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  1. I can't believe I missed your updates! You'd just drawn Dortmund in the semis when I saw your post, I was looking forward to seeing the result! Didn't realise they were being edited and updated in the post! Congratulations on completing the challenge, I've enjoyed following your journey, particularly over how forensic you were regarding tactics, because that's something I'm really not!
  2. Belgium Division 1A 2029/30 - season 9 Season Summary Almost a complete disaster, but in the end not too bad I knew we'd over achieved last season finishing 9th so I was kinda expecting a little bit of a hangover in our second season in the top flight but it nearly went horribly pear shaped. We didn't start well and hovered around the relegation spots until a run of one win in 10 sent us 17th (out of 18!) with only 9 games to play. The next match was the most important of our season, against the team in 16th who were one match ahead of us. We won 3-0, leapfrogged them, and kickstared a renaissance that saw 6 victories in those final 9 games. It was nice to get our mojo back but a bit of a worry it took us so long Cup - out in the 7th round. What can you do? Players So they all underachieved really apart from our newly promoted keeper. Never a good sign though as it kinda shows up how busy he was. Alessandro Coppini 24A finally signed a new contract. His minimum release fee has been increased to 6m as well. Clearly our best player but he could really do with some support. All this potential needs to start being reached by the rest of the side Blondeel was first choice keeper, got injured, and Tom Lathouwers 27A got an average rating of 7.25 in 30 games as his replacement. Compare the two though and Blondeel is clearly the better keeper. So I have some decisions to make next season. the rest was a story of underperformance really. With so much potential waiting in the wings, it's tempting to make wholesale changes after every bad result. But whenever I do try that it never seems to work out well. Youth Well, another promise of a golden generation and another ridiculous intake. I couldn't believe it when thisone pooped through. That's 14 four star prospects in two season now! I've never seen anything like it! I was so shocked I forgot to take a screenshot, but look at my prospect list now Plus I had this player poached as well. My first poached 4 star prospect! Finances and Upgrades We're losing money hand over fist again. Finished 3m in debt. I did manage to complete all my coaching badges though! Money is going to be even more scarce in the coming years after the board announced a new stadium It'll be nice to be back in Hoogstraten but a 11.75m loan is a pretty big weight around our necks Career
  3. I constantly feel like that. The hardest part of this challenge for me is knowing when to promote youth to the first team or when to send them on loan or not
  4. Belgium Division 1A 2028/29 - Season 8 Season Summary Well, our first season in the top tier and it was a pretty successdul one. We survived! League - We started quite well with 3 early wins which immediately got us clear of the relegation spots. Those bottom two were really awful and we were never going to be in any danger of being drawn in. We went through a little sticky patch around christmas where I started to get the feeling we wouldn't win again this season but we soon got over that with a 7-1 win over Kortrik. We also beat Euppen 6-5 away, which was fun. It was a nice season, bobbing around mid-table. In the end a run of 3 wins in our last 6 actually proppelled us into a top ten finish! 9th!!! Cup, we were rubbish again. Back to normal Players So the main question for me was could I hold on to Ramadhan Kwizera 25A, our saviour last season. turns out the answer was no, but I was ok with that in the end. It's not that he was bad, he was fine, but when Inter and Porto came sniffing in the January transfer window I could really do with the money, and managed to get 5.5m for him. In our position, it's huge money. So, our best XI is still young and still changing. The weirdest thing is seeing Van Den Broeke 22J back in the first team, after 18 months in my unwanted list. My regular right winger got himself injured, after only 1 goal in 24 games. Van Den Broeke came in and scored 9 in 13! Alessandro Coppini 24A - Nice to see he stood up to the rigours of Division 1 football! Only problem is his stupid agent keeps insisting on release clasue fees only just over his actual value. really frustrating but I could potentially lose him for only 2m. Youth This years youth preview was really promsing but I was still shocked by the actual intake. They might actually be a golden generation! Six 4 star potnentials at this stage is amazing. None of them look obviously stars but all of them have pretty nice starting attributes and their personlaities are positive as well. Possibly the best youth intake I've had while in the top division! Best prospects list in now bonkers. I'm not entirely sure how to manage so many potential first teamers. I'm really struggling to find anyone to take any loans, so I've had to get an affiliate in Luxembourg just for the purpose! Finances and Upgrades Those 5.5m pounds that Inter gave me were put to good use! lots of improvements requested - all in all I'm very pleased with that sale! The board also announced a new stadium is being looked at. We're currently playing home games in Antwerp and they want to take us home to Hoogstraten. Which is fair enough. Career
