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  1. All this trait does is allow the player to operate independently of the tempo set in team instructions. It's about the player's individual ability to judge what tempo is required in certain situations, having multiple players with it is neither a good or bad thing.
  2. How does this make sense? Was any serious thought given to gestures at all or they just a gimmick and a pointless replacement for tone?
  3. Inter have a club culture set of signing Italian players. 8 of 26 players in their first team squad are Italian and the whole reason the club exists and broke away from AC Milan is because they wanted to sign foreign players, it is literally the name of the club. Just absolutely bizarre.
  4. Playing as Newcastle in the attached PKM. After Wilson scores on 81 minutes I go straight away to make a substitution, but change my mind a few times between taking off Shelvey or Saint Maximin and hit undo and edit tactics a few times before the match kicked off again and the change happened. It then seemed to substitute both players (they appeared as subbed with Longstaff and Ritchie on the team formation tablet view), even though I'd already used two subs (in a Premier League game). This seemed to break the game and the rest of the match played out with no highlights at all on Comprehensive
  5. https://www.premierleague.com/news/1922063 lol at all the people in this thread whining about the Brexit rules in their game that are in some cases actually less strict than what is actually to be implemented IRL from January 1st. Get used to it, this is how it will be managing in Britain from now on. Even worse were the people claiming SI were making it all up, when what is currently in the game is based on the information they get from contacts across the football industry and what has been public in the media for years now. Seems like they were proven right after all
  6. Why would it be a bug? He's 67 and wants an easier job, not many managers take on a new job at that age.
  7. An xG of 1.0 is a tap in from 1 yard or less with no defenders or goalkeeper nearby, 0.31 for that shot is right (about a 1 in 3 chance of scoring)
  8. This really needs to be brought back ASAP, it's pretty much essential to watch games properly. In fact I can't believe it has been taken out.
  9. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I believe every highlight of anything in FM starts from a dead ball as it's a natural place to start it from? And there are 40-50 throw ins per game in real life, more than every other dead ball situation put together? Making this possibly the most stupid complaint ever made in this forum, which is saying something.
  10. I just made a Usain Bolt in the editor and his CA with all physical attributes at 20 and all others at 1 would be 40, which is an decent player in the ninth or tenth tier in England
  11. It's interesting that in this thread there's a lot of people complaining that the game is too complex and difficult, and then there's another thread with players claiming it is too easy. Suggests that SI have managed to make the game the worst of all worlds, with it being too complex for newer or more casual players and too easy for veterans. To solve this they probably need to go all out with having two completely different versions of the game and selling and marketing these separately, promoting FM Touch as a true successor to the old CM games that people grew up with and making it accessib
  12. I'm just about to start my second season with Brescia, we were able to finish 8th in the first season. Balotelli and Donnarumma scored 30 goals between them in a 4-4-2 and obviously Sandro Tonali was incredible, getting 12 assists and an average rating of 7.33. This meant that Liverpool came for him in January 2020, and with his contract running out in 2021 and wage demands over £100k a week I couldn't keep him, but was able to get £55m and a loan back for the rest of the season. My transfers in so far have been almost all cheap, young and Italian, I'm saving most of the Tonali money for
  13. I've just finished my first season with Koln, we managed to finish 4th after being predicted 13th. This was largely thanks to Cordoba and Terrode banging in loads of goals - 37 in 61 appearances between them in a counter attacking 442. I also got to the semi finals of the cup but was knocked out by Schalke. The board has only given me £11m to spend for the Champions League challenge even after only signing Cuisance on loan last season and there's not really anyone I would want or be able to sell for big money, so we will likely only be signing a handful of rotation players to fill out the
  14. The general lack of goals is really bizarre. I'm just over halfway through a season in the Bundesliga and the average goals per game is 2.25. Last season the goals per game in the Bundesliga was 3.18, so we're down nearly a goal a game. It's so utterly boring, I can live with bugs but boredom is worst of all.
  15. He wasn't playing in the league so the games aren't simulated by the ME. But any excuse for another pointless moan.
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