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  1. Thanks Hunt3r that's good to know, was just intrigued.
  2. Does anyone else feel that basic roles are undervalued in a scouting search? By that for example I mean that you can have your pick of top quality playmakers and box to box midfielders but hardly any top quality "central midfielders" seem to show up in searches for that role. Maybe it's just me but I find it strange that you seem to get better results for some "specialist" roles than you do for basic ones.
  3. Does anyone know why a player playing for years in the same role and/or position doesn't massively have a positive affect the green suitability pie chart? For example (I'm playing FMT but I suspect it's the same principle) in a rare long term save I have played Manuel Lanzini in a central midfield role as a CM A. At the start of the game his positional ability as a CM is accomplished but his role suitability as a CM A is unconvincing with the pie chart showing 6 green lights. After 6 years of playing as a CM A his positional ability as a CM is natural but his role suitability as a CM A has only risen to competent and has only risen to 7 green lights. He had been fabulous in that role but as a CM A still comes in 4th behind all three playmaker roles despite as I say playing nearly 6 years as a CM A. It's happened with quite a few other players as well. For instance Barbosa plays as a CF for me but despite never playing there for me his full green light role is as an Inside Forward. I guess it doesn't matter as long as they are playing well and it might be something to do with the fact I leave training to the Assistant but it just gets a bit strange when your coaching staff keep piping up that Lanzini has been playing well in his "new" position etc and yet he has played there for six years?!?!?
  4. Why is FM17 running so slowly?

    Not sure if this will help you but this helped me after suddenly over night my game speed shot down from maximum stars to one star. Everything from interface to matches were slow and juddery. Tried all the fixes to no avail then stumbled across a suggestion online that worked. In my case I had automatically downloaded a new NVidia graphics card driver. I went to control panel/devices/graphics card and rolled back to the previous driver and voila back up to full speed after reloading the game. Bizarrely the game still shows it's one star but runs absolutely fine on high graphics. I know nothing about laptops though so not sure about how graphics are installed but this did the trick for my PC.
  5. Your top 5 FM17 players

    A 6 season save for me so all Hammers as my choices. Manuel Lanzini - Needed someone to takeover the mantle from Payet and this little fella has done the job as a CM A. Halfway through my 6th season and his record is 68 goals and 38 assists in 5 and a half years. Outstanding little player and a Club Icon. Naby Keita - My biggest outlay at 58 million in my second season. So good you don't really notice him until you play without him and then you notice the difference. Comes up with his share of goals and assists and probably the best BBM I could find. Gabriel Barbosa - A Club Legend now with his name next to Moore, Hurst and Peters. 76 goals and 34 assists in 156 appearances. Romelu Lukaku - A snip at 36 million from Barcelona. Can blow hot and cold but not a bad return of 52 goals and 28 assists in 102 games. Angelo Ogbonna - An average of over 7 in each of his seasons with me. A real rock at the back. Others worth a mention are Cresswell, Jenkinson as IWB's and Pedro Obiang a strong influence in midfield.
  6. FM17: Everton - Nil Satis Nisi Optimum

    Quick question for all Everton fans. It might be already on this thread so apologies if I have missed it but in my save 5 years in I have just played Everton away and was shocked to see that they are playing at The City of Manchester Stadium. I'm on FMT so can't see anywhere if they are just sharing whilst a new stadium is built but just a tad odd that they would go to Manchester and not ahem Anfield, or is that a no no?!?!
  7. Blank manager picture

    Apologies, way I read it I thought you meant photo. Was just trying to help!!!
  8. Funny Screenshots Thread

    How do you respond to idiotic media questions like this?! I mean if I am struggling (Community Shield and UEFA Super Cup already in the bag, 4th in League by 5 points with two games in hand, In Semi Final of League Cup, Still in FA Cup and Champions League and in Final of World Club Cup) then I would love to see what doing well is?!?!?!?!?
  9. Yep there you go. I'll look in FMT Forum but it's usually very quiet there.
  10. Well it gets even more confusing. I loaned Asensio out to one of my Affiliates VVV (whoever they are?!) in the Juppler League. I must say that I am playing FMT so not sure if that's different to Full Fat on Work Permits? Anyway after the 120 period In just applied for a work permit again and it was accepted. Don't get me wrong I am delighted but he still has only one international cap which he had before and the only difference is that I loaned him out to a lower tier League in Holland for 4 months?!?!?!
  11. Blank manager picture

    You sadly can't use a manager photo in FM17 these days, as far as I know anyway.
  12. You team selection

    I think FM is actually quite realistic in the way too many changes (for Cup games and the like) can have a detrimental effect on your performance. After getting knocked out of the Cups in an earlier save due to making too many changes I tend now to look at certain partnerships and try to at least keep the spine fairly solid. By this I mean keeping your centre backs for most games unless a forced change is needed. I play a 4132 and when I want to rotate I tend to keep my centre back pairing as it is unless I am forced into a change. I will then try not to change more than two of the four central midfielders. Strikers and wing backs seem to be fine with regards to rotating. Since I have been doing this I haven't really lost too many games. I really think it's down to that spine and certainly the centre backs.
  13. [FM17] *Actually* Good Freekick Takers?

    Agree on Sigurdsson, Lanzini is also banging them in for me on a regular basis.
  14. Ah thanks gents. I have loaned him out for 4 months to an affiliate in Holland whilst awaiting if someone had answered this. So even if I wait 120 days for another appeal how in the meantime, if at all, can I do anything to succeed in a future appeal or do I have a dead duck of a footballer now?!
  15. I have had a really weird one. I was in 2021 and purchased Marco Asensio from Real Madrid for a decent price and upon appeal he gained his work permit so no problem. Unfortunately my PC crashed before I saved so I went back to the game today. This time I tried something out and rather than buy him outright I thought I would try a straight exchange with Isco going the other way because quite frankly Isco has been awful for me. He has been a nightmare to get rid of as well but that's my fault for giving him too higher wages. Anyway I digress, to my amazement Isco was happy to go to Madrid so I had a nice player swap sorted. Asenio didn't get a permit first time around bbut I just waited for the appeal. I appealed and was gobsmacked as they turned down the appeal. Same save the only difference being I swapped the players rather than buy Asenio outright. So absolutely no idea why he got a WP last time but upon reloading failed?!?!?! Now I don't know what to do, go through with it anyway and loan him out to an affiliate or cancel the transfer and get lumbered with the useless Isco!!!