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  1. If you were playing with a winger(or two) instead of an inside forward, would you make any changes to any of the other roles? Also, if you didn’t have a player suited to playing the DLP(D) role, what other midfield set ups would you consider?
  2. There are no wide forward options available when playing fluid, in the flanks map...
  3. Thank you. Firstly, how do you decide what shape and mentality to use when developing a style of play. What are your main reasons behind choosing each one?
  4. How do I view the maps on my iPhone? I click the link and it takes me to a blank screen.
  5. Ozil I find this thread absolutely outstanding!! So much do that I have decided to buy FM18 - having previously stubbornly sticking to FM11. I was way nesting if you might be able to help me replicate some real life tactics, in the style that you do with yours? You seem to bring a simplicity and clarity to the game that just doesn’t come naturally to me yet. I need a tutor.
  6. Can I request a screenshot of Andrea Pirlo and Michael carrick on fm18 please
  7. I’m playing on FM11 and have 3 simple systems, using generic roles, which fit different player types. The players that are used determine the teams style of play, to some extent. All systems are built using Balanced/Standard philosophy and mentality. Here are the systems: 4-2-3-1:- GK D WB S CD D CD D WB D CM D CM S IF OR W S AM S IF A AF A 4-3-3:- GK D WB S CD D CD D WB S DM D CM S CM S IF A IF A DLF S 4-3-1-2:- GK D WB S
  8. So it looks like you would place them dependant on what space is being left and exploited by your wide players?
  9. In a 4-4-2 formation would you place your most advanced central midfielder behind your most advanced centre forward and defensive centre midfielder behind your support striker, or visa versa?
  10. Herne, would you be interested in elaborating on how to create sensible role allocations in different formations?
  11. I think this thread needs to lead on to another about creating simple, logical tactics.
  12. There have been a lot of things added to the game over the years that are just for show. There to be ignored.
  13. Thanks for the help. I think the conclusion I’m coming to is that the DLP(D) and AP roles are easy to differentiate which players are better suited to each role. However, maybe both types of playmaker could be suited to the DLP(S) role.
  14. What about in the reverse? What low scoring attributes would stop you from playing an player suited to playing as an AP, in the DLP role? Or at least make him less successful in that position?
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