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  1. Oh of course I didn't mean that I play on the counter when I go behind, I change tack in that case.
  2. Great shout I think confidence and morale plays a massive part even in FMT which I play. My team is set up to play on the counter and they are a far better team when scoring first. Going behind is where I have a problem and despite changes struggle to break teams down. Going one goal ahead though makes a big difference, and certain players play far better on the counter than they do when a goal behind. Just had a perfect example really. Lost 0-1 to Spurs away in the League and couldn't get back into it. Had one sent off as well so with injuries I had no midfield for the next game which was against Spurs again in the League Cup. Had to play a 442 and the only two I had available for the two central midfield berths were Manuel Lanzini and a 16 year old Reece Oxford and he is really a CB or a DM if really desperate. He has no stars whatsoever at CM. Won the game 3-1 which with the team I had out playing a 442 I should have been battered. I even brought Joey O'Brien on and changed to a 433 to see things out. This game has me baffled at times as a central midfield pairing of a wide player and a 16 year old should have been over run by Alli, Bentaleb and Eriksson. Not complaining mind!!
  3. It's a bizarre quandary that I haven't been able to figure out. You can go say 15 games unbeaten, maybe winning 6 or 7 in a row then one game, usually one that you don't expect to lose, your players seem to forget how to play. For me it happens not long after a fantastic result against a big team and it's very frustrating because playing FMT, like I do, apparently morale doesn't matter as much. I tend to just try and ride it out and think of it like a golf swing, a few days it just won't go well, but too many changes to try and right it may be more problematic than it's worth. After all it worked before so it will come back so why tinker too much? Fortunately I find it can affect the AI as well. I was battling for the League with Spurs and Man City. All of us on unbeaten runs and I went and lost two in a row and drew the next. I thought it was all over but then both City and Spurs inexplicably lost games that they shouldn't have and I ended up winning the League. Was very strange but quite comforting that the AI teams can implode as well !!
  4. Oh yeah certainly wasn't complaining (rare for me!!) because it would be a boring old game if the same thing happened. Not sure if the game has the capability but I did wonder if the AI had the intelligence to pay closer attention to individuals who had great seasons previously.
  5. Just wondered if anyone else has experienced this because I can't pinpoint why it happens in an effort to rectify it. I played a first season in the Premier League and my strikers Valencia (F9) and Sakho (DLF) both had great seasons with Valencia getting 15 goals and 4 assists out of 25 games whilst Sakho grabbed 20 goals and 9 assists in 36 appearances. Second season Sakho was even better grabbing more goals and assists than the previous season and yet Valencia couldn't hit a barn door with a banjo. Unfortunately I accidently deleted that save game so replayed from my save at the end of the first season. This time Valencia was outstanding but Sakho was the one who couldn't score for toffee. I am just wondering as to why this is. I can understand after a successful first season teams do play differently against you and I was not expecting both players to do as well but it just seems strange that in one save Valencia did better and in the replayed save Sakho was the better player? On a similar issue Moses who was player of the year first season with a fantastic return of 17 goals and 9 assists was hopeless in the second season but in the reload was brilliant again. So is it opposition tactics? morale? momentum? or just pure luck? I am playing FMT. Thanks.
  6. Most of mine to be fair have gone to either Championship sides or in the case of Oxford and Burke another Premier League team. I think it's probably more difficult with defenders.. I am having some success and Reid and Ogbonna are doing really well with Mammana as a back up so it's difficult to give Oxford and Burke chances. Suspect that's the same IRL though as if defenders make mistakes it costs goals where in another position you can probably gamble a little bit.
  7. I suspect those that put a lot of effort into training and tutoring may well succeed in full fat but as the title says has anyone had any luck in brining their youngsters through in FMT this year? Playing as West Ham I am now starting the third season and have got a few who seem to have decent potential but even a couple of years farmed out on loan hasn't really improved them and one or two have gone backwards with the Assistants opinion of the player decreasing rather than increasing in most cases. In Reece Oxford and Reece Burke I have two that are improving slightly but I am not convinced that they are at first team level as yet, but at the same time I am unsure if another loan will help and I am wondering if staying at the Club with time on the bench would be more beneficial? So how do you bring young players through? Just loan them out and hope, take the training yourself and try and develop them personally or just give them time in and around the first team squad?
