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  1. Loving the progress that you're making in Europe as well as the interesting way of looking at the 'changing' PAs of players before and after signing them to pro deals.
  2. The combination of the new game coming out in a few months and the rise of commenting on social media instead of coming here for me.
  3. The EFL Cup is the former League Cup whilst the EFL Trophy is what you want but i'm not sure that it's been done yet.
  4. 27 and been playing for around 15 years.
  5. Not exactly - Wigan were in the Europa League rather than the Champions League whilst in the Championship.
  6. Not by the looks of it.
  7. Just looking at your table - how can Youth Facilities going from Basic to Poor and for Training Facilities the other way around are both coloured green?
  8. Getting into the Euros :shocked: Getting out of the group in the Euros :shocked: :shocked: :shocked:
  9. Won't be too long until you can field a team of giants.
  10. Nice progress and well done on making the KO rounds again.
  11. Following again and nice start to the career mate.
  12. You put your team & BTTS in the same coupon but you can only double team wins with the BTTS of other games.
  13. Think that Giroud will be the main striker for France, think Griezmann will play wider for them rather than through the middle like he does for Atletico and Lacazette isn't even in the squad.
  14. JS: There's been a goal Kammy but which way has it gone? CK: I don't know Jeff *studio laughing in background* CK: You're right Jeff. I saw the crowd were applauding but I thought they were making a substitution.