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  1. It's still a fantastic read! The league rep has to be broken, you go up 100+ one season and down 100+ the next then up 100+ again, I can't see any reason for it.
  2. Mike does it again.
  3. The English patient on, and Wilshere too. Milner and Vardy off.
  4. Well that was rather boring, Alves providing the entertainment. Should take off Milner and get on someone more attacking now 11 v 10.
  5. Tbh looked like something we'd try when we were kids, "look what I can do mum".
  6. It does but the ref can't let that one slide.
  7. haaha that's one very red card.
  8. Looks pretty close to an England starting-11 in a couple of weeks?
  9. Isn't Dele Alli in the Euro squad?
  10. Australia looking decent, and now they got Dier up front it's 1-2!
  11. Aussies play, England scores.
  12. Milner on for Wilshere.
  13. I think he will be, maybe not United.
  14. Looking like a good prediction so far.
  15. Been poor, England bothered for the first 8 minutes or so.