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  1. Manager Notes February 2015 Part 2 With recruitment all done and dusted, it was a final friendly and the cup match to finish the month off. A 1-1 draw away at Dungannon meant no wins for the club during pre-season, which means one of two things - we are rubbish or poor pre-season followed by a cracking season - time will tell. The away Munster Senior Cup Qtr Final finished in a 3-1 away defeat, setting up in a 4-4-2 formation just 1 loan player made his debut - Perdigão playing on the right side of midfield as a winger. The match started well for us, going 1 up but it all went wrong at the match carried on. Garbhan Coughlan finishing off a decent cross from John O'Flynn. The board were not happy as they felt we had a chance of winning the cup! 6 games coming up in March, 2 cup games and 4 league games would tell me more about what the chances of the mid-table finish would be.
  2. Manager Notes February 2015 Part 1 Gary Dempsey joins the club as the Under 19s Assistant Manger, this is his first non-playing role and a few days later Alex Kavanagh joins as Under 19s Fitness Coach. An addition to the scouting team with Kevin Ferguson joning the club who like Alex takes up his first back-room role. Cian Levingston is another back-room staff memeber to join the U19s as a physio another who starts his footballing career off with the club. Darren Bell joins as a scout and will enjoy as many others including myself, his first oppurtunity in football. Head of Youth Development is now filled with John McGrath joining the club helping what we hope will see a few good youth players come through the ranks in years to come. Possibly my final back-room sigining is another physio, this time a gent called Colm O'Neill with this being his second physio appointment. An amazing oppurtunity has arisen to sign club affiliate terms with Chaves from the LigaPro, the team from Portugual will pay us £36,060 a year and I have eyed up a striker and 2 attacking midfield players that can play on either the left or right as year long loans. Very excited about this oppurtunity to blood some of their players and in turn help our team achieve what the board have asked for from me, I have left it to the club to decide which 2 of the 3 players come to join me. My only signing unless I move a few players on and comes with a bag load of experiance, 35 year old Greek player Christos Patsatzoglou joins the club on a free transfer from Greek non-league side AEK Chalkidas. With 278 senior league apperances and 20 goals and 45 International caps and 1 goal, Christos can play Defensive Midfield / Defence or Midfield [Centre] and as long as he stays fit will play every game and would be a star player for any team within the league, 1 year contract for this veteran midfielder. An away 2-0 defeat against U.C.D. was a game we dominated but just couldn't score in, one more friendly before the season starts will hopefully see the young lads from Portugual rock up and help in that final third. A gashed head for the young lad on loan from Crystal Palace is the only injury picked up from the match will see him on the sidelines for around 13 days. Aliu Ronaldo is the first of the three possible season long loans from Chaves, the 18 year old can play as an attacking midfield player and on either side and will play as much as possible if he stays fit. A day later clubmate Perdigão joins the club on a year-long loan, the Brazil born can play as an Attacking Midfield on the left or right and also as a striker. He has 9 goals in 105 games, so not one to set the world alight but then this is Irish football so who knows he may end our top scorer. Looking to play him as an attacking midfielder.
  3. Reserved for my blast of which I have started a thread in the careers update thread which can be seen here ---> I have started with no coaching qualifications, Sunday League football background and all leagues and divisions picked with a large database. The only add on as such is the real name fix for ze Germans.
  4. In honor of our new man, I bring to you the very simple 'BIG SAM CHALLENGE' Two ways to give this a blast. FIRST: - Start with Limerick F.C. of Ireland and then follow his career path of moving on to Preston North End Blackpool Notts County Bolton Wanderers Newcastle United Blackburn Rovers West Ham United Sunderland Then finish off at WORLD GIANTS AND FUTURE WORLD AND EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS ENGLAND #Giggle The OTHER option is: - Start with Limerick F.C. of Ireland and then go whever you want, ending up with WORLD GIANTS AND FUTURE WORLD AND EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS ENGLAND #Giggleagain. Start with whatever coaching and football background as you like, just let everyone know how your trying it. Just a little bit of fun for the next few months before FM17 is out and about.
