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  1. You didn't say what is working or what is not working.
  2. If Arsenal is the only club that interest you, go with them again.
  3. SI could consider making it into a DLC (like the Gibraltar league) and see how many people download it.
  4. Someone made a database for women football and uploaded it on steam workshop just in case anyone is interested.
  5. If we are happy with our squad by deadline day, we should have an option to reject all bids. Currently, we have to entertain every bid that comes in on deadline day.
  6. You are closing down extremely high up. If the players failed to keep their men in check when pressing high, then maybe they were forced to commit tactical fouls to stop the counter attacks.
  7. If you think it's a bug, the post it in the bugs forum. Maybe there is a criteria to postponement of games? Who are the international players that Wimbledon are missing? U21 or A international? How many of them?
  8. Maybe because MLS is a licensed league and that's why the structure and rules can't be changed.
  9. Hi, I wonder if this can be fixed. Some of the headings in the personal information on the dark version can't be seen as they are black in colour.
  10. Yes but in the form of commentary. IE, the VAR has ruled the goal out because of offside or VAR shown that player A handled the ball the in box. Don't need the ref to run to the monitor and then back on the pitch to do the ruling. Players can opt for instant replays in the option box in the game now if they want to view the incident.
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