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  1. Hi, I want to be able to set it in game that Forest's stadium The City Ground gets expanded within a few years, how do I do this please? Thanks
  2. Same here. Though even worse I think was in FM14 I had a player come through with the same surname, but wasn’t listed as a favoured person so wasn’t a son
  3. I think I've read that the odds of it happening are around 1 in 10,000, no matter how long you've been at the club. But I could be mistaken
  4. Unbelievable that this hasn't been fixed still
  5. Absolutely love this skin. Be great if the side project of Teal-less continues too though!
  6. Top work mate - it takes as long as it needs to pal, thanks again!
  7. Apparently there is now another issue with verifying databases, so still maybe be broken
  8. I'm of the thinking that no matter what SI do, not everyone will be happy thank you SI for your efforts and the update!
  9. Just gives the board a personality instead of just a set of targets to play to, needs more of it especially with how the real football world operates.
  10. So this only happens at point of takeover and not mid way through an ownership then? Interesting
  11. Forest under Al-Hasawi signed a fair few players that no manager wanted (Abdoun, Djebbour, Gomis) and even now under Marinakis, there are players that have been signed without Lamouchi’s say so I believe (though not all).
  12. As 'harsh' as it is in your own game, it's something I've been crying out for for years. I love this seems to have become a thing as I like the immersion of it in-game, and it's likeness to realism
  13. This thread is incredible. Love your approach and it's making me want to do something similar. Pleased you finally won the league, and got a player to 1,000 appearances!
  14. I signed Grealish for Forest at the same time as you, Summer 2019, as I got promoted to the Prem. I intended to use him more as a central midfielder in a DLP role, but Ben Osborn was playing well so Grealish didn't get too many minutes - that was until my AML got injured so I stuck Grealish there with an IF role. I found he can drift out of some games but on the whole is very dependable whether you play him there or back central which I occasionally do if Osborn needs a rest. I overachieved in my first season which meant Europa League football in 2020/21, which Grealish became a main focus for in the tournament. Ours and his first group game ended with a red card - he does seem to pick up yellows quite often but I believe that to be a tactic-issue more than a player-issue. My experience with him can be summed up in our final Europa League game of the campaign - the final. I played him AML as above, with the Inside Forward role and was tempted to bring him off around 60 minutes in as nothing was working up there (my AMR was more effective than him overall this season, especially in the league) - he then scored 2 in quick succession, leading us to glory - he ended up with 8 goals and 4 assists in the tournament, and won the player of the tournament. My league campaign was rather poor in comparison so he suffered as much as the other players. I find that he is prone to minor injuries when fitness is low (or you have a few games in quick succession and no good rotation policy) but nothing that keeps him out for more than 1 or 2 games. I think I'll be getting a backup DLP so Grealish will be utilised solely out wide, which I appreciate is not to everyone's taste. Still no England call-up but as of June 2021, is valued at £27m (on average last season was around £18m - but Champions League Qualification and the end of season value boost is in play at the moment). Hope this helps a bit
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