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  1. Have Doncaster been taken over by a Chinese consortium?
  2. Thanks to the relaxed Brexit rules on my save, I've just signed this Salvadorian for Leyton Orient, going into League One. Not a bad CB. Question mark on one or two attributes, but should be able to perform well. And this Cameroonian centre midfielder:
  3. Where can I find the code to amend the Competition Screen like the one in the screenshot above? Nice skin btw.
  4. Hi, I'm trying to edit this competition overview screen but I am unable to locate exactly which file I need to edit. I changed the zoom and just wanted to extend the table so I can see the whole thing if that's possible?
  5. Love this! How do you get the title bar to fade out to the right like you have? Skin newbie here
  6. Woz.. amazing skin, I think it's my favourite ever. One question, how do I move the below box? I just want it in line with the stadium picture edge. Managed to move the top bar but I cannot find where to move the second bar:
  7. Hi, I want to be able to set it in game that Forest's stadium The City Ground gets expanded within a few years, how do I do this please? Thanks
  8. Same here. Though even worse I think was in FM14 I had a player come through with the same surname, but wasn’t listed as a favoured person so wasn’t a son
  9. I think I've read that the odds of it happening are around 1 in 10,000, no matter how long you've been at the club. But I could be mistaken
  10. Unbelievable that this hasn't been fixed still
  11. Absolutely love this skin. Be great if the side project of Teal-less continues too though!
  12. Top work mate - it takes as long as it needs to pal, thanks again!
  13. Apparently there is now another issue with verifying databases, so still maybe be broken
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