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  1. I just went through a two week international break where I played my last game on the Sunday and next on the Saturday. To get from one match to the other took me 20 minutes of staring blankly at my screen doing absolutely nothing else and 41 (!!!!!!!) clicks of the continue button. I didn't do anything meaningful at all, unless you count a press conference and a tactical briefing as meaningful. You are killing the game with this absolute nonsense that I have to click through constantly. Endless emails, pointless stoppages to look at the social media feed, people seriously do not have time for this. You are going to lose a lot of players unless you sort things out for FM20. The flow of the game is totally broken right now. And I even have the option ticked to have longer processing breaks with fewer stoppages. God knows what would happen if I didn't.
  2. Almost every tactic in that test is using Attacking mentality, maxed out pressing and defensive lines and defend narrower. That's were I'd start if you want to talk about overpowered tactics.
  3. This was the league table from my first season with Sporting. Porto and Benfica got 88 and 81 points IRL last season and are heading for similar this season, so in the game they are both underperforming by about 10-15 points. It's the first season so it's not that they've even had a chance to ruin their squads with awful squad management yet. The AI simply doesn't seem capable of competently managing big clubs which removes any real challenge from the game because the points totals required to win league titles or qualify for the CL are so low. I didn't even do that well myself as 81 points is a fairly low total to win the league in Portugal. Most of my dropped points were against mid table teams, but against Porto and Benfica I got 3 wins and a draw. I don't see the point of continuing the save because where's the challenge or sense of achievement? We're in an era of superclubs dominating and winning multiple consecutive league titles with 100 points but the game can't get close to replicating this. If we have to artificially handicap ourselves to create a challenge what's the point of continuing to play or buy the game?
  4. Your squad is really poor for the 3rd season in the PL, what have you done with all the TV money? It's actually weaker than Fulham's starting squad as you've lost Rico, Cairney Vietto and Schurrle and replaced them with teenagers and Fabio Borini. The game is ultimately about players and yours are bottom 3 standard. It's all good buying wonderkids but your two best players (Arp and Gravenberch) are 20 and 18 in 2020, you need more strength than that. It's still possible to overachieve with that squad but you need to have a clear style of play that suits your players to do it, your tactic is very vanilla with no identity.
  5. If you select Play Out of Defence the UI shortens the passing lengths for anyone in the GK, D and DM strata. Based on that thread, who knows if this is actually correct or something else no one has bothered paying attention to?
  6. Dubravka is Newcastle's best player, both IRL and in the game, and he's better than Horn and Rajkovic at the start of the game.
  7. There's quite a few well know young players with a fair bit of first team experience with high CA but random potentials - Tammy Abraham, Mason Mount, Scott McTominay, Dominic Solanke, Tom Davies, Harvey Barnes, Aaron Wan-Bissaka. All of these have around 130-135 CA but -8 or -75 PA, which if they are unlucky means they won't be able to improve at all. They are all well know enough to have fixed potentials (or higher random). -75 PA is harsh on Solanke in particular, in game the Golden Ball winner at the under 20 World Cup has a good chance of being stuck at 135 CA forever.
  8. This can be seen in the PKM 'Brighton v Coventry Locadia throw in' at around the 45 '10 point in the match, in the first half. Locadia was standing in what would be an offside position in open play. The throw in was taken and Locadia was given offside without any other player touching the ball. Obviously this is not correct, and I couldn't see any other reason why he would be given offside as it was directly from the throw in with no other player touching the ball.
  9. FM tries to predict the future so past (under) performance of English teams in Europe and international competitions is not that relevant. Past results are not a good predictor of future performance. The real life inputs that can be considered by the game are; 6 of the 10 richest clubs in the world are English These 6 clubs have some of the best facilities and coaches in the world Most of the best managers in the world are now in England The bookmaker's favourite to win the Champions League this season is Man City and Liverpool got to the final last season England got to the semi finals of the World Cup with the youngest squad in the tournament England are the World Cup holders at under 17 and under 20 level, which no nation has ever done before England is a large, rich country where football is the national sport Considering all this it would be strange if English clubs didn't do well in Europe.
  10. There are a lot of well known young players who have completely random attributes. Brais Mendez has played nearly 30 times for Celta's first team and has 127 CA and detailed position attributes has no other fixed attributes, which is just bizarre. Apparently a researcher knows him well enough that he's given 12 for MR and 17 for MC, but has no idea how good his dribbling or passing is. Then there are several established players (for example Dani Garcia at Athletic) who have random determination.
  11. All New Calendonians are French citizens, like Christian Karembeu. Unlike Karembeu, it looks like this guy wasn't good enough to play for France so he played for New Caledonia instead then became a manager. Not sure what's funny here, it's a nice example of realism regarding France and its territories.
  12. A penalty taker can't touch the ball again after a penalty has been taken until another player has touched it or the ball has gone out of play. It's not a new rule, it's existed since penalties were invented in 1891.
  13. Those stats are meaningless unless you have gone in the Detail Level settings and changed the Premier League to full detail. As you are Valladolid only La Liga games, Copa del Rey and the later stages of the CL and EL will be in full detail by default and produce accurate statistics.
