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  1. The whole thing is totally unnecessary, especially after explicitly stating that 18.3.3 would be the last one. I don't know why they had to make a whole new update simply to update their privacy policies. They could have easily just updated somewhere on their website and then added it into the game in FM19.
  2. Would you still use it for underdog teams though ? I always thought Spurs were more of a sub top side.
  3. This tactic is great Knap, I use it for every team. Is the new 18.3.3 version suitable for every team like the other Argus tactics ?
  4. I was unaware that there was an official Gibraltar release by SI. Why don't they just include it with the game ? Are there any others like it ?
  5. Isn't there problems with these leagues though ? I was reading a Faroese story and there was problems with the clubs being given the correct allocation of European places as the league gained reputation.
  6. Haha I think the more realism the better, the fact that I would ever become a manager in the first place is pushing it. Right now in each teams youth intake they always support the club they came through and no other team, no matter what size the club is. I think the guy above posted a good compromise where they had a team they supported and they had their first club as one of their favourites but liking them as a player rather than a supporter.
  7. Yes I could definitely get behind the idea of a player having his first team being one of his favourites. The supported clubs really do need changed though, like my example above, I've spent my whole life in Glasgow and never met a single Queen's Park supporter, despite growing up less than a mile from their stadium and the area they originally represented. In FM most of the regens they produce all support Queen's Park and its just not realistic at all.
  8. I don't think the woman's game is that important to be considered right now and would rather leagues such as Japan or Cyprus to be included before the effort was made to research the womans leagues.
  9. So to clarify once and for all, was there any changes to the ME other than the ones stated in the patch notes ?
  10. Will the new update change much ? I had a look and it didn't seem there were any significant changes to the match engine. I'm doing well but don't really want to continue if it does.
  11. Just a small idea about the teams that regens support. I noticed that they support the club that brought them through the youth ranks, however in real life this isn't the case and many support the bigger clubs from their country and some even support clubs from other countries. For example I'm playing in Scotland and noticed that a lot of Queens Parks youth intake actually support Queens Park but if it were more accurate then they would mostly support Celtic or Rangers. The same is true for many smaller clubs based in big cities. This could also change in game if you bring a clubs reputation up then more regens should support that club and as a clubs reputation goes down then less regens should support it.
  12. I understand that SI couldn't put stadiums in due to licensing but I do think a stadium editor would be a great feature, allowing the community to create life like stadiums.
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