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  1. I can only recommend closing all the unnecessary background apps & services as many as possible. And of course, check your PC to ensure it is virus-free. Finally, be sure to disable startups of unnecessary applications.
  2. 14 for all the mentioned attributes is not bad imo. So I believe @Cleon , @Seb Wassell, @MrPompey , @PMLF may help further to you. Cheers.
  3. Close down more with a pacey forward. And also use tight marking. I suppose the work rate of the player is important. This is what I prefer to prevent short GK distribution.
  4. From my experience loan is useful if only the player plays regularly and the training facilities of the club are good enough.
  5. Any way to sort the posts through the like count? Would be useful for the huge topics to find out the most useful posts easily. @Neil Brock
  6. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Is it also rated similarly (5 stars) in the preferences?
  7. I think it should have great impact hence it directly affects the communication with players. Without being able to speak with the squad comfortably, how will the coach teach something to them.
  8. Right click the Start icon, then select Event Viewer. On the left menu, select Windows Logs -> System. Check if there are any Errors/Warnings related to the restart time.
  9. Be sure the folder C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\Documents\ is not protected and is writable. Check its permissions from File->Right click->Properties->Security.
  10. There are some both free & commercial software to recover deleted files, you should give them try. Also, maybe you may return to an old backup (system restore point) if system protection is enabled.
  11. I'd like to see the rating & more information about for each the each candidate club such as "giving chance to youths, the expected success level of cooperation", etc.
  12. +1 from me too, great idea @MrPompey. I always believe if any a feature is included in the game, it means it must be improved year by year. I always play with the in-game sound in order to feel the atmosphere of the match. Otherwise, in my see, the game would become a "play the game, next game, another one" without the feeling of being a manager whose actions or success are appreciated by the crowd.
  13. pre-order is completed as always with pleasure! Now waiting impatiently to play the game!
  14. Great CM but no flair

    Flair is not a must attribute for a central midfielder I think; especially when it is used with defend (D) and support (S) roles.
  15. Aside from training, you should have the right staff (i.e. fitness coaches, physios, sports scientists) in order to be away from injuries.