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  1. This has the potential to be the best thread I've read this version.
  2. With a few teams being successful at the World Cup, with the deep-compact-well organised 4-4-2 (Uruguay, Sweden etc.) I would like to open a discussion about the best way to replicate this system. Im a tactical novice and can't add too much myself, but would love to read about everyone's thoughts and ideas.
  3. Southern Buddie

    FM19 new player roles?

    The end is nigh
  4. For instance, I was thinking of moving the b2b midfielder up as an AM(s) and the anchor man up into the midfield as a CM(d). This will make me slightly higher with less protection in front of the defence. Is it best I keep a DM or even two?
  5. Do you think I need to have at least one player in the DM strata and/or stick to have one player on attack duty?
  6. I have been using the system in Cleon's original post to great affect, on FM2011. It has worked well using the right players for a host of teams from different leagues at different levels. I was was wondering if anyone thinks such a system could work with an AMC behind a single striker or even two strikers up front?
  7. Southern Buddie

    FM18: Request A Screenshot Thread

    Mousa Dembele please
  8. If I'm playing FM11 would I get more out of reading wwfans piece or the later one by thog?
  9. Southern Buddie

    Losing patience with FM18

    Try this.... Control/Very Fluid - more roaming, more direct passing ( nothing else) SK(S) WB(S) CD(D) x2 WB(A) DLP(S) CM(D) IF(A) AM(S) IF(S) AF(A)
  10. Southern Buddie

    Need help with PA stats (FM18) for large update of FM11

    Even though I'm updating FM11?
  11. Southern Buddie

    Need help with PA stats (FM18) for large update of FM11

    Well a lot, but not all at one time. If you were willing to help, I'd send you a list of players at a time.....
  12. I am currently updating my FM11 game, starting with the English Premier league. I am modifying teams and players to make the future of the game more realistic. What am looking for us someone who can provide me with POTENTIAL ABILITY ratings from the FM18 version of the game. I would provide a list of players and all I would need is their current PA rating. Is there anyone out there who may be able to help me?
  13. Southern Buddie

    FM18 Screenshot requests

    A strange request, but would some kind owner of FM2018 be able to send me screenshots of all (or any) of the following players' attributes? I know it's a big ask, but any help would be appreciated.
  14. Southern Buddie

    FM2018 Screenshot Requests

    I've managed to get screenshots of the first five players. Is anyone else able to help out?
  15. Southern Buddie

    FM2018 Screenshot requests

    Or is there anywhere I might be able to find screenshots of these players on FM2018?