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  1. Player Name: Pooter McGavin Date of Birth: 26 June Position: CB Anywhere in the World Nation to Start: Portugal European Nation to Play for: Scotland
  2. Go into the data and research issues forum changes for the data errors. Mention yourself as one of the staff and if they feel you need to be added they shall. Congratulations.
  3. Actually yet to have Brexit. I shall let you know when it hits though.
  4. Nice start! Currently have a save with Brentford and I'm in my fourth season so I will be following this closely.
  5. @pikawa94 Excellent update again. Club overview screen is brilliant. For the next update would you be able to redo the Stadium overview panel and staff profile screen? Think this would complete it for me. Cheers.
  6. They monitor these forums and read them. All are considered. They won't necessarily reply to them though.
  7. Hi mate, great skin, the best out this year. I am just finding your match in-between highlights panels to see through. Is there any way I can make these so they are not see through? Thanks
  8. Pass maps are now included in the game. On the report you get from your data analyst post game and also on the passing section of the analysis tab?
  9. Really impressed so far by the new game so great job all. My big request is really to add to the new cut scenes which have been added before kick off (i.e warming up, walking out the tunnel). I think these would be great if you could have these when you win a trophy or avoid relegation. A small cut scene to show you lifting the cup or walking round showing it to the fans. Just to give you that bit more satisfaction rather than just an email pop up (or a few tweets). Much the same as if you manage to avoid relegation. A celebration on the pitch (pitch invasions? Unlikely I know). This could also work in the opposite way too. If you lose you see the players looking dejected, sunk to their knees. Just a suggestion to keep the good work going.
  10. Like discovering a best of his generation regen in your youth intake. Fantastic sir.
  11. I use him as an Inside Forward/support on the right. Absolute animal. Goals and assists galore.
  12. Hahaha I was only joking anyway mate. Yeah I have looked into all of that. To be honest the advice I have been given above solves the problem. I was caught between playing a counter attacking and possession game. Not being good enough at one or the other. I've rectified this now by going more possession orientated and trying to dominate.
  13. I have decided that overall I want to play a possession game. I have changed the player roles and formation slightly. GK/D FB/S CD/D CD/C FB/A CM/D RPM/S W/A AP/A IF/S CF/S TI: Retain Possession Play out from defence Currently in pre-season so I'm keeping an eye on how they roles perform. I feel the movement from the front 5 should be a lot better and I'm toying with the idea of roam from position being added. I am a bit worried that I will be left open from counters so that will be another thing to keep an eye on.
  14. I basically want to feed the playmaker in the AM strata. Who gives it wide to the on rushing wingers who deliver a cross into the players breaking into the box. Reading the 2nd reply makes me appear like I want to play more on the counter. Sit deep and break forward quickly. However, I prefer the idea of dominating possession so not to sure of where I am going with it. Maybe I'll try out both. Thanks for the help.
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