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  1. managed to get the PSG job but they're not as good as they used to be. Might be a tougher season than i've been used to lately!
  2. Season 239/40 Borrussia Dortmund Having won the league last season this season was all about winning the cup. To bolster our chances I went shopping again and spend £121m on a young Croatian striker:- I probably overpaid slightly but he did ok League A really strong start soon saw us open up a sizeable gap on the rest. We lost to Schalke and Wolfsburg early doors but we won every other game right through to the return against Schalke in February. We lost that too and had a bit of a wobble but we had such a large gap at the top it didn't really matter. We
  3. i'd be close to a break of my laptop with results like that! That first one in particular is nuts!
  4. i'd stay and go for the title win. Be different if it was celtic making the offer though.
  5. i'd move on and hope a job came up at a team more likely to win it to be honest.
  6. i've only ever had "not the right person to take us forward at this time", i wish i had some slightly more interesting reasons
  7. that's one hell of a tough group to get out of as well. congratulations!
  8. 2039 Gold Cup Mexico At 7th in the world we were strong favourites for this. The last 5 finals had been between USA and Mexico, with Mexico winning 3 and USA 2 so it was clear from the start who our main rivals would be Group Stage Quarter Final Semi-Final Final What's Next?
  9. Season 2038/39 Borrussia Dortmund After I left Manchester United I thought I'd have my pick of the jobs available. There was nothing really appealed until Man U appointed my sucessor - Juventus' manager! At the same time, Santos sacked their manager so I applied for both and would be happy with either. Both offered me an interview, both turned me down! But Juve did appoint the old Dortmund manager as their new manager so I applied for the Dortmund job and got it! Reigning European Champions? Winners of the last two Bundesliga titles? With a 200m transfer budget??? y
  10. sucks doesn't it? i came second in my first season because of that - i was miles ahead in the first stage!
  11. I got a job! I got a job! They're 8th in the world at the minute and have some really, really good players. The Gold Cup is next year so hopefully I can get that off the list. I turned down the Italy and England jobs for this one as well - hopefully it works out! Here's my mad career so far....
  12. 2037/38 Manchester United All being well it would hopefully be a short stop as the league was the only thing I needed to win to complete England for the challenge. United had won the last two titles and had a crazy good squad and for some reason Zinedine Zidane had decided to up sticks to take the Liecester job instead. To try and make sure I could win a third on the bounce I went and spent 88m on a Brazilian wonderkid from Aston Villa. He was amazing. His name is Souza. i love players like that who can play anywhere along the front line. League This was t
  13. It's been nearly 4 years now since I had an international job. It's really weird, I can't get anything!
  14. I made mine in Excel and then just used snipping tool and posted it here as an image. It's just easier for me.
  15. ah, didn't realise that. No Japan but South Korea are still there. Hopefully if I keep their leagues loaded they'll stay available.
  16. i think this is gonna be my downfall. The jobs just aren't coming up, i'm not even sure if they're even playable at this stage.
  17. it's mad as a box of hammers. my favourite bit is if you can't register anyone in your league squad the MLS just give them to another team for you! congrats on clearing up in S Africa. I found i'd lose in the cup to teams i'd smash 4-0 in the league the next week as well.
  18. So I resigned from Kaizer Chiefs on 31st May and had a look at the job centre. The Bayern Munich job was available, so I applied. The next news item was a story about Zinedine Zidane resigning from his job at Manchester United to take over at Liecester. He had just won Man Uniteds first two league titles since Fergie (23 years!) and had for some reason decided that the grass was greener at fifth placed Liecester City. So all of a sudden the Man U job was available! I still need the Premier League title for the challenge so this would be the ideal opportunity. The next news item wads
  19. good luck! i really enjoyed my time with them, Boca are a massive pain though! They're probably the one club I felt I didn't really achieve as much as I should have though - I think I left them in a worse position than when I took over. Whoops. Also, every time I saw their badge it made me giggle a bit. I am 12.
  20. Season 2036/37 Kaizer Chiefs - South Africa So I stayed around for another season in the end. With the Cup and Champions League in the bag it was really just the league I was interested in. League Far closer than I'd have liked. It was a two horse race between us and Cape Town Spurs right up until the last couple of weeks. Everytime they slipped up, so did we, right until the end. They lost their last two games while we won ours to make it look a lot easier and simpler than it really was Cups There's a lot of cups in South Africa for some reason. We wer
  21. lol, not seen this before! Signed a player at 9.13, got this message at 13.59 on the same day:- literally next to each other in the news items too! i couldn't help but lol
  22. Season 2035/36 Kaizer Chiefs - South Africa So close to another perfect season! I joined Kaizer Chiefs halfway through their season; they were off the pace in the league but still in the cup and champions league so offered a tempting chance to knock off some more challenges quickly. League The league performance was what cost my predecessor his job. The Chiefs sat in 8th when i joined, but not that many points behind. Trouble is, I joined in March so there weren't many matches left to catch up. We started well, and put together a nice little 4 match winning ru
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