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(FM22) Back to Basics

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I have a habit of creating threads where the goal is ridiculously impossible then disappearing off the face of the Earth not nearly close to finishing them.

You might remember me from such impossible saves as...

Trying to Earn 1billion in Career Earnings and start the career on 350p/w

Trying to get the Premier League full of London Teams (actually abandoned mid save)

Winning a trophy in each County

And the latest, completing all Achievements.

End of the day I don't have the puff to continue these saves.

Well cut a long story short I've been reading through one of my old saves (Trying to earn 1billion Career Earnings) and it gave me the itch for posting on here again. I've done a couple of saves off forum this year. I want to go back to the basics of Football Manager and do a save just for the enjoyment of playing. No fancy goal, no ridiculous notion. Just me, playing FM, having fun and keeping you guys up to date with how its going. 

So on that note, I will be starting this save with No Badges, No Experience and No Hope. Basically the most realisitic version of me I could find. Now when it came to the setup I've gone with this...


England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal and Scotland all down to the lowest out the box tier. I figure this gives me the best chance of finding a job at the start. I'm willing to start anywhere, no preference. 

As mentioned there are no goals, neither long term nor short term. I don't have to manage a specific team, I don't have to win a specific Cup. I just want to have fun going where I want. I'll add and remove leagues as I go along, maybe see Spain at some point down the road.

This is me. 


Sexy sexy beast. Going for the 1990s Cup Final look.


Quite frankly these stats are generous for me. 

That's it. Time to get the old newspaper out and start looking for work!

442 Will Work For Food Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

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Job Centre

So many Countries so many ways this save can start. I'm so excited to see the endless posibilities.


Guys guys guys! Form an orderly queue!

I really don't know what to say. I was hoping and maybe expecting more. Can't see myself getting the Leyton Orient job (which is a really depressing sentence to type out). Woking, maybe? But I think I could be heading to Portugal to start this save. One of my favourite saves started in Portugal so I wouldn't actually complain and its the reason why I put Portugal on there in the first place.

Who has two thumbs and reeks of desperation....


This guy!

Can't wait for the laughing off from teams. Always brings several tears to the eye.


23 hours 55 minutes after I applied. The dream didn't last long.


I don't want to apply for these jobs. I want to try and keep a little tiny smidge of realism and I can see myself applying and getting one of these jobs with more experience at Carphone Warehouse than Football.


I had no chance against the manager who talks about the size of Hamsters balls on TV. No chance at all.


This hasn't quite gone the way I planned to start with. At least I have two jobs to fall back on.


It was a painful 8 minutes. I think it might be a while.

I'm going to have to wait till November aren't I and take over a team with no wins.


Cheers Willow. Thanks for the update. I play games to avoid the harsh truths of life!

I'll erm..............just catch you guys when something happens.



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Job Centre 2 Job Centre Harder!


Willow. What do I pay you for? Hang on...wait...please don't tell me I pay you.


Spain without the S.


Now then! I always thought Kaiserslautern would make a good German sounding Swear Word so I'd be well up for this.




Ah here it is. A few clubs later than I thought but here nonetheless. Have I made the Spain joke yet?


The face of the man full of ideas!

I should have applied for the Ghana job.


Got my eye on that Benfica job. Could walk straight into it.


It is August the 31st. Send help.

Kaiserslautern hired this guy...


Showing off with his fancy badges and experience. Makes me sick.


Desperate times call for Desperate measures. Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore will join the cast after Christmas in the hopes that somebody will take pity on me.


A new low.

Going to be an interesting thread when we get to page 2 and I still haven't got a job! I'll be back.

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Job Centre with a Vengence!


Lots of applications but absolutely zero chance of getting them. At this point I just want an interview for the experience.

I have declared interest with about 40 insecure jobs. Some teams I've never even heard of. They are the best type of club!

I am currently in the Middle of October and not even so much as an interview.

The excitement when I see news in my inbox...

Followed by the utter devestation.



This is the lowest reputation team I've applied for. I have a feeling this is all or nothing...


The Happening GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Yes I will be using old memes. 


There is no way in the World I am not taking this job. The 6th Tier of English Football it is...


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Chelmsford City

Wikipedia describes Chelmsford City as

Chelmsford City Football Club is a football club based in Chelmsford, Essex, England. Currently members of the National League South, the sixth tier of English football, they play at the Melbourne Stadium.

Truely a remarkable description.

Chelmsford City.png




I have been lucky enough to bag an 8 month contract. The 5 year plan is to remain in the National League South. My 5 year plan (don't say doing your wife don't say doing your wife) is to not be here.

So this is my first team and tactics straight off the bat.


That's my best team at the moment. Obviously there's a few holes in there.

So how bad are things at the moment? Well in the National League South only one team goes down out of 21 as the league rejigs itself after Covid and a few teams having to close their doors.


