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  1. Hi, this is just a simple idea. I don't know if it is technically possible to do it but; Saving the "game save" on the cloud, and then just VIEW it on the phone. at least just VIEW it, so you can search for players, statistics of the game you are playing on home, but on mobile. So you can search for players tu buy when you are on the train going to work
  2. all the time, but is not happening to me the same that Death Ball.. just a continuos flicker like "flashes" all the time..
  3. Hi, after the update 1.3.... i am getting screen flickers.. when i stop the gsync the problem is solved.. but.. this isn't a valid solution.. i think this is a serious bug.. could it be? (i also updated the last version of the nvidia drivers)
  4. i cannot update anymore my item in the worhsop; Argentina - 5N con CA y CD 1.0. as you see it says "public" and for the others says "update" the item is https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1565195642 how can i fix this?
  5. hi, i am having problems exporting this database to 2019. when the file is compressed: not compressed: the file in the '2018' version is this: SuperLiga Mundial (15) 1.1.fmf
  6. this just.. works GREAT!!! GOOD JOB! it's waaaaaaaaay better THIS UPDATE IS REEEALLLY GREAT!!!!!!!!!! @KUBI THANKS!! THIS IS AWESOME!
  7. the problem seems to be less "present" when i took out the sub-20 leagues... (no sense)... but with no sub-20 i can go (sometimes) testing thorugh 2028... when i got the error again..
  8. Hi, error explained here: it seems like it goes always in error, and only with the temas that had classify to sudamerican cup.
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