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  1. Season 23/24 2.division (promotion stage) Finish: 1st Season Summary What a season! I'm stil in shock! It started in the normal way, a couple of good wins and a coupe of tough defeats. We then won our first game of September 4-0 and didn't lose again until November. By the end of the preliminary stage we were joint top with 41 points. The promotion stage saw us 6 points clear of third place and in a brilliant position to push for promotion. I didn't get too excited as I knew the promotion stage would be a lot harder. My only chance would be if everyone beat everyone else and cancelled each other out. We didn't start well, after 4 games that 6 point cushion had been reduced to 1. But our fifth game saw us at home against Roskilde, the leaders. We hammered them 3-0. Even then our form didn't really pick up, the next two games saw us draw with third and lose away to the bottom placed club. But Roskilde were freefalling. In the end, our 11 matches saw us win 4, draw 4 and lose 3 - which due to the mad, close nature of the 2.division saw us champions! I did not expect that at the start of the season and did not expect it at the start of the promotion stage either! NordicBet Liga here we come! The difference was our defence. They really improved this season, and we went from conceding late when 1-0 up to holding on to the victory. They were small differences but made a huge difference at this level. The cup saw OB beat us easily in round 2. I don't know if being out of the cup helped us in the league or not tbh but I wasn't too upset. There's no money in it! Players Weirdly, our two stars of last season didn't perform anywhere near as well. The difference came from elsewhere Simon Heine - so he didn't match he heroics of last season with only 26 goals, but i always have a chane with the 2.division player of the year (2023) in the side! Thobias Thiim - Our keeper improved leaps and bounds this season and was a huge part of the improvement in our defence. As a free kick taker he scored three as well! Anes Travljanin - Our right winger was one of the reasons why Weibel had such a poor season this year. Far more goals came from crosses rather than through the middle this season and Weibel was the one missing out Internationals I thought it might be interesting to track my internationals. I got my first this season, a Norwegian U19 who asked to go on loan, was found a club, refused it then got angry at me for not finding him a loan club. He refused to sign a new contract and left at the end of the season! Youth We didn't get a golden generation! But we did get some nice green lines, which are way more important than golden generation nonsense anyway So what did the final intake look like? not too shabby! Stefan Frederiksen 24A is probably the pick of the bunch, but his personality is a little worrying. the smart money is on JJacob Jacobsen 24B to be the one to make it from this batch. Finances and Improvements The board stuck in 150k to help with running costs. I immediately spunked it all on improvements. At the seasons end this was announced:- our old stadium wasn't good enough for the NordBet! Next season we'll be groundsharing while the new stadium is built. It's a lot of money to spend for a club our size though, that debt does worry me somewhat So, next season? Well, to be honest, promotion came too soon. I don't think the team is ready and we're likely to have our arses handed to us on a weekly basis. I'm seeing it as a good way to improve those youth players by playing at a higher level, improving fan numbers and getting that new stadium. I fully expect to come straight back down but with a much, much stronger squad. Honestly, staying up will be a minor miracle!
  2. Season 2022/23 2.Division Fnish 14th (2nd in relegation phase) Season Summary I knew it would be a difficult season after the spate of retirements last season. The average age of our squad plummeted with only 2 first teeam regulars over the age of 25. I knew consistency would be an issue, and so it proved to be. I was pleasantly surprised in the preliminary stage as we performed pretty well, finishing the season with 7 unbeaten. However this only got us a 7th place finish and a place in the relegation phase, albeit top. If I thought the relegation phase would be easier, I was wrong. We really struggled to stamp our authority and drew nearly every game, a few of them really luckily. Hopefully as the squad ages and matures that consistency will stop being an issue The cup gave us some respite and a run to the quarter finals! we were lucky in our draws against teams beelow us in the league until the qf, where we met superliga FC Nordsjelland. We even had 2 games televised! Any hope of a cup windfall was shattered by home attendaces lower than the league and TV money of 6k a game. Players Simon Heine - His first full season and he surpassed all my expectations. He was immense from day 1. Even if we lost, we'd lose 5-2 and he'd score 2. He was simply brilliant. We really need him to maintain this form if we're ever gonna get out of this division William Weibel 22A - Our best prospect from last seasons youth intake looked good enough to go straight into the first team, and so it proved. He finished on 6.96 rating and was easily our second best player. He made really pleasing improvements as well. The Weibel/Heine partnership is hopefully going to be fruitful for a long time And Gravesen 22B made his debut this season! Youth Intake Another golden generation! obviously! I was a little disappointed as I don't need wingers, i need defenders and central midfielders. So it was a nice surprise when the intake came in:- Not brilliant, but the two full backs were just what we needed. Hopefully they'll come good One of the really good things about Denmark is they have a massive winter break, so the gap between the preview and the intake is really short. About 5 or 6 matches. I quite like not having to wait too long for the inevitable disappointment. Finances and Impprovements We broke about even over the season but are still 50k in the red. It means that the board aren't that keen to give me any improvements that cost any money. After my incessant whining, they did offer me two though, which was nice of them. every little helps, we're getting stronger. We just need a few more fans through the door and a nice healthy bank balace. I had my first poached youth as well. Hopefully that 5% will give us a nice windfall sometime down the road. So next season? Again, just consolidation. We have a very young squad that needs to mature and improve. The frutrating thing is I know just where the team needs improvement, but there's not much I can do about it. We were second top scorers in the preliminary stages! Here's the ratings of my first choice XI - the tempation to head to the free transfer market is strong! The encouraging news is we have 4 and 5 star prospects in every position now. I just need the defence to improve at the same rate as Heine and Weibel. It's not going to happen is it?
