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  1. I've just finished my first season with Koln, we managed to finish 4th after being predicted 13th. This was largely thanks to Cordoba and Terrode banging in loads of goals - 37 in 61 appearances between them in a counter attacking 442. I also got to the semi finals of the cup but was knocked out by Schalke. The board has only given me £11m to spend for the Champions League challenge even after only signing Cuisance on loan last season and there's not really anyone I would want or be able to sell for big money, so we will likely only be signing a handful of rotation players to fill out the squad.
  2. The general lack of goals is really bizarre. I'm just over halfway through a season in the Bundesliga and the average goals per game is 2.25. Last season the goals per game in the Bundesliga was 3.18, so we're down nearly a goal a game. It's so utterly boring, I can live with bugs but boredom is worst of all.
  3. He wasn't playing in the league so the games aren't simulated by the ME. But any excuse for another pointless moan.
  4. If you are losing 7 games in a row after doing well most of the season the problem probably isn't tactical, it's managing morale and motivation through team talks, press conferences, player chats, team meetings when you lose a game or two. The problem I see many people have is that they get obsessed with the tactical side of the game at the expense of the rest of it. If you are Bologna then finishing in the top half in the first season is an excellent result, they are predicted 15th I think. Unless you are using a game breaking tactic or signing a whole new squad of cheap wonderkids in the first two transfer windows (which you are not doing) you are never going to finish any higher than about 7th. If you manage morale and motivation better in those 7 games you maybe get 7-10 extra points, which I'm guessing moves you well into the top half from 12th. So my advice is stop obsessing over the tactical minutiae which may not make any difference anyway and look after the rest of the game because tactically you're fine.
  5. MIlan look a bit more difficult to manage in the update, a few of their players have been downgraded and Piatek and Suso (two of the most overrated players in the game) have gone. You do have a very slow Zlatan though.
  6. They actually lost a league game? Clearly a bug, they are way underperforming compared to real life.
  7. Playing the beta, it's just astonishing how defensively minded the AI is and how bad they are at creating anything. I've just won the title with Independiente in Argentina in the first season, I've conceded 8 goals in 21 games with just 2 in the last 14. I'm not even really paying much attention when playing and using a very simple tactic. Even when playing good teams with similar reputations they never seem to go above Cautious mentality so each match is just waiting for my mediocre BBM to score from the edge of the box (he's the league's top scorer with 12 goals in 18 starts). I have never been so bored playing FM. I'd prefer a buggy mess to this, at least it might be fun to watch.
  8. I think Stuart Webber's role at Norwich in game would be better reflected as director of football and not technical director.
  9. I think you've got the transfer values set in the database completely wrong. For example, you can sign Exequiel Palacios for around £4m in January 2020, he's just agreed a move to Bayer Leverkusen IRL for £20m. Other wonderkids like Thiago Almada can be signed for even less, but transfermarkt.com (good source) lists his market value as £18m. I mean it's great that we can sign wonderkids for nothing, but rather gamebreaking and unrealistic. Looking at the database, the value for a player of 131-140 reputation in Argentina is only £3m, but Nahitan Nandez who has 132 CA moved to Cagliari for £15m this summer. Compared to Brazil, the values set for Argentina are far lower above 130 reputation.
  10. Can anyone beat 11 clear cut and 5 half chances in a game, almost all of them from long passes for King and Wilson to chase. At least I actually scored some of them, though the goals from Ake and Danjuma were from a corner and cross and not counted as chances. 5 goals from 16 chances though, decent conversion rate for FM20. And poor Lewis Cook, 10 key passes and 8 chances created but only two assists. Must be my tactics.
  11. I don't see what the issue really is here? The shooter is inside the six yard box and his team mates are 10 yards behind him, not square, and there is a defender in the way. You would always expect a player to shoot there.
  12. I would play Fabio as a DLF - S and Haaland PF - A. They suit those roles and it's a simple and complementary combination that should fit most styles of play. They are both such good players that they should destroy the Portuguese league, but I would expect that Haaland would score more goals while Fabio is more creative.
  13. Is it only me or are club nicknames not visible on their profiles or anywhere in game?
  14. I think it is worth emphasizing how bad the attribute bug is, so I'm going to spell it out. It ruins the lower levels where most attributes are randomly set. Most players will have 1 for all personality and hidden attributes Many wonderkids are now useless. Referees in most leagues are broken because they either have 1 or 20 for discipline attributes which affects cards and penalties. Any fix will not be save game compatible. Basically don't start a new save until is a fix.
  15. This doesn't just affect young players, it affects anyone that doesn't have the attribute fixed in the database. So a lot of well known players in Spain like Mario Hermoso, Junior Firpo and Borja Iglesias have very low determination because the researcher hasn't bothered setting it. I'm guessing it also affects hidden personality attributes as well, so you have a lot of players starting the game with all round terrible personalities.
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