  5. Manager Notes Jan 2015 After meeting the chairman and staff I was to attend the first board-meeting of the season, agreeing with the men in charge that I would go on a National C Licence coaching course. The board was also going to try and find a club wanting to use us to develop their players - hopefully bring in much needed revenue and a couple of gems we could help shine up. A few days later and the first meeting with the players, which went really well - we all agreed that a good solid mid-table finish would be what was capable from these players. First chance to watch the lads was a training match between the first team and the U19s, finishing in a 3-1 win for the senior side and no injuries is a really good bonus! Off the field and things are starting to take shape and first in is Director of Football Eddie Wallace, it's Eddie's first DoF roll after Assistant Manager and Under 18s Coach appointments. Second in is Assistant Manager Phillip Coffey, Phillip's previous rolls have been those of Under 18s Coach, Coach and Assistant Manager at various clubs. Rachel Skeffington is the third back-room member of staff to join the club having previously been physio at Sligo Rovers, Gerry Kelly also joins the club as a coach, having previously been fitness coach at a couple of clubs. The back-room team is taking shape nicely. Finally a scout by the name of Mick Kearns joins the club as a scout with his previous non-playing role that of goalkeeping coach. One of my season long loan signings came off with young Sam Hart joining from Liverpool, Sam joined Liverpool after 1 year at rivals Man Utd. No senior football anywhere in the world as yet, he should see plenty of game time at the club during the season. Never realised, but the club is in the Quarter Final of the Munster Senior Cup! Drawn away at Cork City a club the media are expecting to finish in 3rd place this season - and should be a very hard-fought match against a local rival. Really happy that another of my loan targets has decided to join me and my club for a year. 19 year old Elijah Gabsi has joined from Crystal Palace where he has spent all his career, I expect Elijah to cover for injuries and come off the bench quite a bit. And then bosh, 3 out of 3 targets aquired....Ben Whitfield has joined for the year from Bournemouth who started life off at Bradford before joining Guiseley and then Bournemouth, again yet to make a senior apperance, Ben should play plenty this season.
  6. So 'Big Sam' has been given the nod, and he has come a long way from his start in management. 1991 saw him as a player manager at Limerick over the water in Ireland, and this is where I am going to start my career off. No coaching qualifications and just Sunday League football will see me try and work my way to the top job in English football within 25 years. Not knowing much about football in the Irish Premier Division I decided to have a look at the rules, 33 games will be played meaning each team plays each other 3 times. The bottom team goes down to the first division and the team in 11th will play the winner of a 2nd/3rd place play off match. Having just £493 a week to spend on wages, I decide it's time to hit the loan market and try to snap 5 season long signings before spending anything on wages. I will also push to bring in a decent back room set up. My loan targets are as follows: 18 year old Defender who is currently in the Liverpool U18s. 18 year old Midfielder/Attacking Midfielder [Right/Centre] who is currently in the Bournemouth U18s. 18 year old Midfielder [Centre] who is currently in the Crystal Palace U18s.
  7. Intro: Decided to download the league database for England down to LVL 23 and see if I can drag a team as high as possible, simple as that. Team: Keymer & Hassocks in the Mid Sussex Football League Division 10, seems like they are a pub football team and as such no players are contracted so it will be fun seeing how many players come and go during the climb up the divisions. Seasons 1 and 2: Won the leagues and a few cups with a few decent players coming and then leaving the following season for clubs who decide to pay them. Highlight of season 1 was the midfield performance of Rob Switon, the young man played in a total of 21 league and cup games setting up 3 goals and scoring 2 he was snapped up by Rugby of the Northern Premier Premier. Rob came through the ranks at AFC Wimbledon. The highlight of this 2nd season was the stonking goalscoring of former Ipswich youth Nick Ingram scoring 30 goals in 33 games, also setting up 12 goals. I very much doubt I will be able to keep hold of him and will be intresting to see where he ends up. Current Club Best Eleven: Just going to grind on and see if the database holds up etc.....I have all the other leagues loaded and a large database so it's a pretty slow grind too.
  8. My team will be expected to attack from the off with a structured approach towards shape. As you can see from the image, you can see the player roles and team instructions - will it work or won't it? Five pre-season friendlies will hopefully help the players get used to what I am asking from them, and with no money to spend on players and just £162 p/w as a wage budget I will be looking at just loan players to start with.