  3. Season 2021/22 2.Division Promotion Stage finish 9th Season Review Another good season for us, particularly in the preliminary stage where we finished 3rd. We had some really good results along the way and played some really pleasing stuff. I finally felt the side were gelling! The promotion stage was a different matter and we only won twice. It became obvious that we were lucky with our preliminary round draw and still have a way to go if we want promotion. The cup gave us a nice easy win in round 1 and a home tie against a team in the division above us in round 2. We lost, and the income was very disappointing. We could really use a good cup run Players Only one player really worth discussing. Simon Heine - Our 18 year old striker thrown in at the deep end responded magnificently. 21 goals in 30 games was a huge improvement on his predecessor and at only 18 he's going to be really important over the next few seasons. He also bagged the 2.division top scorer! Nobody else got over 7 as an average rating! Youth Intrigued to see how my new HOYD did and he didn't disappoint. We were promised another golden generation, but I assumed that was just because the ability of my current squad was so low The final intake was ok, with 2 or 3 genuinely good prospects a better mix of persoalities as well and generally high determination across the board. The best prospect looked like this:- But I was most excited to get Thomas Graveson. No relation, but his father was a huge fan. Finances and Improvements By keeping our staff to the bare minimum and our older players on amateur contracts we were able to make a bit of money this season. We still don't really have any money but we're one good cup run away from a healthy balance The board rewarded my incessant whining with a new coaching badge and two club improvements. It's not much but it's a start Next season will be tough though. We had 4 retirements and another player leave at the end of his contract meaning we're going to have to throw more youth players into the first team. It will weaken us in the short run, so avoiding relegation has to be the aim.
  4. that sucks. was it Liverpool at home that relegated you last time with those two injury time goaks?
  5. Season 1 2.Division Promotion Stage Finish 11th Season Summary A tough season was predicted ahead with the board just asking to avoid relegation. A fairly dodgy start meant we were in the relegation half for the first few games but then a really good run of 7 unbeaten sent us rocking up to 4th. 3 defeats in a row meant we had to win our last home game of the preliminary to make it to the promotion stage. A 2-0 win saw us end up 5th overall, which I was ectatic about as it meant we'd avoided relegation. I was safe! The promotion stage proved a lot more dificult and we only won 1 of our 11 games but I didn't mind too much. We didn't disgrace ourselves and a top half finish in our first season isn't too bad. We got a tad unlucky in the cup, drawing Vejle of the Superliga at home. They outclassed us 3-0 Players Worryingly, our best players are in their late 30s and our inconsistent performances meant only one made it to a green 7+ rating. The next 2/3 seasons are going to be interesting... Luckily, i found this fella in the youth team who looked a handy prospect up front. I was planning on sending him out on loan but my striker was posting such poor returns i lobbed him in for the last 6 games of the season just to see how he did. 5 goals later and he might well start the new season as first choice striker. Youth Aforementioned Simon Heine was joined in the U19 team by a couple of other tidy looking prospects, which was nice. My first youth preview promised me a golden generation! I was right not to get too excited though... ..because when the intake came through it wasn't a pretty sight I'd chosen my HOYD based primarily on personlaity, determination and preferred tactic. His attributes were pretty shocking otherwise, so I guess it's not too much of a urprise. I decided he had to go. I found this fella who had just retired from Lyngby and was looking for his first job, so over to Silkeborg he's come. A huge improvement attribute wise if not personality wise but a massive upgrade for a club of our size. Finances and Improvements Silkeborg only went semi-proffessional the day i joined so all our players were on amatuer contracts or signed on a non-contract basis. I kept them that way to keep finances low, only offering a contract if some other club came sniffing around. The better looking youth prospects were signed up on a part-time contract for a massive £1 a week. I felt a little cheeky offering it, but the idiots accepted it! Because of this we managed to finish the season in the black, albeit only just. The board even promised to improve our youth intake so long as I play some youth in the first team first. I think I can manage that. They even paid for my first coaching upgrade! So, still a long, long way to go but we're moving in the right direction. The plan for next season is to integrate a few more youth players in the first team and get that intake upgrade. I'm also interested to see what the new HOYD throws my way.
  6. so here I am in Denmark with... Our starting facilities look like this:- The ground holds a massive 1500 people! 5000 a week wage budget with a massive squad, none of who are signed to a contract. Here we go again!
  7. I'm calling time on my Truro City save - I'm going nowhere fast - but I'm enjoying the challenge. Just wish it would move a bit faster! So with that in mind, I'm going to start again in Denmark. I'll try England again one day, once I'm much clearer about what I'm doing!
  8. I'm old school so tend to use commentary only, with the odd replay goal in 3d. As I won't be playing any other games on it really I figured an integrated graphics card would be ok? I could get the lenovo at 569 as well. Is there that much to choose between them? Again, appreciate your patience here, it's an invaluable service you offer!
  9. It's the middle one on here. I can get an extra 10% off the price https://www.lenovo.com/gb/en/laptops/ideapad/s-series/IdeaPad-5-15ARE05/p/88IPS501393 Budget is only 600 and it's just a jack of all trades laptop really. Portability not really an issue, mainly use for normal office type tasks and playing FM Cheers for your help, buying a new laptop is a minefield
  10. I've found what looks a really good offer on a laptop using a 4700u processor. No good for FM?
  11. You're giving me inspiration to carry on in my save! I've only done 5 seasons!
  12. Hey guys, looking for a new laptop. Not too bothered with 3d graphics, FM will be only game I play on it and I tend to commentary only these days anyway Found this: https://www.ebuyer.com/947188-asus-m509da-ryzen-7-8gb-512gb-ssd-15-6-win10-home-laptop-m509da-bq321t Am I missing anything? My budget is around the £600 mark
  13. That's exactly my problem in England. Stayed well under wage budget and still almost a million in the red after 5 seasons. It's a tough challenge, this one!
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