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  1. Can someone please elaborate what's the in-game difference between hard and soft Brexit?
  2. I'd do that, but than you can't quick-select with right clicking on it. And i'm left with dragging each player across the screen, which I'm to lazy to do. The ideal option for me would be to scale it down but it's locked.
  3. I really don't get the thinking behind some of the UI design in FM18 tactics screen. For instance, why is role and duty displayed in selection window if it's already displayed on the formation graphic? With role ability (again, this also can be seen on formation window) and name you're left with no space to view other information. There is no space to add any additional information on the selection screen if you want to add anything. I like to see players' recent form (last 5 matches), apps, assists and minutes played in this season. When I add all this, the screen becomes useless. Also, the fact that you can only see 6,5 bench players might get annoying in italian league and friendlies.
  4. Where can I see scouting reports on a player I scouted, like you received emails about them in fm17? I can only find pool of scouted players and there are to many in there to find the ones I wanted to scout...
  5. Hi, i would need some help with my tactics because we still conciede way to many goals. A lot of the goals we recieve is from a direct pass from defender or midfielder that passes it in front of the forward and while my defenders keep waving their hands for a offside an attacker scores. Other goals are because defenders don't do a thing. They just stand a yard or two in front of attacker and follows him around while he walks towards goal. I tried a lot of different variations, from higher to lower defensive lines, from closing down more to closing down less but nothing seems to work. Here are my tactics: And PI: DL, DR- Ease off tackles, Stay wider DCL - Close down less BTB- Close down more AML, AMC, AMR- Shoot less often, Close down more I really miss the simpler times when i didn't have to read tutorials and post on tactics forum to enjoy the game. I'm really considering just deleting the game because i used to enjoy it know it's just frustration :/
  6. One option that i always miss in transfer negotiation is to add more than one same clause. So for example you can offer 3x after 50 games clause. And you would pay after 50, 100 and 150 apperances, and i think it would be useful. So you could also split it and instead of paying x amount after 30 goals you could offer 3x after 10 league goals.
  7. Hi. i'm coping this post from thread i opened on the forum and was told to post it here as well.
  8. Hi, i was wondering where can i see this kind of screen in FM16: I could just select a category and then check which stats i want to see and then switch between players. In fm16 there you have to select a category and subcategory (completed, intercepted etc) for every single player, and it takes ages to view info that it took seconds to see in FM15. And not to mention that there is not pass completion rate in FM16. And as far as i'm concerned analysis screen went from usefull to completly useless. Please change it back because this is plain stupid. Is it more useful in any sense? Because in FM15 if i wanted to see shots, chances, passes or whatever for multiple players it took me seconds, and now if takes around 50 clicks to always select and deselect every single thing for every single player. And please don't dismiss my critisicsm beacause i'm not a "hater" and this is the single downside of FM16 to FM15 i noticed so far. I just don't see any upsides in this new system. It's a lot more complicated, slow and frustrating. Cheers
  9. Did anyone manage to create a tactics that works well without major tweaking during season and would be willing to screenshoot it? I find FM16 the most frustrating in the series since i play FM. I am in my first season and have default squad + rugani and they play like crap. Just like IRL.
  10. They act like they are some semipro team. They pass the ball horribly. And i've tried same match with at least 2 different formation each with couple of different tactics and are always overpowered by mediocre teams. They either pass it straight to the oppo, put a long ball in and it's intercepted or they just pass it out of play. It's pathetic. They play like MU IRL. Any tips on how to get the tactics going? I know that you have to really spend the time to develop the tactic and put a lot of hours and testing to it, but this aspact of the game is not for me particularly. So in every FM so far i just created a tactic that worked and stick to it with every team i went and was ussualy successful. But in FM16 nothing seems to work. And i also know that team need some time to adapt to tactics but being overrun in midfield (possesion, shots, pass completion) by german 2nd tier team? really?
  11. Hi, i've been playing FM since 09 but this year i'm really struggeling with tactics. Nothing seem to work. I've tried 3 saves with different tactis but i still can't score goals and the team is really struggling with lesser sides. So if you have any advice or tips how to change it to be effective and produce high tempo, attacking football. I know Man U squad is not the best, but i still believe that i should be able to do better than they do IRL. This is my tactic: Tactic Team instructions I have added play narrower and tacke harder beacause if i didn't they created like 15 shots per match when i had 1 with 40% possesion :/ I have this PI: DCs - Close down less DM Tackle harder AMR Close down more, Roam from position AML Close down more, Sit narrower, Hold up ball These are my last results: Fixtures
  12. They are reliable. I bought my FM15 at cdkeys.
  13. They did offer free beta. I ordered it before they were offering one and they added the version with beta that was a couple of € more expensive... I emailed them, recieved my money back and order the new one with beta access without a problem.
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