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  1. yeah, i can see the appeal with something different. I graduated from Dafuge to Youth Challenge to this. If I complete this I might go back to youth - I got so close with FM20
  2. who are GD? I've been turned down for far more realistic jobs than the ones i have been getting so I dunno. Maybe they're right in that a 20 yea rinexperienced, unqualified buffoon shouldn't be getting jobs at 2.5* rep clubs but other than that it seems pretty good to me.
  3. So oncie I went out of the cup I kind of lost a little interest in the Anderlecht job. Our league form became erratic and we slipped to 5th so i started looking around for other jobs. We were still in the Champions League after topping our group but having drawn Atletico Madrid in the next round we weren't going to go much further. So when Mikkel Arteta was fired leaving Arsenal in 13th place at christmas I decided to go for it. I got the intverview and then the job offer. So...... Theey've finished 8th, 5th, 6th, 6th, 7th in the last 5 seasons and have a palt
  4. well, so much for my plan to stay another season at Anderlecht and go for the Cup. This just happened in the first round! So.....there's still the Champions League I guess?
  5. @vikeologist sorry, but i just laughed myself silly at that video at the end!
  6. it's up to 60% so 3 stars, which is pretty good. So i threw my hat into the ring for a few jobs, including South Africa, and got turned down. So I'm still in Belgium and going for the cup! Weirdly, I haven't been approached by any clubs so far this save. Usually i get a few offers my way after 5 seasons in.
  7. Season 5 (2024/25) Anderlecht After coming so close last season I was quietly optimisitic as the season kicked off. That lasted one game as we lost our opener at home to Euppen. We struggled a bit for a the first few weeks with injuries and form but once we kicked into gear there was no stopping us. Our promising kids became wonderkids, the best one being one of my old Serbian teenagers I'd given a debut to. I got him for 4m as well, bargain! By the end of the regular season we were top by a long way and went into the championship group as favourites
  8. It was harder to get back into international management than I envisioned but finally I'm back I'm quite excited by this job!
  9. that doesn't sound good - what was your manager rep after winning the eredivisie? oh, and congrats on promotion AND that Venezuela win!
  10. European Championships 2024 Serbia Group Stage Second Round Quarter Final Semi-Final Final Aftermath....
  11. Weirdly, i'm finding it easier to accept getting FM'd with that new xG thing they added. It was a great run in though, it's things like that i love most about FM
  12. and Season 4 2023/24 Anderlecht and Serbia Anderlecht In many ways this was the perfect job at the perfect time. Anderlecht had just finished 8th, outside of european qualification and sacked Vincent Kompany. They lost a lot of players as well so when i rocked up they had fairly low expectations, a 60m transfer fund and 500k to play with in the wage budget. On top of that, I took a look in the youth squad, expecting to find one or two decent prospects and found 7 or 8 really good ones instead! Because of the lack of European football our transfer targets were limi
  13. it's quite a tricky balance. The more leagues you load, the more likely you are to get a job offer but the more it slows the game right down. I think this time around I had around 25-30 at the start. I end up using the add/remove leagues a lot during these sort of saves but that first season is always the slowest
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