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  1. I like this game. I have played every year since floppy discs. I will not be buying this game next year. I often think the game is too broken with repetitive unrealistic gameplay from the match engine, this wasnt that bad in previous versions of the game. I always play watching full match highights since the inception of the visual match engine This year the ME one of the worst versions i played I hope FM21 is better, good luck with it, but am not buying it, maybe when the developers show commitment with the playerbase and real intent to fix the current problems with the match engine and not to keep a previously hard schedule where "ohh look its march, we aint going to release any more fixes even when the game is still in bad shape due to an unrealistic match engine", the feature that is the core of the game you know?
  2. is the match plans getting fixed? ... automatic subtitutions are happening even when the "allow substitutions" is not selected, this is in the full version, no touch.
  3. @Lucas any info on fixing the substitutions that happen when using match plans? ... i played a few games in the last public beta and substitutions still happen with "allow substitutions" ticked or not.
  4. the problem is that substitutions do happen when that option is selected or not, its noy only a "UI" fix ...the logic for substitutions while using match plans it the problem, i tested it in the last version of the game with both options in two different matches ... and in both had substitutions.
  5. daily request for even an answer if this was intended or not.
  6. daily request for even an answer if this was intended or not.
  7. so is it a bug? ... sorry for beaing kinda pushy i just want to use this feature that couldnt use in fm19 due to the same problem.
  8. FM, here is the option to "disable" substitutions, but dosnt work.
  9. any info? ..cant use match plans bc am getting 3 substitutions every game even when its not necessary
  10. from a match playing and u go to select a match plan to use u have the option to enable/disable substitutions but when u remove the ticket from the option "allow substitutions" leaving it disabled or not active, then while using a match plan, substitutions are still happening.. had a few that even happened at 20 mins in the first half, please can u fix this?
  11. the match plans are still doing substitutions even when the "allow subtitutions" is not selected.
  12. how many of the 11 on target shots were long shots?
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