We start as that team going down. We are literally starting at the bottom of the playable English pyramid. I mean...the only way is up right?

We have already been knocked out of the FA Cup but we still have a chance in the FA Trophy. Obviously the aim is survival and see what happens after that.


Financially we are looking quite good for the level we are at. I have scope for bringing a few players in.

I am thankful for the chance at a job and am thankful for the love and support I've recieved by my players


I am 100% going to have to start my meeting by saying "I know none of you have heard of me before..."

The lads have 6 days before my first game. Let my reign of terror commence!

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That was a fun read, the job hunting experience :D

Though I bet it wasn’t like that for you.

Interesting that you ended up at the club bottom of the pyramid!

Looking forward to reading your adventures :thup:

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Chelmsford City 2021/22

So in the absolute horror scenario that I'm here for a long time I thought I better introduce the players that are going to help me get out of here.


My first choice keeper isn't going to go on to have an amazing career but he could do a job for us in the National League South, obviously the aim is promotion, maybe not this season but long term. This guy I think can help.


Our starting LWB is very good (for this level). On loan from Palace I'm excited to see what he can bring to the team. (I can't believe I'm saying that when the guys best attribute is 13 but at this level Pace can kill).


Centers back and this guy isn't great but he will do. Good attributes in the right places, such as heading , tackling and marking. In fact you know what. He's not too bad. His speed and acceleration scare the bejeesus out of me.


His CB partner tells me that the opposition tactics might consist of "long balls over the top". They are both going to be smoked!


Cameron is the jewel of the back line and annoyingly he's being forced to play in his worse position due to lack of options elsewhere. He will be key for a good season I think.


Dunne looks like a tidy player for this level. He will be out starting CM and should be a good playmaker looking at his stats.


Issac will partner him and its a position I'm happy with (for a change). Love a guy with aggression (remind me I said that when I'm bitching about his 3rd Red of the season).


Look at him with this International Caps! One of our best players. Looking forward to seeing what he can do down the wing and with his finishing could play as striker if need be.


In the AMC role I've promoted a guy from the Youth Side. It was our weak position before hand so I thought I might as well give a youngster the chance. He has some good stats and I can see a future where he might be a key player for this side. Just not now and hopefully long after I've gone.


Another player who isn't going to light the World up but hopefully can do a job at this level. Honestly he is the first player I'm looking to replace. In fact already had a loan bid rejected for somebody to do just that.


I like to play an AF up front. Dunno why, just do. He isn't bad for that and at this level should be a 15 goal guy at least. Expect big things.


So that's the Starting XI. I won't show any of the other peons but will keep you updated with my kidnappings in the transfer market.

First game will be against 11th place Hemel Hemsted. Lets be aving you!

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2 minutes ago, Sonic Youth said:

That was a fun read, the job hunting experience :D

Though I bet it wasn’t like that for you.

Interesting that you ended up at the club bottom of the pyramid!

Looking forward to reading your adventures :thup:

Why thank you. I actually enjoyed it in a sadistic type of way. I thought it was never going to happen and if Chelmsford didn't call back I think it would have been Operation Asia! But lets see how we get on. Thanks for the feedback and hope you enjoy :-).

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The Debut!


So here we are the long awaited debut of the next big thing in management!

Mark Jones has been quoted as saying


Truly the entire World will be glued to their TV screens to see just what the fuss is about.

And with the board truely 100% behind my talent there's nothing stopping me.



Nobody tells me no 4 times before I get on my knees and beg! Nobody!


They will all be quaking!

Anyway back to the serious matter at hand. The football.

We started bright and full of beans...


Then this happened. A corner not dealt with and a simple header. Its like watching 6th Tier of English Football...oh wait.

Next up we had a long ball over the top and a lovely finish, I was worried this exact thing was going to happen.Call An Ambulance But Not For Me - Meming Wiki


Football Manager with the harsh definition of what a "Shot On Target" is. Anyway 1-1 and we back in the game. Lively start.


We go into the half 1-1. Rush had a good chance but it was well saved. Other than that there's been a lot of long ranged shots. I've played enough FM to know we are going to lose this game thanks to a 30 yard thunderbolt.

I tell the players I'm happy with the number of shots and to keep it up. Now I'm worried they think its acceptable to shoot form 46 yards.

20 minutes ago, andychar said:

Issac will partner him and its a position I'm happy with (for a change). Love a guy with aggression (remind me I said that when I'm bitching about his 3rd Red of the season).



Half hour left on the clock and we are going to be under the cosh now. A little context on this red card. He was booked 8 minutes into the game, but this challenge was that bad it was a straight red. So basically he was booked 3 times in the same game. Outstanding commitment to the aggression.

