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  1. Yeah that's partially my fault as I tend to just run them rather than save, although I will save this one to my downloads. Nvidia guy really helpful to be honest, he thinks it could be due to a vBios update re the manufacturer of the card and I didn't know this but according to him some manufacturers like Gainward, zotac, EVGA etc, don't have an updated vBIOS that can go along with the later series of drivers and although NVIDIA manufactures the chipset for the card, the complete card is manufactured by companies such as those. So with Nvidia,, the manufacturer and Microsoft all involve issues like this will be a minefield for anyone accepting any responsibility as to why certain updates don't work for some. He did say though all drivers are available to download long term and there wasn't any issue in using an old driver if it works. The reason I put this on is that I see people reinstalling Windows and making drastic changes before even checking rolling back the driver.
  2. Michael, looked at that article but some say on there that Windows updates anyway regardless of the settings? Is there any way to just request graphics card drivers are not updated as that seems to be my only problem although I just keep the download page of my working driver favourite although I am keeping my fingers crossed Nvidia doesn't delete old drivers download options!
  3. I'll send Smurfs post to my mate!!! LA Noire crawled at the best of times!! Great game but god it was slow!! My PC cost around a grand but it was a few years ago. Always been fine with FM and on the old graphics drivers runs fine even on high graphics even though the game in 2017 shows graphics capability as 1 star although on FM16 it was rated 5 stars!! It is a few years old though and whilst graphics card was high end a few years ago it probably isn't now. Having said that "when" the graphics drivers work Call of Duty runs fine so FM should too and the "only" issues I get are after Windows updates. NVidia have emailed me and are investigating so they may find something with my PC (bios or something else) so if they do I'll log it here.
  4. I wish Microsoft would give us an option not to have Windows updates full stop! Bar talking to Nvidia for two hours I have had constant blue screens of death all pesky day of constant System Service Exceptions all since their "fabulous" cough, "Spring Creators Update"!! Not sure who the creators are but I wish someone would sack them!! PC was fine 24 hours ago... Problem is if you roll back (if that is at all possible) apparently you can't get security updates. Mate of mine has had enough and is going to buy a Mac!! Well at least the old driver allows FM to work if nothing else although getting a BSOD when 4-0 up against Man United is a tad annoying, although of course Windows trying to read an old graphics driver could be the cause of the BSOD itself!! Wish all these companies would talk to each other!!
  5. I am still playing FM17 and yet again after Windows 10's forced through Spring Update my game once again was lagging terribly, both interface and match. Call of Duty is the same so it's NOT an FM issue. I have spent half the afternoon live chatting with Nvidia because I see so many forums with people being told to do this and that and the most obvious port of call is often missed. Remember when Windows updates it automatically updates graphics cards and this, for me anyway, is always the issue. For me any graphics card from 2017 onwards just doesn't work and even at times shows that Windows has disabled it in Device Manager so I always roll back to my previous driver although sometimes you have to hunt for it. So rather than running endless scans, producing vast logs and start deleting or installing new programs just firstly try rolling back to the driver you were using 24 hours before and it may just work. For me the driver that works is : Might just work for someone else and hoping that Microsoft and Nvidia might just start talking to each other!!! GeForce Game Ready Driver Version: 372.90 WHQL Release Date: 2016.9.21 Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit CUDA Toolkit: Language: English (US) File Size: 339.44 MB
  6. Sussex Hammer

    FM17 - World Cup player condition query?

    Ha Ha, very true.
  7. Sussex Hammer

    FM17 - World Cup player condition query?

    You may be right as I noticed in my 3-1 win against Spain they actually finished the game in better condition so possibly like Italy they are a slower team. Italy did me for possession so my lot would be running about more but I dominated possession in the Semi Final so not sure why my recovery was poor. Thing is both King and Oxford were pretty much ever presents at West Ham and yet I considered neither fit enough for the Final even though they always seemed fit enough at Club level although your point about playing a lot of games in the season would explain that. Maybe I went the wrong way about it because I had a fairly easy group so should possibly have left my better players out in the group stage but who would do that in real life?! Not a major issue I was just intrigued because I have never really paid attention to International Management.
  8. Sussex Hammer

    FM17 - World Cup player condition query?

