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  1. Hey @michaeltmurrayuk, amazing, amazing stuff. Thanks for this! I'm encountering a weird issue though: I installed it yesterday and was working fine, but today I clicked on the tablet toggle icon on the bottom right to view it during a highlight, and haven't been able to get rid of it since - it's always on, both during and in-between highlights, and I can't get rid of it by any means. Clicking the tablet icon doesn't work either. I've reset the cache, deleted & reinstalled my skin, restarted my computer and eventually tried the mod with your base skin (see screenshot), but it's just stuck there. Any idea why this might be happening?
  2. Looks like your horizontal values are too large, this is what i meant with "flooding": Just find the correct <record> block with <flags id="alignment" value="horizontal" /> that fits your resolution, and make the true/false values smaller until the panel fits.
  3. I can, but I don't think it'd be of much of use to you unless we use the same resolution & zoom level: To follow up with what I did from this, I edited the following sections of panels/match/tactics with embedded section tabs panel.xml as follows: <record> <flags id="alignment" value="vertical" /> <integer id="min_value" value="968" /> <integer id="max_value" value="1068" /> <symbol id="set_property" value="height" /> <integer id="true_value" value="1040" /> <integer id="false_value" value="1040" /> </record> <record> <flags id="alignment" value="horizontal" /> <integer id="min_value" value="1600" /> <integer id="max_value" value="1920" /> <symbol id="set_property" value="width" /> <integer id="true_value" value="1745" /> <integer id="false_value" value="1745" /> </record> I have resolution 1680x1050, and I play on Zoom Out (95%). Basically, the idea is: 1. Find these <record> sections that have the "min_value"/"max_value" fields correspond to your resolution. You'll need two: One for "vertical" alignment, and one for "horizontal". 2. Increase the "true_value"/"false_value" to get as close to the boundaries. I'm not exactly sure how the true/false values differ, but keeping them the same works for me. 3. Plenty of trial & error. Once you find the <record> sections, incrementally increase the values until the screen "floods" out due to the annoying borders that I can't get rid of. Again, thank @michaeltmurrayuk for doing the hard work here. Hope this helps! tactics with embedded section tabs panel.xml
  4. @michaeltmurrayuk I'm working off of the Dark Polish Skin 21 (https://www.fmscout.com/a-dark-polish-fm21-skin.html) which also comes with its own settings file darkpolish settings.xml, and no explicit fm-widgets-settings.xml. I added the following section to that file (which only included colour information), with no effect whatsoever unfortunately. Will also try with the base skins tomorrow, perhaps I'll get that to work. <!-- GLOBAL SETTINGS FROM FM-WIDGETS MOVED HERE OUT OF WAY --> <!-- global settings --> <set_global name="ui.main_box_gap" > <integer value="0"/> </set_global> <set_global name="ui.main_box_gap_vertical" > <integer value="0"/> </set_global> <set_global name="ui.main_box_gap_horizontal" > <integer value="0"/> </set_global> <set_global name="ui.main_contrast_box_gap" > <integer value="8"/> </set_global> <set_global name="ui.inner_box_gap" > <integer value="20"/> </set_global> <set_global name="ui.main_content_margin" > <integer value="12"/> </set_global> <set_global name="ui.button_row_gap" > <integer value="0"/> </set_global> <set_global name="ui.split_button_row_gap" > <integer value="-9"/> </set_global>
  5. @michaeltmurrayuk amazing find mate, cheers! Took me some trial & error but got it to work: One interesting thing is that there always remains some edge that I simply can't get rid of, even with dimensions larger than the available screen size. Even when the main tactics panel flood past the edges, some background is visible - haven't figured out a way to fix that yet:
  6. I'm looking to expand the tactics panel to cover the whole screen (except the top bar). The tactics screen is expected to be the most information-intensive screen of the whole game, but we see here that a good portion of the screen is intentionally unusable to show a "dressing room" background. Basically, expanding the screens to use all possible space will enable me to add at least a few more rows to the selection info screen (see attached post for more info). None of the skins I've seen have implemented anything like it and have these 3D renders in these screens - are these sections simply not editable, or is there a way to do so? Thanks!
