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  1. I got it working on iPad but eventually got rid of mine or I could have helped u out better mate glad u got it sorted
  2. Try taking all ur saves from ur iPad to computer and put the save in that way then just transfer it back pain but should work
  3. I used both iPad and switch to play fmtouch runs great on both with the max 3 nations each save got through seasons quick enough although the only draw back is the 30 season limit might not bother most people just thought wasn’t enough to achieve certain goals if you like doing lower league saves so I personally decided to invest in a decent gaming laptop with no restrictions on season and much more options on nation selection.but would defo recommend both switch and iPad to play really depends on what u are willing to spend
  4. Your right it wasn’t on last years.i don’t think there is a way to remove it either.you will get use to it the longer you play think it’s just an added feature to make it look new lol
  5. Does anyone know where the file goes after u download it never mind 🤣💡
  6. I have seen this happening on one of my other saves spending money on players that don’t fit the team
  7. Didn’t happen couldn’t detail funds🤣another one bits the bust lol just as well the embargo wasn’t over the transfer window or it would have been an even more disappointing was of time
  8. I thought so anytime I have ever had an actual takeover it’s been a different board member or rarely a consortium
  9. Same mate least I know am not the only one lol wouldn’t be as bad if it actually happened I always look to see if that sort of thing damages squad morale
  10. I have noticed for a while that every club I manage there are a few takeover talks on the newsfeed only on occasion does it actually happen just wondering if I wasn’t the only one that gets this
  11. Just wondered if anyone knows if you can use a mouse and keyboard for the switch version?
  12. Yes mate you can use a mouse and keyboard on the iPad for touch I just got one today and it works perfectly fine
  13. I got my download from fmscout but you have answered one querie I had was the lower case thing so I have tried it again hopefully this helps just need to wait on it copying files again lol I will let you know how I get on with this if that’s ok and hopefully I have found what I am doing wrong thanks for taking the time to help me
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