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  1. Press conferences, team talks, and player interactions are the stuff that every manager has to cope with. So I think it should be in the game (full-flat one); but of course, as every single aspect of the game, it may be improved in terms of AI and variety of questions/interactions. To be fair, it is improving year after year as well as other mechanics of the game. On the other hand, these things quiet depend on the improvement of technology. While making something more complex, it becomes harder to keep it consistent especially when the number of the features that affect the learning of machine is increased.
  2. First of all, welcome here I have added just a couple of ideas that hopefully help you to get the best out of Messi but of course keep in mind that he will need time to settle in a new country: AMR with Advanced Playmaker role AMC with Attacking Midfielder role
  3. Agree with the former but not the latter - if you mean 'playmaker' by number 10. The 'playmaker' roles (wide and advanced playmakers) are already available for wingers.
  4. Yeah, I agree with @FrazT , as long as the promises are not directly related to them, they can be excluded or be replaced with other individual clauses.
  5. After I have experienced that, I highly doubt the effectiveness of my assistant manager's feedback despite he is a top assistant manager in term of his attributes.
  6. talhak

    New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Interesting, not that I was aware of.. What about GPU usage? As far as I know, GPU is also used outside of the matches too. But the game process surely is handled through CPU.
  7. talhak

    No biography?

    Yeah, as you also said, most cleaning programs do regularly delete the files and folders which are marked as "temporary" by the operating system. Even operating systems provide their own solutions for that. So even though it may improve the information retrieval performance in term of elapsed time, it may cause side effects. Actually, me too commonly use cleaning programs, and have not experienced any problems.
  8. talhak

    No biography?

    Are they stored in a temp folder? Not that I am aware of.. If so, is it for caching to increase the I/O performance?
  9. talhak

    [ENGLAND] (Official) Liverpool Data Issues

    Not at all my friend, the more accurate data, the more reality.
  10. Thanks @FrazT, I remember those tooltips. @vortexbased has shared a list of them here in the forums. According to that list, here is the peak stage of each position:
  11. According to your experiences, when does a player generally reach his peak in terms of PA and market value if he is good enough and everything goes well for him (which covers being professional, playing regularly, not getting injured too much, training in top facilities with great coaches, etc)? As we all know, physical development ends early compared to mental development which requires match experience and ageing as well. From my experiences, market value generally peaks 19-23 for high potential players aka wonderkids. Technical development does not have clear limits compared to physical and mental development. Would like to hear your experiences. Have a nice Sunday.
  12. talhak

    Favourite players so far in FM18

    My favorite players for FM18 are as follows: Arthur Leon Bailey Kai Havertz Trent Alexander-Arnold Anthony Martial Patrick Cutrone Kingsley Coman Mickaël Cuisance Matthijs de Ligt Wilfred Ndidi
  13. talhak

    season 5+ Player screenshot request

    Wow, Carlos Elena has significantly developed - to be honest, better than I have expected.
  14. talhak

    FM18: Liverpool FC - Pace Abuse

    Would like to see the developments of Woodburn & Brewster. 👍