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The FM23 Youth Academy Challenge

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8 hours ago, Cultured Left Foot said:

So, I failed the challenge, but absolutely loved the save. It definitely will not be my last attempt at the challenge. It was incredibly fun !

it was really fun following your progress with it as well!

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Hi Guys,

I would like to announce I am starting one of these as I am going to skip FM24 to wait for 25.

I would just like to confirm I am all good to go so will post a few screenshots.


I am going to try Northern Ireland as this was where I was born most of my family over there support Celtic and are from Belfast so after 10 hours of preparation I finally managed to get Belfast Celtic promoted into the league to start the challenge.



The Stadium is currently based 6 minutes where my Gran lived before she passed so that's also super cool.




Can someone well versed in these challenge let me know if I am good to go with the challenge?

If you need more screenshots or information before I can be potentially added to the wall of fame that would be amazing.


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2039/40 (Season 17)

Making very slow progress still, but I haven't abandoned the save. No plans to buy FM24 so I'll be playing this save for the foreseeable! 

It was another title for Belfast Celtic, a third on the bounce. However we did finally lose a league game for the first time in god knows how long. We also managed to win the Irish Cup and League Cup to complete a hat trick of domestic trebles. 


Once again we qualified for the Champions League out right with two comfortable qualifying wins. Our CL campaign started brightly with a win over Viking, but as you can see we weren't blessed with any other winnable fixtures this year and crashed out of the league stage with only 3 points. I'm thinking we might be better off playing and progressing far in one of the lesser European competitions, but I don't want to throw any CL qualifier match and miss out on the CL proper. 



Youth Intake;


The preview this season wasn't great. 


Fairly satisfied with the actual intake. Got some good personalities amongst the better rated players. I'm thinking about retraining Darren Rogers as a right sided winger to provide cover and competition for Robbie-Lee Clingan and Wes Dugan at 6'3 will make a far better CB than full back where we have more than enough cover.





We also had a second player make the NXGN list!


We seem to be able to produce pretty good left backs! 


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Aachen Season 8 Review

After being close to promotion the last 2 years, this season was way more up and own, especially because we only won 2 games in the first half of the season. It didnt help that we lost our only good keeper to Hoffenheim.

League Table:


In the cup, we lost in the second round for the sixth! time in a row, this time to Leverkusen

Newly starting newgens:


I know he is bad, but he's probably the best one we have.


Kinda exited about him, he's a professional as well.


Really decent, versatile midfielder








Transfer Screen


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