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  1. Mexico would like to sign David Alaba from Austria. In an interesting move, they will not be protecting any players.
  2. Mexico will sign Danny Williams from Honduras.
  3. Mexico will sign Leon Bailey.
  4. Mexico will sign Levi Garcia please.
  5. Fantastic to go unbeaten in the Confeds - Mexico will sign Bailly Wright (Australia) and John Stones (Russia).
  6. Mexico will take Akinfeev (Russia), Bony (Ivory Coast) and Andre Gomes (Portugal) please.
  7. Think i'm going to have to naturalise myself and play in goal at this rate lol
  8. Lost my main GK in my first game Could do with beating someone from the Confederations Cup who has a decent keeper now.
  9. Mexico please if you're still taking sign-ups.
  10. Told you that it would click
  11. Plenty of time to get everything right then
  12. Whilst you haven't got out of the relegation spots yet, you're still only a few wins from being in the promotion picture. How many times do you play each other in this league?
  13. Have tried this a few times myself in the past and not been able to continue the success of previous managers - will be following to see if you can do what I couldn't.