  5. Belgium Division 1 B (2nd Tier) 2027/28 - season 7 Season Summary What a season! Promotion! a Cup run! the whole shebang! League - We started the season as we finished the last, with a winning run. After 12 games we'd won 10 and were sitting top of the table. We had a blip around christmas but managed to keep our nose in front through it. We finished the season with a 6 game winning streak to take the title by quite a margin. We were brilliant, one of those seasons you just want to keep playing cos you know you're gonna get a good result! Cup - finally, a decent cup run! I can't remember the last one, probably about 4 saves back. The big result was the 7th round game, away at first division Lommell SK. we won 6-0! the quarter final took us way to Division 1 Zulte Waregem, and we played magnificently to win 1-0. The semi-final was against division 1 Genk, who were second, so a real test. we failed it, losing the first leg 4-0 and the second 4-1 Players Our young team did it with style! Alessandro Coppinni 24A - Finally! first game of the season was a cup game against lower leauge opposition. I gave Coppinni a chance to impress, and he scored 6! So i decided there and then he'd get the whole season. And he was brilliant, for the first half. Scoring rate of over a goal a game up until christmas when he knackered his ankle and was out for a month. When he came back, he was a different player. For the worse. 3 goals in his final 15 games meant a potentially amazing season only ended up a good season. But still, he's finally made the first team! Ramadhan Kwizera 25A - What a player! I can't believe he's still only 18. He almost single handedly dragged us up and won us the title. He was immense! Can play up front, AMC or MC, he spent most of the season as a deep lying playmaker again. He ran the show! The only negative is his stupid agent keeps insisting on a release clause, and won't let me take it higher than 1m. If that doesn't change he'll be gone soon and I'll cry. 19 goals and 19 assissts from only 32 games, 90%+ as a deep lying playmaker, is frankly insane stats Youth Meh, another so-so preview and intake after our improvement to excellent youth intake. Still, our list of prospects is still pleasing. Lots of potential there At least 4 look ready for first team football. I might have to find loans for them though, our squad is looking pretty full as it is. Finances and Upgrades Hopefully promotion will solve our financial problems. We started the season 2m in debt and were subject to a takeover. The new owners cleared our debts and gave us 400K! By the end of the season we were 2m in debt again. The main problem is as our facilities get downgraded we can't afford get them back to the same level. So, without making some serious money we'll end up going backwards. We'll be playing in a much bigger stadium next season. Ours isn't good enough for Division 1 so we have to rent one in Antwerp. Hopefully our gate receipts will rise to cover it and we can start making some money and start heading in the right direction with our facilities. Career
  6. ah, it was the jump from defending a corner to suddenly being outside their box, i was like huh, what? how'd they get there? also, i swear it was offside!
  7. Belgium D1B (second Tier) 2026/27 - season 6 Season Summary Really pleasing season as my young team gains more experience. League - we were really good, after the first few games we were top. A little stumble around christmas where we lost twice in a row to the bottom placed teams but we recovered well and finished with a run of 4 wins on the bounce. Sadly, it wasn't enough to catch the team in 2nd as they had a similar finish to the season but we're staarting to look a really good team and it can only be a matter of time now. All we need do is stop drawing so many games! Cup - same old, same old. This time Standard Liege pumped us. We're a long way off Div 1A standard really. Players Almost at that stage now where all the first team are youth team graduates. Technically, the youth team players are much better than the legacy players but they're still young and still learning. The break through star this season was Ramadhan Kwizera 25A. He can play MC or AMC, it doesn't matter, he'll put in a shift for you wherever. Most of the time he was a deep lying playmaker so to get those goals and assissts from there is hugely impressive. Still only 17, he doesn't think our team matches his ambitions and wants to move already. I have him signed for 2 more seasons though, hopefully enough time to get him to sign a new contract It was also the season I hoped Alessandro Coppini 24A made his first team breakthrough as our lone striker after years of banging them in for the youth teams. He played 14 times, scored 3 and got an average rating of 6.67. He was rubbish. But in the reserves? 38 goals in 21 games, 8.18 rating. His value is now 190k, surely next season he'll do it! As you can see from the best XI, they are a yougn side and the older players are signficantly weaker in ability. Van Dooren used to be our 5 star best player by a country mile, now look at him! Youth Average preview and intake, i was hoping for better with our new excellent youth recruitment rating, but I guess it wasn't too bad. No obvious stars though Our youth team is looking ridiculous in terms of prospects at the minute. My wage bill is at maximum, and most of that is invested in potential. If half these players make it to their potential, we'll be doing alright. Look at all those 4 star ratings! I need to start sending a few out on loan i think, start getting some money into the club Finances and Upgrades Eep. 2m in the red at the end of the season. And that's with the board bailing us out from time to time as well. No room for upgrades as a result. I might need to cash in on a couple of my better players at some stage, sadly. Career
  8. he looks a serious talent. That injury would send me to bed for days, really frutrating when that happens
