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  1. This is absolutely incredible. Wow. Top work @krlenjushka
  2. Ignore this, fixed it. I had to go into each individual league at tier 10 and select number of relegation places = 0, and not just the parent division
  3. Does anyone know if you can have a promotion/relegation break within a tier structure in this Editor? For example, I've got England down to tier 10 and I wanted to add tiers 11-17, but want no relegation from tier 10 and no promotion from tier 11 (for a fantasy db) I've set the promotion places at tier 11 to 0 and relegation places at tier 10 to 0, got everything verified in basic rules but when I go to load the file, it only loads the standard tiers 1 to 6 and I don't know what's causing the issue. If anyone is able to take a look at my file please then let me know and I can up
  4. Will check later tonight, I think I might have one as it happened with another player too more recently. Was able to loan one straight back with the role I was playing too so weren't that unhappy with me.
  5. On a similar note, I find this part of the game broken. I've just had a striker recalled by his parent club because I'm playing him as a pressing forward instead of an advanced forward, but he's still scored 17 in 10.. surely the parent club should realise he's still being developed. I would find it very hard to believe a player being recalled in real life in a similar scenario. Hope you get a response on this.
  6. Managed to find the file that was causing the change and amended in the database, cheers though
  7. There is a wider issue that SI are aware about and have logged to be looked at
  8. There is a players file in the first post. You have to make sure you have no other files which add players (like Iniesta etc..) otherwise you'll have duplicates
  9. Thanks! I've managed to do this and it's amended to just one year now, though not the year I was hoping for. 2020 has finished but it has created a 2021 line instead: Am I right in thinking this is because I left the End Year Offset as 1? I need to change this to 0 correct?
  10. Thanks for the reply! So on this one I've already set the start and end dates to within the same calendar year and still getting the same issue:
  11. A second question too please, how do I get the histories to show just one year, and not over two years like below. I have set the season start and end dates within one year so not sure what else I need to do
  12. Can anyone show me where I can change the 'round names'. As you can see below I have a mix of English and French within the round names and I have no idea where I can find how to change it:
  13. Appreciate your work Timo! A must have before any new save for me. is there a list of nations that aren’t included? I can spot Jamaica as one, any plans to add or shall I start without it?
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