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  1. Onto the 2018 season where it was our first season in the top flight and the Icelandic Liverpool (having not won it since 1990) only did it at the first attempt, earning me the Manager of the Year trophy in the process. Here are the results that made it possible. It wasn't the only trophy that we won as we also picked up the Upper League Cup which is played before the league season starts so I'm not sure on whether to count it or not (think I should seeing as the minutes played are counted as competitive minutes in the minutes total). Despite this, I've signed a new 12-month extension to my deal ahead of my first shot at Champions League football but might stay on for the rest of the season depending on how we do in the Icelandic Cup. I've also took over the Nigerian job, where we qualified for the ACoN easily but were poor as we went out in the group stage (although we had both Cameroon and Tunisia in our group). Like the Fram job, I have remained manager there for now. Club: 1/10 top domestic leagues (2018 Iceland) 1/10 domestic cups (2018 Iceland Upper League Cup) 0/5 club continental championships 0/1 club world championship International: 0/5 continental tournaments 0/2 world tournaments
  2. 2015 Season: Took over midway through the season when the club were in 9th place and finished in the same position after these results. Had taken over the club after the club had been eliminated out of both cups. 2016 Season: A slight improvement for this season as we finished in 8th place having made a number of signings that were mostly cover rather than first team quality and crashed out of both cups fairly early. 2017 Season: Having made a number of signings (probably far too many considering a number were sent on language courses to learn Icelandic), we finished top of the second tier having won the league with a couple of games to play. Also made the Icelandic cup final where we lost 1-0 to Stjarnan and the quarter-finals of the Icelandic Upper Cup. Since ending that season, we received the news that the club would also be moving into a new stadium in a couple of years time.
  3. Sign me up for some madness. Loaded up FM16 to play this (with these leagues at the start of the game) and have taken over Fram in the Icelandic 2nd tier (manager screen).
  4. Nice start to the career mate.
  5. Mexico would like Alexander Larin (Game 2), Julani Archibald (Game 3), Yohan Thuram (QF), Leon Bailey (SF) and Jonathan Osario (Final) please.
  6. Mexico would like Souleymane Doumbia, Aaron Mooy and Nicolo Barella.
  7. Liking the career so far and hopefully Igor can sort you out with what you need for the forthcoming season.
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