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  1. Hi, When i run the test on my file (added level 12/13 onto an existing, working and verified file), it keeps giving me the following error for divisions on those levels: I have set all the teams to the competition, as well as selected them in Advanced Rules as first year only (with correct relegation/promotion to/from lower division), but still get the above error. I amended the minimum teams to 10 and test run fine and when I tested in-game, 2 teams from the Medway Leagues joined the Sheppey leagues, whilst two teams from the Sheppey Leagues weren't selected in any league in the 19/20 season. The top 2 Medway league's have reduced to 10 teams per league, with the 3 bottom leagues (1, 2 and 3) still with 11 teams each. When I run for a further season, the promotions/relegations work as expected, but the changes that were made above are still in place. I cannot work out why this is the case, there seems to be no difference to existing rules in place for the higher levels/parent comps. Editor file attached and save uploaded to cloud called "Kent League Test" Kent League 2.fmf
  2. I have this issue too. Don't suppose anyone has found a fix/way around it at all? edit: I've found how to fix this. Double check all your dates that you have added for start and ends are within a correct range i.e. if you want your season to run August 2018 to May 2019, ensure the Stage dates in General are set to July 2018 to June 2019, as an example
  3. Can be deleted - found the issue. In the competitions I hadn't edited to the Level fields for all newly created competitions, so was automatically set to 0 which overrode the Competition details in the Database.
  4. Hi, As the title suggests, I have set divisions at level 12 and 13 to domestic division, as well as their child comps, however when I run test, it keeps coming up with the error 'Division level for Level 12 (1) doesn't match up with competition's position (12th)'. When I check the competitions, they are back to Domestic Top Division. Any ideas please? Thank you
  5. Hi, I've been working away at a created database and want to do the following. Any help you can provide would be hugely appreciated! 1) I have 3 cups which are based on which league you are in. Two cups pull teams from 1 division, but I wish for the best 6 teams to be in one cup and the worst 6 teams in the second cup. Does Get All Teams From Division and seeded by reputation (descending) work for the best teams (with max number of teams pulled as 6), and then doing the same but 'Reverse List' work for the worst? 2) I've read a few threads on here regarding putting losers into a separate cup, but I don't think I fully understand creating stages. I've got the two separate competitions set up (to an extent) in Advanced Rules, I just cannot seem to work out how to get the losers into the second cup 3) Is it possible to select which dates a league plays it's fixtures? The league season is quite short (22 games in one league and 16 in another) but I wish to spread this over September to April - I worry that the fixtures will dry up early leaving a big gap til the cup finals that play in April and May. Thank you
  6. Newcomer to this challenge, will be starting later on. Just a quick question on existing players at the club you join.. Do you keep these on for as long as possible (i.e. able to offer contract) or do you have to offload these as soon as you can?
  7. Can someone confirm if the FA Cup Schedules in the second season? I had an earlier file which I've just realised the FA Cup ran fine in the first season but it didn't schedule in the second season so wondered if that has been fixed now?
  8. - Always remove the Unused Substitute bonus from the contract offer - If playing in a league with a foreign player limit, always go above it and have players who can't play due to having no self-control (give me all the South Americans) - Will always give youth players who may feature a number in the 30's, with high prospects who will get more game time a lower number so that they 'know' I think highly of them - If I receive a bunch of loan offers for good youth players, then I will only accept an offer from a favoured team if there is one, and reject the others, no matter the offer - More often than not make all 3 subs around the 65 minute mark. Usually down to 10 for the last 5 - Never put a GK on bench, and only 1 defender. All attacking positions are covered so I can take all 3 off if need be
  9. South America?? Only joking great work as usual claassen, it's the files I look forward to most every year.
  10. I'm certainly not suggesting that (not that I think your post was directed at me ) and completely understand the reasoning why that shouldn't be the case. My only gripe was that the budget has been this low for every FM I can remember, when in reality this wouldn't be the case. I would still expect the club be able to spend more than a maximum 500k, regardless of player sales, if the manager required a player to do so. I also believe the clubs finances are now secure, as opposed to okay, especially with the change in ownership. I do, however, acknowledge Gripper and Rob's reasoning - I'm sure that there may be wiggle room in Jan if you ask the board. I'll also see what they're like the following summer.
  11. And yet again, zero response from SI regarding this. How anyone can look at the finished results and say they are proud of them is beyond me. So disappointing.
  12. Yep, if this summer has proved one thing, it’s that the owners have money and are prepared to spend it, so disappointed the finances don’t reflect this. Would be interested to see other Championship clubs budgets / finances, and see where we are placed
  13. And Miles tells me on twitter they are much better this year. They’re horrific
  14. I do find it strange that we’ve finally got some money behind us but once again we only have a tiny budget to play with. Understand millions have been spent but I’m sure if a player was to become available to Karanka in January, the owners will fork out more than 500k, regardless of player sales. Seems a little low, considering this is the budget Forest seem to have had for several years in-game now
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