66th minute we put together a brilliant move, lots of movement, lots of passing and suddenly Jackson finds himself through! He shoots and honestly legend has it that the ball still hasn't landed. Watch the skies!

What I have very quickly learned about this side is, the strength in depth is absolutely terrible! I don't dare make any subs because the starters with a oxygen mask are better than the subs.

86th minute - We escape! They are all over us and the woodwork is rattled from about 4 yards out. Its a miracle it didn't bounce back and knock the striker out. If the post wasn't there so poor geezer in Row H would have lost his pie.


Absolute scenes when the 4th offical but 1 minute of added on time up. I'm pretty sure it took 3 minutes to muzzle Issac. Any way. Good point on the whole. Will take it. Its something to build on.

Don't worry I won't do every game like this. Just the big ones. (I know playing fast and loose with the word "big".)

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17 minutes ago, BoxToBoxFM said:

Love this way of playing FM, will be following along!

I got sick of coming up with a stupidly impossible idea and just wanted to play for the sake of playing. Its been too long! Thanks for the follow.

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Welcome to Hell!

I made some new signings :-)

I said I wanted to improve at AML and I have done just that (I hope).


A young Bulgarian with International Experience. Good on the ball with good pace and half decent crossing. He has the potential (if he's lucky!) to be a leading National League player. So lets hope he can fulfill that potential! He was free but cost me 400 p/w in wages. We have a little wiggle room left but not loads.

I also needed to free my best player from his LB hell. 36ef564b7f1c6eb00f26450ed705c24b.png

So I panicked and went out for this guy. He isn't better than our currently number 1 LB but our current number 1 LB is better in so many more positions so it made sense.

They will both start the next game. I have a few more pies my fingers are in. 

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Shoots of Encouragment 


Team talk exaggerations have gone up 1million%. 


So its an unbeaten start in November. 

Chelmsford City 1-1 Hemel Hempsted - This was a good game to start with, home against a midtable team. We went behind early despite a bright start, luckily we didn't let this put us off and we bounced back with an equaliser. We were on top in a tight first half, missing one good chance. The second half we looked good but a red card put us under the cosh. End of the day we were happy to come away with a point. Solid if not spectacular start.

Tonbridge 2-2 Chelmsford City - This was another good point. We fell behind twice and equalised twice. On the balance of play we deserved both equalises and were purhaps unlucky to only get a point but its once again a solid base to continue with.

Chelmsford City 7-2 Larkhall - 5 different goalscorers and a hattrick hero gave us a very good win against a team a few divisions below us. I want to say I'm not taking the FA Trophy seriously but I played my strongest XI so I must want to do well in it. Obviously survival is the goal but I do like a good cup run.


2 draws to start the league for us. Still rock bottom, only 1 win all season. But I think we are on the up. A win would catapult us to 18th! Nose bleed terriory.

Christmas is an important time in football. We need to be off bottom come the New Year. I think its achieveable.

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It was December and a month that can really make or break somebodies season.


A very predictable boring month!

Chelmsford City 1-2 St. Albans - This one stung. We were the better team throughout but found ourselves 1-0 down. It came out of nothing but we kept coming and coming and finally got what we deserved with a 91st minute equaliser. Queue the absolute FMing a few minutes later when they win the game. Sucker punch.

Billericay 1-2 Chelmsford City - Apparently this is against a rival. Who knew? We once again dominated, we have actually been playing some really good football and finally we got the result our play deserved. 2-0 up at half time but they made it a nervy last 15. Luckily we held on for a big debut league win.

St. Albans 1-0 Chelmsford City - Once again we came out of a game against St. Albans wondering how we lost. Well the answer is simple. They got a penalty and scored it in the second half. We deserved a replay but didn't get one. That's our FA Trophy journey over. Now to focus on the league.

Chelmsford City 5-0 Braintree - This was an early relegation 6 pointer. We went into this game level on points as the bottom two. Not only did we win but a swing of 10 in the GD column could be huge. This is the sort of result we have threatened. Dominating from start to finish and a lovely little hattrick from Rush up front. Huge win that propelled us up the table.

Concord Rangers 1-1 Chelmsford City 6ed39065d4971077ae3f59f4c6964715.png

I wanted to show the stats here to show just how good we have been without picking up result. Plenty of shots just missing that little bit of luck. This is a good point all things considering. We had to rotate slightly due to Christmas fixtures but came away with a point, even if we deserved all 3. 

It means the league table looks like this heading into the new year.


Off bottom and out of the relegation place but its tight. So tight. If we can throw a good January together we should say goodbye to a relegation battle all together. 11 points off playoffs. The way we are playing this isn't a stupid thought.

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Return of the Mc

Its been a few days since I've had the chance to play this so I welcomed Sunday morning!

We pick up in January after a successful Christmas saw us leap out the relegation place. Can we now push on and up the table?


