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  1. Good to see a Lyon career on here (have follow them since the days of Juninho, Abidal and Benzema). Looking forward to seeing how you manage the team after the sale of Laca and hopefully it won't be too long before you get another like him through the youth academy.
  2. It's just that they are not on the tracker which is probably why I missed it.
  3. Sad to see the back end of Hakan but good luck to Gunnar following his father's footsteps. Isn't Portugal now eligible for the challenge after the last World Cup or have I completely forgotten about Portugal winning it previously?
  4. [FM17] African't you see what I did there?

    Looking forward to the adventure ahead. Where abouts is Mayotte within Africa?
  5. Read the whole thread over a few sittings and your success has been great. Is there any team in particular that you'd like to become eligible in the future whether that's club or country?
  6. Mexico will sign Ki Sung-Yeung.
  7. Mexico will sign Matias Laba.
  8. Mexico will take Juan Iturbe.
  9. Mexico will sign Hong Jeong-Ho.
  10. Mexico would like to sign David Alaba from Austria. In an interesting move, they will not be protecting any players.
  11. Mexico will sign Eric Bailly.
  12. Mexico will sign Danny Williams from Honduras.