  9. Much as I love the dafuge challenge, it seems too easy now after doing these youth only challenges!
  10. i'll keep going until I get fed up/bored. I never start a new save until a couple of weeks after release anyway, once all the name fixes/skins and whatnot come out
  11. never seen figures like that from a reserve team player before. they're nuts. And yeah, coach reports he needs to work on his consistency. Be interesting to see how he develops
  12. Belgium 2025/26 - Season 5 Division 1B (second tier) Season Summary A nice boring season to get my young team up to speed. League - I wasn't expecting too much, it's still a very young side we have. We started well enough with 3 wins and 2 draws in our first 6 games but then went through a spell where we could not buy a win. We didn't lose that many either though, drawing something like 7 and losing 4 out of 11. We reagined our form for the back end of the season ending with two wins that actually gave us a fourth placed finish, better than last year (when we were brilliant!) Cup - 6th round, again the domestic cup curse on this challenge. I must have played at least 200 seasons, never got close to a domestic cup. it's really weird! Players So, my youth team is improving at such a rate that most of them got promoted to the first team this season. It meant a lack of experience and determination/work rate still so I was expecting a bit of inconsistency and so it proved. None of them are division 1A level yet, but a couple apparently have the potential. Not sure what to do about Van den Broeck 22J. He is good, but 14 goals from 27 games isn't going to cut it for much longer. Do I promote Alessandra Coppini 24A yet? He's 17 now and pretty close in terms of ability, and did this in the reserve team 95 goals in 43 starts! He also made his full debut, scored, then followed it up in his second appearnace by playing like Bambi on ice. I might give him a few more chances and see what happens... Youth So probably my worst youth preview for a long time. Nothing of excitement to note, so I almost forgot about youth intake day when it's usually like christmas. So I was pleasantly surprised when they popped in my inbox two weeks early and looked actually pretty good! Finances and Upgrades Annoyingly, recent technological advances meant our training facilities weren't as good as they once were and we had no money to improve them again. But, inexplicably, the board agreed to improve our youth intake again, despite us having no money. We're still losing money hand over fist and relying on the board bailing us out. Career
  13. Belgium Division 1B (second tier) 2024/25 (season 4) Season Summary A really good season! League: The weird thing about Belgium is the top two divisions are proffessional, but only have 24 teams. 16 in Division 1, 8 in Division 1B, which is where we found ourselves. Realistically, I'd have been happy with survival but all 8 sides seemed relatvively equal and all took points off each other. We were drawing a lot, unusually for me a lot of 0-0s, and apart from a 4-0 defeat we were never outclassed and often unlucky. Somehow, with two games to play the table looked like this:- We were on the verge of a double promotion! all we needed were two good results in the final two games! Sadly, we didn't get them, losing both. It meant we finished 5th out of 8th, which actually looks a lot worse than we actually did, with a chance of the title in our last game of the season! Players So I decided to try and focus on players CA over PA, but this season saw the majority of my legacy team easily outclassed by their youth counterparts. But I needed to try and balance it out so kept a few of the older heads in. NExt season though, realistically only 3 legacy players are going to remain in the first XI which means we'll have a ridiculously low average age in the first team Joren Van den Broeck 22J is my new fickle superstar. He was brilliant on the wing last season and moved up top for this season with really pleasing results. Eventually I see him being moved back out onto the wing once Allesandro Coppini 24A gets a little older and takes his rightful place in our first team. He's 16 and did this in the U18 side this season:- He's way off the first team still though, his physicals are nowhere near good enough. But potentially he could be amazing! Youth So the preview was a pretty good one to be fair But the intake was better than I could have hoped for! Look at all these prospects in my youth sides now. It's crazy!!! Finances and Upgrades So promotion meant we had to go professional, which is a good ting but also a really expensive thing. We were haemorraging money all season and needed the board to bail us out on a couple of occassions. I kept the wage bill way under the limit but it makes little difference. We have no cash! Still, the board rewarded my season with a promise to upgrade youth intake! Yay! Career
  14. That actually all makes total sense with my experience with those fickle fools! My most fickle player at the minute is at that stage where his determination is fairly low and he thinks he's outgrown us......
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