Ah inconsistency, how I've missed thee.

Braintree 1-2 Chelmsford City - I was almost furious here. We took the lead and were absolutely dominant. Then out of nothing Braintree equalised and I thought it was going to be 2 points dropped. Luckily with minutes to go 2 subs combined to fire us into the lead and a muchly deserved 3 points. 2 wins against Braintree in quick success has given us a lovely buffer at the bottom.

Chelmsford City 1-1 Bath - Bath went into this game in 2nd so it was a good chance to flex out muscles and see if we could compete with the big guns (if they can be described as that). We took the lead and were looking decent. Then a switch was flipped and we were well and truly battered. We held on and thought we were going to snatch a win but in the 92nd minute they grabbed an equaliser and honestly, nobody could argue. Fair draw and if you had offered me that before hand I would have taken it!

Chelmsford City 2-3 Welling - This was rough. We were 3-0 down after 25 minutes and it looked like it was just going to be one of those games. We did manage to get a goal before half time giving us a bit of hope. We huffed and puffed all the second half but didn't really look like scoring. Saying that we grabbed a goal with 5 minutes to go to set up a grandstand finish but that was the last highlight. Teasing teasing game.

Chelmsford City 4-1 Chippenham - Now this is the best performance I've seen by this team since taking over. Brilliant 90 minutes that started poorly. The away side took the lead with a over the shoulder volley on the edge of the box...this is tier 6! Anyway. We turned it on after that. Brilliant equaliser, brilliant 2nd, lucky 3rd won't lie and a 4th in added time for a bit of icing. Who doesn't like icing!


Annoyingly everybody below us are consistently picking up points so our lead over relegation is only 5 points. Sure we have a few games in a hand thanks to waterlogged pitches but I'd rather have the points! 16 points off playoffs with 2 games in hand. Don't see it this season, its about survivial and seeing what the summer brings.

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No FMing Allowed!

You know how I started the month, and how I felt about it. So how did the rest of the month go?


Our first unbeaten month!

Hungerford 1-1 Chelmsford City - Nope. Not going to go into this game. Not going to touch it. You saw the screenshot. 

Dulwich Hamlet 0-1 Chelmsford City - We were lucky here. Not because we didn't deserve to win, we did, but because they had a man sent off after just 15 minutes. Long time to play with 10 men and they actually did well. We took the lead in the first half but they had some chances, we deserved the 3 points and a bit of luck after that Hungerford game!

Chelmsford City 0-0 Hampton and Richmond Borough - They are rock bottom so a win would have been huge. It didn't come and we left with a great sense of disappointment. We have more than enough chances to win, just couldn't break the deadlock. Huffed and puffed but nothing. 2 points dropped. But we are putting a good little run together.

Dorking 1-2 Chelmsford City - A great performance here against a team who are challening for the playoffs. We started strong and got better and better. We were able to race into a 2-0 lead, a late goal made things nervy but we held on for a good win. At this point relegation isn't even in the discussion.

Chelmsford City 4-2 Oxford City - What a game this was. We took the lead early on and then in the blink of an eye it was 2-2. An own goal pulled Oxford level before they took the lead minutes later, then a few moments later it was 2-2. You are more likely to concede on the back of scoring yourself, well both teams were crap at this. We were level at the break but came out the second half with something to prove. A penalty gave us the lead before a 4th was fired home minutes later. We were able to hold on for a great win against a team pushing for Promotion. 

If we can keep this level of consistency between now and the end of the season then a sneaky playoff place isn't completely out the question.


So close to this and if 1 of those 2 draws went out way I could have been awarded. Next time hopefully!

I also applied for the vacant Mansfield Town job. I wasn't shortlisted to the absolute surprise of nobody.


It all means the table looks like this...


9 points off 7th with a game in hand. 13 games to play this season. A man can dream right?!


Dynamics are looking good. I managed to win the team over. The unhappy player has been promised more game time so he will be happy again soon. 

Its been a great start. I'm thinking a full season here next season then see what happens.

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We lost the first game of the month 3-0.


We will not be showing this, or talking about this in future posts, for fear of my mental stability.

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Honestly forgot the pain this game can bring

Catchy title I know.


Pain? All I see is green and yellow, I hear you scream.





And lets not mention the game which shall not be mentioned.

Havent and Waterlooville 0-1 Chelmsford City - Ok so it wasn't all bad. We started out (started out!) with a win against a top team in the division and it was a game that could have easily swung either way. For once it went our way and it really gave us a shot in the arm after the game that came before it that won't be mentioned.

Chelmsford City 1-1 Eastbourne Boro - This one hurts as at the time Eastbourne were occupying that last Playoff place and a win would have been huge. The fact we dominated the game but couldn't win hurts even more. 31 shots with 11 on target isn't great but it should be enough to win any game. Unfortunetly this is a recurring theme at the moment.

