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  1. https://twitter.com/FootballManager/status/1204048440935813120?s=20 This tweet says its out in the morning.
  2. TLDR: Its coming, but unknown yet when (so hold off buying FMT 19).
  3. This is probably caused by no skin tone being set. This means it'll be random every started game.
  4. Ive noticed in my task manager that when i have graphics on High (where it defaults to, my 770 should probably be able to run very high), there is a massive RAM usage spike (from 4gb used to 7.8gb) when going to a match ("preparing teams"). This can freeze up my whole pc if i have something like Firefox on at the same time as the game (running the game windowed). After the "preparing teams" phase the ram usage instantly goes back to normal. Switched my graphics to Medium and suddenly the whole RAM usage spike isnt there at all at times, or its a lot smaller, so it looks like its related to using the RAM to load the higher graphics? Having had the exact same issue in FM19 , just tested and setting graphics to medium there also fixes it there. Seems like there is definitely something wrong with that RAM usage spike just for that particular single moment in the game. System: 2700K / 8GB Ram / Geforce 770 2GB
  5. In his official announcement on Ajax.nl its mentioned there is "optie tot koop", so its there. I'd rather take official club announcements to be factual vs an external place like transfermarkt. I missed the Varela and Castillo fees though myself, i looked at that "transfer" page for those 2 (at Frei i looked at contract for some reason lol). https://www.ajax.nl/streams/actueel/ajax-huurt-filip-frei-van-fc-zurich.htm https://english.ajax.nl/streams/ajax-now/ajax-loans-out-filip-frei-from-fc-zurich-.htm edited my original post :).
  6. Filip Frei at Ajax is on loan with a optional purchase clause. In the game there is no clause to buy. https://www.ajax.nl/streams/actueel/ajax-huurt-filip-frei-van-fc-zurich.htm https://english.ajax.nl/streams/ajax-now/ajax-loans-out-filip-frei-from-fc-zurich-.htm
  7. Yep he does.... Lens would be on that list as well if he played more tho .
  8. Yep diving before contact already, the ref actually calls it right :O.
  9. Ya cnt really chop ur arm off can u? was just next to his body, no penalty.
  10. Quite rediculous to see that guys like Luiz / Silva are sold for 50+ million, while guys like De Vrij and such will be sold way cheaper.... . ****in money imbalance bs.
  11. Enter Brazilians to go kick at every standing Dutchman in 3....2.....1.....
  12. That referee... He just prevented v Persie to get to the ball..... Such a disgrace that man is.
  13. V. Persie is the nr 1 penalty taker in the team, which is widely known .
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