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  1. everytime a player improves his familiarity with a new position, his selected training defaults to the playing position training .. for example i have X player training AML inside forward attack and has "awkard" status playing at AML .. as soon as that changes to unconvinsing or what ever the next progress status is, the training defaults from "inside forward attack" to "AML - playing position", i had this 3 times now .. am training two inside forwards with inverted foot ( AMR left footed, AML right footed).
  2. feedback for the game .. this is the last FM i preoder from SI , i had enough of the bad gameplay due to errors in the match engine, poor defending ... i had the play where all your defenders push wide and leave a couple of the opposition forwards free in front of the goal for an easy tap in and score... at least once every 3 games, ozil 2 or 3 full seasons with less than 5 assists .. even do i played him as a trequartista AMC with laca and auba in front of him but all he did was playing wide side passes... no .. is not the tactics .. . we are a month after release and still is not fixed, i like the new training module, and a few features of the game but what is the point of it ... if the most basic aspect of the game is not enjoyable? the match engine is not working as we expect, am playing this series since 04 each year, but this match engine is easly on worst top 3 i played, so no .. i wont preorder the game anymore due to the reaction from SI at the critisism, i am a software engineer and i understand perfectly the life cycle of software, the state of this one at release was not good enough. the whole process of the "public beta" and the new intentions of improving the game with us in the loop, should have happened before release ... so the game is launched with all this improvements at release date, each year the quality of the game has been worst than the year before. feels like buying a car, we have all this nice confort and new features .. but the new car can only drive at 90 kmh tops .. and the car from last year i was crusing at 160 kmh no problem.
  3. good enough for me, keep up the good work .. i really want to keep playing with my save ... but not with the current ME ....am literally .. waiting to keep playing.
  4. but now as soon as u put a few youngters in the new mentoring system, their determination plummets hard even if the "experienced player" in the mentoring group .. has high determination, is this working as intended?
  5. i already said why i use stay wide on my CMs, i dont need 3 players standing at the kick off point in the middle of the field holding hands with each other ... how can i make them play wider without changing the overall width of the team? .. stay wider .. and it works perfect.
  6. i noticed in this sub there is a lot of passive agressive comments and bs in general, a lot of players trying to silence feedback that wont agree with their circle jerk with arguments like " am better than 90% of average FM users so listen to me because i say so.. and anything i dont aprove should be a bug and is obviusly a broken ME. i never said that i won every game, in fact after the game with barca i lost to man city, but w/e ... enjoy the circle jerk of "experienced" fm players, am out.
  7. so ... two in midfield defending and three attacking ... i have numeric advantage .. u are suggesting they should push and mark my two CM ... what do u have to gain from that? .. i will still have a free man and if they push now i have even more space in front of the defense ... with 3 forwards in front waiting... and even if they push .. both of my CB are ball playing defenders ... they can pass it long just like rice did to trincao in that play. since both of my CM have stay wider and i also have one extra man in the midfield over them i dont see it as a bug at all ... both of my CMs are doing what they did the whole game, stretch the game with or without the ball because i have torreira in the middle behind them and with his good passing ability .. i dont need that trio standing close together... i need them to create space .. and thats is exactly what they are doing. cmr is a messala (s) that as sway wider by default and the CML is an advanced playmaker (s) with stay wider ticked. the coach in barca is allegri i think he was trying to defend with a 4 2 3 1 without the AMC
  8. in real life .. every team that is missing a player less than 10 mins ago .... starts defending perfectly in sync while playing in a awkward formation and also trying to push for a late draw? .. i think that what happened in that game is totally possible.
  9. am not trying to be an azshole, but it will be hard to do a posession tactic if my front 3 is static and never move searching for spaces .... or if my only two CM never tried to stretch the opposition while on the ball either with runs or running wide with the ball, at first i had a really close 3 in the middle ( DMC MCR MCL) but when i changed both to play wider they started playing a lot better and also creating more chances and they stopped playing holding hands both standing close to each at no more than 5 mts of each other in middle. i believe in this FM the player instructions for each role are not the best by default they did modifications to some instructions in the roles and a few of them are specially not very good in some of the tactics we try to use, its kinda the same problem with the default training's for the week, if u compare "tactical training early one match vs technical training early one match" (u can do this in training>schedules) the only difference is one session, the first one on the friday .. the same happens with in the three of them .. early mid and late ... only one session is different in each template, it feels like SI was preparing a car to run at 200 kmh ... but the manual says only use it at 40 kmh max and only straight lines ... no corners. .... if u dont use the default templates .. u can get a lot more from the ME, this is my argument. when i compared those trainings i was expecting a lot more differences ... some shadow training or in the technical week some chance creation or chance conversion .. but nothing .. all the difference is one general session on friday, thats when i figured that if i want my team to play like i want .. i would have to customize a lot of the player instructions in the positions that wasnt doing what i expected ... and it worked.
  10. my answer is in bold, thats how i want my team to attack .. and i did that in the "broken" ME everyone complains so much.
  11. they lost the DL fauzi ghoulam injured at min 85 and they didnt have any more subs, thats why they have 10 man .... my point is that if you create space for the forwards to make their game ... they will, i have a few other matches where my team mainly attacks just like the last goal ... always passing and creating chances without having 500 crosses per game... but since the highlight uploader is broken and i have to do it manuallly ... i dont want to waste more time creating another clip .. if they fix that i have no problem in showing some examples showing that the argument "all they do is cross please fix the ME" .. is just pure BS and bad tactics.
  12. i dont think ME is so broken .. i can make my team play the way i want and score goals like the last one (last play of the clip) ...i dont think is so broken as people say that they wont even play until the "fix it" ... am more inclined to say that is the tactics and the player instructions .. those changed a lot in the predefined roles ... as soon as i unticked the cross often from wide players my team is creating a lot of good chances like the last goal .... in that play the last 3 passes are right IF > center forward > left IF, perfect vision and use of space. pd: for me the ingame uploads to youtube is broken, cant record highlights or do anything from the game, didnt have any problems in past years ... thats why i did it manually and added some random music bc it had no audio.
  13. ingame am in 14/8/2021 and the screen its fixed, i checked a few times during july and it was still bugged, at some point in the ending of july and now it went back to normal but i dont know when.
  14. i have the problem that the main training is stuck on "end of season break that ended a month ago... it says 28/6 ... but am already in 24/7 and i cant see all the sections in the screen.
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