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  1. What's are the recommended settings we can change to make the game feels like touch?
  2. SI could consider making it into a DLC (like the Gibraltar league) and see how many people download it.
  3. Someone made a database for women football and uploaded it on steam workshop just in case anyone is interested.
  4. If we are happy with our squad by deadline day, we should have an option to reject all bids. Currently, we have to entertain every bid that comes in on deadline day.
  5. If you think it's a bug, the post it in the bugs forum. Maybe there is a criteria to postponement of games? Who are the international players that Wimbledon are missing? U21 or A international? How many of them?
  6. Maybe because MLS is a licensed league and that's why the structure and rules can't be changed.
  7. Hi, I wonder if this can be fixed. Some of the headings in the personal information on the dark version can't be seen as they are black in colour.
  8. Yes but in the form of commentary. IE, the VAR has ruled the goal out because of offside or VAR shown that player A handled the ball the in box. Don't need the ref to run to the monitor and then back on the pitch to do the ruling. Players can opt for instant replays in the option box in the game now if they want to view the incident.
  9. I believe look for overlap works even without wide midfielders as I remember I saw the fullbacks mentality get increased with the shout.
  10. I think the problem with this is it's not commonly used nowadays. How many B international featuring top teams are there in one season?
  11. I think Belotti has breaks offside trap ppm so he will always try to be on the shoulder of the last defender. May not drop deep as often even if you give him a support duty.
  12. Can a mod move this to the suggestions/features forum? I posted it wrongly. Thanks.
  13. Arda Turan is transfer listed at the start of the game. Not many clubs are interested in him because of his high wages. And to loan him, Barca demands a full payment of his wages and pretty high loan fees. Basaksehir managed to loan him irl but I seriously doubt they are paying his full wages. When I try to buy him in game and ask Barca to pay like 20-30k of his wages, they increase their asking price. When is the logic in this? It's like I'm paying his wages upfront so that Barca will return it to me in installments. The AI should be smarter with transfers in future FM. When trying to sell unwanted highly paid players, they should at least be prepared to pay 10-30% of their wages so that they could offload them easier.
  14. If you are going to play a counter attacking style, shouldn't you defend abit deeper? You choose an attacking strategy then go on to push your d-line to its max. And all the roles you chose looks like you are trying to outscore your opponent in high scoring games.
  15. Callejon has tries to beat the offside trap ppm. Maybe put him on support duty so that he can check his runs or try to make him unlearn the ppm.
  16. Please include the disable first transfer window option. I noticed that even the latest FMM has this option. I'm sure there are some players who wants every club to start the season with their original squad.
  17. Some UI improvements in Touch that deserved a thumbs up. I'm not sure if they changed it after I reported it or they already have this change in mind. Using the 125% zoom, only one player can be seen for each set piece selection. After the patch. More stats. After mistakes leading to goals, the stats below that are all new addition. Can we also have more of that in the team stats column as well?
  18. @santy001 the advice function does work. I have seen my AM telling me my shots are all long shots and there is an option to click work ball into box from there.
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