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  1. Just do it CL style, 24 best ranked go to the chships and 32 or whatever fight for the other 8 spots in two knockout rounds.
  2. You get to watch Haaland in his natural habitat.
  3. Surely if we have continental and world champs every alternating year something's gotta give.
  4. On behalf of the Norwegian population I salute you and the Italian squad. Thank you. Immobile awful, you should look for someone named Mobile next time.
  5. 32 is a better format than 24, you don't have 3rd placed teams moving around so you need days off after the groups. I prefer 16 though.
  6. England in complete control (couple of scares). Didn't create a lot though, kinda meh for the neutral.
  7. 3-1 up with 10+ minutes to go, they were in full swing planning the final I guess. I know no game is a cert but expectations are there when you're 'big nation'. I don't have to worry about that.
  8. You don't think the French consider this a complete, utter 'disaster'? Holland too probably going out to the Czechs but they weren't favourites beyond a QF.
  9. I said REAL test. There is a difference. Germany not what they used to be but no walkover fwiw. I've already said England seem unstoppable so no, not downplaying the team. This is the first game I'm thinking you could lose.
  10. What? Even the most ardent Inglander has to admit NOT going to the final on that path would be complete, utter failure. No offense
  11. The first real test for Sir Gareth and his men. I honestly have no idea how this'll play out but I hope Italy wins.
  12. I'm done with the penalty fwiw, shame it was so badly executed Schmeichel couldn't deflect it to the side. England were the best team overall anyway.
  13. Why isn't names like 'Matterface' amusing to you guys? WHY??
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