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  1. The next test next week is at the same venue. What type of team are we going to pick for that game?
  2. Not got a TOTY but did get a decent pull from the Base or Mid Icon from Icon Swaps. Also remember if you have 5 FGS Swaps card you can get a 100k pack if you haven't already while TOTY and the MOTM cards are in packs.
  3. Royal Rumble Sweepstakes Confused Clarity Leftback in the changing room darren1983 MavReck Pompeyboyz Ronaldo Beckham Kanwulf Icelander83 craigcwwe The Wednesday given1legend HopOnBaby Stig Merry_miller BamaZeus TM bazaod gus crazy
  4. Ben Yedder's headliners card will also get an upgrade as Monaco also won their 4th in a row last night.
  5. You could also use 11 UCL Porto players seeing as they were the only Portuguese team through to the UCL Group Stages. It won't be cheap though.
  6. Akanji at Dortmund at the middle CB
  7. I've scored a few so far. Think it's the top spinner I use, saw someone last year on reddit do it, then replicated it successfully so keep doing it.
  8. Was going well until the last few questions in that round. Solidly mid table overall, hoping to improve my standings in the remaining rounds.
  9. It's amazing how Glock keeps it on the road during his last lap.
  10. All while still managing to spin himself in the process.
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