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  1. I do, although its very situation based. I never use it as a permanent part of a tactic but might use it in game
  2. I agree it sounds contradictory but when used properly and for the right reason it should and will work very well
  3. I have actually gotten something looking quite similar to @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! original shape working using a 4-1-2-3 Strikerless IF/IW(Su) - SS - IF/IW(Su) AP(At) - HB/A - DLP(Su) WB(su) - BPD(D) - BPD(D) - WB(su) SK(At) It was in the swedish 3rd tier and i basically targeted players that had the right attributes for the most important things as Ö-zil lists in his original barca post. Though i like using the Inverted wingers depending on the player as it is more creative than the IF. And also switching the HB for an Anchor Man if the opposition prevents short GK distribution. Then the anchor man became a good player creating triangles in the shape of A BPD - BPD and also AP - DLP A
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