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    2x OTF F1 2010 PS3 Champion, PSN: chrisjohnson93


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    F1 2015, Project Cars, GTAV & FIFA16 on PS4

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  1. do you know how long it will be?
  2. it's been over 2 weeks since the last update so i presume this is dead
  3. gus crazy

    The Emile Heskey Sign-Up-May the Worst Striker Win!

    has this died because it's been 11 days since the last update
  4. gus crazy

    The Emile Heskey Sign-Up-May the Worst Striker Win!

    any chance of an update soon?
  5. i thought there was going to be an update this week
  6. it's been a week since there's been any news so i presume that this is dead?
  7. gus crazy

    The Emile Heskey Sign-Up

    Full Name (keep it realistic and make it sound like your chosen nationality e.g. John Smith (England): Common Name: Chris Johnson Nationality: English 2nd Nationality (Optional): 5 chosen attributes at 20: Passing, Crossing, Flair, Corners, Teamwork 5 chosen attributes at 1: Finnishing, Penalty Taking, Free Kicks, Heading, Pace Weight: 75kg Height: 190cm Starting Team: Breiðablik
  8. If there's still space i'll like to enter my own team & player into this Team League: League 2 Team Name: Lugard Masters Nickname: The Masters Reputation: TBA Stadium Name: Masters ArenA City: Lugard Capacity: 8,000 (3000 extra - £5M) Training: 15 (£9.4M) Youth: 15 (£9.2M) Academy: Yes (£1m) Money Left - £26.4M for the bank Home Kit (Shirt, Shorts, Socks, Text, GK Color) Green, Green, Green, Black, Blue Away Kit(Shirt, Shorts, Socks, Text, GK Color) Gold, Navy, Gold, Navy/Blue, High vis orange 3rd Kit (Shirt, Shorts, Socks, Text, GK Color) White/Black Stripes, Black, Black, White, Black Chairman Name: T.H.E Stig Manager Name: Chris Johnson Manager Specialty (3 Attributes at 20): Man Management, Tactical Knowledge, Determination Player Name: Gus Crazy City: Lugard Team: (My Team) Lugard Masters Height: 190 Weight: 87kg
  9. typical, i damage my achilles STI go and hit 7
  10. still no transfer so i've forgot who i play for. KUTGW
  11. 2 goals in 3 games then i pull up with a torn calf muscle which will make me miss 4 months of action
  12. Player Name: gus crazy Position:st Nationality: (STI or NTI) sti 2nd nationailty (optional):none Date of Birth: (dd/mm/1991) 23/1 Height:195cm Weight:83lbs Preferred foot:right 3 technical attributes @ 20:finishing, long shots, penalty taking 2 technical attributes @ 15:free kicks, dribbling 3 mental attributes @ 20:composure, positioning, flair 2 mental attributes @ 15: important matches, creativity 2 physical attributes @ 20: pace, strength 1 physical attributes @ 15:heading PPMs (max 2): Favourite club (1 only): FC Barcelona Favourite people (max 3): Sergio Aguero Preferred starting club: Crewe Alexandra Do you want to stay in the game after retiring?: yes
  13. no.19 for barcelona messi's old number so a lot to live up to there, can't wait to play for barcelona and get an international call-up