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    A long-term FM fan, software engineer, Ph.D. who sees programming as a great way of easing daily routine. Likes watching football matches, playing FM (not worth to mention), and having time with my notebook.


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  1. And I think surely the staff's ability to scouting player's potential as well?
  2. It is a part of football managers' life (so do FM), no need to worry!
  3. I don't think it will be visible in the release version; something due to WIP.
  4. From my experience with the FHD resolution, I can say that 100% zoom works better than any other options. And obviously don't recommend lowering the resolution. Enjoy!
  5. So I recommend you to check up your PC. You may check your drivers, make sure they are all up-to-date. Be sure no virus/trojan consumes your PC's computational power. Check the running processes on the operating system, look if there is an odd process.
  6. It is odd unless you load lots and lots of leagues. So, how many leagues do you load, and from what number of countries?
  7. Here it is! Between could find FM20 on Steam yet. Any ideas about that? @JimmyWong
  8. In that case, do not expect automatic scouting pool assignments. @godzilu
  9. You can select the staff who will be responsible for scout assignments from the Staff Responsibilities (Staff->Responsibilities) screen.
  10. Director is the default 3D camera view, With all respect to your idea, I doubt it will be removed as there should be a great reason for it being the default option. And tbh, as an example, I very much enjoy with the Director camera and watch replays using Behind the Goal camera. So, I do not see a reason why an implemented feature (yet the default option) will be dropped. At least, they offer alternatives for other 1M+ users which is good even if you do not like them. @Cadoni
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