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  1. The mentality guide is a way of playing to try & safeguard results as much as possible, in essence it’s just a more cautious approach in general. Knaps tactic sets are - largely (there are a few exceptions ofc) - designed to start on attacking, which in the case of playing as a strong team could/should/is often enough - the mentality guide comes in more if results are a bit choppy (say during a rebuild), if you’re playing as a team not always expected to win etc or if you need a hand knowing how/when/what to react to against the match engine. If you create a CTRL/SUS variant as defined in the mentality guide, they would in essence have the cautious (or defensive) mentalities and Knaps core tactics would take on the role of the BASE (read: attacking) variant. Fwiw, the reason I mainly advocate/advocated for starting games on a ‘cautious’ mentality is safety first & to avoid the occasional/irritating game where the AI/opposition would start on a high/overload mentality to try and nick a goal then defend for their lives (the classic FM 0-1). Hope that helps!
  2. The two issues for me right now with mentality are firstly - as mentioned above - that they change too much 'under the hood' for a lot of newer players, but the flip side to that is when we had the sliders and things were more transparent, (some) people felt there were too many options/things to change and it made it too much of a lottery. I think if there were a way to better visualise the changes it makes to your play style it would help a lot of people for sure? The other thing is the names of the mentalities - seen this one debated an awful lot; people read far too much into the names of them, but i'm also not sure what to call a lot of them without turning them into sentences? (maybe 'keep possession' instead of cautious? but does that work with 'very direct' passing setup etc?) Trying to explain to people that when chasing a game you can be more effective on a lower mentality is especially difficult as it can be counter-intuitive (in mind at least) to attack when not using 'attacking'? The other thing of course is the correlation some people struggle with in terms of the structure of their overall set; see people complain about conceding late goals when set to 'very defensive', irrespective of the somewhat offensively minded 424 formation they're rocking?
  3. Not sure if you've seen this/might find it useful OP? Not sure if it's too much detail & hate plugging my own stuff but it's something I drew up for last years game to help a few friends out with exactly these sort of questions and it snowballed from there into a full blown thread (link also below). I've not played anywhere near as much of FM20 as I did 19 (mainly due to time) but a lot of the trigger points are still the same in 20 from the games I have played.... Hope it's of some help/you find a way in any case!
  4. As others have mentioned, if he's cheap then it's maybe worth taking a punt and mentoring him to see how it improves - there are those weird random events where a player can suddenly improve/lose determination (along with other stats) too, but we're talking fantasy realms of straw clutching hoping for one of them (but never say never!). One thing to consider though is what is your bottom limit when it comes to determination? For example, mine is 14 when buying players - for a 19 year old to get from 2-14 is obviously a massive jump. I don't know what's a realistic mentoring rate for determination in 20 just yet, but 4 points per season may make it worthwhile, whereas 2 makes it sound not worth the effort (I still think if he's that good it'd be worth a try though)? Naturally you don't have to play him/use him but he'll likely get unhappy over the years if you don't, yet if you do, if he's good his influence will grow which means rather than other players upticking his mental stats, he may start to drag theirs down etc so be watchful for that. I always use the example of "would you buy a 19 year old striker with 2 for finishing, even if his other stats were perfect?" and the answer - for me - would be no (although I'd consider retraining him) - I'm exactly the same with determination, but just depends on how much importance you place on that particular stat.
  5. This seems to follow what I was waffling about on the Discord yesterday; lower mentalities are playing much better football and creating more scoreable chances - good skills to score so many goals on balanced...! Notice you're still using counter on this one but will be curious to give it a spin and see what difference it makes - was testing a similar setup (different roles for MC/DMC/STC's and MR/ML at AMR/AML) earlier in-game and doing well playing balanced-positive mostly; maybe not quite as well as going the season unbeaten, but y'know?!
  6. For the people looking/starting to look at mentality; definitely change mentality depending on relative strength of your opposition, but it doesn't have to be static - think about the flow of the game too; if you're winning by a couple of goals, what is the AI likely to do? Below is a possible example of how you can change up/down throughout a game, reacting to the situation as it evolves!
  7. Thank you - it certainly took a while to get all this right in my head, never mind written down! I've seen enough of 20 now to suggest that the majority of this is still very relevant (the team report windows have undergone a fair bit of redesign - probably the biggest change?) but i'll plug away a bit longer and see if there's anything (else, added on to some of the suggestions above) that needs amending and rebadge/republish etc.
