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  1. Told you that it would click
  2. Plenty of time to get everything right then
  3. Whilst you haven't got out of the relegation spots yet, you're still only a few wins from being in the promotion picture. How many times do you play each other in this league?
  4. Have tried this a few times myself in the past and not been able to continue the success of previous managers - will be following to see if you can do what I couldn't.
  5. Best bet is to use the 'Contact Us' at the bottom of the page and go from there.
  6. Great to see you guys playing with my team and good luck to all. As far as I know, the game correctly simulates the rules for the above.
  7. The B team would also be relegated so that the A team will always be in a higher league than the B team.
  8. Superb start to the career and it won't be too long before challenging Bayern at this rate
  9. The marathon of all FM marathons - looking forward to following this.
  10. Loving the progress that you're making in Europe as well as the interesting way of looking at the 'changing' PAs of players before and after signing them to pro deals.
  11. The combination of the new game coming out in a few months and the rise of commenting on social media instead of coming here for me.
  12. The EFL Cup is the former League Cup whilst the EFL Trophy is what you want but i'm not sure that it's been done yet.
  13. 27 and been playing for around 15 years.
  14. Not exactly - Wigan were in the Europa League rather than the Champions League whilst in the Championship.
  15. Not by the looks of it.