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  1. Very useful information about the insights of youth development. Thanks @Seb Wassell !
  2. Thanks guys for your feedback @llama3 @dily His almost every important attribute is equal or higher than 15, so I have wondered his contribution to the game.
  3. Hi guys, Hope you are enjoying with your careers. I do wonder how do you play Iwobi (since he can play almost everywhere in the forward) and his performance. Can you share your experiences?
  4. I think only a couple of players may provide performance close to Ronaldo. I can recommend players below even though they are not very similar to Ronaldo in terms of style of football. Philippe Coutinho - one of the best Inside Forwards in the game imo Anthony Martial Gabriel Jesus (has huge potential)
  5. Great job! Can you share his profile? Would like to see his development.
  6. Cool, do you use reverse foot IF method (which is based on playing right-foot inside forwards on the left side, and similarly playing left-foot inside forwards on the right side) or not?
  7. I will retrain him as a striker after retraining as MR. I completely agree with you, he has all the required attributes to be a good striker except his finishing. Hopefully, with an individual focus on it, his finishing and composure improve a lot. I mainly play him as AMR (with Winger role) for his first season for my Man City did well. But I expect a lot more from him for the coming seasons.
  8. Could you share Mbappe's first season statistic as a striker? I wonder his performance, even his first season.
  9. He is the exact definition of complete forward I think. In my save, he has simply rocked the Eredivisie then I have signed him for my side - Manchester City. p.s. His profile is upgraded after the January transfer update - 17.3.0.
  10. Thanks everyone for their valuable contributions. Not that I am aware of @Rashidi, it is always good to hear some insights from the match engine Good idea @rich10 , will try it
  11. that's good, thanks for your feedback
  12. Hi guys, I'd like to learn your experiences about the PI "roam from position". I only give this flexibility to my playmakers (who play for central positions) who are good enough to play in wide areas too. How do you use this PI? On what kind of players do you use it?
  13. Really it would be a nice, enjoyable experience to start a career with these wonderkids (ie. Lemar, Silva, Mbappe, etc) but just wonder do they become unhappy/unsettled when the offers from top clubs such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, Arsenal are rejected?
  14. Can you share your tactic in order to give us a chance to make recommendations?
  15. Looks an interesting tactic, Can I learn your specific reason of using False Nines instead of Inside Forward Wingers which would still fit for both Martial and Rashford?