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(FM22) Back to Basics

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Oh well this is a little turn up for the books. I've just been applying to pretty much everything. Stevenage are a current League Two side.

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Added Time Multi Game!


Let this be a lesson kids. Always arrange Extra Time in the FA Trophy!

Chelmsford City 2-1 Ebbsfleet - This is the standard game nowadays. Utter domination with fleeting glimpses of pain. They shouldn't have been as close as it was. We went 2-0 up and was looking comfortable then a rogue goal gave us a worry but ultimately we didn't draw it so it can only be a good thing.

Welling 0-0 Chelmsford City - There were some point in the second half where a football game almost broke out! This was awful. Worse than the opening day 0-0. Pain, terrible terrible pain.

Chelmsford City 2-1 Hemel Hempsted - Once again, 2-0 up then a goal out of nothing to give us worry before seeing it through. Honeslty I could copy and paste this more than a Teacher writing end of year Reports.

Eastbourne Boro 1-1 Chelmsford City - There's one thing we have missed all season and that's been consistency. We just haven't been able to string many wins together and its costing us big time in the hunt for automatic promotion. I've had a season like this before where honestly I can see us going unbeaten and still not winning the league.

King's Lynn 2-2 Chelmsford City - Haha we were lucky here. I would like to say I made changes but this was my strongest XI. King's Lynn are in the same Tier as us just up North so wasn't going to be straight forward. Didn't expect to be 2-0 down at half time though! We came out fighting in the 2nd half and deserved to be back in it. I thought we had missed our chance when boom with the last kick of the game we stayed in the cup and I regretted not opting for Extra Time.

Chelmsford City 2-1AET King's Lynn - 3 days later we ran it back and it was nearly a carbon copy of the first game. We fell behind, only this time it was against the run of play. We would end the 120 minutes with 40 shots on goals, thats how dominating we were, yet once again we couldn't find the back of the net! Once again it took a late piece of drama to keep us in it. ET came and there was only 1 winner, we made our pressure count and held on for a win and a passage into the next round. Where we race Boston United, also of the North. I have requested Extra Time. Helps we are at home.

Cup antics aside this is what the table looks like heading towards halfway.


Still unbeaten but with equal draws and wins we are being cut adrift of the top, a team who is able to string 2 wins together!

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All I Want for Christmas is 3 Points Consistently!

A bit of admin, I applied for the Grimsby job, had an interview, didn't get it. FINE! DIDN'T WANT IT ANYWAY!

I'm not applying for everything left right and centre, but if there's something that catches my eye I'm going for it. At the moment I'm not in the running for anything. When Airdrie aren't giving you an interview it's time to take a few months out the market.


Combo breaker!

Chelmsford City 5-1 Kingstonian - Against rock bottom we went 1-0 down and I was thinking, here we go, typical FM. But then something happened, we actually started playing well. 5 goals and a good performance, true it was expected but its still nice to see. Probably most complete performance of the season so far.

Dover 1-2 Chelmsford City - Typical game really. 2-0 up crusing, goal out of nothing, sweating. Held on for the win. I wonder just how many times I've won a game 2-1 this season...its 6.

Chelmsford City 1-0 Tonbridge - At the moment I will 100% take games like this. It was another game where we huffed and puffed and I was starting to think it was going to be one of those games, but a lovely goal broke the deadlock and gave us 3 well deserved points. This is what it feels like to get wins in a row. Its beautiful.

Chelmsford City 1-0 Boston United - I like good cup runs. Always have, always win so its nice this one is still going. Into the last 32 where we are away to National League opposition so its not looking good. This game wasn't a classic, both sides had chances, it could have gone either way, luckily for us it went our way.

Oxford City 1-3 Chelmsford City - Don't let the late goals fool you, we deserved this with bells on. Its nice that we have started turning what look like will be draws into wins. Its much needed at this stage of the season.

Chelmsford City 1-2 Dartford - Do I be petty and show the stats? I do...I do be petty.


