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  1. Nordan


    Watching Bones, long time since I watched that. Not great tbh but killing time.
  2. Watched the first episode, really bad dubbing (no emotion or anything, just reading) put me off.
  3. Tennant and Eccleston are my fav docs but I think it's all down to writing, I don't really get 'attached' to actors/roles. The wonder, the mystery...the 'magic'.....gone now. They see the tardis for the first time and it feels like they're hailing a cab. I gave up a few eps into Jodi's run.
  4. Nordan


    Quite good selection on Star tbf, I have watched some of the series though.
  5. Nordan


    Yep, that's coming.
  6. Nordan


    Yeah and I don't think there's an option not to include it.
  7. Nordan


    So tomorrow STAR is added, looking forward to see what's on offer. Selection will probably differ from country to country cos of previous deals with other suppliers.
  8. Norway is sending this guy TIX instead of Keiino (iirc Keiino represented us before, 2019?)
  9. 21 June is the day Boris hopes to take everything back to normal. Seems reasonable, at some point we have to move on.
  10. 7c and raining, snow gone. That's more like it.
  11. We have plenty under the seabed tunnels but I reckon this is in the sea tubes...?
  12. Surely this is something you can all get excited about? Think of everything they can bring in and out from/to EU Ireland with no one's the wiser!
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