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  1. Can't believe I got so much for one of my players! I suggested £2.5m with 50% of next sale as a joke, assuming they'd just cancel bid, but they negotiated, so I tried a non-negotiable at £2.6m and they accepted! I'll finally have a bit of money, I can't believe it. Time to upgrade some facilities I think.
  2. I've taken a break from my save for a few days now as I'm playing Cyberpunk and Assassin's Creed, but I will get back to the Aachen save eventually! Loving reading all the updates, especially congrats to @XaWfor getting to the Prem!
  3. Well I hate to see him go, but I can't really refuse that, not to mention that he was unlikely to sign another contract. The finances almost look healthy for once! (Although we're still projected to have a £1.3m loss at the end of the season.)
  4. So it turns out that the top 4 places in 3. Liga take part in the DFB Pokal, so finishing in the top 4 non-second teams means we are finally entering our first cup competition this season! EDIT: We play Bayer Leverkeusen - big game!
  5. Aachen 2025/26 Gutting... We lost to Madgeburg twice during the season, so honestly you can say they probably deserved it more than us. Just one of those being the other way round and we'd have been in the playoffs! If we can improve again next season, we should have a chance to make it! However, I'm also wary that we may lose key players in the transfer window. My defensive midfielder Tobias Formann wants to leave because apparently we didn't develop youth enough this season Brian Schmidt is well loved by a few 2. Bundesliga clubs too, so it might be a struggle
  6. Aachen Youth Intake 2025/26 Nothing special this year Samuel Addo looks fine: The physicals will improve with age, so he could end up being a decent playmaker! John Logan is another centre back, that I'm not sure we need He's not all the great to be honest, not got high hopes. Our first USA player though, so that's interesting. Yannick Roth is an attacking mid with a lot of flair: Unfortunately, he doesn't have too much else other than flair and determination. Passing and technique is fine, but again not expecting great things. E
  7. Dammit, we were one transfer too late. At least we got 200k here, but I wish we could have got £1.3m instead of £500k between the 2 sales
  8. This usually happens if they're in a different squad. It should say 'Discipline player for'. It might not be possible if they haven't had a 'bad game' (rating under 6.6)
  9. Aachen 2024/25 Normally I put most of my pictures in links, but I'm trying it out with with more just copy/pasted onto the post this time, let me know what you guys prefer. Another improvement this season, although only by 3 points and one place: We had a few youth prospects establish themselves as first team regulars this season: Thomas Ahrenhöfer (YI21a) He is our top scorer this season with 19 goals in the league. He's developed quite nicely, but at this rate, he'll probably leave us next season as a bigger club comes knocking. Hopefully we can hold onto
  10. Aachen Youth Intake 2024/25 Well I don't know if I'd call this a 'golden generation' but I guess it's probably better than previous intakes through depth, despite not having any 5 star potential players: With 7 players already at 1.5 star CA, we could have a few of them starting sooner than you might think. I'm not thrilled about the personalities, there are 3 at the bottom with fairly professional, but unfortunately they'll never be good enough for the main team! The Stand-Outs Our one resolute player is Labinot Idrizi, who is kind of just ok. Why have 14 heading if
  11. We lose another fantastic first team player - our 6'7" centre-back: Hopefully, this one turns out more profitable than the last. We're sitting pretty comfortably mid-table, but I really hope losing our best centre back (and backup DM) doesn't hurt us too much. He will probably be replaced by Michael Jager, who is 6'5", but will have to phased in as he's not quite first team standard yet, although I'm not really convinced aging centre back Alexander Heinze is much better, he's a bit of a "has-bean" (ba-dum-tsh!)
  12. For anyone wondering, the only solution I could figure out was to move him to my under 19s, and then move him to the senior squad from there. No idea why that worked and the other way didn't.
  13. Hmm, I guess I'll keep trying, he's much too good for the II Team, and it doesn't matter too much because I can play him whenever I want, but when he's in the other team I can't praise him when he does well (like when he breaks the record for goals in a game for us, and gets a 10 rating) or fine him if he plays poorly.
  14. Do you guys know if there's a bug with moving players from your II Squad (maybe B squad in other leagues) to your main squad? I keep trying with one of my players, but he doesn't actually move squads. It doesn't come up with any error or anything, and I'm fairly sure I've tried it both inside and outside of transfer windows.
  15. First "golden generation" I've had with Aachen! Let's hope it's true.
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