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  1. I play striker less hence most of my goals coming from midfielders
  2. Season 4 done with Sassuolo Juventus walking to the title although we did get to the semi finals of the Champions League Also won the Italian Cup
  3. Massive 3rd season with Sassuolo Won the league with 9 defeats at that
  4. Finished my 2nd season Very good season 5th in the league, runners up in the italian cup again, quarter final of the europa league Kehrer and Yazici both very good signings
  5. Was a very good season I was expecting to struggle Caputo was old thought I would cash in on him Will just try and get a few better players in and try and clear out some of the reserves got a very high wage bill
  6. Finished my first season with Sassuolo Finished 6th in the league and came runner up in the Italian Cup I sold Marlon, Caputo, Defrel, Romagna and Obiang and got 12.5m for all of them Only purchase was Vavro from Lazio for £1.9m
  7. Not too sure really all were tight games except for the Espanyol one, Munians injury didn't help either.
  8. Second season done with Bilbao Williams again top scorer in the league
  9. Just done my first season with Bilbao Munian and Capa both had big injuries Finished 5th in the league
  10. My children are 5 & 3 and the first thing they ask for in the morning when they wake up is their ipads so they can watch Netflix or Cbeebies, trying the get them to play with the hundreds of toys they have is like pulling teeth My eldest though will gladly sit with me watching streamers playing Call of Duty and then bugs me to let her have a go when I am on the game, every now and then I will let her have a go on a bot game
  11. League season finished managed to recover and finish 3rd now on to the play offs
  12. Win over Barca, so so close to qualifying for the next round
  13. Just won a second NACL We have been drawn with Flamengo and Barcelona in the CWC Currently doing terribly in the league
  14. I've not used targeted allocation money myself
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