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  1. Thanks for the help. I think the conclusion I’m coming to is that the DLP(D) and AP roles are easy to differentiate which players are better suited to each role. However, maybe both types of playmaker could be suited to the DLP(S) role.
  2. What about in the reverse? What low scoring attributes would stop you from playing an player suited to playing as an AP, in the DLP role? Or at least make him less successful in that position?
  3. What I’m aiming for is to be able to look at a playmakers attributes and decide whether they are more suited to being a deep lying or advanced playmaker. So knowing which attributes differentiate the two types.
  4. This makes sense. With my example, Fabregas, he actually did move further back down the pitch as he aged and his mobility decreased.
  5. So the main difference, as far as you are concerned, is that an advanced playmaker is generally more mobile?
  6. I know the difference between the way what each the DLP and AP roles perform on the pitch in FM. The question I have is; what attributes(if any) separate a player that is a deep lying playmaker with a player who is an advanced playmaker? For example I have seen Cesc Fabregas perform the role of a deep lying playmaker many times IRL, however his defensive attributes are poor. What attributes make Fabregas more suited to this type of role than say, Ozil?
  7. Verratti isn’t a goal scoring midfielder :/
  8. This has the potential to be the best thread I've read this version.
  9. With a few teams being successful at the World Cup, with the deep-compact-well organised 4-4-2 (Uruguay, Sweden etc.) I would like to open a discussion about the best way to replicate this system. Im a tactical novice and can't add too much myself, but would love to read about everyone's thoughts and ideas.
  10. For instance, I was thinking of moving the b2b midfielder up as an AM(s) and the anchor man up into the midfield as a CM(d). This will make me slightly higher with less protection in front of the defence. Is it best I keep a DM or even two?
  11. Do you think I need to have at least one player in the DM strata and/or stick to have one player on attack duty?
  12. I have been using the system in Cleon's original post to great affect, on FM2011. It has worked well using the right players for a host of teams from different leagues at different levels. I was was wondering if anyone thinks such a system could work with an AMC behind a single striker or even two strikers up front?
  13. If I'm playing FM11 would I get more out of reading wwfans piece or the later one by thog?
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