  8. Good news is that if they’re all 442 with mostly the same PI’s etc then you won’t suffer much in the way of a ‘familiarity penalty’ so it should be fine in that sense. If you use the ‘manage tactics’ option in the tactics screen, you can add all 5 in there which means that all 5 will then be available from the in-game drop-down (means you don’t have to go into the main tactic screen mid-game etc). Not sure if that’ll make sense scribbled quickly as I have; if it doesn’t i can bash a picture in here later explaining what i mean - just takes some of the ‘faff’ & ‘hassle’ out of the changes you have to make each game etc.
  9. Glad to see you’re both getting some good results from this approach - once you get the hang of it, it really is a ‘no-brainer’! Only thing you don’t mention/not sure if you’re aware/have noticed is that if you’re using a tactic with a lot of PI’s etc, changing the mentality alone may not (which means it still might?) make enough of a difference; what you can do then is have 5 different tactic sets for each mentality that you can switch too on the fly - means the roles & positions match the intention much better; can a 424 really ever be ‘very defensive’ for example? Realise that sounds like a lot of work but it makes it much more reliable when you get it working (example of tactic set i used in 19 is in my ‘mentality matters’ thread - will edit this to a link when im not typing on a phone!). If you do go down the ‘multi-mentality-tactic’ route, it’s a good idea to keep the tactical shape in mind so you don’t have to make subs/spend ages changing everyone’s position if you move from attacking to very defensive for example (say you score in 85th minute); i always tend to have 3 x MC’s and ensure the DMC’s & AMC’s can play MC well so they’re flexible etc. NB: Phone has absolutely murdered the post I quoted; was a combination of Cuper & Dreambuilder’s conversation over the last 1-2 pages - worth looking back at to see the success you can have with just a few tweaks each game...! When you start it feels incredibly ‘micro-managey’, but after a while it becomes second nature & you realise you can control games so much easier...!
  10. Hi! For the 'loans being accepted' despite me being in charge, it's been resolved by having fired the loan manager; when he was still at the club, I can't be certain what was the trigger for it changing back from my responsibility to his - it happened maybe 4 times which makes me think it wasn't tied to quitting/loading (as I tend to leave the game running for several days for ease of return etc. I can't think of anything specific I was doing otherwise that would tie back to it, luckily it's right at the start of a new save using man utd so I imagine it'd be fairly easy to recreate if needed (actually be interesting to see if it recreates by adding one to a team without etc)? For the second issue with staff training/qualifications, it hasn't happened for a few in-game weeks but I've changed nothing since the last one, and there have been 4-5 instances so far in this save despite it being set to my control. Hope that helps, let me know if I can provide anything further (sadly don't have a save game from before i fired the loan manager)
  11. Few weeks in-game later and happened again; I'll bash a post into the feedback thread but it'll likely get lost in ME rage/discussion - not sure if a bug or otherwise but if it's not/systems working against each other then it's not particularly clear...
  12. Tigers already thrown you a good reference, for an alternative you've got this from my 'Mentality' data sheets - not fully updated for FM20 (yet) but should be close enough; Or if you prefer something dealing in numbers you can check out Gossy's guide here To answer your original question too; I absolutely 100% buy players with personality in mind as I feel it makes a world of difference in game etc - you can set your players searches up to exclude personalities like spineless, mercenary, slack etc - attribute masking means they're not infallible, but with good scouting you should be able to filter the bad eggs out reasonably well.
  13. Are you asking them to sign the player outright that way? I haven't done that, no way would I trust Ed with that, he'd have Djimi Traore out of retirement on 300kp/w whether I liked it or not! It's more I do the negotiations, the contract and when I come to buy I don't have enough - in years past I'd have to delay until cancellation (or I manage to sell someone); this year I could say to the board "this is an important xfer/sorry for spending too much" and they agreed and gave me the extra I needed. Means my xfer budget is now nil, but I'm super stoked as I got one of those rare summer windows where you get everyone off 'plan A' (and it wasn't ruined by greedy ass agents!)
  14. LOVE that you've added the feature to talk to the board when a transfer is agreed but you're a few million short - removes that years old frustration where you sum all the offers you make and a signing on fee throws your strategy out by a few mill! I'm sure there's a flip side (maybe depending on how flexible the owners are?), but if i can get Ed Woodward to part with extra cash then it must be pretty lenient right?
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