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  1. Season 2019 - PSPS Pekanbaru I very short update, because i havn't the time to write a lot right now, because i'm preparing for an exam, but i'm got my 2 first licenses and got an promotion. You can see the result of the season below :P And i'm just begun to get a national A-licens
  2. Season 2019 - PSPS Pekanbaru We're done with our first season in this challenge. I havn't upload me manger profile, but you can see in the top left, that i've started with sunday league experience and i havn't got my first badge yet. It wasn't hard to get my first job, and i think i landed it after 2 weeks unemployed, maybe in a shorter time. We got to PSPS in Indonesia. The team was in 11th places, when we took over after just 4 games. From there, we started our journey with some draws, som wins and some loses, before we got into a 9 games winning streak (with 1 draw) in both the league and the cup. It was very helpful. In the end, we got to an 4th places in the league. It was enough for us to qualify for the second phase in the second best league in Indonesia. In the second phase, we was matched up with the 1st and 3rd places from the east region and the 2nd place in our own region. Here we going to play the 3 teams 1 single time each, to see who will get to the playoff for promotion to the best league in Indonesia. We was unlucky in this phase and ended on 4th place. The reason why we was unlucky is, that we was 1-0 in front of Persiba in the last game. It would have ended up as a playoff spot, but the scored a goal in the 90th minute, and when we was going all out attack, they scored the winner in the 95 minute... In the cup, we had a beautiful run. We started in the first round, where we beat Kepri Jaya 3-1, before we took down Badak Lampung 1-0. Now we was going to play the games over 2 legs. We started with a 2-1 win on aggregate over Persibat and a 5-0 win on aggregate over Persikubar. Now we was in the quarter final, where we was going to play Persib (the 1st place in the best league in Indonesia). It was 2 very hard games, where we lost the first game 0-2 and the second game 0-1. Overall it was a good first year for me, but i don't know rather to stay with this team, or going to another. When i got the oppertunity again, I'll ask the board for a coaching badges, and hopefully I'll get it this time, because the finances is "great" right know.
  3. Season 2021/22 Table / Squad / Transfer / Finances Second season in the JD Cymru Premier was fine. This time we got a 10th places, but we avoid the relegation because of goal difference. We can't still get to a professional status, so we're just training 3 times a week. It's not essential for a team en the best league wee all our talents in the squad. The worst part is, that we can't give our players a contract, so i resign most of the players minimum 1 times every season. Some of them I resign over 10 times every season, but I give them a contract on 0 DKK, with 0 in match earnings, so they are playing for free :-) In the JD Welsh Cup, we got to the quarter finals for the first time. We won against Bont and TNS on penalties. It's the first time we "took" points from TNS, who has won against us in all the games in the whole game. Then we lost to Undy, a game where non off the players was motivated to play. In the Nathaniel MG Cup, we started the with a 1-0 victory against Cambrian & Clydach, before we won against Llanelli Town. We lost to Llandudno in the quarter finals. Our youth intake was not the best, but still we "a lot" of potential. The best player is Lewis James 24a. He's a left back, and that is the worst position to be in our team. Our best player is a left back, so there is long way to the first team right now. The next player is and OMC and it's Joe Overton 24e. It's the first OMC a got in the save. I have thought about to play with an OMC, and hope he will be good enough to the first team through the next season. He looks fine for the level under us. The last player I will showcase is Lewis Bodenham 24b, who is a center back. We have some good CB's already, but he will be fighting for a place on the bench.
  4. Season 2021/22 Table / Squad / Transfer / Finances First season in the JD Cymru Premier was fine, i think so. We got a 9th place. But we was in the relegationzone before the last 5 matches, and I was i bit worried about, if the team wants to fire med, if we got relegated to the second tier. But I doesn't need to worry about it because we will play in the first tier next year again. If you asks us about to be professional, i'll say, that we havn't done it yet. I asked the board 4 times this season, and they said YES!... but why havn't a good enough economy to do it... In the 2 cups, we havn't make a big impact, again this year... In the JD Welsh Cup, we got to the 3rd round again. We won against Ruthin and Afan Lido, before we lost against TNS. In the Nathaniel MG Cup, we started the with a 1-0 victory against STM Sports. Afterwards we won against Caramarthen, before we lost to Caernarfon (I can't pronounce the 2 last teams :P) Our youth intake was okay, and we got some players, who is close to the first team. We got 2 players moved up to the first team right after they signed a contract . The first one are Pálmi Rafn Kristjánsson 23a, who is our joined best left winger. I know some of you think, "Hmm, is he from Wales?". I can say no to that. He is from Iceland. We are getting a very cultural club with players from Wales, Iceland og South Korea now, and i love it! The next player, who joined the first team, is Daniel Gibson 23b. He is another center midfielder, so we got 3 youth players to fight for the 2 spots in the starting lineup. Bobby James 23e is the third player i will showcase. He is a right back, and after we lost Michael Tranter 21k, we havn't got a good right back. Hopefully he can join the first team in the next season to give some competition for the right back spot.
