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  1. My issue I assume is similar to the general match engine lag issues, but has a very visible periodic/oscillating aspect. I have also observed this along with the general lag, and this seems like a different issue, hence the separate topic. The match engine slows down and speeds up in periodic cycles of usually less than a second. It doesn't throttle the CPU/GPU, nor occurs necessarily when the computer is under heavy load, so I can't put a finger on what is causing it. The issue persists even when all graphics quality settings are set to low, and this is with a 5-star rating MacBook Pro '18 wi
  2. Hey @budwaiser4, amazing work! One bug I'm coming across in V 2.0.5 is the goalkeeper attribute analysis polygon showing up as the previous, lighter-colored version (FM19), while all outfield players' polygons are the newer version as they should be. This was an issue occurring in the beta, and was fixed later on, so it's weird that it's re-occurring with the Material Skin. Anyone else experiencing this, or have any suggestions to fix? Many thanks!
  3. The settings are as follows. I also have the half-star issue, but didn't get stuck on it much since it is only a suggestion. Also, the blur is mostly taken care of when retina display is unticked (then the blur is gone but all text and also 3D matches are somewhat pixellated due to non-retina), which makes me think this is unrelated to the half-star. That wouldn't lead to "blurring" anyway to my knowledge.
  4. Tried with both, unfortunately neither running on discrete or integrated didn't fix the issue.
  5. Hello, I had posted this under beta bugs but now the post seems to be gone for some reason, so I am resubmitting this since the problem is persisting in the full version. I am playing the game with Retina Display on, however while most graphics and all text is in retina resolution, the match itself is very blurry. A similar issue was present in FM 2016 too, but we were able to work around it through ticking retina display off, changing resolution and zooming. Now, I am not able to do that since the game only allows native resolution. Either way, I have no idea why the 3D matches are blurr
  6. It's set at Low - tried with both Very Low/Medium settings as well, without a significant difference. I ran all these settings with FM2016 as well, and even with Very Low setting no such blurring occured (given that I used the change resolution & zoom trick) - as you can see in the screenshot, the match is absurdly pixellated.
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