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  1. I use Comprehensive, as I can respond to anything happen on the pitch. Then change to Extended if leading 2 goals and Key if leading 3 goals or more. As not many changes have to be made if leading 2 goals or more.
  2. I am not the tactics expert here, but just won a match against Man City which I am clearly underdog and hoping for a draw. We won 2-0. The tactics and formation I use might give you some new ideas Both wingbacks are wide midfielders (auto) with "get further forward" and "tackle harder" instructions, so they will go up and down the pitch defend and attack. Sissoko is central midfielder (defend) with "close down more" and tackle harder" instructions, he will play like ball-winning midfielder. Ndombele is central midfielder (auto) with "take more risks", "dribble more"
  3. @Neil BrockAnother saved "2 After 1" uploaded 13 Oct 19:30 England Vs Denmark 13 Oct 20:00 Bristol Vs Man Utd 13 Oct !9:30 Italy Vs Netherland 13 Oct 19:30 Brazil Vs Venezuela All matched played by me, then the England match result not show and the match played itself.
  4. @Neil Brock South Africa VS Japan - result appear on 8 Oct 09:00, not the result that I played, but same selected players, tactics.
  5. @Neil Brock Save game is called "2 After.fm" Example - 3 matches 7 Oct 15:00 F Marinos Vs Antlers - I played the match and result showed correct 7 Oct 15:00 South Africa VS Japan - I played the match but result does not show Next match is 7 Oct !9:00 South Korea U 19 Vs Japan U19 - I will play After the South Korea U19 Vs Japan U19 match, the South Africa Vs Japan result will come out but the result would not be the same that I played, the match was played by the assistant / automatic (Different Tactics and players chosen) It does not only has to do
  6. I manage many teams in one save, so I have more than one match in one matchday. In one matchday, I played around 7 matches, after that the result show 3 matches not yet played, then it played itself, by the assistant, not using my selection and tactics. Please advise.
  7. Apologise if this is not quite related to Conte's tactics. I am Chelsea's fans and like Conte's tactics but I think its not as powerful as it is to have wingbacks and inside forwards together. I prefer wide-midfielders. I prefer wider midfielders who can run inside or run wider instead of wing backs and inside forwards, sometimes wing backs and inside forwards will get too close with each other. I also think best position for Dybala is attacking midfield rather than wingers. I think Ronaldo are now more like a compete forward than a inside forward at Juventus, should l
  8. I have the basic style of play, simple tactic and roles and duties set up. The team analyst report and opposition team analyst report is for adding specific team instructions, e.g tempo, freedom, etc So you are suggesting those report cannot be ignored?
  9. I would always see my team analyst report and opposition team analyst report to add team instructions, e.g. Acceleration / pace means add higher tempo, Flair means be more expressive, Does anyone know what team instructions for Agility - direct pass? Good passing - shorter pass or direct pass? First touch- Composure - shorter pass? Technique - run at defense Any other attributes related to team instructions?
  10. Losing 0-2 against team with pace, would you counter attack to draw them out but it is not positive enough to chase the game? but change to high press could lead to space at the back? Any suggestions?
  11. I know exactly how you feel. I managed 10+ teams (my style of playing FM). I have champions league qualification games where like 5 teams are playing on 1 match day, setup tactics, strategies, finished those matches with good results....then the game crashed. I had to play those 5 games again but with not the same result, even with same result, feeling not the same.
  12. Always good advices from you @Experienced Defender Would you agree when playing two midfielder, avoid using ball winning, box to box midfielder, roaming player, etc. They will roam and lose the team shape?
  13. Counter attack football should be direct pass and high tempo, can it combine with play out from the back as to draw opposite team to press us high and hit them by quick passes from the back? Also should high press combine with play out from the back? As in high press you team should be in other own half pressing but when your goal kick you build up the attack low from the goalkeeper to defenders ? Any thoughts?
  14. My mentality approach would be (My experience and learning from the game) Start with balance 0:1 Remain balance (If remain 0:1 75 minutes change to positive, 80 minutes change to attacking, 90 minutes change to very attacking if home game) *Notice Premier League games, teams losing 0-1 will not go attack immediately, they hold and to be solid first then attack in a appropriate period 0:2 Change to positive + Shout Demand more 0:3 Change to attacking + Shout Fire Up 0:4 Back to Balance (Pushing the team to attack will concede more goals) + Shout No Pressure 1:0
  15. @Neil Brock@Jemal Wiseman Have not received any feedback yet, I have uploaded my save game into the sigames cloud. Please help to look into this issue.
  16. Can you provide example of how you set up the offensive side / the defensive side?
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