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  1. As far as I remember, the default value for v-sync is already "on".
  2. Nvidia lag solution that worked for me

    I have just updated, nothing is changed. Also, Nvidia has not released the optimization through the GeForce Experience for FM18 yet. Hope it will bring what we need.
  3. The solution @bartdude has shared did not work for me. I use a laptop, my GPU is GTX 1070. No option like "fast" for the v-sync setting. I have turned it off as it is suggested by someone here, still nothing is changed.
  4. Nvidia lag solution that worked for me

    Not worked for me for GTX 1070. There is no option like "fast" for the v-sync, so I have turned off it. Still there are lags in 3D match view. Edit: Using laptop.
  5. @barisprovince @HOTBULLETOWEN I do not know the exact reason. My screen resolution is UHD (3840 x 2160), maybe this might be the reason but there is no option to select the in-game resolution this year. So, despite having a high-end graphics card, I am not able to watch the game smoothly, so no fun for me anymore.
  6. Graphics Card: GTX 1070 - 8GB RAM CPU: Intel i7-7700HQ Dxdiag: (attached) Graphics Config: (attached) Additional info: My GPU is rated 3 stars. 3D match view does not run smoothly even on lower graphics detail levels. I think it should be enough to run 3D smoothly even on highest detail level as my laptop is a brand-new high-end gaming laptop. DxDiag.txt graphics config.log
  7. Hey guys, What would be your recommendations to get the best of a number 10 for 4-2-3-1? I want my #10 to be the brain of the team who comes deep to get the ball, run with the ball when necessary, and creates all attacks? Which TI & PT (aka PI) do you recommend? He does not need to defend, his only duty is attack. Which role & duty suit best for that kind of player? Advanced playmaker? But it does limit shooting more often. But as far as I know, this role is necessary if the ball is going to be delivered to him by his teammates. Also, I want him to be in the box for the changes created by crosses. Would like to discuss with you. Thanks, Cheers.
  8. I can only recommend closing all the unnecessary background apps & services as many as possible. And of course, check your PC to ensure it is virus-free. Finally, be sure to disable startups of unnecessary applications.
  9. 14 for all the mentioned attributes is not bad imo. So I believe @Cleon , @Seb Wassell, @MrPompey , @PMLF may help further to you. Cheers.
  10. Close down more with a pacey forward. And also use tight marking. I suppose the work rate of the player is important. This is what I prefer to prevent short GK distribution.
  11. From my experience loan is useful if only the player plays regularly and the training facilities of the club are good enough.
  12. New Forum Software?

    Any way to sort the posts through the like count? Would be useful for the huge topics to find out the most useful posts easily. @Neil Brock
  13. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Is it also rated similarly (5 stars) in the preferences?
  14. I think it should have great impact hence it directly affects the communication with players. Without being able to speak with the squad comfortably, how will the coach teach something to them.
  15. Right click the Start icon, then select Event Viewer. On the left menu, select Windows Logs -> System. Check if there are any Errors/Warnings related to the restart time.