Just one of those games really. I made a decision to rest one player and put Dada in. He got booked after seconds and then conceded the penalty. Faith paid off!

So the league table heading into the new year looks like this...


Obviously I'm going to assume a Playoff place is in the bag but its all about that Automatic and just looks at how tight it is!

My next 3 games are Dorking, Maidstone and Dulwich Hamlet. A bit of a big run coming up.



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Tropicthunder GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

We had a rough month for fixtures that could make or break the season...


I mean I'll take it!

Chelmsford City 2-1 Dorking - The month got off to a flyer. We were tired, they were tired after having played a game just 2 days prior. I stuck with a tired XI and it got us through it. Great start with a great goal by Cleaver, who would go onto break his wrist and be out for 2 months. He could have played through but I don't like doing that. Dorking equalised and it was just about deserved. 1-1 at the break but the second half we battled through the fatigue and put on a display I could be proud off. Huge win.

Maidstone 4-2 Chelmsford City - I was hoping we could carry momentum into the second game but honestly we weren't great. It was weird. If you looked at the stats alone you would wonder how we lost this game. But watching the highlights it was all them. We out shot them but it felt like they were nothing shot. So can't really grumble. They took their chances well.

Dulwich Hamlet 0-1 Chelmsford City - Now this is a result that could define the season. This was a mauling. We came and we took control of the game from start to finish. We played like the home side. It felt like they were happy keeping us to a draw but we went for the throat. It looked like it was going to be a lot of huff and puff with no 3 points until Blissett popped up with a huge goal. We have done that more these past few months, turned 1 into 3 and its showing in the table.

Maidenhead 3-2 Chelmsford City - Out of the FA Trophy but the boys did me proud here today. We took an early lead but were pegged back and then suddenly were 2-1 down in what was a very even half. They made it 3 not long after the restart but the heads didn't drop and we gave ourselves a lifetime but it wasn't meant to be. I made some changes, a decision was made that the league was more important and I don't regret it. We lost but with our heads held high.

Chelmsford City 4-1 Worthing - Weird to play a game we were actuall favourites to win. We went 1-0 down and I was fearing the worse, but 2 goals in 2 minutes turned the game around and from then we didn't look bad. Adding more in the second half and really breezing to victory. Was nice to play a game without the sweaty 2-1.

Gloucester 1-2 Chelmsford - This is another game that if it was last season or earlier this season I don't think we would have won but once again the lads dug deep. We were 1-0 up and happy before a goal seemingly out of nothing made it 1-1, the truth is they deserved it, a very even half. The second half wasn't really a good half. Neither side really creating anything of note. Rush popped up with a goal but that's it. It was enough and its another huge 2 points.

It leaves the table looking like this...


We are finally top! Its the 2nd time (we were briefly top after the win against Dorking) we have been there and I plan on staying. The hardest run of the season is over and there's no reason we can't extend this lead. Lets have it now!

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January Blues

Not happy. I have lost our star man...I mean he was transfered away, I didn't take him to Aldi and misplace him or anything.


(His nickname came as a gentle reminder never to praise him). He was way to good for this leauge and its not a surprise a League One team has come in. I tried to get them to loan him back but they weren't bothered and neither was he to be fair!

Its not the player its the fact he was brilliant for us in 4 different positions. He will be missed. But the money was great and I couldn't turn it down really.


Do you remember when takeovers and replacements were few and far between in FM...



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I realise by posting this I've spoilt 2 results from February (I'm really sorry). But I needed to show this.



Admittedly the last one was closer than it has been but for the love of God let me beat them!

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1 hour ago, Brooklyn Jensen said:

Unlucky mate! That's one too many occasions where you've been FM-ed! Maybe you need to pray to those FM gods ;) 

Honestly mate at this point I'm willing to sell my soul to the FM devil.

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Wanted: One Soul

Turns out I've already given it to the FM Devil on another save. Easy to lose track of!

