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  1. Can someone confirm if the FA Cup Schedules in the second season? I had an earlier file which I've just realised the FA Cup ran fine in the first season but it didn't schedule in the second season so wondered if that has been fixed now?
  2. - Always remove the Unused Substitute bonus from the contract offer - If playing in a league with a foreign player limit, always go above it and have players who can't play due to having no self-control (give me all the South Americans) - Will always give youth players who may feature a number in the 30's, with high prospects who will get more game time a lower number so that they 'know' I think highly of them - If I receive a bunch of loan offers for good youth players, then I will only accept an offer from a favoured team if there is one, and reject the others, no matter the offer - More often than not make all 3 subs around the 65 minute mark. Usually down to 10 for the last 5 - Never put a GK on bench, and only 1 defender. All attacking positions are covered so I can take all 3 off if need be
  3. South America?? Only joking great work as usual claassen, it's the files I look forward to most every year.
  4. I'm certainly not suggesting that (not that I think your post was directed at me ) and completely understand the reasoning why that shouldn't be the case. My only gripe was that the budget has been this low for every FM I can remember, when in reality this wouldn't be the case. I would still expect the club be able to spend more than a maximum 500k, regardless of player sales, if the manager required a player to do so. I also believe the clubs finances are now secure, as opposed to okay, especially with the change in ownership. I do, however, acknowledge Gripper and Rob's reasoning - I'm sure that there may be wiggle room in Jan if you ask the board. I'll also see what they're like the following summer.
  5. And yet again, zero response from SI regarding this. How anyone can look at the finished results and say they are proud of them is beyond me. So disappointing.
  6. Yep, if this summer has proved one thing, it’s that the owners have money and are prepared to spend it, so disappointed the finances don’t reflect this. Would be interested to see other Championship clubs budgets / finances, and see where we are placed
  7. And Miles tells me on twitter they are much better this year. They’re horrific
  8. I do find it strange that we’ve finally got some money behind us but once again we only have a tiny budget to play with. Understand millions have been spent but I’m sure if a player was to become available to Karanka in January, the owners will fork out more than 500k, regardless of player sales. Seems a little low, considering this is the budget Forest seem to have had for several years in-game now
  9. I know it's just one screenshot but having seen a better quality image, it still has the piercing eye colour and generic hairstyle. Hopefully more styles, facial hair and human features are included
  10. The embargo doesn't translate well in FM - when Forest were in one I was the same as you and thought it would be a good challenge if it worked as it does IRL but unfortunately you can't loan any players. Not 100% on signing free's, can't remember (and may have changed in recent installments) - I know Forest were only allowed to spend a maximum % on wages but that didn't translate from what I remember.
  11. My star striker had a release clause that I failed to notice of about 50% his actual value. Lost him to United on the cheap
  12. November 2032 Defensive frailties cause catastrophe We needed to be in good form to ensure survival from the league, something the team had not been in since July. Colón FC had also picked up 4 points in October, the gap down to 3 by November. With 6 games remaining, I'd say half of those needed to be wins. At worst, 2 wins, but combined with a couple of draws. Our first outing in November saw us come up against Manta, a team sitting in 9th whom we had already picked up 4 points from this season. A first-half masterclass by their Uruguayan on loan striker Carlos Garciá meant we had a huge mountain to climb in the second half. Garciá opened the scoring within 2 minutes, then doubled his tally and the lead in the 8th minute. Still without a shot at goal, our defense fell apart again on 22 minutes, Garciá allowed to break free to get his hat-trick. Our very own Carlos, Carlos Intriago, replied almost instantly to make it 1-3 but a few minutes before the break, Garciá got his and Manta's fourth. Stern words at half-time gave the team a bit of a boost, as we got late goals through Intriago and Luis Rodríguez but it wasn't enough - we lost the game 4-3. Worryingly, Colón FC beat América de Quito 1-0 and restored their 6 point advantage with 5 remaining. Before I joined, the club had only conceded twice or more in a game on 6 occasions this season, losing their games by a single goal. The board's concern over the number of goals being conceded was fair and I looked to address that in our next game against Técnico Universitario. Focusing on a defensive mentality, I still kept our wingers but pulled them into support positions, switching to a 4-5-1 at times. Did this help our cause? No. We were 1-0 down at half-time but had a man advantage following a second yellow card for Técnico Universitario's midfielder Félix Tenorio. But our afternoon got much worse, 3 goals in 15 minutes put us 4-0 down. Carlos Intriago got a solitary goal back but the game ended 4-1 in yet another damaging defeat. Centro Deportivo Olmedo had been on a bad run before meeting us on November 20th. Arguably worse than ours. This was the chance to get back on track and really push for survival but once again, we struggled to keep out chances. A hat-trick from Paúl Macías condemned us to a fourth straight defeat. Carlos Rurado got a goal for us late in the game to make it 3-1 but the damage had been done, leaving us with three games to make up 6 points. Our final game in November could have serious consequences on the clubs fate, and it could call time on my stint as Municipal Cañar. We faced Imbabura, going well in 4th, away from home. We had a couple of chances in the early part of the game and had Imbabura on the back foot but against the run of play, Imbabura took the lead after 22 minutes after a fine goal from César Salas. Then came a double blow in first half injury time. First, a wild challenge from our left-back Darío Castro meant he picked up his second booking of the game. From the resulting free-kick, Luis Montanero smashed it beyond José Oñate to make it 2-0. An own goal on 55 minutes gave us a slimmer of hope, which was then extended to massive hope when Carlos Rurado equalised in the 81st minute. News of Manta equalising in their game meant we needed to get the win as goal difference would probably not help, and as we stretched the game looking for the goal, Imbabura's experienced winger Jonathan Tenesaca drove home to make it 3-2. Despite a valiant effort to get back into the game so late on, Right winger Bruno Charles sealed the 4-2 victory for Imbabura, ended our stay in Serie B and ensuring I was on my way out of the door. Leaving unscathed? So a relegation is already on record and with just 1 win in 8 games, is this enough to tarnish an already poor reputation? Sacked by Municipal Cañar for failing to survive, it was going to be back to the drawing board. For the team that just got rid of me, it was quite embarrassing to see them pick up two victories in their remaining games, showing that I was doing quite a poor job. The final league table and the results from the final 10 games are below: Career History Season Team Division Position Notes 2032 Municipal Canar (ECU) Serie B 11th (relegated) Sacked
