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  1. It looks like the editor has been updated since these tweets were posted to remove the ability to see a nation's ratings for these personality attributes, as I can't see them there any more and I've looked through them before. Someone at SI realised how embarrassing it was. A lot of the analysis on the players is flawed (e.g. doesn't taken into account the players who have a 0 set for a random attribute) but it wouldn't be surprising if there was subconscious racism in the way players are assessed because there is in real football. According to some commentators every black player is a powerful beast that relies on their physicality to make up for their lack of intelligence, every black midfielder is the new Patrick Vieira, Naby Keita and Ngolo Kante are very similar players because they are small and black despite having totally different styles and skills etc.
  2. Why shouldn't English teams be dominant? Did no one notice the four English teams in the finals of the European competitions last season? Or the fact that the top 3 managers in the world are in England and other big clubs have absolute mediocrities like Kovac and Valverde? There's only 5 other teams in Europe that can compete financially with the English top 6, two of them are carried by the two best players of all time who are 32 and 34 and in FM start declining quite quickly, PSG and Bayern are increasingly struggling to attract and retain the top players (see this summer, their signings are uninspiring and Neymar wants out) because their leagues are noncompetitive and have no global appeal. It's irrelevant that the Spanish teams dominated IRL in previous years, FM is trying to predict the future not the past and the future is English domination until other countries can bring their leagues up to standard.
  3. Too many matches end up horrendous borefests because the AI is so overly defensive. It's a shame because when they do actually go on the attack the ME can look very good. Case in point the last match I played, I'm Gladbach away to Hertha in the fourth game of the first season, so no time for form or reputation changes. Hertha are slightly lower rep than us but play the entire match in a defensive 4-1-4-1, attempting 4 shots at goal with 85% pass completion because their CBs and DM spent the whole game passing to each other despite me trying my best to press and even changing to 4-2-3-1 just to try to win the ball back. I shut the game down because I cannot be bothered wasting my time watching **** like this anymore.
  4. Why would you play one of the world's best strikers and by far your best player in midfield? An AM on support is very much a midfielder and playmaker roles go looking for the ball which means they will drop even deeper. Sorry but basic common sense says play him as a support striker where he will play between midfield and the other striker and stop trying to force something to work that isn't intended.
  5. Focusing all of your build up play through your centre backs and Fred is going to make your team look very much like the real life Man Utd (not good). Playing out of defence and your goalkeeper distributing to centre backs sounds nice, but it's Jones and Smalling, they literally have the ball playing ability of your average League 2 or even Conference CB. Vision 3 and 5, Composure 10 and 11, Passing 7 and 13 and Decisions 12 is a recipe for disaster when your asking them to construct all your build up play. Bailly and Rojo are just as bad, so only Lindelof is capable of doing what you ask. Fred isn't bad but he's not an outstanding creator, he's not going to play like Pirlo in that position. So you either need to buy a whole new set of centre backs or think of a different way of playing, probably one that is more direct and gets the ball to your fast strikers in space more quickly and uses the physical power of your team better, which is United's only real strength.
  6. Most of the striker roles have Move into Channels locked in for some reason, which is what he is doing
  7. I just went through a two week international break where I played my last game on the Sunday and next on the Saturday. To get from one match to the other took me 20 minutes of staring blankly at my screen doing absolutely nothing else and 41 (!!!!!!!) clicks of the continue button. I didn't do anything meaningful at all, unless you count a press conference and a tactical briefing as meaningful. You are killing the game with this absolute nonsense that I have to click through constantly. Endless emails, pointless stoppages to look at the social media feed, people seriously do not have time for this. You are going to lose a lot of players unless you sort things out for FM20. The flow of the game is totally broken right now. And I even have the option ticked to have longer processing breaks with fewer stoppages. God knows what would happen if I didn't.
  8. Almost every tactic in that test is using Attacking mentality, maxed out pressing and defensive lines and defend narrower. That's were I'd start if you want to talk about overpowered tactics.
  9. This was the league table from my first season with Sporting. Porto and Benfica got 88 and 81 points IRL last season and are heading for similar this season, so in the game they are both underperforming by about 10-15 points. It's the first season so it's not that they've even had a chance to ruin their squads with awful squad management yet. The AI simply doesn't seem capable of competently managing big clubs which removes any real challenge from the game because the points totals required to win league titles or qualify for the CL are so low. I didn't even do that well myself as 81 points is a fairly low total to win the league in Portugal. Most of my dropped points were against mid table teams, but against Porto and Benfica I got 3 wins and a draw. I don't see the point of continuing the save because where's the challenge or sense of achievement? We're in an era of superclubs dominating and winning multiple consecutive league titles with 100 points but the game can't get close to replicating this. If we have to artificially handicap ourselves to create a challenge what's the point of continuing to play or buy the game?
  10. Your squad is really poor for the 3rd season in the PL, what have you done with all the TV money? It's actually weaker than Fulham's starting squad as you've lost Rico, Cairney Vietto and Schurrle and replaced them with teenagers and Fabio Borini. The game is ultimately about players and yours are bottom 3 standard. It's all good buying wonderkids but your two best players (Arp and Gravenberch) are 20 and 18 in 2020, you need more strength than that. It's still possible to overachieve with that squad but you need to have a clear style of play that suits your players to do it, your tactic is very vanilla with no identity.
  11. If you select Play Out of Defence the UI shortens the passing lengths for anyone in the GK, D and DM strata. Based on that thread, who knows if this is actually correct or something else no one has bothered paying attention to?
  12. Dubravka is Newcastle's best player, both IRL and in the game, and he's better than Horn and Rajkovic at the start of the game.
  13. There's quite a few well know young players with a fair bit of first team experience with high CA but random potentials - Tammy Abraham, Mason Mount, Scott McTominay, Dominic Solanke, Tom Davies, Harvey Barnes, Aaron Wan-Bissaka. All of these have around 130-135 CA but -8 or -75 PA, which if they are unlucky means they won't be able to improve at all. They are all well know enough to have fixed potentials (or higher random). -75 PA is harsh on Solanke in particular, in game the Golden Ball winner at the under 20 World Cup has a good chance of being stuck at 135 CA forever.
  14. This can be seen in the PKM 'Brighton v Coventry Locadia throw in' at around the 45 '10 point in the match, in the first half. Locadia was standing in what would be an offside position in open play. The throw in was taken and Locadia was given offside without any other player touching the ball. Obviously this is not correct, and I couldn't see any other reason why he would be given offside as it was directly from the throw in with no other player touching the ball.
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