Anyway February was...erm...how do I say this?


Pain! Now you'll have to forgive me. I played these games apart from the last game on Friday and after the Concord game needed a full weekend away to calm down.

Chelmsford City 1-1 Braintree - Early home goal against rivals is only a good thing right. Well normally. This one set me up to fail. Luckily this wasn't a game I was angry with. Sure I conceded a late goals seconds after a red card despite controlling the game from there but hey, it could have been worse. Derby games are always difficult, form goes out the window. Remember that...just remember that plot point.

Chelmsford City 2-0 Chippenham - All is right with the world. Rush is scoring again, we are scoring 2 goals without conceding. Good game this, pretty much in control (just like Animal) and, yeah, not really much else I can say. Comfortable home victory. I could get used to these.

Hungerford 1-1 Chelmsford City - You've seen my previous post about my games against Hungerford. Now in all fairness this one was one of the closer draws we have had against them but honestly, its getting silly now. I have a hatred for a team I'm never going to come up against in real life. That's what FM does to you!

Truro 0-1 Chelmsford City - I honestly have zero memory of this game. It must have been an entertaining 1-0! Look, lets face it, lots of beer, sleep, F1 and Golf came between this game and me writing this. Looking at the stats...It was as boring as I'm making it out to be and it feels like a great 3 points in what could have easily been a 0-0.

Chelmsford City 0-1 Concord Rangers - Now you'll be surprised to know I remember this b******. In fact the Full Time screen was on this morning when I opened my laptop. Like it was a rage close and walk away. Concord are rock bottom, playing awfully. So natrually they get a 13th minute...in fact you know what just look at this...


The absolute state of that. The plot point...these are rivals!

Gosport 0-1 Chelmsford City - We finished the month on a high. A much needed high! It wasn't a classic, we scored in the first half. Had a few scares in the 2nd but other than that, nice win. Much needed nice win!


Dorking are looking annoyingly unbeatable at the moment and it means we have fallen off a little, the good news is at the moment a playoff push would all be at home. Every cloud and all that. To put the 71 points I have into perspective...we finished last season with 62 points after 40 games and the league was won with 81 points after 40 games. Worth remembering...



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Is it a Full Month?

So the next post was going to be either the end of the month or a brand new job...so which is it going to be.....oooooooooooooo.


An unbeaten month at least. So there's good news at least...

Chelmsford City 3-1 St. Albans - Game of two halves isn't it. We were poor in the first half and I felt the need to give them a little rolocking. Luckily they responed well and turned the game on its head in the 2nd half with 3 goals. Turned into a comfortable win after what I thought was going to be "one of those days."

Billericay 2-3 Chelmsford City - If you think for one second this one win makes up for all the crap you have given me FM...then you're in luck! What a turnaround. We were awful first half and were 2-0 down. Then for the second game in a row 3 second half goals completely turned the game around. What a comeback this was and a huge huge huge 3 points. 

Chelmsford City 2-2 Slough - Hey what's this coming at me quickly...its the Earth! We once again went down to an early goal but this time responded a bit quicker. 2-1 up and cruising before an equaliser midway through the second half. We tried to retake the lead but it was one of those afformentioned days we just weren't going to get anything. 2 points dropped in the battle for Promotion.

It was at this point Peterborough came sniffing around so I wondered which game could potentially be my last.

Ebbsfleet 2-3 Chelmsford City - I would have been happy if it had been this one. We raced into a 2-0 lead and things were looking good. Of course, 2-0 became 2-1 a very familiar scene this season. But a penalty in the 2nd ease tension and I started looking ahead to either the next game or a new job! But we were kept honest. 3-2 with 10 minutes to go and we suvived some nervy moments to cling onto a big 3 points against a team safely in the playoffs.