Dartford 2-2 Chelmsford City - This was a good game, fought a high intensity and honestly it wouldn't have been fair on either side to lose it. Can argue on the stats we edged it but I was more than happy to come away with a point. Espiecally as it took an 86th minute equaliser to rescue said point.

Welling 0-2 Chelmsford City - If (and its a big if at this point) we have any shot of playoffs these are the games we need to win. Away games against teams below us. We won this quite confortably in the end, 1 goal in each half and it could have been more if I'm honest. I'll take the 2. Not going to look a gift horse in the mouth!

Chelmsford City 1-1 Hungerford - We finish with more pain as demonstrated above. We have drawn twice against these this season, both 1-1 and both with them scoring with the only shot of the game. This one, a 25 yard thunderbolt. Sometimes you're the pidgeon, sometimes you're the column!

It means the league table looks like this ahead of a very busy month.


8 games to go and actually, amazingly, we still have that outside chance. 4 points behind current 7th with a game in hand. I'd say we are right in the mix. 

6 games next month, feels like its make or break for the season, although if you had offered me an 11th place finish when I took over, sir, you would have no hands left.


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1 hour ago, Jimbokav1971 said:

Booo! :thdn: I'm not here for you winning games! :stop: I'm here for the job searching! :D

I've never had to beg and plead for work as much as I did here. And now look! Chelmsford will never be the same again!

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Shamelessly post padding

8 games to go and I've decided to do a game by game entry until we wave goodbye to the playoffs. 

We start this epic countdown with a game against Hemel Hemstead. We played them in my debut game and were lucky to come away with a point on that day. We have come on leaps and bounds since then and are quite confident we can put a better performance in. 4 points between us and 7th with a game in hand. Lets get it!

More often than not when I do these its finishes 0-0 and nothing happens...


I wish nothing was happening. Out of nothing. I mean nothing has happened.


Odds on this finishing 11v11?

Ball hits the back of the net early in the 2nd half but lucky for us its chalked off. Not looking good.

Ball is once again hitting the back of the net with 5 minutes to go but once again we are lucky its chalked off. 1-0 still. We have been utterly dreadful.


We could have played all month and not looked like scoring. Just won of those games where it felt like we were never going to get anything, not a single person showed up.


Amazingly we only dropped 1 point to the pack above. Dartford are our biggest threat having played the same as us with a 4 point gap but its crazy how close this could be. 

Onto the next one we go!

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Running out of Chances

Tonbridge up next who are one place ahead of us in the league in 12th. We need to leapfrog 7 teams in order to get into the playoffs. This is a chance to cross one of the list.

So I said before normally these finish 0-0. I mean the last one wasn't exactly a thrill a minute so lets see how this plays out...


What a scorcher and we couldn't have asked for a better start!


An even half where (surprisingly) nothing has really happened. I'll take a damp squib of a second half if it means we leave with 3 points today.


We took control in the second half, missed a few decent chances but held on for a great and important 3 points.


We leapfrog one team successfuly and with games in hand can leapfrog another. Still a lot of work to do with zero wiggle room.

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3rd Time's the Charm

We have played 2 games already against St Albans and lost them both 2-1. If we have a repeat here in the league today then I think its curtains for an unlikely playoff bid. A win however and things will get very interesting. A draw is meh.

They lie 16th in the table by the way, so we have every chance of coming away with a vital 3 points.


We should be heading into the break 1-0 up. A glorious chance fluffed. There's been a lot of huffing and puffing without any breakthrough.

I called for revenge at half time. Which we all know would get any man ready for war!

Less than 2 minutes into the 2nd half and we crush the crossbar! A game made up of fine margains, one didn't go our way.


Not deserved in the slightest. Not happy. 


Boom game on again. More than deserved!

Nervy 17 minutes ahead, feels like this is our season.


Too many results like this this season. Too many times we have dominated the game but not come away with the win. 


5 points behind now with 5 games to go and it feels like this could be slipping away. I've included Billericay in the shot because they are actually our next game. A win against them could bring them into play.

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18 hours ago, karanhsingh said:

Great stuff so far, the job hunt was certainly entertaining! Look forward to seeing how this goes. 

Cheers. I think they need a spin off Job Hunter Simulator. I'd make a killing on the old YouTube.

Now or Never

If we lose this game then the season is pretty much over. Win it and its game on. Billericay sit 6th, 7 points ahead of us. If we beat them here then that gap comes down and suddenly with 4 games to go there will be 2 playoff spots up for grabs. Lose or draw then I think it will be instant result until the end of the season. I know it means no game by game updates. The devestated can be felt from here.

I think it will be a tight and cagey game....because that's how I'm setting out the team...insider knowledge!


