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  1. @Smurf I can also get an extra 10% off this through work (some e-mail landed Friday) is this any good https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/hp-14-amd-ryzen-3-laptop-128-gb-ssd-black-10180974-pdt.html ?
  2. nastymiller

    FM19 Rags To Riches - Game Thread

    YEAR ONE WING BACKS David moved ona free transfer to Tobruk after a year of nothing, hopefully dropping down a division will see a little game time. Barney moved to Premership Southampton on a free transfer with the new club seeing something in him as he failed to make the grade at starting club Peterhead. Welsh club Connah's Quay are already sniffing round a loan move for him. Jason has it all to do in his final year of contract with his current club, no playing time and no one looking to sign him. This will be an important year for him. Oğuz is a wanted man after failing to break into the first team this year, with Başakşehir FK, Beşiktaş A.Ş. and Trabzonspor A.Ş. all looking to sign the young man.
  3. nastymiller

    FM19 Rags To Riches - Game Thread

    Hi, there will be yes - real life has got in the way at the moment and I hope to have all the squad updates complete by Sunday and then get into a routine - really sorry about this.
  4. No worries, i'm used to the game crunching numbers so slow...I always load every country and every league and my current laptop is around 5 years old, cracked case and everything - so i'm 'guessing' whatever I buy will 'feel' like an upgrade. Cheers,
  5. Morning all, £500 budget for a laptop - only thing to be used on it is FM and usual web browsing, I like to play the game in as much detail as possible / watching the graphics is a bonus, but the quicker the processing of huge amounts of data win for me. Anyone seen anything they would recommend for that budget? Many thanks in advance.
  6. nastymiller

    FM19 Rags To Riches - Game Thread

    YEAR ONE FULL BACKS Piotr has it all to do this year, in his final year of contract he has yet to feature and as yet he has no clubs looking at him. Paul Stewart has manged to get one game under his belt, that as a sub in a league game. Millwall are having a sniff at him and he may well me on his way shortly. Up next is Ivor who has already made the move to Millwall. Now worth £12k, he made the move in his first season for the sum of £16.5k it will be intresting if he spends the season getting youth team football or the club loan him out. Ivor's contract ends when the season is finished, so even though a move was made, he still has plenty to do. Last up is Jamie, with a year and a half left on his contract and yet to break into Korean football he will be hoping for a better season.
  7. nastymiller

    FM19 Rags To Riches - Game Thread

    YEAR ONE GOALKEEPERS Matt Gilbertson is being chased by Fulham, whilst Cardiff, Millwall and Notts Forest are sniffing round him. Matt has 1 year left on his contract and managed 1 Vanarama North game letting in 2 goals and a rating of 6.20. Portarel is under the radar, not wanted, and has a couple of years left on his contract.
  8. nastymiller

    FM19 Rags To Riches - Game Thread

    @Pedroburke23 lets see shall we, i'm going to start the first year updates tonight. @Difsteve73 you could have picked USA and the majot league and not be drafted and retire at the grand old age of 17!!!! Just one day to sim and updates inbound.
  9. nastymiller

    FM19 Rags To Riches - Game Thread

    @lvzifer closing in on the end of the first year, lets see what has happend to the player stats.... looking at all the youth players at that club, if they are over 16 year old and not on a pro contract they are all on £700 a week, maybe a data input error and should be £70?
  10. nastymiller

    FM19 Rags To Riches - Game Thread

    @Difsteve73 Jansson has 3 Swedish U21 First Division Group 8 games to his name, with 2 assists and also 3 Swedish U19 Second Divison Group 5 games scoring 1 time. He is classed as a hot prospect and his youth contract runs until 30/11/2021 - current date is 01/04/2019. @ssestig Adams is wanted by Blackburn, Millwall and Wigan he has just 2 English FA Youth Cup games to his name at the moment.
  11. nastymiller

    FM19 Rags To Riches - Game Thread

    Just 3 months away from the first year of the players careers, a quick screenshot of number of games so far: And our first one to call it a day in regards playing football: Over the last few months quite a few players moved clubs! Here is the update: Kevin Kevins left Kaiserlautern in a £91k move to Bundesliga 2 side FC Ingolstadt 04. Ivor Llewellyn moved from York to Millwall for £16.5k. Barney McFigaro and Pedro Peters left Peterhead on a freebies to Southampton and Bournemouth. James King moves from Queens University for free to Aston Villa. Milos Maric left US Créteil-Lusitanos for free, moving to Rennes.
  12. nastymiller

    FM19 Rags To Riches - Game Thread

    Merry Xmas to our young players with 6 months under their belts, quite a few more games for a number of them A number of teams are sniffing around a couple of lads, with the most wanted being
  13. nastymiller

    FM19 Rags To Riches - Game Thread

    Our first 3 months has seen very little in terms of career football, apart from: Sterlings games are coming for his parent clubs U21 side called Team Vaud, not doing great with an avg rating of just 4.57!!! But it's game time and should help him develop. Kevins has come on as sub once. Pooter has his name down against a B side game and John has played after moving on loan. Apart from that, nothing to write home about......oooo maybe the following will make someone do a happy dance.
  14. nastymiller

    FM19 Rags To Riches - Game Thread

    Don't forget, all the players started with a random CA of 1-20 and a PA of 170-200. They will all hopefully become late bloomers and play for the top clubs in the world.
  15. nastymiller

    FM19 Rags To Riches - Game Thread

    Our front two - superstars right? Well all forwards think they are.....