the ME should be at the top of the priorities. It would be great if we could have an ME when wide, narrow, pressing, standing off, whatever could all be usable within the ME if they are logical rather than have to tailor your ideas to what works and what doesn't in each incarnation.
  11. Absolutely this..... I didn't buy FM18 and only bought 19 back in May after a really enjoyable two years playing 17 which IMO was damned close ME wise. Sure it had it's issues but at least crosses didn't hit the legs of defenders every time and strikers actually moved and scored!! The UI was easy on the eyes and mouse and in general it was a very good game. I play FMT by the way. I bought FM19 because I was hopeful of a leap forward but have been really disappointed. That's the frustration, I cannot see the point of constant "new features" if the heartbeat of the game takes two steps back from a version two years prior. There should be a progression and upward line of progress each incarnation getting better and better and I haven't seen that in the leap from 17 too 19. I can talk to my television these days and watch various apps via it without having to pfaff about with a USB stick or ethernet cable but if the picture wasn't as good as my 2007 Sony I wouldn't be happy!!
  12. Read parts of this thread with interest and it always fascinates me how there is such interest on new features when the most important part of the game, the ME, has some major issues that will hopefully be fixed in FM20. For me if you could make the ME realistic enough and as good as it can be then I'd happily not have any new features in the game at all!!! If you could sort out crossing, even if that meant centre backs heading away 90% of them rather than 90% unrealistically hitting full backs legs, and sort out the woeful movement and finishing of strikers that has plagued this version and create a game that allows as many logical formations as possible to potentially work rather than having certain formations that do and ones that don't in each incarnation of the ME then I would gladly take regen faces that look like something out of the Dawn of The Dead, a lack of stadium options or any other new fad that really isn't that important in the grand scheme of things. Although my one unimportant bug bear would be to tone down the cheering after a replay of a goal as it's louder and longer than when the goal is actually scored!!!!
  13. I second what FrazT says. I had some wonderful ding dong conversations with Kriss over the years about the game and I have to say I lost every single one of them as he was always right!! Much missed.
  14. I had one that was an absolute WTF! played another one of the big boys. Think I was 3-0 up first half then the usual second half stopped what we were doing and other team wakes up scenario occurred and in the last minute they made it 3-2. I paused the game just after they scored and made defensive changes just to try and hold on. Restarted the game and they kicked off immediately. I could only watch in horror at the little message in the corner saying "changes will take place in next break in play" as they ran through my defence which stood like statues and scored again without any of my players moving. Then "confirm tactical changes?" appeared. Wish I had a widget that replied "Don't bother!!"
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