A jammy early own goal? Aye that'll do pig. Cross deflected off the defender and in. Lovely stuff.


I'm going to have to have words. Its like they have never heard of the words tight or cagey!


A brillian first half and we deservedly lead. Hopefully nothing silly in the second.


You know...like conceding early. Nothing silly like that.

60th minute and a massive sigh of relief. The away side smash the bar from a free kick and suddenly its looking grim.


A mistake pounced upon! And that is a huge goal. 

Tight and cagey...classic.


Silly penalty conceded and the nice tight feeling in my chest is back.

70th minute and Rush should have given us a cushion again. Played through brilliantly and forces a save out the keeper. I have 20 minutes more and honestly don't think I'll make it.


From the result corner, a clearance, a few passes, a long range shot and a goal. Hahahahahahahaha


We looked more likely to score at the end. But what a game!

If anybody asks you why you play this game just tell them "I know a guy from Mansfield who lost 3 years of his life because of a game between Chelmsford City and Billericay." No more questions will be asked.

The table looks like this...


Hemel Hempsted scored a late winner otherwise the table would look better. But 4 points is 1 point closer than at the start of the game. 4 to play.

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Walking Wounded

We have had to make several changes thanks to injury and suspension. Its fair to say our strongest XI won't be starting the home game against Slough Town. We have given ourselves a chance with 4 games to play. Slough are in 18th not mathmatically safe but near enough. This is a game on paper we should be winning but we all know football isn't played on paper!


Rush is scoring some important goals in the run in and this is another example. A lovely low finish whistles past the keeper and gives us 1st blood again.


Quiet first half really with no massive clear cut chances. I'll take it. A boring 45 please! 

53rd minute - Oh its a sitter! Slough should be level. Cross comes in alludes everybody and its a tap in at the back post, but its blazed over. A huge let off and he may never work in football again.


Slough are made to pay for the mistake and its Rush who doubles his tally and the lead. 


And that's his hattrick. Slough put to the sword and Chelmsford on their way to another huge 3 points.


A good goal for Slough and maybe just maybe, a way back into this game. It has been coming since the 3rd.


Who wants icing on their cake?!


We were lucky in the sense that Slough waited until they were 3-0 down before they started playing. Great win.


6 points seperate 5th down to 12th. 3 games to go. Chippenham only 4 points off and that would mean not only a playoff game but at least 1 home playoff game! I mean, lets not run before we can walk eh. The important thing is we are now just 2 points off 6th the better GD is looking tasty as well.

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Game 38

At some point you just run out of titles. This is a big one. Away to Maidstone. Both know a win could lift them into the playoffs. I wouldn't say a draw here would be a bad thing. In fact, I think I'd happily take it. 

A few starters come back into the team so lets get to it!

Tight and cagey right...


Who else but Matt blooming Rush. What a season he's having for us.


Matt. Rush. On loan and I will be doing everything in my power to keep him regardless of what happens.


Its a 2-0 lead at the break but honestly it could and should be more. Hopefully these missed chances won't come back to bite us in the bum!

UNREAL SCENES IN THE 78th MINUTE! - A highlight. Absolutely nothing has happened in this second half but finally in the 78th minute we have a highlight...what's going to happen? Lets watch......nothing.


That was the boring half of football I've been craving. Huge win. Huge 3 points.


Now would you get a looky looky at that.

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4 minutes ago, Zeonflux said:

I came for the Career, I’m staying for the suit

Oh its majestic. You should see it after I've finished eating Spagetti. 

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Tired Legs


To the absolute surprise of nobody. What a brilliant run in he has had and at this point if it was medically possible I'd have his babies.

Now I was annoyed when I saw this.a683088f382ccb5eaed5fab4b253744a.png 2 games in 2 days! Are you crazy! But it turns out its the entire league, so if we are shattered it means they are. That's all that matters. And the fans will enjoy the results or the shattered on show as well.

It does mean it feels like I've done a million press conferences in the space of a few days...reminds me of ALL those interviews I had at the start of the career.......

Anyway we are playing Concord Rangers at home, our final home game of the season and...if I'm being absolutely ambitious...we can all but seal a playoff place today. That being said I'll take just being in with a shout at the end, its done my thread numbers the World of good!

Oh and apparently Concord are bitter rivals so they will love nothing more than to kill my dreams.

Now the big question...reserves or tired players?


I went tired and its paid off and who else but *checks notes* Chris Issac. Oh ok fair enough.


Its another good goal and its the other CM whose slotted home. It could come off somebodies backside at this point and I would not care.


Almost forgot. It was a perfect first half. Dominating and 2 goals. Couldn't have asked for more. More of the same please. Or a boring nothing second half, either or, not fussed.


"But the scores are the same" I hear you scream. Ballooned a penalty wide didn't we! Awful penalty. Hope it doesn't cost us!


