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  1. I tend to do short saves with just my favourite club and only play FMC these days. I think the farthest I have gone in any FM is 5 or 6 seasons, I just get bored once real players retire etc and the regens start coming in, for me it just loses that realism once that starts happening.
  2. Bit late to be asking this when FM17 is nearly out but I have been tinkering about and have noticed that any player without "move into channels" and "hold position" being greyed out by a role can have both ticked by the user. I assumed if one was ticked then the other would automatically grey out , I mean I can't see any logic to having both ticked as they are counter productive aren't they?!?!
  3. I'm starting season three in my latest save of FM16 after winning the title, League Cup and Champions League in season two. However I keep going back to where I saved it at the end of season two because I buy a couple of players and suddenly three games in just feel those aren't the sort of players West Ham would buy so I as I say go back to right at the end of season two and start again. I bought Danny Drinkwater and it just didn't feel right. I regularly feel that way when I buy Premier League players from other Clubs. Don't know why, maybe I am just a bit odd!!
  4. Personally I wouldn't be too bothered about audio commentary, however I wish they would create some realistic crowd chanting in the game. A bit of "Bubbles" would go down nicely whilst my home games are being played and I wouldn't be adverse to "You'll Never Walk Alone" at Anfield". Even some of the more expletive laded chants would be fun although I can understand why SI wouldn't put those in!!!
  5. Absolutely agree. I don't mind players like Embolo and Tielemans because they were young and relatively cheap but I am not paying 40 million for Bacca for example. I could have got John Stones for 25 million but Reid and Ogbonna have been fine.
  6. Yep although I haven't played Oxford as yet so I loan him out. Tempted to try him in my third season. The Team that beat Juventus in the Champions League Final in the second season was : Rulli, Jenkinson, Cresswell, Reid, Ogbonna, Romero, Obiang, Noble, Moses, Payet, Sakho Subs : Adrian, Mammana, Embolo, Kouyate, Kolorov, Song, Valencia Almost as staggering as winning the Final was getting 10 bookings. Must be a record!! Other squad members were - Randolph, Tomkins, Lanzini (injured for the CL Final), Collins, Byram, Tielimans, Antonio Started season three only bringing in Schneiderlin and Kolarov on loan. Shifting Tomkins and Kouyate, Plenty of money to spend but can't really see who I would replace as all have done well.
  7. Thanks Knap. Switching between your Dazed and Confused and the 4141 I tried by dragging a striker back into BWM D worked a treat second season. League Champions, League Cup Winners and Champions League Winners. Only real signing in the starting 11 was Romero although I did make Jenkinson and Moses permanent. Love the tactic, cheers again.
  8. To be fair I think FM does a representation quite well because my beloved Hammers defend as badly in FM as they do in real life!!! Sorry I couldn't resist!
  9. This is more of a graphics annoyance. Last night I won my first ever Champions League Final and it was on penalties. Watching on key highlights when we score the last penalty it just went straight to the post match screen. I went into highlights and clicked comprehensive and it was a little better with players chasing the penalty scorer and basically just ignoring him whilst doing some silly dances in front of the fans and then a little ticker tape fell out of the sky but as in every Cup win that's all it was. I know it's not under SI's list of priorities but it would be really nice to have a little more post match celebration in the event of any Cup win. I'm sure it's not too hard to say have the team collect the Cup on a plinth in the middle of the pitch or something similar. Like the way most stadiums look pretty much the same and kits stay the same season in season out I just think a little extra on the actual match day experience graphics wise would go a long way in FM. It gets a bit repetitive seeing the same stadiums, kits and of course a quick dance and some ticker tape when you win a Champions League Final for the first time in the Clubs history!!
  10. Glad to know I am not the only one. I get an FM error but as you say it all freezes up and I have to sign out and log back in having to restart Steam etc. Rarely it occurs whilst actually playing the game but it does happen quite frequently when you come out of the game whilst it's still running. I always now save before and after a match, unfortunately you can't save at 4-0 up!!
  11. Oh and another one I have just had. 4-0 up at half time. I leave the game by the windows button to check emails and I have a crash dump so will have to replay the game. Does anyone else experience these crash dumps upon leaving the game ? Doesn't always happen but it's usually when I am winning!!!! Yes I know check emails after the game!!
  12. Hey Knap. What do you do if you need a goal? My team is great when leading but I have trouble coming from behind at times. Attacking and overload seem pretty useless in FM16 or at least for me.
  13. Cracking goal. Reminds me of Antonio's header from Payet's rabona cross IRL last weekend. Pity we then went on to concede four!!!
  14. Just had one actually. 14 matches unbeaten and go away in the 5th Round of the FA Cup to a team I haven't lost to in 3 seasons and have already beaten them at their place already once in the League and once in the League Cup this season. I have a strong team out and have said all the right things about concentration and complacency prior to the game. My lot have an absolute nightmare. They forget to pass, shoot, defend and when something does go right their keeper becomes the best in the world and the woodwork gets a few inches wider. We lose 3-0 (haven't conceded 3 all year) and two goals are scored by some striker who plays like Messi but has only scored two all season and that's the two he has just scored against me!!! I will now probably go on a losing run until I get a lucky win and all will be fine again! My other annoyances are players hanging around the Club who you can't give away and not being able to loan out quality youngsters that you bring in. In fact I don't think I have ever been able to loan out any player I have actually purchased. My latest two signings Tielemans and Mammana, you would think someone would want them for a season?!