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  1. is the match plans getting fixed? ... automatic subtitutions are happening even when the "allow substitutions" is not selected, this is in the full version, no touch.
  2. @Lucas any info on fixing the substitutions that happen when using match plans? ... i played a few games in the last public beta and substitutions still happen with "allow substitutions" ticked or not.
  3. the problem is that substitutions do happen when that option is selected or not, its noy only a "UI" fix ...the logic for substitutions while using match plans it the problem, i tested it in the last version of the game with both options in two different matches ... and in both had substitutions.
  4. daily request for even an answer if this was intended or not.
  5. daily request for even an answer if this was intended or not.
  6. so is it a bug? ... sorry for beaing kinda pushy i just want to use this feature that couldnt use in fm19 due to the same problem.
  7. FM, here is the option to "disable" substitutions, but dosnt work.
  8. any info? ..cant use match plans bc am getting 3 substitutions every game even when its not necessary
  9. from a match playing and u go to select a match plan to use u have the option to enable/disable substitutions but when u remove the ticket from the option "allow substitutions" leaving it disabled or not active, then while using a match plan, substitutions are still happening.. had a few that even happened at 20 mins in the first half, please can u fix this?
  10. the match plans are still doing substitutions even when the "allow subtitutions" is not selected.
  11. how many of the 11 on target shots were long shots?
  12. been a "hater" mostly of my time on the forums due to frustrations with past ME versions, after playing 6+ games in the last update, dont touch a thing in the ME, congrats SI, its good enough for now, am sure i will find something to annoy me down the road, but it will be probably a minimal thing .. i like the kind of gameplay am getting now. just fix the pressing intensity that should affect the tactical intensity, right now it feels like my team is invincible and i can play most of the season at high tactical intensity without much worries of fitness, am getting only 2 or 3 players jaded, only that aspect of the game feels weird for now. currently won the everidise at matchday 26 with a 26 points lead with 55 or 56 games unbeaten, and i have no players jaded, could be that in the year 2022 i had the world cup in december and the season had a big break, but the previous seasons was kinda the same thing with very low jaded players.
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