  9. Thinking back to when I was a kid I became lost in memories of just how good our school and local team were, 13 or 14 of us played for the club from the same school so we knew how we played inside out. For a good 5 years we won everything, and I mean everything! Yorkshire school chamiponships, Sheffield & Hallimshire league and cup titles. And the key to it was simple, both mangers wanted us to play the same way and I can remember each and every player like it was yesterday. Our keeper was what is classed today as a sweeper keeper, he was a flying spud who could ping a long ball just like Jan Molby used to - you see I grew up at school in the late 80's. The full backs never bombed forward, they were picked to defend not run up and down and do fancy stuff like these days and the two centre half lad's were animals, stop the attackers and smash the ball forward and forget about the midfield players! High, hard and as far as possible to either wing....job done! Four lads would play in the middle of the park, two were out and out wingers hugging the chalk lines and they would not dare chase back or do anything other than wait for a bomb to be pinged forward to them from the animals that were out centre halves. Once they got the ball, get it in the mixer, ping, smash, whatever, beat the man and then smash it in the box. The middle two lads were class players and because no one ever really passed to them, they were told to just run around as fast as they could and if and when they got the ball, they could do whatever they wanted with the ball, they would NEVER get told off, just do what you want lads was what the gaffer would say. Now I was a forward, me and my mate were asked to play off the shoulder of the last man and NEVER EVER track back. Stay up top and wait for the bombs to come over the top or from the wings. If the two central midfield lads had it, don't expect a pass, just pick up the second ball or charge the shot down and pick up the rebounds. If we did get it, shoot, shoot from whatever angle we were. Oh, and play one hundred mile and hour, kick lumps out of the other team if they were any good and attack, attack attack. In with those memories in the back of my mind, Gloucester City were picked as a team for me to get into the Premiership.....or maybe not. Sit tight, there will be goals, cards and injuries!
  10. Week commencing 24th January 2016 Young Colin Bishop will miss 10 days after picking up a facial injury against Newcastle U21s. The Millers grind out a 1-1 draw at home to Coventry. Week commencing 31st January 2016 Reis Handley is out for 6 weeks after breaking his arm against Liverpool U21s. Neil Shah will miss 1 game after being sent off in a U18s match against Leeds, in the same game Sean Hirst picks up the man of the match award. The first team draw 1-1 away at Fleetwood. Burnley have started to sniff round Kenny Appleyard, whilst Joe Doyle and Sean Hirst are looking for loan moves. Week commencing 7th February 2016 The first team have now gone 7 game without a win and draw 1-1 at home to Portsmouth to drop out the play off's and heap pressure on boss Evans. Colin Bishop brakes a wrist in an U18s match against Stoke and will be out for 4 weeks, in the same game Mark Kittrick picks up the man of the match award. Neil Shah's 1 match ban has been increased to 2 matches. First team action ended in a 2-1 defeat away at Peterborough - how long will it be before a change of manager comes about.
  11. Week commencing 27th December 2015 Cracking 4-0 home win over Colchester for the first team, no youth involved. The Millers lose 2-0 at home to Blackburn in the 3rd round of the F.A.Cup. Intrest in Mark Kittrick has cooled off and Sean Hirst still can't get a loan move. Week commencing 3rd January 2016 Mark Kittrick damages his elbow in a match against Sunderland U21s and will be out for 2 weeks, in the same match Kenny Appleyard was man of the match. The first team continued their good form with a 2-1 win at home to Notts County, and the following day the youth team were training and keeper Sean Hirst injured his elbow and will be out for 2 weeks. The week ended with a 3-0 defeat for the first team away at Gillingham. Week commencing 10th January 2016 Brenden Overall is out injured again, 6 weeks this time straining ankle ligaments during training. And then during an U18 game Trovarn Wright cuts his head and will be out for 11 days, Joe Doyle picked the man of the match award up in the 3-2 U18 match against Wolves - setting 2 goals up. Barnsley visited the New York Stadium and left with a 2-0 win, leaving the Millers 1 place and 1 point outside the play offs with 26 games played. Week commencing 17th January 2016 The Millers draw 2-2 away at Millwall.
  12. Week commencing 29th November 2015 Darren Blakey will face a 1 match U18 ban after picking up 5 yellow cards so far this season, fellow youth intake player Mark Kittrick will miss the next 2 weeks of the season after gashing his leg in an U21 game against dirty Leeds. The first team win in the 2nd round of the F.A.Cup, beating Havent & Waterlooville 2-0 and dreams of a big money tie in the 3rd round. Still no news on a loan move for Sean Hirst, but the scouts have started to sniff round Mark Kittrick with Burnley and Q.P.R. scouts keeping tabs on him - could either club be close to putting a bid in during the January transfer window? Would a move be good for him, or would he be better staying with the Millers for another few seasons? Week commencing 6th December 2015 The first team let a 2 goal lead slip in a 2-2 home draw against Walsall, no youth were involved. Week commencing 13th December 2015 Thigh strain time for Neil Shah and upto 3 weeks on the sidelines after a training injury, meanwhile Mark Kittrick smashed in 2 goals and picked the man of the match award up in a 3-0 U18 match against Derby. First team action and a 1-0 win against Bradford in the league, Alex Scott getting 18 minutes of the 2nd half under his belt. Week commencing 20th December 2015 Brendan Overall has been struck down with a mystery virus and will be out for 2 weeks - Merry Xmas young man!! In better news Kenny Appleyard is back from injury and straight into a man of the match performance for the U18s against Man City, Joe Doyle picked up his 5th yellow card of the season in the same match and will miss a game. First team drew 0-0 away at Rochdale, Alex Scott again got on for the last 23 minutes.
