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  1. So, any ideas regarding how to get the best out of him when managing Dortmund & keeping Haaland in the line-up (which surely makes sense )? Your feedback is appreciated guys. Let's discuss.
  2. The 'decision making' algorithm is very simple I think: 1. If you always pre-order the game since you believe SI always deliver (which is the case for me and some others here as well), you may pre-order from the day 1. Be happy, wait for the Beta, and stay safe. 2. If the teaser that shows some of the features of FM21 is enough for you (which is the case for many in the social media), then you may pre-order the game as well. Be happy, wait for the Beta, and stay safe. 3. If you want to see more feature reveals to be sure, which always happen prior to the Beta release, then wait
  3. This one looks like captured from a lower video quality. Actually, the grass does have texture as you can see the HQ version of a capture from the Feature Reveals video below. Also, we have no information regarding the graphics detail level of the capture of 3D match view available in the Feature Reveals video.
  4. I tend to sign wonderkids, train them with a close attention (individual training and mentoring are key here), get the best out of them until 25. During this time (especially in the last a few years), I do sign another wonderkid to make him ready to replace him when the day comes. Finally, I sell my star player for a great money as I do love playing with a young squad.
  5. Szoboszlai had always been amazing for the clubs I've managed on FM20. He scores from long range for fun.
  6. I'd prefer Sebastiano Esposito as he had always been incredible for me for any clubs that I've managed on FM20.
  7. For the last years, the Betas were quite stable & well-polished thanks to the exhaustive testing.
  8. @Smurf Isn't there a website that lists the GPUs with the graphics level details for FM? As I know, there exist such websites for many other games, hence asking.
  9. Hey everyone, I'd like to ask what is the maximum graphics detail level (without any lags on 3D match view) for FM20 on MacBook Pro 13" and 16" (e.g. AMD Radeon Pro 5300M)? Could you, MacBook Pro owners, enlighten me? Thanks in advance.
  10. Yes, they even demonstrated how the Office works on an Apple Silicon Mac during the WWDC 2020:
  11. As always (since its debut), pre-order was completed. To be honest, I'd expect the release date to be a couple of weeks later than what it's, so very happy, congratulations SI! Now, eagerly waiting for the new features & improvements! And, yes, I love the default skins of last years, purple is great!
  12. As the title clearly describes, I want to swap a club's home and away kits (so including the main colors that represent the club). Is there a quick way for this?
  13. I'm always interested in youngsters when looking for transfers or teams to manage. So, top 3 of mine are: Alphonso Davies: Had an amazing season, has already become a world class left-back at the age of 19. Rodrygo: Well fitted to the Real Madrid, had his chances as well amongst many great players. Christian Pulisic: Had a really great season, especially after the break. What about yours?
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