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  1. Yeah I got that too, just now. SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE Guessing the update last night may have messed up something.
  2. Yep. I think he's proven many times he's a pretty good manager. Might not be suited to national team manager, seems to enjoy being in the thick of things too much (or what you English folk say).
  3. For all anyone knows you could be world champions now had Big Sam been at the helm (not that I believe that).
  4. Felt like the ref didn't actually want to give it but maybe felt he had to.
  5. Carlos Sanchez against Japan was like 172% then.
  6. It's a sad day for football when that's a penalty, it's a no from me.
  7. Nothing special, with a handful of great games mixed in.
  8. I have to disagree with that, no pen for me.
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