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  1. It's still running as long as people are posting! (Not sure I'm ever going to get back to my save though...) Looks like a good start! Look forward to seeing how it continues!
  2. McMichael is an absolute monster... I don't know if it's a curse or a blessing to be partnered with him! Glad to still be in the top 5 though.
  3. Looks like McMichael and I are a ridiculous strike force! 64 goals and 43 assists between us! No wonder City won the title
  4. Ah fantastic, getting a lot more games - and more importantly goals - at Man City! And also a 50% wage increase, not that money is the point of this, but I'm sure it makes Patel happier.
  5. I hope this is a good thing, it's working out well for McMichael! Obviously Patel got fed up of the competition from Harper.
  6. Oh dear, Dhilan Patel is starting to slow down now that he's sharing game time... I guess with such high wages nobody really wants him either, especially with all this other talent in the league! I'm surprised Peke is still doing so well and starting 47 games despite there being 4 strikers at Chelsea!
  7. Sounds great, I'd love to hear how it goes! I'm probably not going to get back to my save for a while, I don't have much interest in playing FM at the moment and I've got a ton of work to do.
  8. Glad to see Patel doing well, even with some competition from Kenzo Harper!
  9. My man Dhilan! Nice to see him in the top 3, crazy the disparity between player wages though, from £7,500 to £245,000
  10. Joint 3rd place with 18 goals? I'm happy with that! And here I was thinking Kenzo was a better all round player than I was, but Southampton seem to have not started him at all seeing as he got no goals, not sure who's player he is, but sorry mate :/ Would we be able to see the league table @Lenzar?
  11. Annoyingly, my team mate seems to be a better striker than I am - and taller as well - but I'm still excited to see how this turns out!
  12. He said he'll start when he's caught up adding everybody, but if the list keeps getting longer he may never start haha
  13. Well done on a second league win!! And yes that deal looks like it could be very good for your finances, especially if it makes it to that £5 million future fee! I promise I will eventually get back to my save, but I have an exam next week, so studying for that is taking up most of my time right now.
  14. Nice! Glad to see you finally managed to have a great season! Being financially solvent is always helpful I find full-backs/wing-backs always seem to have good ratings in FM17, I'm not sure how it's calculated... But yeah, great work mate! I hope the next season goes just as well! At some point I'll actually get around to finishing a second season on my save
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