  13. October 2032 Beginning the dream in Ecuador With 10 games remaining in the Ecuadorian Copa Pilsner Serie B, Deportivo Municipal Cañar Owner Fernando Arroyo offered me the managerial job to replace Alexander Dominguez, who had been sacked 7 months prior. Under 18's Manager, Victor Mendoza had been Caretaker for 107 days but was really struggling to turn the team's fortunes around. Sat in 11th (out of 12) and with two teams set to be relegated from the league, it was time for a new manager to do their best to get Municipal Cañar out of their predicament. 6 points adrift, the team's morale was very low and I wasn't a fan of the flat 4-4-2 that was previously being played at the club, so in a risky move, I switched to a 4-1-2-2-1, utilising decent wingers in Carlos Brito and José Miguel Cevallos. Our star player though was 27 year old striker Carlos Intriago, who previous to this season had scored 55 goals for the club, including 12 so far this season. Our first game was against bottom of the table Santa Rita at home - a great chance to get off to a perfect start. An early converted penalty from long-time servant Luis Rodríguez helped us on our way and we doubled our lead early in the second half too through 16 year old striker Xavier Lozano, who came in for injured Intriago. Despite a late goal from Santa Rita, we held on to our lead and my first game in management ended with a 2-1 win. Tactics win you games, not players? On paper, the squad was good enough for mid-table, that I was sure of. The tactics that had been employed before I joined weren't set up to get the best out of wingers, a position we were blessed with. My focus on the wings however left our full-backs more exposed than they had been - and conceding chances was a cause of concern before I arrived. I stuck with the tactic in my next three games, beginning with an away match against top of the table Deportivo Azogues. Whilst we had Intriago back for this one, chances were few and far between. An onslaught on our full backs, Patricio de la Cruz and Darío Castro, meant that despite heroic efforts from our keeper and two CBs, we just kept letting crosses get in easily, and eventually went 2-0 down. Despite a late consolation through José Yepez to make it 2-1, we were unable to mount any real challenge to the league leaders. Conceding chances would go on to be a familiar sighting during our games, it was inevitable with how the team was set up. The key would be how many chances we could create to counter that - we'll score more than you type of attitude. My third game in charge would see us come up against Fuerza Amarilla, 7th in the league. A good chance for the team to prove to the fans that they are worthy of staying in the division. Experienced striker Carlos Rurado put us ahead on 22 minutes and the feeling is we could and should have had more by that point. Failure to put away chances though, combined with a vulnerablity at the back mean the inevitable happened and Amarilla equalised on 30 minutes through striker Jordan Salazar. Their star man then notched another just before half-time and there were signs the wheels were falling off my team. We regrouped at the break and I told the team I needed more from them but just 3 minutes into the half, Amarilla got their 3rd of the match. This goal spurred some life into my team and we reduced the deficit just 6 minutes later, Rurado with his second. It looked like we were nearing a second defeat in a row as injury time wore down, but young striker Xavier Lozano came off the bench and score his second senior goal, and our equaliser, making it 3-3 - an important point in our fight for relegation. We were just 2 points behind Colón FC, the great escape was on. Our final game in October saw us come up against América de Quito, who needed all the points they could get if promotion was to be a reality in 2032. Before we could even get started, we were 1 down within 2 minutes, and it didn't get better. They doubled their lead just before half time and we were left ruing the number of chances we had failed to make the most of. A drab second half meant that América de Quito held on to their 2-0 lead to pick up 3 important points. Us, however, needed to get back onto the training ground for target practice as 1 shot on target for the whole 90 minutes wasn't the best way to make me happy.
  14. The year is 2032. The aim is simple. Travel around the world and find success to build up a reputation in which I'm sought after by some of the world's elite. What is success? The answer is the same for most people, titles, championships, trophies and that is the eventual goal. This might be tough starting with a minimal reputation though so success early on would be most likely be saving teams from relegation, or exceeding targets set by the board.. If you've seen any updates from any of my other saves you'll know that I tend to holiday the save into the future, where some of the wonderkids are well into their 30's and the game is dominated by regens - an immersive storytelling experience which makes things more interesting for me. So that's what has been done here. I holidayed to 2032 with several World leagues loaded. I have two editor updates which are the English Non-League down to Tier 10 and Claasen's World Leagues pack. For the holiday section, I had all leagues from England, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Scotland, Brazil, Argentina, Columbia, Ecuador and Holland. My initial desire was to start in a European lower league or in South America but I will add/remove leagues as time goes on. I have started the save already and I'm currently in 2034, but I will post several updates to catch you up with where I'm at and how I got there.
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