  13. Week commencing 1st November 2015 David Daniels is on form for the U18s, picking up the man of the match award in a 2-0 3rd round cup victory against Oldham U18s, setting up 1 goal. Week commencing 8th November 2015 The FA Cup saw the Millers win 1-0 away at Boreham Wood with a couple of the youth players named in the squad, but didn't reach the pitch. Brendan Overall picks up the flu bug and will be out for 8 days or so, whilst Neil Shah picks up a groin strain in a match against Sunderland U18s and will be on the sidelines for around 3 weeks, Shah is known to be unhappy at the Millers and a move away from the club seems likely. Finishing the week off, the first team beat Blackpool 2-1 at home. Week commencing 15th November 2015 Another injury for Colin Bishop as he breaks his collarbone, tipped as a future star - he may need wrapping in cotton wool. A great 1-0 away win at local rivals Doncaster was the order of the day Mark Kittrick played 81 minutes of the match, which was also his debut. Sean Hirst has been listed for loan by manager Steve Evans, no intrest yet but a move away and some 1st team football may just be what is required for this lad. Week commencing 22nd November 2015 Reis Handley picks up a nasty injury in the U21 game against Colchester and will be out for around 7 weeks. Alex Scott plays well and picks up the man of the match award in a 1-1 U18 draw against Newcastle, Alex set the goal up. The first team got smashed 3-0 at home to Yeovil in the league.
  14. Week commencing 4th September 2015 Torvarn Wright picks twists his knee in a U18s match against Wolves and will be out for around 3 weeks. The first team lose 1-0 away at AFC Wimbledon. Week commencing 11th September 2015 The U18s won in the youth cup on pens against Bury with Darren Blakey setting a goal up and winning the man of the match award. The Millers beat local rivals Chesterfield 2-0 at home. Week commencing 18th September 2015 The first team lose at local lads Sheff Utd, going down to a 2-0 defeat and then later in the week draw 1-1 at home to MK Dons. The apperances of the young lads seem to have dried up and maybe some loan moves will be needed in the January transfer window? Trovarn Wright signs a 3 year professional deal with the club worth £4,800 a year to himself, a perm deal it may be - but at such a low salary the chances of him going on to make any type of career seem slim. Week commencing 25th September 2015 Sean Hirst will see around 12 days out of action after straining his wrist in training. The first team play out a 0-0 bore draw at Burton.
  15. Week commencing 30th August 2015 The transfer window has seen a few movements out of the club with Paul Green leaving for Swindon in a deal that could be worth £125,000. Crystal Palace have signed Jordon Bowery for what could be £875,000 and Scott Loach leaves for Brentford meaning since the start of the season £837,000 worth of inital transfer money has come in with nothing being spent. On the field the Millers lost 1-0 away at Grimsby in the Johnstone's Paint Trophy with youngsters Alex Scott and Reis Handley getting starting slots, however in the league the Millers beat Fleetwood Town 2-1 at home. Week commencing 6th September 2015 Neil Shah will be out for just over a week as he picks up a flu bug. The first team lose 2-1 away at Portsmouth Week commencing 13th September 2015 Alex Scott played the full 90 minutes in the home league 3-2 against Peterborough, and then again as a sub in the 2-2 away draw against Crewe. Meanwhile Darren Blakey gets himself sent off playing for the U18s. Week commencing 20th September 2015 David Daniels picks up his 4th injury of his short career and his 2nd thigh strain and will be out for around 3 weeks. Alex Scott again came on as sub as the Millers lost 1-0 at home to Scunthorpe and sit 1 point outside the play off places in 7th place after 10 games. Week commencing 27th September 2015 Alex Scott signs his first professional contract, agreeing to a 3 year deal worth £15,000 a year. Alex has made 5 apperances so far this season and is delighted to have signed on the dotted line. Darren Blakey picks up the man of the match award, scoring a goal and setting one up in a 3-0 U21 win against Derby U21s. Bad news filtered through that Kenny Appleyard picked up a torn hamstring and will be out for 3 months, Kenny was on the comeback following a broken jaw. The first team won 1-0 against Shrewsbury and Alex Scott again came on as sub.