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  1. Discussion: Inverted Wingbacks

    I agree that dribble more PI should be removed. When I use them, they are always seen charging at the defence. When they lose the ball, the whole defence get exposed. All IWB should do is just to move inside to the DM/CM position and take up their position when they go forward.
  2. I will firstly look at the attributes of the required role you want to them to play. Positioning of the player in ML or AML is secondary.
  3. DC-DC WB-HB-WB CM-CM W(S)-IF(S) S IF with forward run on often. I believe this is the closest you can get to it. Alternatively, you can place your AML in the striker position but he got the man mark the opposition right midfielder.
  4. Need tactical advice

    Personally for this 4-3-3, I will normally use a striker on support duty. This way, he won't be too isolated and can link up play better. In midfield, I prefer a DLP(D) in the DM position as he doesn't venture too far forward in attack or to close down and can give the defence more protection. One of the CM will be on attack as he will make late runs into the box to support the striker. Eg, IF(S) - TM(S) - W(A) CM(A) - BBM/CM DLP(D) or IF(A) - TM(S) - W(S) BBM/CM - CM(A) DLP(D) You can watch these two videos on mentality.
  5. Need tactical advice

    Ok but I don't think you need those two shouts. When you choose a targetman role, your team will look for him when they are in possession of the ball. What are the main problems that you have? Your set up looks pretty ok at the moment.
  6. Need tactical advice

    I'm not sure you need pump ball into the box and more direct passing. Your team is playing route one football now, is that what you are trying to achieve?
  7. Need tactical advice

    English for the players roles?
  8. In short, you want to revert back to the old tactics creator where players instructions can be customised more.
  9. Firstly, you need to pick a decent to good team to start. If your fundamentals of the game are right, you should be able to achieve the target the board sets for you. And also watch his videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWUCWx5HNWSuzwGxwVczGPQ/videos
  10. Seems like everyone is crowding towards the middle. 2 IFs, BBM, CF (pins down the defenders but as a result makes the defence sit back). Maybe you can consider asking your striker to drop deep, pulling a defender out while the AM and 1 IF attack the box. Another option is to use a winger on 1 side to give you more variation in attack.
  11. This issue has been occurring in the previous FM as well. This kinda of puts me off international management. You simply can't pick your best players to start because of their poor match condition. I suggest reporting it as a bug.
  12. FMC / FMT Wishlist Thread

    Imo, there should be two kind of editors for Touch. For PC, the editor should be like the fat FM as a PC can handle more stuff (like adding new players or new leagues). For tablets, their editor should just allow them to do simple stuff like transferring of players and edit the attributes.
  13. Not scoring

    Is there going to be a Looping tactics help sub forum soon?
  14. I'm about to give up

    Post a thread in the tactics forum with your formation, roles, duties and the problems you are facing. You should be able to get more help there.