Please. Not like this.


Too say we hung on feels wrong as we battered them for 90 minutes. But in the back of your mind you just know...this is FM. So I'm delighted to have "held on".


We have 5 teams battle for 3 playoff places. Billericay have all but secured there baring a Northampton Town collapse. We just need a point. 1 little tiny point.

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Season Finale

1 point. 1 point against a team 14th in the league with nothing to play for. Easy right?

But what about those around us?


Billericay play a Braintree side who need just a point to secure survivial. Not a straight forward game for them and maybe a chance to leapfrog them into 5th?


Hemel Hempstead travel to a side who need to win and hope Bath lose in order to secure the Title and the only Automatic Promotion place.


Chippenham currently in the place outside the playoff face a tricky game away to a team with really nothing to play for other than form and momentum.


Maidstone are mathmatically still in with a chance but they need a big turn around. Hampton and Richmond are fighting for their lives and need a win coupled with a Braintree defeat.

Should be a very spicy finish to the season. Lets get to it.


First blood of the day and its good news for us. Not so much for Bath.


Its been a slow start but that's huge. Issac again wonders into the box and slots home cooly from a cross. Brilliant start.


It means as things stand we are 5th and will actually play Billericay at home....I think.


Hope for Hampton and Richmond as we down back down to 6th and would now travel to Billericay.....I think.


Matt Rush doubles our lead just before the break and it makes for a lovely half time teamtalk.


Good value I'd say. Elsewhere...

Bath lead meaning they will be going up if scores stay the same.

Billericay still hold a 1-0 lead, enough for 5th. 

Hemel Hempstead still 1-0 down but still clinging onto that final place because...

Chippenham and Maidstone still 0-0. 

All to play for over the next 45 minutes.


A quiet cagey half everywhere as Billericay secure 5th. 6th is our ceiling.


Braintree are fighting for their lives. A point is enough for them and its now in touching distance.


Maidstone have broken the deadlock, it will seal Hampton and Richmonds fate but its too little to late. They need a swing of 6 goals in the last 10 minutes. My money isn't on it.


No drama for us. We are in the Playoffs. Brilliant. Simply brilliant.

Now what does the Final Table look like?


Well done to Bath who under intense pressure from Dulwich do enough to go up. Hampton and Richmond finished poor and went down because of it.

Hemel Hempstead survive thanks to Chippenham and their 0-0 draw. They will be kicking themselves.

In the end we cruise into the playoffs where we will indeed face Billericay. 

For those of you who don't know how it works. The first round will be 4th v 7th and 5th v 6th the winner of those games will play 2nd and 3rd in a straight semi final shootout. No Wembley, the home side will be whoever came highest in the league. So only way we are having a home game is if its us vs Hemel in the final...which...I would like to avoid looking at our record against them!

See you in the Playoffs!


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Play-Off Bound

Can I level with you...


This is my starting 11 for pretty much every game if I can.

Matt Rush and Imray have been brilliant. Can't see us getting them again. 

Dunne and James' contract's run out at the end of the season and as things stand they aren't interested in signing a new one. 

If we go up, I think we could be in big trouble as we are all but going to lose our 4 best players.


And our Goalkeeping Coach is more qualified than our Manager!

But enough doom and gloom lets get to it.

I've been in charge of both games against our opponents in the 1st Round of the Playoffs. We beat them home and away. Confidence!

I have my strongest XI. Confidence!

This is FM and I've been playing it for decades.............confidence?


Oxford survived a big scare and progress to the Semi. They will be playing 3rd no matter what. Which means if we get through we have a date with the very impressive Dulwich Hamlet.



Thought I'd caught it in time but obviously not. The ball is in the net early doors and the Stadium erupts. Unluckeeeeeeee


This one counts though! Rush is left completely unmarked in the box and that is your fate sealed. Lovely finish on the volley and what a time to be alive!


Pinch me. Somebody pinch me. Rush again. I will give me left and right testes to keep him another season.


A 15 minute hattrick and this is dream land. 


An absolute clinic. Safe to say Chambers isn't haven't his favourite game ever.

Now lets not do anything stupid.


Game on. Looping header from a corner with literally the first highlight of the second half.

81st minute - That's a huge save. The home side are pressing and charging and they almost pull within 1. Huge save. Those first 15 minutes...a distant memory...


Minutes after Dada should have had the tie dead and buired we are set up for an absolute rollercoaster of a final few plus stoppage time. All hands on deck on.


What a game of football. I need a lie down in a dark room.


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Crawling Back


As advertised. This is a hard game.

That being said, I managed this fixture earlier in the season and we won 1-0. So its possible.

Anyway story time...