  7. While I'm enjoying FM21 very much still, it needs to be emphasized how much of a backward step it is so far compared to FM20. Yet another example: Basically, when my scouts complete an assignment, the "assignment completed" message I receive has no way for me to access the reports directly. The panel I posted below shows the "top recommendations" out of the 40 reports available, and the "Scouted Players" button on the bottom right links to all scouting reports from all previous/current assignments, which is not helpful at all. At the moment, I need to 1) click that Scouted Players button, 2) switch to Assignments tab, and 3) select the relevant "previous assignment", instead of a click just taking me to the scouted players directly While obviously not a big issue in itself, but so far I've encountered many of such minor UI mistakes or "design decisions" that cumulatively prove to be quite detrimental to my FM21 experience so far. What is so frustrating is that a) most of these are I have to say very basic UI/UX design mistakes, and that b) most of these seem to be done just for the sake of it, without any justification whatsoever. Another example regarding the team talks screen, taken from @ai2ker's spot-on UI overview (which I very much encourage you to read): Here's FM20 (top) vs FM21 (bottom). FM20, while not flashy or anything, presents a clean and to-the-point interface. It's suitable to display plenty of information in the table format. You wanna gauge your players' reaction to the team talk? Skim the table top-to-bottom, and you have all the information you need. Now, FM21 - I'll quote from the original post here: I'd like to see whoever designed this team talk screen to attempt to actually walk me through and justify me this design. It's certainly not immersive - I can guarantee you no one plays FM for the 3D render backgrounds, and it feels more like talking to a bunch of text boxes if anything. All that's happening is I need to waste more time to scan all the players' reactions, as they now cover 3 edges of the screen. Color coding of hierarchy is gone too, so I need to read through the gray text squeezed in between. Things like this you don't notice at first, but over thousands of team talks a FM manager makes, this accumulates into a noticeable annoyance. The "immersion" element in FM does not come from how realistic the game "looks", it comes from the clarity the information is presented. I'm not immersed when trying to figure out the team talks page, and I'm not immersed when trying to figure out the in-match screen trying to display the information I want in the screen using that poor substitute of a tablet. You can't get immersed if you're confused - and confusing is exactly what the UX in this game is. A sub-point here: Let's look at the individual "player text boxes". The left halves of each box is, well, blank. It looks like the boxes are horizontally elongated just to take the space of all the player information from the FM20 version that's now missing. SI could have at least bothered to add the condition/sharpness info there to limit the information gone missing for the sake of "immersion". Or, if immersion is our main concern, why not make the text boxes smaller and put the players' faces above them? It would at least look better for people using facepacks. Was any of this even considered? Overall, most of these UI changes look like they weren't even "intended" to be improvements, rather just a shuffling of the existing elements instead along with missing functionality. Now, I don't want people to get me wrong - given the improvements in the match engine among other areas, I'm convinced that FM21 is nevertheless one of the best iterations of the game in recent years. What however compels me to write this post is that this game with great potential is held back by tens of these arbitrary UI design decisions in an attempt to create an "illusion of innovation" in parts of the game where innovation wasn't demanded by the users in the first place.
  8. I believe I'm encountering a financial data related issue here, but feel free to redirect me to wherever appropriate if needed. In my Beşiktaş career, halfway through the season, I got 55M Euros added to my transfer budget out of nowhere. In another career with Fenerbahçe, I got added 98M Euros in my third season mid-season despite not being given any transfer budget at the start of the season. Assuming these are bugs (given that they are extremely unrealistic), are these related to the debt restructuring and/or financials of the respective clubs? If so, are these to be fixed in the release? Thanks!
  9. Very impressive game overall, probably the biggest improvement in a long time. I however need to point out an issue with the tactics screen UI, and in particular the usable screen width. The tactics screen is expected to be the most information-intensive screen of the whole game, but we see here that a good portion of the screen is intentionally unusable to show a "dressing room" background. Out of curiosity, I compared the usable area of the tactics screen out of the whole screen area, excluding the top bar. Approximately, the usable area had dimensions 2260x2006, while the whole (potentially usable) area excluding the top bar had dimensions of 2948x1914. Now, (2260x2006)/(2948x1914)=0.8, meaning TWENTY PERCENT of the potentially usable area is just wasted away intentionally - I could easily squeeze in 4 more columns in the selection info panel in full width, for example. This ratio may of course vary between screens, but I think I've made my point clear. Any plans to enable full width? Frankly, having to rely on skins to work around this issue would be slightly absurd if necessary. Thank you!
  10. Hey @budwaiser4, amazing work! One bug I'm coming across in V 2.0.5 is the goalkeeper attribute analysis polygon showing up as the previous, lighter-colored version (FM19), while all outfield players' polygons are the newer version as they should be. This was an issue occurring in the beta, and was fixed later on, so it's weird that it's re-occurring with the Material Skin. Anyone else experiencing this, or have any suggestions to fix? Many thanks!
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