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  1. all the time, but is not happening to me the same that Death Ball.. just a continuos flicker like "flashes" all the time..
  2. Hi, after the update 1.3.... i am getting screen flickers.. when i stop the gsync the problem is solved.. but.. this isn't a valid solution.. i think this is a serious bug.. could it be? (i also updated the last version of the nvidia drivers)
  3. i cannot update anymore my item in the worhsop; Argentina - 5N con CA y CD 1.0. as you see it says "public" and for the others says "update" the item is https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1565195642 how can i fix this?
  4. hi, i am having problems exporting this database to 2019. when the file is compressed: not compressed: the file in the '2018' version is this: SuperLiga Mundial (15) 1.1.fmf
  5. this just.. works GREAT!!! GOOD JOB! it's waaaaaaaaay better THIS UPDATE IS REEEALLLY GREAT!!!!!!!!!! @KUBI THANKS!! THIS IS AWESOME!
  6. the problem seems to be less "present" when i took out the sub-20 leagues... (no sense)... but with no sub-20 i can go (sometimes) testing thorugh 2028... when i got the error again..
  7. Hi, error explained here: it seems like it goes always in error, and only with the temas that had classify to sudamerican cup.
  8. i also can say.. that this happen only with the teams that classify to the 'copa sudamericana'... they just cannot end properly the season.
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