  5. Hahaha thank you, and you right, half of the names can be pronounced. I can tell you have i got the guy from South Korea, but he is in the club now, to sell som jerseys :P
  6. Season 2021/22 Table / Squad / Transfer / Finances We are done with the second season, and i've only one thing to say... We are promoted to the best league in Wales, and I hope we can get professional, so we can give our players a real contract. It will mean, than we can get some money for our players, instead of they are leaving on a free transfer. But back to the table. We won the league in the last round, where we got a 3-1 victory against Penybont. It was a big relief for me, and all they guys was fighting for the club! In the 2 cups, we havn't make a big impact. In JD Welsh Cup, we got to the 3rd round. We won against Panteg and Garden Village, before we lost against Carmarthen, the 4th place from JD Cymru North. In Nathaniel MG Cup, we started the run against @XaW's Caersws, where we got a 4-0 victory. Afterwards we won against Penybont, before we lost to the winners of the cup, TNS. Our youth intake was okay, and we got some players, who is close to the first team. 2 players are already in the first team squad. The first one are Kojo Richards 22c, who is our best goalkeeper in the club. Last time we got Sam Summer 21a, who is way better than Kojo, but he left us to join Bangor City, who ended on 10th place in the JD Cymru Premier. Kojo will be our starter for the next year and hopefully for the next few years. The next player is Peter Lynch 22a, who is our backup right wing. He looks good for our clubs level, but i'm not sure, if he will be any good in the first division. The last player, i'll talk about is Ethan Seager 22k, who is a ball winning midfielder, and that's what we need in the first team. I think you will find him next year in the first team. Lastly a funny player is Kim Ki-Seok 22m. I don't know if he will come into the first team right now, but i hope he can get some fans in South Korea, so we can sell come jerseys to Asia.
  7. Season 2020/21 Table / Squad / Transfer / Finances After the new patch, i decided to start over, but this time it isn't in England, but in Wales. I started as manager at Monmouth Town, who come up to the second tier in the summer of 2020, and they need a manager, and I overtook them. The squad was on 15 man, so i doesn't expect something this season. The club is an Semipro club, where no one is on contracts. It means, that every club can get our players, so the hardest job, was to make them stay in the club. We was expected to end at the 14th place, but we have a good start of the season, and it means we are ending on 11th place. The tactic was a 5-3-2, where the midfield was a RM, CM and LM, because we havn't got more than 1 CM in the club. We played in 2 cups, where we got some decent results. In JD Welsh Cup we got to the 3rd round, where we lost to Colwyn Bay, who won the other second tier league. In Nathaniel MG Cup, we manage to get to the quarter finals, where Cardiff Met Police knocked us put of the the tournament. They are the 2nd best team in Wales right now. The youth intake was okay. We got a very decent keeper, Sam Summers 21a, who can be the number 1 keeper for many years, i think. We also got an decent ML, Adam Dunn 21d. We have 2 AML, but i think he will go into the first team now, and fight for the places at the ML spot, if wedon't change the tactic to play with an AML. The last man, i will look at, is one of the "badest" players in this youth intake. Marcus Bodenham 21i is an central midfielder, and he can be the key to change the tactic from 5-3-2 to 4-4-2 or maybe 4-1-2-2-1. Who looks good, but everything looks good at this level :P
  8. Season 2021/22 Table / Squad / Transfer / Finances Second season is done, and we got 12 points more in this season, but it was only enough to get 2 places higher in the table. It was a very good season, where we was fighting for playoff-places in the end off the season, but we screwed it up, in the last 5 games off the season, where we only got 1 out off 15 points. But again in the season, the board expected us to end at 22th places in the league, but we were too good for that :P If we look at our cup runs, we wasn't at good at last year, where we won the FA Trophy, but this year, we only got to the 1st round. We lost to Solihull Moors, who ends in the top half of the table in the Vanarama National League, so to lose 0-1 is fine with me. In the FA Cup, we got to the 1st round and got knocked out by Coventry City, who ended on the 9th places in League One. The money was good from the cups. That means that we are in +240K DKK (32K €), but we have spent a lot of money on youth facilities and youth recruitment in this season. And the youth intake was not the best this season. There is no player there can go into the first team right now, but I hope we can get some off the up to get in rotation and on the bench, so they can get some first team football. I'm a little bit excited about Rory Senior 22g. He can't be a superstar, but i havn't the best prospects on the CM position, so to get this type off player with decent attributes, i'm happy about. Otherwise we miss a right midfielder, and i hope Rory Cairns 22a can be that guy and begin to play in the first team in start/middle of the next season. Lastly we got Shane Jackson 22b, who can go into the first team right now. We have 2 decent CB's from last youth intake, but he is on the same level as them, and maybe he can go into the starting lineup next season, where one off our CB's is retiring this season.
  9. Season 2020/21 Table / Squad / Transfer / Finances I'm done with my first season in this long term save. I'm happy with the team, and we got a 15th place in the league, where we are predicted to end on the last places. In the start of the season, our predections was to end on 18th places, so we have done better than expected. The board's expecttation was to avoid relegation, and we completed that milestone 3 rounds before the last game of the league. Our finances are very good right now, but it's because we have a very good cuprun. But it wasn't in the FA Cup, where we got out in the 4th qualifier, but in the FA Trophy, were we got the first trophy to the cabinet. It was a long journey, to get the trophy, where we gonna decide our future in the cup in penalty kicks in both the semifinale and finale. Here is a picture of our fixtures in the FA Trophy. Now to the funny part. It's around the new players in the club. The HoYD said it was a golden generation, but i don't think so. Some of the players have played the last games in the league, becuase we have nothing to play for, when they come to the club. But i have signed with all the players, because the squad was on 18 man before, and some of them was not as good as the best youth prospects. Darol Eagers 21a is said to have the best potentiale, and he has already got 2 startes for me, beacause of suspensions. Otherwise i think Wayne Chambers 21b and Curtis Walker 21f Can be good players for the club
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