Chelmsford City 3-0 Welling - We were due a nice relaxing game. We were in complete control here from start to finish. We were already 2-0 up and relaxed by the time Welling got a man sent off, then we popped some icing on this cake for good measure. You never know, this thing could come down to goal difference and as things stand Dorking are miles ahead in that stat.

Speaking of which...the table....


What looked to be a potential 4 horse race has quickly died into a 2 Horse. We missed the chance to draw level on points and with a 14 goal cushion Dorking have got to be the favourites from here.

7 games to go...perfect to start doing those oh so entertaining game by game updates! And if I get the Peterborough job heres what that table looks like...




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The Beginning of the End

No matter what happens. I don't think I will be at Chelmsford next season. I am resigning contracts for players, I want to leave them in the best place possible but I can't see my long term future here. I have already applied for another job in an exotic far away Country known as "Portugal" so fingers crossed.

But right now we travel to Hemel Hemsted Town. A team who last season were in the playoffs, this season they are going down. I'm hoping I can be the final nail. Elsewhere (well Dorking) they go to London to play 10th place Kingstonian. Chance of a slip up?


Banging start! We are in April so it means only one thing. Matt Rush has woken from his hibernation and is ready to smash then in on a regular basis.


Job semi sort lived. They did it before we did! Arses.


Ok lets just win this one and move onto the next.


Not a great deal has happened so far this game. Just the way I like it. 

I can report though that just before half time Kingstonian replied with a goal to make it 2-1 there. All to play for in the second half.




This game has been crying out for a goal and thankfully its gone our way. Blissett off the bench to bag a goal. Lovely stuff.

I had a screenshot of their goal but accidentally deleted it. We conceded late but held on. 



Annoyingly so did Dorking.


As you were. 6 games to go.


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Friday Night Lights

Not a clue why we playing on a Friday but boy did it make for good post title!

We host Eastbourne Boro currently sitting in 11th. 

Dorking are at home to 20th place Dover. I have a feeling we need to win this cos I don't think they are going to lose!


Erm...guys...? I have to admit this was a stonking guy, lovely passing cut us up like a knife through butter.


That's better. Penalty. Straight down the middle. They don't like it up em!


There it is. Feel the pressure now.


Luckily I don't think we will catch up with GD anyway so win it 10-0 for all I care. We just need to pick up 3 points.


Yeah...like that. Easy this manager game. Keeper screw up. Feel like we have been handed the lead here with 2 goals and we don't really deserve to be winning.


I've played this game waaaaaay to long to know this isn't over.


Matt Rush. I will say no more.




We held on. Just about deserved it I think.

Dorking got a late 3rd to match our GD. Not that I care!


As you were. 5 games to go.


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A Few Days Later....

We play on the Monday after the Friday, full fixture list for both days so nobody has the advantage. I have a choice to make. Fresh legs or fatigue first?

We travel to London to face Kingstonian and I think our fixture list is just a few behind Dorking's! They travel to 16th place Tonbridge. A game they will be more likely favourites to win.

I've made 1 change, so tired legs but momentum. Please don't make me regret it.

Honestly nothing happened in the first half...like at all...so I forgot to take a screenshot of the half time stats. Oh and Dorking scored a goal! Obviously! Didn't see it go in, I was too busy trying to force my eyes open. Oh apprently Tonbridge equalised just before the half. Honestly I feel like I have just been abducted by aliens. Luckily the second half hasn't taken long...


Who else? Who else?!


Oh man, the relief in this goal. Amazing it wasn't Matt Rush.

And Dorking have been held!


4 games to go and this league couldn't be tighter.


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16 hours ago, Zeonflux said:

Hey Peterborough!


Looking like a tasty final 4 games

I could easily add Mansfield to that list as well. "Hey look that Crazy Scottish man is back again. I'll call security."

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The White Cliffs of....The National League

Game on!

Neck and neck (not counting the ridiculous GD they have).

We host 20th place Dover who are just hovering above relegation, a big game for them as well. While Dorking host 8th place Oxford City who really don't have a shot at the playoffs anymore. Strange things happen in run ins.


