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  1. I feel that the German researchers are more patient. They usually take their time with their ratings of players. It may take a year or even two before improved players are given small attributes increment. English researchers (who are pretty generous with mental attributes ) tend to adjust their players attributes more frequently, causing some of the players to be overrated and when they failed to perform (like Leicester last season), they also fail to bring them back down to the level they probably belongs to.
  2. I don't mind having one or two new feature in FMT but only if they don't require more clicks (no to team talks or match briefing before game) to deal with them. I like the more detailed scouting report, this can be done by the scout in FMT as he can double up as an data analyst. Like one coach can do the job of 5-6 in FMT. The just reveal revamp sports science is good as well. Can be done by the physio too. Anyway, I like more detailed info (like what you promise a player, days to gain nationality are all missing). This is what is lacking most in FMT.
  3. Fm18 purchased

    You should receive a purchase confirmation email from steam. Or the game should already be in your library.
  4. FM18 future transfers issue??

    Man City signed Walker from Spurs and are interested in Sanchez. Liverpool and Arsenal were interested in Ox. Man Utd signed Matic from Chelsea.
  5. New Attribute: "Patriotism"

    We all know that anything to do with politics is a very serious matter. You can consider renaming as international player ratings/attributes which is similar to what you want to do. Some players play better for the national team but sucks at club level or vice versa.
  6. Yes, the octagon is in.
  7. New Attribute: "Patriotism"

    Not going to happen. I doubt SI wants to get into trouble with any of the players.
  8. Football Manager TV: Scouting

    So many new roles, hopefully most of them are working as intended.
  9. I prefer a video on the improvements on tactics. That's a bigger selling point imo.
  10. What's your player wages and what teams are interested in him? If he is on big wages and only smaller or poorer clubs are interested, it's inevitable you have to pay that amount to send him away. In my Milan save, I send Honda away paying around 40% of his wages.
  11. A cry for help

    Just read his threads that he opened in the past.
  12. Early season Euro Qualifiers

    Why are your players not fit? Not fit as in match condition being low after a long holiday or not match fit? If not match fit, arrange your team to play a few friendly games.
  13. Will VAR included in FM18?

    Even if it is in, it's likely only to be one or two extra commentary line. You won't see any delay of the game. For eg, after a goal line incident, the commentary will be like the ref watch beeps, it's a goal. Goal!!!
  14. Discussion: Inverted Wingbacks

    I agree that dribble more PI should be removed. When I use them, they are always seen charging at the defence. When they lose the ball, the whole defence get exposed. All IWB should do is just to move inside to the DM/CM position and take up their position when they go forward.
  15. I will firstly look at the attributes of the required role you want to them to play. Positioning of the player in ML or AML is secondary.