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  1. I'm not into difficulty mode. As I wrote above. Developers know that the game is easy because they have spent a whole year playing. They should also know how to change it. I've never used any tactics or add-ons so you might think that's why the game is easy for me.
  2. We see on the forum that there are more who find the game easy. These are people who have been playing for over 15 years who know what they're talking about and who are always there. They are loyal players and need a little listen. This situation, in which it is easy to win, suits youtubers who use their videos to attract young audiences and a large mass of other players. What finally brings you money and what's right. But we should because of this majority that says the game is easy, it still improves. They probably spent hours playing too to know it was easy. They know best what needs t
  3. You're talking rubbish. What's the point of winning all the time? To make someone feel better after a long day. You set tactics and we win. The purpose of this game is to keep an eye on the details and have some challenges. Not that in a season you have two defeats with no tactics just to be happy.
  4. Thank you, Neil. I very much hope that the change will be good and will make our game difficult. We need a challenge, not easy wins.
  5. I don't know exactly how to explain it, but I have a style of play. I've got four clubs I play with the way I get it. They are Foggia, Cibalia, Wimbledon and Dynamo Dresden. Always in my first season I remove older players and rely on youth drive and cheap young potential. I need two to three seasons to make a team for the league more and then for bigger things. Up until fm 20, I immediately entered the first division with Cbalia with only 3 losses and 2 draws. Fm 19 has already given an indication that it's easy. He was still good even if he was an unrealistic possession. Fm 20 was so ea
  6. The game is too easy and I say that as someone who plays from the first manager. Just so we're clear, I've never played with the best clubs but always with the 2,3 or 4 division. All he has to do is change his opponent and he's got a chance. This way I go into every game almost certain to win or get out of the way. It's a waste because the game's come a long way and now all that's missing is that challenge during the games. That adrenaline rush is missing. So please and hope that by the right version out, it will change a little bit because this is how it's going to become a game for kids
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