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  1. Closing out games

    I don't think there is any point in just showing the results. Maybe post your tactic so you can actually get some help. Nobody knows what you are doing now.
  2. Help building my 4-1-2-3

    I think the DLF(A) is ok if you want him to drop deep at times. Without an AM behind him, that's probably fine.
  3. Help building my 4-1-2-3

    Probably not enough men supporting your striker. AP and winger role are providers first and foremost imo and will look to pass and cross as priority. Why not 1 more IF on one flank?
  4. Closing out games

    One thing I like to do is change the wide players to support duty (especially important as those wide midfielders maybe lazy to defend as they are tired so you want them to drop deeper), leaving only 1-2 players on attack. Striker is one of them as there is certainly space to exploit. Changing the mentality helps as well and you wouldn't want to defend too high.
  5. I don't think you can do it in your own half. Anyway, even if a player can throw it long, there is only so much distance the ball can travel. A long throw in your own half won't be that effective.
  6. I doubt so. It's only for pk.
  7. For eg, there will be news in your inbox which says he will sign player A if he is elected.
  8. First thing I would do is not to defend so high. Do note your players concentration and etc attributes will drop as they get tired towards the end of the game. One lapse in concentration and the opposition could have a goal scoring chance. Another thing is combining retain possession and shorter passing. It's like telling your players to play keep ball no matter what the situation is. Sometimes, you need your defenders or players to just hoof the ball away. Teams will press you when they try to chase the game so a long ball upfront could give you a chance of a counter.
  9. Preferences -> interface -> check sidebar icons only
  10. Maybe but I think it affects the way he dribbles more. If you want him to dribble more, you can add it in his PI or make him learn run with ball more often.
  11. Ipswich Town Help

    It's too defensive imo. You already have a defensive fullback providing defensive cover for the winger so the Carrilero can be changed into a more role which gives you more in attack. Maybe a b2b or central midfielder or adv playmaker if he can create. The left sided fullback should be given more license to get forward (maybe wingback sup or fullback att if he can cross) to overlap the IW as your DLP should be able to cover for him.
  12. Yes, that was what I remember too. Or maybe I'm getting some memory loss.
  13. My player has won two pks and was scored by another player. The player who was fouled is not given any assist. Is this something that is changed in FM18?
  14. Looking at the PPMs of Sane and Sterling, they are both IFs with Sterling with the more attacking one. Putting them on IF role will make them predictable as their PPMs is giving them the same instructions, a winger role is likely to make them more unpredictable.
  15. Mezzala (At) vs CM(At)

    Interesting discussion. How would the rotation of the wide midfielder moving inwards and central midfielder moving outside in the Eusebio Di Francesco system be created in FM? Wouldn't it be the IF on the side of the Mezzala? Or winger (with cut inside with ball ppm) and Mezzala? Or are there any better combo? See the few videos of the attacking play. https://www.esdfanalysis.com/manager-analysis/tactical-philosophy-eusebio-di-francesco/