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  1. I am actually guessing it has to do with an international managers bug that I see others having with it not letting you quick pick the squad I makes me wonder if I should stay away for national jobs until it’s been fix thanks for the reply
  2. Was wondering if there’s any update on a fix for this issue itching to get back to my save because basically haven’t picked the game up till the problem is solved hopefully won’t be much longer 🥺lol thanks 🙏
  3. It seems to happen after selecting the potential squad not actually the final squad. seems to freeze before final squad is confirmed
  4. For me I would say the Nintendo switch simply for battery life alone.havent really came across any real major bugs in the game either waiting on a fix at the moment but that’s usual for a game that’s not been out that long too.i definitely feel it’s pretty stable for this console having had fm18 on it as well which personally I thought was impressive.the only draw back that I have noticed is there is no store to buy unlockables like iPad and android but the game makes up for that in my opinion 👍
  5. Hi Alex I am also managing an international team as well
  6. I’ve also found this happening can’t get passed 26th August in second season with rangers
  7. Hi just thought I would ask if anyone else has used the director of football to sign players on switch.thought I would give it a try to see what kind of signings they would make but 3 transfer windows in still no signing anyone else found this?
  8. Announcement tomorrow going by miles Twitter account mate👍
  9. I did think that it’s really only till touch comes out on the switch which I hope is pretty soon 😂
  10. Hi was pointed in this direction with a query I had just order a deal on amazon for a laptop and wondered if would be possible for it to run either football manger or the touch version as it’s on windows cheers https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07CV1XC1Q/ref=pe_3187911_189395841_TE_dp_1
  11. Just wondering if anyone would know if this laptop would have any chance of running football manger or touch? Am not really to sure and looking for a second opinion 👍https://www.amazon.co.uk/iOTA-Convertible-Touch-Laptop-Silver/dp/B0751K6QRC
  12. Most likely doubtful but we can only hope lol the fact that that it’s going to be back on switch has made my day🙌🙌
  13. Hi looking for ideas for a new save with a challenge maybe efl?a good enough club to build with a decent chance of progression
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