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  1. so is it a bug? ... sorry for beaing kinda pushy i just want to use this feature that couldnt use in fm19 due to the same problem.
  2. FM, here is the option to "disable" substitutions, but dosnt work.
  3. any info? ..cant use match plans bc am getting 3 substitutions every game even when its not necessary
  4. from a match playing and u go to select a match plan to use u have the option to enable/disable substitutions but when u remove the ticket from the option "allow substitutions" leaving it disabled or not active, then while using a match plan, substitutions are still happening.. had a few that even happened at 20 mins in the first half, please can u fix this?
  5. the match plans are still doing substitutions even when the "allow subtitutions" is not selected.
  6. how many of the 11 on target shots were long shots?
  7. been a "hater" mostly of my time on the forums due to frustrations with past ME versions, after playing 6+ games in the last update, dont touch a thing in the ME, congrats SI, its good enough for now, am sure i will find something to annoy me down the road, but it will be probably a minimal thing .. i like the kind of gameplay am getting now. just fix the pressing intensity that should affect the tactical intensity, right now it feels like my team is invincible and i can play most of the season at high tactical intensity without much worries of fitness, am getting only 2 or 3 players jaded, only that aspect of the game feels weird for now. currently won the everidise at matchday 26 with a 26 points lead with 55 or 56 games unbeaten, and i have no players jaded, could be that in the year 2022 i had the world cup in december and the season had a big break, but the previous seasons was kinda the same thing with very low jaded players.
  8. they need to add an option to disable automatic subtitutions while using match plans, i asked for it a few times during the beta, but SI never responded in the feedback thread.
  9. that moment when ur team decides to play the best game of the season.
  10. more than useless i think it needs tweaks, for example if am playing a friendly after an official game, maybe i need to play a rotated squad and not the best team available, maybe add it as another button "tactics" "use suggested squad" "ask for rotated squad"
  11. am really enjoying the game for now, the me was some weird decisions from time to time but its still enjoyable, at this point with the overall features the game has i thinks its in a good stage, the only thing i miss is some specific traits and individual training options, for example: traits: would be nice of u could add/teach a player to "track back", if the player has good bravery, stamina positioning or any stats that could make him a good at tracking back to defend to take the ball back or just to keep his position tight in defense while he was attacking forward, something like the opposite of " get forwards whenever possible", maybe we could add this to the skills a player could learn, maybe some more ideas could be added to this and expand the small pool of defensive traits, i know that maybe this could be done by player instruction with "mark tighter", but just like "get forwards whenever possible" can be used with the instruction "get further forward", i think a specific trait to trackback defending should be available to teach. individual training: there is almost only ona specific training to defense, this year si added the option to training dribbing with ball control, and cross with crossing but what if i what my player to improve taclkings? .. i cant.
  12. can we have the option to disable automatic substitutions when using match plans?.
  13. as a software developer my self, i would disagree, also since u dont work at SI, i dont care about what u think at all, ill just add u to the ignore list and forget about your " great" input. problem solved.
  14. well SI will have to acknowledge that at least, since we wont get any patch notes.
  15. i guess that when releasing a game without a list of fixed bugs reported in the beta it is better to keep us in the dark.
  16. any patch notes for the new update since its live now?
  17. i play with a 4 4 2, my starters are fully linked .. DL -> AML, DR -> AMR, DCL -> DCR, MCL -> MCR, STL -> STR
  18. played a full season in the last ME, i think the balance its good, one of the best in the last patches including fm19, the only thing that bothers me is that there is matches were the fouls/card are really high like 7+ 3/5 games. also i would really like if we could have the option to disable automatic subtitutions when using match plans, is really frustrating setting up a plan for a game and seeing your assistant making substitutions at 10 mins because you are not playing a player in his natural position even tho he is getting results and in the bench there is a better suited player, but there is no problem with condition or injuries. the match plan feature is realistic, the players should know that if they are winnning by a few goals there is no need to keep pushing at a high intensity and just approach the game for a while with a little more time wasting.
  19. with the old save, played like 10+ games with the same starters and a few new links popped up
  20. in fm19 i started in south america, asked for more transfer funds after winning the league and the board denied me the request, i leaked that to the press and they fired me, after one month i got hired on leverkusen that were doing ****** in the league and stayed with them from 2022 until 2034, won a few champions leagues, like 6 o r 7 domestic leagues, the most interesting thing was munich losing his reign, by 2030 Schalke 04, Dortmund and us (leverkusen) had almost the same stature than them, it turned to be a really fun league after other team started growing, also having almost no restrictions on foreign players its nice
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