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  1. The settings are as follows. I also have the half-star issue, but didn't get stuck on it much since it is only a suggestion. Also, the blur is mostly taken care of when retina display is unticked (then the blur is gone but all text and also 3D matches are somewhat pixellated due to non-retina), which makes me think this is unrelated to the half-star. That wouldn't lead to "blurring" anyway to my knowledge.
  2. Tried with both, unfortunately neither running on discrete or integrated didn't fix the issue.
  3. Hello, I had posted this under beta bugs but now the post seems to be gone for some reason, so I am resubmitting this since the problem is persisting in the full version. I am playing the game with Retina Display on, however while most graphics and all text is in retina resolution, the match itself is very blurry. A similar issue was present in FM 2016 too, but we were able to work around it through ticking retina display off, changing resolution and zooming. Now, I am not able to do that since the game only allows native resolution. Either way, I have no idea why the 3D matches are blurry while everything else works well in retina. Here are the screenshots, and I can send the system report file too, if needed:
  4. It's set at Low - tried with both Very Low/Medium settings as well, without a significant difference. I ran all these settings with FM2016 as well, and even with Very Low setting no such blurring occured (given that I used the change resolution & zoom trick) - as you can see in the screenshot, the match is absurdly pixellated.
  5. I am having this issue with my Mac that when in the in-game menu etc., all graphics are displayed in retina with no problem. However, when in a 3D match, while the texts etc. are still in retina, the game itself runs in a blurry resolution. In FM 2016, we were able to workaround this to ticking off retina display, and then selecting a different resolution and 200% zoom. Now, I cannot seem to be able to do that. How do I fix this?
  6. Yes, I did try both, without any success. I normally run with high graphics quality and cpu assisted without any problems, but changing them didn't solve the issue either. Also, sorry about the confusion, but I updated the post with my new account in the following link, along with screenshots: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/455441-16-3-Retina-Display-Issue Feel free to merge this thread with the other one, and sorry about the double-posting.
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