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  1. Season 15 - 2036 FC Mirassol - Brazil Serie A - 5th Season Summary After the step forward last season this felt like two steps back in the end. State Championship - Winners! It all started so promisingly. We won our first ever state championship! it's a pointless thing to win but being able to beat the likes of Sao Paulo, Santos and Palmeiras on the way to the title really got me excited for the forthcoming league season Serie A - We started well enough but two silly defeats in our opening 9 games meant we were three points off the top. If we could stop the silly
  2. Season 14 - 2035 Brazil - FC Mirassol league Finish 4th Season Summary Our best season yet! State Championship - well, same as normal here, out in the quarter final against Santos, but it was really really close! Serie A - What a start. After 4 games we were 2nd with 3 wins and a draw and went away to top of the table Santos, where we won! We couldn't quite keep that up but we kept winning more than we were losing and with only 4 games left to play we were in a bone fide title chase, at last! The next game was against Internacional - win that and have r
  3. Season 13 - 2034 Mirassol FC - Brazil Serie A - 5th Season Summary So, after the relative disaster of last season I went back to basics. I realised I'd been trying to force too many youngsters through too fast and went back to relying on the experienced fellas instead. Youth will still get a chance but I wasn't going to force it. It's not the end of the world if they're ot setting the first team alight at 19 is it? State championship - So, on the face of it we were back to normal. Finish 5th and out in the quarter-finals. But we only lost twice and performed much bette
  4. Mirassol FC - Brazil Season 12 - 2033 Season finish: 14th Season Review State Championship: Our best ever state championship! we finally made it past the quarter final. We were excellent, beating both Corinthians and Palmeiras on the way to the final, where we were narrowly beaten by Sao Paulo. Copa Libertadores: We had a tough group but we were excellent, winning our first 4 games to go through. We beat Palmeiras, Racing Club of Argentina and Nacional of Uruguay, all bigger teams than us. We beat Corinthians 2-1 in the first leg at home, but lost the second 4-1 and w
  5. Mirassol FC - Brazil 2032 - Season 11 League finish - 7th Season Summary A much better season all round! State Championship - I use this to test out any promising youth players, see if they're ready to make the step up. So every year i finish around 6th then lose in the quarter final. This season was no exception but nobody seems to really care Serie A - The league is the important one! we made a really strong start this season, flagged a little in the middle and started to struggle but rallied for a really strong finish to get our highest points total and positio
  6. Brazil - Mirassol FC Season 10 - 2031 Serie A - finish 12th Season Summary In all, an appalling season for us after two really encouraging seasons. State Championship - yep, we finished 6th and went out in the QF. like we do every season League - we sucked hard in the league this year. We won 1 game in the first 14, losing 10, and looked to be set for a proper relegation battle. BUt then we went on an 8 game unbeaten run, including winning 5 in a row, that took us out of trouble. We managed to stay out of trouble but were still generally awful, with our po
  7. yeah , i think my reasoning behind 6 years is if they haven't blossomed by then, they're really not going to. It is quite an interesting exercise to do, to go back and see who made it and who didn't and possible reasons why
  8. Mirassol FC - Brazil Season 9 - 2030 League Finish: 8th Season Summary What a season for us - we won our first trophy! Copa Sudamericana - we have to start here! The Sudamericana is South America's version of the Europa League which we qualified for at the end of last season. The group stages were fun as we were so much stronger than the teams with us and qualifying was easy. The first real challenge for us was Boca Juniors in the quarter finals. I expected us to come undone but we put in our best performance of the season to win the second leg 4-2 after stealing the f
  9. Mirassol FC - Brazil Season 8 - 2029 Serie A - 8th Season Summary As always the season starts with the Sao Paulo state championship and, seemingly as always, we came 5th in the league stage and went out in the quarter finals to Sao Paulo. It is a nice pre-season tournament really but it would be nice to get further than the quarters one day. The league proper started brilliantly for us. 4 victories and a draw in our first 6 games put us top of the table. We then got a nosebleed and started dropping down but still managed to get enough results here and there to keep us
  10. Mirassol FC - Brazil Season 7 - 2028 Serie A - Finish Season Summary After barely staying up last season I knew it would be a struggle again, and so it proved. We are still a very young team though. We had an early season run of 9 games without a win which sent us second bottom, followed by 3 wins in a row that got us out of relegation spots. And we somehow managed to stay there for the rest of the season, mainly due to the teams below us being awful thatn us being good. In the end we finished 16th, one spot above relegation, with 38 points, which would normally have sene
  11. Mirassol FC - Brazil 2027 - Season 6 Serie A - 15th Season Summary Back in the top flight, our priority was survival. We started fairly poorly with two defeats and two draws but got a really good win in our fifth game. And our season carried on like that. Every time it looked like we might go on a poor run we managed to grind out a win from somewhere, keeping our heads just above water. We pretty much stayed 15th the whole season but as it meant survival, I was happy with that. A much better performance than last time we were in the Serie A but still a long way to go
  12. Mirassol FC - Brazil 2026 - Season 5 Serie B - 2nd Season Summary We started again with the state championship. I'm treating it like a pre-season and using it to experiment and try out youths and whatnot. Even doing that, we had our best state championship yet. We were great, finishing 2nd having only lost once. We lost in the quarter final on penalties but the run put us in great form and morale heading into the league proper. We started as we finished the state championship and at the halfway point we were 13 points clear having only lost once in 19 games. The second half
  13. Mirassol - Brazil Season 4 - Serie A Finish: 18th (releagation) Season Summary Well, I feared we had been promoted to the top flight too soon and so it proved. We started well enough, 2 wins, 4 draws and 4 defeats from our first ten left us just outside the relegation spots, but i felt we had been unlucky in a couple of those draws and defeats and could be a bit higher. The winless run in the next 13 games wasn't unlucky though, and we found ourselves rooted at the bottom with only 2 wins from 25. we rallied pretty well in the back end of the season and put up a good fight,
  14. wow, that is fast! i thought mine was pretty fast at 15 minutes or so!
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