    Thanks for the reply. Well I am playing FMT17 so not sure if that limits my options with regard to rest and of course it could be down to the lack of a winter break for English players although I doubt FM takes that into consideration. I have always been intrigued by match condition though as my best player in recent years at West Ham is Naby Keita and despite even having a natural fitness at 31 of 17 and a stamina level of 15 he has always been the one to tire most quickly. I thought fatigue may be linked with a high teamwork and work rate stat but looking at the different squads that doesn't really show. I tried playing a "fake" World Cup Final using arguably my best 11 but it wasn't a particularly match fit best 11 and got stuffed 4-0 son it just seems odd that you at a World Cup have to rotate so much between say a Semi Final and Final. As you see on the screenshots England are quite a bit more fatigued than Italy giving Italy a massive advantage. Plus if you look at the Portugal screenshot despite playing their Third Place Play Off a day before this screenshot whilst they are obviously down in match sharpness understandably they are in fact in better condition it seems than the England players who haven't played for six days. Club recovery is definitely quicker.
  9. Still playing a long term save on FM17 and after 9 or so years I got the England job,. First major tournament is the World Cup and it's tough because the English regens aren't that great in 2026, however have made the Final but something is bugging me. Despite gaps of at least three days and 5 between the Semi Final and Final I am finding player condition to be extremely low for players who have played the preceding game which means to get a pretty match fit squad out I am having to do some pretty severe rotation which obviously you wouldn't do in real life. The thing that is strange is that as a Club Manager I cope fine with Champions League and League fixtures only being days apart and whilst the Christmas period requires some rotation you certainly don't haver most players down to late 70's, early 80's condition wise with a three to five day break. Even players with good natural fitness and stamina are suffering and it just seems odd that to put out match fit teams for a Semi Final and Final of a World Cup you have to play nearly two different teams. Prior to the Final Italy have no players under 90% whereas most of my players are in the 80's despite Italy playing their Semi Final a day later and even my players who haven't played the previous fixture are only in low 90's Anyone else ever notice this?
  10. Sussex Hammer

    Lag on high-end Nvidia graphics cards

    Jack I hope you don't mind me posting this but it just may help one or two, temporarily at least. I am still playing FM17 Touch and have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 installed of which I am aware is no longer a top graphics card (hoping Santa brings me a new one!!!) Anyway I updated my NVidia graphics drivers a few months ago when prompted by GE Force Experience and the game became very laggy and that was both the 3d match and scrolling through each day. In fact you could tell it was bad from the start screen with even the 3d manager rocking to and fro whilst juddering. I also tried loading up COD and that was also laggy so it wasn't the game that was the problem. I tried absolutely everything on here and elsewhere without success until I tried to roll back to the previous NVidia driver and voila all was fine again. It was a tad odd because the graphics capability stars in game showed just one star (FM16 was 5 stars) but the game despite the low capability star was running absolutely fine on "high graphics". The only problem was that each time Windows 10 did an update it would update my graphics driver and thus the lag returned although one again a quick roll back and all was fine. Unfortunately yesterday Windows 10 updated a major update several gig worth and once again FM became laggy and annoyingly for some reason despite drivers being updated again this time I was unable to roll back to the previous driver. The only thing that worked was to reset Windows to a previous build ie prior to the update and that worked as it obviously reset the old driver. So in a nutshell what has worked for me is continually rolling back to NVidia driver Number and FM works absolutely fine although I am at a loss as to why that driver works but newer ones don't?!?!? I am also hunting a fix which will allow me to accept windows updates but somehow disable automatic download of NVidia Drivers within those updates so if anyone can help on that it would be appreciated,. Hope this is of some help.
  11. In my current save FMT17 it took me until 2022 and 5 League Titles in a row a Champions League, two FA Cups and a League Cup to become a mere Icon at West Ham!! Even a sixth League title in a row the following year along with Runners Up in both FA Cups and Champions League finals didn't push me any higher. Finally made Legend status at the end of my eighth season despite coming third in the League after six straight wins although I did follow up another FA Cup Final defeat with another Champions League success. So it took me to win six League titles and to win 15 cups "and" hit the top of the English managers Hall of Fame history and become second to only Fergie in England's Hall of Fame to finally become a Club Legend. Quite harsh I thought!!!!! I suspect in real life right now at West Ham it would only take me to win one match to become a Legend!!
  12. Sussex Hammer


    I have him in FM17 and he is an annoying player at times and for me tends to be very inconsistent as will hit a hat trick, then score two, then another then not hit the net for the next few games. Always wondered if he has a hidden negative attribute somewhere. Agree with others though I have got the best out of him as a CF.
  13. Sussex Hammer

    FM Touch v Full Game

    I guess it's what you want out of the game. I didn't touch FMT at all originally and my first experience with it I missed the immersion of full fat. However when full fat got a bit to detailed for my liking I tried FMT and haven't played full fat for around three years and the last two years just purchased FMT. If you are like me and just like playing games, trying out tactics and buying players then FMT is great and this year I have probably had my longest ever save at 7 years. If however you want immersion then full fat is probably for you. The only frustrating thing for me with FMT is that I seem unable to bring youngsters through successfully but that's probably just me rather than the game!!
  14. Will watch this thread with interest as not getting the game on release this year. Might get it March time if the feedback is positive on here.