We still need a Dorking slip up...could this be it?


Who else but Matt Rush......with the assist! Aiden Hull has been brilliant in games this season and he pops up with a huge goal.

Its all coming up Millhouse at the moment.


Matt Rush with the goal, Aiden Hull with the assist, guys can we let others play?


The Office It's Happening GIFs | Tenor


My heart can only be broken from here.


To put this goal into context. It had an xG of 0.03.


The Office Michael Scott GIF - The Office Michael Scott Dont You Dare -  Discover & Share GIFs


I want Matt Rush's babies and at this point none of you can stop me!


Surely at this point a lead will open up.





I don't fu***** believe it.


Honestly stunned. 


Dorking also lost so as you were.

I hate this game. So much.

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39 minutes ago, andychar said:

I could easily add Mansfield to that list as well. "Hey look that Crazy Scottish man is back again. I'll call security."

I’d probably say add Dover as well!

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God I love this game. Not many games out there will leave you completely and utterly creastfallen.

Anyway. 3 games to go. We have to move on. Promotion is still in reach!

We travel to 17th place Tonbridge, which sounds silly but cos they are clear of relegation might actually be an easier game. Dorking travel to 9th place Dartford. Expect the unexpected.


Jim Carrey Oh Come On GIF - Jim Carrey Oh Come On Liar Liar - Discover &  Share GIFs


Aiden Hull continues his fine form and at least we are doing our bit.....for now.


Got it just as it was fading lol. Don't you do that. Don't you give me hope.


We've been this comfortable in these games before.



Arthur you donkey.


That was the most satisfyingly boring 45 mintues I've ever seen.

Dorking couldn't find the winner so...


Advantage us.


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I was born in Mansfield, I'm a Mansfield Town fan. I was in attendance during their recent successful 3-0 Play Off Final defeat. There was only one job I would have left Chelmsford for (well when I did anyway). I wish them luck but ultimately I don't care now. Onwards and upwards!


The team was predicted to finish 9th. They should be challenging for a Play Off place at the least. 2 games to go, can't go down. I'm going to Instant Result them and then see what needs doing, what deadwood needs getting rid, what positions need upgrading. I am going to be in for a busy Summer I think. Rebuild central.

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21 minutes ago, andychar said:

I was born in Mansfield, I'm a Mansfield Town fan. I was in attendance during their recent successful 3-0 Play Off Final defeat. There was only one job I would have left Chelmsford for (well when I did anyway). I wish them luck but ultimately I don't care now. Onwards and upwards!


The team was predicted to finish 9th. They should be challenging for a Play Off place at the least. 2 games to go, can't go down. I'm going to Instant Result them and then see what needs doing, what deadwood needs getting rid, what positions need upgrading. I am going to be in for a busy Summer I think. Rebuild central.

Well that was unexpected but it’s gonna be fun to see the prodigal son’s time at Mansfield

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13 minutes ago, Zeonflux said:

Well that was unexpected but it’s gonna be fun to see the prodigal son’s time at Mansfield

I wanted to wait until the end of the season but told them in the interview I was happy to take over straight away. Didn't want to risk losing the opportunity. Shame I couldn't finish the season though!

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Mansfield Town Off Season 2023-24

We lost our opening game and then won the final game of the season, so shoots of encouragement at least.

The Mansfield Board isn't asking a lot.


Go up and repair the finances. Lovely stuff.

But then again it might not matter soon...


A transfer embargo would not be handy right about now!

This is going to be a busy time!

First things first the budgets...


Leave a lot to be desired! Its less than what I started with. I am going to have to trim some deadwood. A nonexistent transfer budget also means I'm going to have to be clever in Free Agency. I think to think this is where I excel when it comes to FM!

I won't show everybody I bring in or who I let go. I'll just put a Starting XI and select others when the Season starts. I am expecting a lot of turnover, as is normal at this level of football.

