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  1. I present to you the Barcelona side I play in 2022/23 that uses Messi as the primary player when it comes to goal contributions in the Trequartista role. Now, Messi is not a player that will press to win the ball back due to him having low workrate and going on 35 he has declining physicals. What I have though is a player free to drop deep and roam to get the ball, play killer balls to the Mezzala, Winger and IF who are the first players to run ahead of him, and when he then gets in the box hes able to finish off the moves he started. I cant recreate this type of movement and focus on goal con
  2. I have fiddled around with this doing some tweaking, but been busy at work. However I will continue this thread now that I have more time on my hands for sure @Karlo
  3. Just like @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! I am an avid user of retraining my players, I for example retrain strikers to play deeper or on the wings. I retrain central midfielders/attacking midfielders to play striker, Centrebacks to play DM and so on, I think I have retrained someone in every single position just this FM. I am conistently retraining wingers or Central midfielders to play as fullbacks or wingbacks depending on what i want from them. For example, if I want a pacey wingback that can whip a cross in i retrain a winger to play there as I find it particularly hard to find good offensive wing
  4. well, as your problem is that you can't, just taking a look at the attributes of the two players it would appear Sleight is significantly better and that shows on his goalscoring record, 6 in 10 starts i think it was compared to Kelly's 5 in 16.. to me there is a clear option 1 and option 2, i would keep ahold of Kelly as a backup but nothing more
  5. I am a bit confused as to why Sleight that 19 year old striker is not starting for you? For me he looks clearly better than the other striker posted.
  6. I will clean the post up later on.. just wanted to get this update out as quickly as possible
  7. The tactial setup of roles and duties and what I want to see from each player is coming tonight in an update to the original post, and more in-depth game analysis is coming most likely later on this week or perhaps at the start of next week depending on how much time I have to play
  8. Very nice setup and use of the roles and duties whithin the game, will probably make a post with the current Ajax squad to go full circle with this thread as the players in their squad is basically the same makeup of player types as last year. As for the overload tactics go I also do enjoy them and very much recommend @crusadertsar for players wanting to learn the principles of overloads aswell. As for the struggling against bigger sides I have the same thing as I try to play a very fluid high tempo football where we are exploitable on the counter, although this season we have really star
  9. Hopefully I can explain it in a way that makes sense for you, as you will see in later updates the front four is working like a treat.
  10. Ajax 2018/19 The 4-2-3-1 The way they played and how I created my interpretation of it in FM20 Ofcourse alot of you have seen the young successful side of Ajax in the champions league, but how did they get there and how did they set up? And how does it translate into FM? In this thread I will try to answer those questions as well as I can with my knowledge of the game and logical thinking. Given I have only played FM since the 2015 version you might have other ideas of how things function or you might know better than me how things function, but after spending hours of
  11. Whilst you make a good point in that the creativity comes from somewhere else when playing a False 10 I would want to suggest that he is creating as much for others as a regular 10 does, what does change is how he creates for others. Ajax's Donny Van de Beek is a perfect example of how a False 10 isnt the main creative source of the team but his off the ball movement is crucial in that he created space for De Jong, Tadic and Ziyech to be the driving forces when it came to creativity. But as I said, you make a valid point in that they have less creative responsibility than a normal 10.
  12. Exactly, I feel too many complain without having read through what people like @Cleon @Rashidi aswell as @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! has written. Cleon and Rashidi are more technical in their explaining than Ö-zil is but I personally enjoy reading his more loose way of explaining things as I can relate that to real life football more easily. But as you said Cleon has explained it before but I think its being overlooked too much by players that has recently got into Football Manager as they simply do not know these guides and explanatory threads exist.
  13. Great thread, i have myself played a 4231 where the AM is performing really well. Although my goal for him was to be a player that created space and got on the end of things. Basically its a bit of a recreation of the Ajax 4231 of the 18/19 season, not completely accurate ofcourse as you cannot replicate the way De Jong played in that side on FM. But it looks a bit like this on a positive mentality: DLF (Su) IF (Su) AM (At) IW (Su) Regista (Su) DM (Su) CWB (Su) BPD (Co) BPD (De) CWB (Su) SK (De) So basically what i get out of this is i get kind of a Fa
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