  8. Seems to be working now although it's not too clear as the quote box and reply box are very similar in colour and unless you press return when replying using a quote there is no gap between your reply and the quote box so as I say not as clear as the previous version.
  9. How strange, that quote worked fine???!!!! I am now seeing some as they should be and some as I explained. Confused, I am!!!!!
  10. Is it just me that sees posts with quotes written as Basically just a quote sandwiched by the opening and closing quote boxes (If you get my meaning) with no quote box in a different shading like the old style....
  11. When I started playing FMT I generally clicked one possible reply when my Assistant suggested I hold a team meeting. On the odd occasion my praise on a good spell of results would give the players a confidence boost but more often than not my Assistant would miserably comment that the meeting hadn't gone to plan with the majority of the squad failing to see the benefit of it. I usually clicked continue and didn't think much more of it. After constantly getting the negative answer no matter which option I chose I would "cheat". I decided I would click and reload if I didn't see some sort of different reaction and maybe once in a while the team would give the thumbs up and receive a confidence boost. However more often than not I am finding no matter which option you click the response is exactly the same and it's "that the meeting hadn't gone to plan with the majority of the squad failing to see the benefit of it." The same answer for all 4 or 5 options. Even upon a winning streak of 7 or 8 games you can get the same miserable response. So to be honest I now just give the meetings a swerve and say nothing at all. So are Team Meetings of any relevance? If each possible option all have the same response in "that the meeting hadn't gone to plan with the majority of the squad failing to see the benefit of it" then what is the use in asking? Is it just a pointless throw in option within the game, a slight on the decision making of your Assistant and if you receive that message that the squad have failed to benefit then does that have a negative on Team morale or does it stay as it was before you asked? Different player responses for each option I can understand but otherwise why have the suggestion in the game if every option gets the same response?
  12. Sure I have seen this question asked before but I can't find it on the search facility. Is there anyway to stop a penalty being taken by a player on a hat trick? On the occasions this has happened my nominated taker has been on the pitch and in one match the player on two goals missed the penalty he had for a hat trick and it nearly cost me the points, so was just wondering if there is anything you can do?
  13. None of them won the Premier League though. I did first season and still got sacked in one save as per post 11 which as I said I found extremely harsh. As for the editor, there isn't one in FMT, unless I have missed something.
  14. Just thought I would add my "sacking experience" was in FMT and I must say I did find it extremely harsh considering I had won the League first season. I mean what more could I do?! I have also been sacked in an old save after coming 3rd and then starting a tad slow. I was 10th in November and got the boot which again I thought was a bit harsh all things considered, however I accepted that one a bit more because it was at least form related. When you get sacked just because an incoming owner fancies his own manager no matter what you have done I definitely thinks that's a bit off. Especially if you aren't bothered with managing a career mode from scratch or managing other clubs. In the history of FM I have only been interested in managing West Ham so if I get sacked and reload doesn't help then I will just start a new game with West Ham again which kind of wastes the original save. I don't really think a total un-sackable option is needed, just maybe an un-sackable option for board takeovers. Being sacked for poor form is fair game I guess.
  15. Board takeovers are bit of a lottery though. I won the title with West Ham first season with an automatic reputation and saved the game at the end of that first season. Have played a second season a few times buying different players etc and every time at the end of the first season David Gold retires, which I find a tad odd considering West Ham go to the Olympic Stadium after a game year. Anyway on one save David Sullivan stayed on so I was fine. Another save I just had a change of Chairman because both Gold and Sullivan left. The next save both G and S went again and I had a board takeover and was sacked because the new Chairman wanted to bring his own man in, despite obviously me winning the title and qualifying for the Champions League. I certainly would have hoped for a player and fan revolt but instead just threw a hissy fit and reloaded the save at the end of the first season and again had a board takeover but this time kept my job. So as I say a bit of a lottery and the same thing doesn't happen every time.