Chelmsford FYI S*** the bed and took 1 point from 6 so lost out on the title and then in the playoffs...

Lost at home in the Semi. Looks like I was the driving force there. Who knew!


Tee hee.




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I do not have high hopes for this!

I am looking at the squad after some players have been sold, released or didn't wan't to renew and there isn't a position I am 100% happy with. 

I have 9k to ring in the changes and actually get this squad capable of promotion otherwise I think I will be out on my ear.

I will always jump before being pushed!

So basically this is the strongest XI I have on the 1st July.


I have one new signing so far. 


He was let go by Liverpool and we took a punt on him. I am looking for people who can play multiple positions. Trying to edge my bets as much as possible really.

Maris will 100% be going by the end. He is causing issues and I want him out.


Basically like me paying off my student loan.

Ok I'm going to level with you. It wasn't a good Pre-Season. I don't think I improved in any position. But what I think I've done is create a solid squad with a bit of strength in depth. That is what we are working towards. 

We are predicted 12th. I am aiming for playoffs in the hopes that gains me promotion. From then on...lets just wait and see.


On paper our best player comes to us on loan from West Brom. He isn't going to set the league on fire but once again...solid.


Love the finishing, hate the pace!


Got him more as a CB than a RB. 


See, nothing special at all.


My stongest XI. I suppose it will have to do. 

We were taken over and the dept was wiped, although as you saw earlier the loan is big so we aren't out the woods as a club. Just a bit more wiggle room.

Pre-Season itself was a mixed bag.


I don't have much hope!

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Laying Down a Foundation

First time I've taken part in a Transfer Deadline Day...boy they drag a bit don't they!

Two new signings


Love how an out of contract player can cost me 85k! But hopefully he's worth it in the long run.


Cost me nothing to bring in on loan, no wages. So certainly worth the punt!

Anyway onto the start of the season.


Well it could have been worse I suppose!

Stevenage 2-3 Mansfield Town - Great start! Although we did go 1-0 down early on and I was already fearing the worse. We turned the game completely around in 2 minutes and kicked on from there. The McLaughlin goal was to make it 3-1 before they scored with last kick of the game to make it look closer than it actually was. Still, great start.

Mansfield Town 1-0 Chesterfield - We hate Chesterfield. Say it with me. We hate Chesterfield. Probably the most bitter rivalry you've never heard of. So as soon as we drew them there was no chance of resting players. We needed to win. It was a tight, cagey affair. It really could have gone either way so thank God it went ours. Winnall has started well, long may it last (spoiler it doesn't last).

Mansfield Town 1-2 Bristol Rovers - Now this is the result of not resting anybody in the Carabao Cup. We were shattered, although you wouldn't have guessed it after 5 minutes. But the longer the game went on the more we struggled. It was an even game and if we got the rub against Chesterfield we didn't get it here. Winner coming in the last 10 minutes. A mini crash back down to Earth I think.

Doncaster Rovers 1-1 Mansfield Town - Now this is a good point. We were statistically the better team but I'll happily take a point, away from home, against who I think will be a promotion/playoff rival. We started slow and were punished but came into the game the longer it went on. We deservedly levelled and could have nicked it at the death if not for a fine save. Happy with the start. 4 points from 9. Certainly playoff form early on!

Burton Albion 1-1 Mansfield Town (4-5 Pens) - We were second best throughout this game. We started well enough, it was an even game with very few chances that being said it was 1-1 at the break. The second half felt like we were clinging on more than attacking. A very late red card was academic in the end as we went to penalties. They missed first to give us the advantage but we missed next. 4-4 after 5 penalties so it was sudden death. We scored ours but they missed. Into the 3rd round we go. Where I wouldn't be bothered but, we draw a money spinning tie at home to Arsenal. Any money is good money!


WAY too early table suggests its going to be a tight league with nobody sporting a 100% record after 3 games. This is going to be fun.

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