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  1. @Timo61 Hello! First of all thanks for the effort and the time you spent in the Argentinian structure. I have a problem with my game in Atlas (Gral Rodríguez). I won Zona Metropolitana 21/22 and when I was going to start my season 22/23 in Primera B Nacional, I couldn't play any match and the same happend with the others teams in the other divisions. I went to vacations and in the next season I could play normally. I won Primera B Nacional 23/24 and the same is going to happen in Superliga because the president ask me for the prizes for Primera B Nacional 24/25 when I promoted to Superliga. I'm in mid July and I don't have a calendary for the beginning in August, instead I'm playing friendly matches. I don't know if it's my problem when I configured the game at the beginning, I have an older version of the strucutre or it's a bug. Thanks for all!
  2. Any advance on argentinian leagues? Thank you so much for this word, i'm so excited to start playing with teams from Primera D.
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