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  1. @Freddie Sands any news? do you know if they are working on this?
  2. yes, i simulated to 2040, in every possible way, and now i got different errors... also always related to ranking....
  3. Yes, after the update, i get 999999 more errors than before... this is verifying a DB, that was verified correctly with the last version... doesn't make sense.
  4. I have to scroll down, for viewing the statistics... make no sense.. there is a blank space where it could not be.
  5. Same here simulated a DB without touching anything, and it goes like this...
  6. No, it's just for going forward more faster, so when is back from proccesing, it will automatically continue... sorry for my bad english
  7. I am playing in an edited DB, and in my league there are 186 teams. (in 10 groups).. when i am in a day-match, and playing it, i cannot see all the statisics of the league "on-live": (this problem also was in FM19)
  8. Same happening to me... i use 1440p if the info is usefull
  9. any news on this?, this is also happening on the official release...
  10. ok, just found the error, you could delete this thread my mistake
  11. Making a test incluiding "Primera D Metropolitana" at 2022. i have the error Editor 2020 v20.1.2.1315963 (2019.11.20 16.48.45).dmp Argentina MIX.fmf
  12. now i can't make a continuos "continue" by mantaining pressed the space bar... i have to press it multiple times...
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