  14. The reputation of German clubs is questionable. They are generally too high in comparison to clubs in other countries (for example Mainz are higher than PSV, Besiktas and Everton, Gladbach higher than Fiorentina and Ajax, Hamburg higher than Leicester and Celtic, Freiburg higher than Southampton and Sampdoria) And I know nobody likes RB Leipzig, but to make them the lowest rep team in the Bundesliga and below teams like Zorya and Qarabag is a bit much. In previous years German clubs reputation has usually been spot on so it's strange to see them out of place.
  15. I'm sure it's all tactical. Direct/mixed tactics are more effective than possession on FM18, I've seen that myself and on other's saves. It's hard enough for a human to build a possession style that can successfully break down packed defences because of the complexity of the role/duty combinations you have to set up. It's impossible for the AI to do, they just aren't coded that way and the very basic tactical attributes that are set by the researcher and are somehow supposed to define an entire tactical style of an AI manager don't feed into the tactical/match engine properly. They can't even get the 65-70% possession levels that a City or Barcelona have in real life, it's rare you see an AI team averaging more than 55%. And because pressing in FM isn't anywhere near as sophisticated as in reality the high defensive lines that are set by AI Pep/Klopp become suicidal. Then the Mourinho/Simeone style that defends deeper and attacks more directly becomes far more successful than it should be and you end up with Mourinho at United for 20 years winning 18 league titles. FM has a huge amount of work to do to improve this area of the game, at the moment what should be epic battles against really challenging opponents playing in the style of their real life counterparts become too easy. If I'm Huddersfield playing Man City in the first season I should be expecting to lose heavily with less than 30% possession the vast majority of the time. The core of the game should be you challenging yourself against realistically modelled elite managers. But it just doesn't happen. Your direct opponents are faceless shells that are nothing like the real personalities. It's arguably the biggest flaw in the whole game
  16. Every player in FM18 plays like Shoot on Sight is on constantly anyway. Anywhere within 25 yards of goal any player will shoot even with better options available.
  17. Standard, Fluid, shorter passing, close down more 4-4-1-1 GK D WBs CD CD WBs WMa CMs CMd IWs APs DLFs You could possibly move the CMs to DMs and add another Ti or two and some PIs. And you need lots of good technical players with high teamwork and work rate.
  18. There are at least five roles already in the game you could describe as a holding midfielder. It is genuinely incredible that you don't already know this.
  19. The role suitability green circle is completely useless, seem to do more harm than good, and should be ignored totally. Just look at the players attributes as they are the only things that count.
  20. When your aim is dominating possession first then scoring goals and winning games second this is what happens. Possession should be byproduct of winning games not the main objective. And possession in FM is calculated differently to the Opta stats so comparing those is pointless.
  21. Last season Arsenal lost 1 out of 22 games between 20th August and 13th December, which was an EFL Cup game. Just saying.
  22. It's 177, so he has 9 points to grow into which is reasonable for a 24 year old. There are only 5 players at the start of the game with more than 179 CA, two of the best players of all time, one of the best goalkeepers of all time, the most expensive player of all time (and Luis Suarez). I've always liked him and knew after that first 20 goal season that he was going be good but Kane is not on that level.
  23. Only 9 strikers start the game with a higher CA than Kane and most of them have rightly better physicals which eat a lot of CA. He's also got the PA to grow to be better or at least as good as 6 of them. He's got good hidden attributes too. If he's not performing it's down to bad AI management and the fact that strikers without high pace and acceleration can struggle in the ME.
  24. The highlights aren't the problem, the number of offsides is. The real life average is 4 per game, in FM it's about 8-10. There are usually several players with close to or more than 100 offsides a season in FM, IRL Harry Kane has the most in the PL with 21 after 17 games
  25. There are still some really annoying and quite basic issues that started in FM16 and have not been fixed. 1. English Premier League fixtures - most teams are playing 4 consecutive home or away games in December. Seems small but 4 consecutive away games can mess up a season. It's also simply not realistic and not an issue that should be in a supposed simulation. Even if licensing prevents using the real fixtures it is really not difficult to have a correct schedule of home and away games. This is absolute basic stuff and affects some other leagues too. 2. There are about twice as many offsides as there should be. Players with the likes to beat offside trap trait can be caught offside 7 or 8 times in one game. And then you compound it by making us watch every single one on comprehensive highlights to the point where more than half of the highlights in some games are offsides. 3. The number of crosses aimed at the goal that the keeper ends up saving (or end up in the net) is silly. Inaccurate crosses should be overhit more or be defended by the first defender much more regularly than they are now, not hit straight at goal. 4. Support duty strikers should be dropping deeper when defending. I don't need them on the edge of my own box like some people would have, but they at least need to be deeper than attack duty strikers. It also affects transitions in to attack because they are often too high up the pitch to receive the ball. They used to drop much deeper on FM15 and earlier but for some reason this was changed. I don't expect any of these things to change by the release of the game or even by FM19 because they've been this way for 3 versions of the game now and I can only assume are intended to be like this. Speaks volumes of how badly the game has lost it's way in the last few years.
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