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  1. Come on York - not the best starting atts for Oscar Adams but hopefully i'll kick on next season.
  2. Player Name: Oscar Adams Date of Birth: 11th March Position: CDM Anywhere in the World Nation to Start: England European Nation to Play for: Gibraltar
  3. Good to see someone playing with my team this early but who is Emerson Samba?
  4. He would need to remain at the club to be Club HG or would need to remain at an English (or Cardiff/Swansea etc. that play in England) to be Nation HG otherwise he would not be HG at all.
  5. Champions Mexico would like to sign Febian Brandy, Kevin Molino, Harold Cummings, Anibal Godoy, Andy Najar and Stephen Eustaquio.
  6. Happy with getting Sanchez and Sandro despite not actually winning a game - looking forward to the Gold Cup where we should be amongst the favourites.
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