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  1. Can someone please elaborate what's the in-game difference between hard and soft Brexit?
  2. I'd do that, but than you can't quick-select with right clicking on it. And i'm left with dragging each player across the screen, which I'm to lazy to do. The ideal option for me would be to scale it down but it's locked.
  3. I really don't get the thinking behind some of the UI design in FM18 tactics screen. For instance, why is role and duty displayed in selection window if it's already displayed on the formation graphic? With role ability (again, this also can be seen on formation window) and name you're left with no space to view other information. There is no space to add any additional information on the selection screen if you want to add anything. I like to see players' recent form (last 5 matches), apps, assists and minutes played in this season. When I add all this, the screen becomes useless.
  4. Where can I see scouting reports on a player I scouted, like you received emails about them in fm17? I can only find pool of scouted players and there are to many in there to find the ones I wanted to scout...
  5. I still can't choose my substitutes. No bench on the right side of the pitch in tactics screen. I'm disappointed that SI didn't fix this because it was all over the forum during beta testing. Tactics screen is either really bad or it takes a lot of time for me to get used to it. To early to switch back to FM14? :/
  6. Hi, i've never really used instruction "Look for overlap" because i've never really know what it means... So can someone please explain to me what does it mean and against which style of playing/tactic is it most effective? cheers
  7. Thanks for quick replyes. So what about players? Is it better to use AMR players on AMC position if I choose to play wider?
  8. I have two stupid questions. 1. What is the main difference between "Exploit the flanks" and "Play wider" 2. Is it possible to play 4-2-3-1 formation with two CM(position, not role) and 3 AM(position, not role / in one line side-by-side behind striker), and still use one of the instruction above? Would that mean that two AM at each side play wider than usual or would they just try to pass it there? In that case would I be better to play with AMR player on that position instead of AMC? Tactic( I'm still tweaking with roles, but would be open to suggestions) My current instruction (will re
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