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  1. Unfortunately, this issue still continues for me despite I have set V-sync to "fast", and prevent me to continue playing. p.s. GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070
  2. I'd like to say "yes" but unfortunately this setting does not affect the game resolution and also the new driver did not reduce the lags - at least for me.
  3. With the latest update, GeForce Experience provides a large number of resolution options despite that in-game preferences do not list them.
  4. Thanks for your feedback, but could not see any info about FM optimization. The official "What's new" documentation says the update brings optimization for PlayerUnknown's Battleground. Maybe @Jack Joyce may enlight us.
  5. When I lowered my desktop resolution to FHD, I have still experienced lags. Also, I always get 55-60 FPS during the matches on the highest quality level. Hence there must not be any performance issues at all.
  6. No mate, I experience general/mixed lags during 3D match view. No lags for calendar, etc. My configuration is GeForce GTX 1070 on a 4K display. According to GeForce Experience, the optimal setting refers to the highest quality:
  7. Jack, thanks for your feedback & sincere efforts which are much appreciated. Do these tests & optimisations include high-end gaming notebooks who have 4K displays?
  8. Nothing was changed for me despite I have used the settings recommended by GeForce Experience. Actually, it is what expected since nor the game neither the GeForce driver was updated.
  9. Thanks Jack, please keep in touch as much as possible. As you have predicted, nothing has dramatically changed for me. Cheers.
  10. Thanks for the update, Jack, great news. I trust SI, as have been trusting for 15 years. p.s. I have already shared the files you demand from us. If you need more or a recent one, let me know always. Cheers.
  11. Thanks @kad38 for your proposed solution, but I agree with @thomas.rae@hotmail.com and will be waiting for the solution proposed by SI & nVIDIA. I do not think that FM18 will not be supported by GeForce Experience which supports FM series since 2013. @Jack Joyce @Nic Madden
  12. That is really interesting, could you please share which GPUs and display resolutions do you use, Jack?
  13. As far as I remember, the default value for v-sync is already "on".
  14. talhak

    Nvidia lag solution that worked for me

    I have just updated, nothing is changed. Also, Nvidia has not released the optimization through the GeForce Experience for FM18 yet. Hope it will bring what we need.
  15. The solution @bartdude has shared did not work for me. I use a laptop, my GPU is GTX 1070. No option like "fast" for the v-sync setting. I have turned it off as it is suggested by someone here, still nothing is changed.