I signed this player pretty early on in my tenure because I liked his pace for this level. I gave him good game time but it wasn't enough. He wanted more. I accepted this and promised I would. I was halfway through this promise, it was going well, then he comes in and complains that I'm not playing him enough and I'm hurting his career. I tell him I am playing him and will continue too, but this wasn't enough. That's why you see the words "Chelmsford Under 18s" below his name.


I obviously failed it as he didn't even train with the first team after his outburst. Top half finish though yay!

Now, why am I telling you all this?


Cos this little idiot. His replacement. Has got himself suspended hasn't he! So guess who is going to have to start the biggest game of the season. Send help!




Late drama in the other semi and its Havant and Waterlooville who get through by the skin of their teeth. Heartbreak for Oxford. 

I feel we are going into this game with no expectations or pressure. Its nice.

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16 hours ago, BoxToBoxFM said:

Good luck, really enjoyed following the live updates for the playoff first round and the end of the season!


I'm not going to lie. It was a lot more exciting that I thought it was going to be :lol:

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Cos...of the Hamlets...get it? Man I feel old.

Anyway here we go. No more words. Only action!


Send help.

39th minute - Not much has happened this half but after a corner Chelmsford are lucky its not 2. A goal mouth scramble is somehow cleared away and the visitors are still in this game.


Only 3 highlights all half and they all went the way of the hosts. We need a big 45 minutes but it feels like one of those games where no matter what I do I can't lift the players.


An absolute dagger.

50th minute - Off the woodwork! Chelmsford unlucky. It appears its not their day today!

52nd minute - Rush is put through on goal and you'd bet your house on him scoring but its fired straight at the keeper!

54th minute - Its Dulwich's turn to miss a sitter. The game should be done and dusted. Fine save from the keeper but the striker should do better.

70th minute - Rush fires a thunderbolt from range stinging the keepers hands and out for a corner. Chelmsford are getting desperate.

80th minute - Another chance goes begging for the visitors. They have just missed that killer edge that has seen them get this far and it appears the season is going to end with a whimper.

84th minute - Rush has another chance to set up a grandstand finish but once again the keeper is there to make the save! He won't be beaten today. Corner.


Well we created the chances just couldn't score. They hit us with 2 sucker punches early in both halves. Their keeper finished with an 8.5. It just was not meant to be.

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Well it felt like getting to the Playoffs was the achievement but its still a

 ttle deflating. That being said we played well and it just wasn't meant to be. We go into the Summer with a bit of a rebuild job on our hands but for now, lets celebrate this season.



I bought Aleksiev and Blissett into the team. Not fantastic business lol. I will be doing everything in my power to keep Rush. I've got no chance with Imray.



Its nice to be at a club at this level where I haven't had to worry about finances once. 



The hard work starts now!

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Stressful Off-Season

First things first.


We have a transfer budget and a very small bit of wiggle room with wages.

I asked the board for a Senior Affiliate to help get decent players for no wages.


They said yes. No go out and get me Manchester City!

I really want Rush another season. It would mean I don't have to worry about going out and replacing him. I will probably need a new CB, CM and RB as it is. 


A bit of housekeeping. More drama in these playoffs. Unlucky to Dulwich. We will see you next season.


Absolute stonks.

So I went into this Off-Season worried about losing my 4 best players. 2 of which were on loan, 2 weren't interested in a new contract the last I looked...


One player signs a new contract. Lot of money for this level but he is every bit worth it.


It was either Southend or Gillingham. Gillingham are actually League One compared to Conference Southend but I went with these because they would potentially give me more players. 


It looks like I'll be looking at short term loans to begin with and see what happens!


And new contract number 2. That's a little bit of weight off the mind but now I'm very worried about our wage bill!


Zero complaints there! I voted for Jerry/Gary


Absolute bargain. 


This is what my current Starting XI looks like. Everybody on Hol so in red. I need a new RB. That's obvious. Cleaver gets the performances so I'm not bothered about replacing him. I'm happy with Vaz as well to be honest. We maybe need a new CB that's quite obvious, but other than that I'm actually quite happy. We need strength in depth. That was the issue last season so that's my aim.


He's given me 6 days notice. 6 days!


Arse. We now need a new LW. I've been looking just in case he didn't change his mind.

First new signing annoucement! He will arrive on the 1st July.

Second new signing annoucement!


He comes in with mind to replace Jackson. Not too shabby for this level. Should ensure we aren't left weaker with Jackson's retirement.


I bid for this guy and he went somewhere else. Went and placed a loan bid and it was accepted. I don't plan on being here past next season so bonus! He will help boost CB numbers as I was starting to get concern, without really improving the position.

2 free loans from Southend come in. Once again a bid to add a bit of strength in depth to the squad.


Another CB to add depth and...


Oh...read the fine print Andrew the fine print!

So I'm going to wait until the 1st July now to see this new signing and know exactly where I stand with the team. It might be enough for me. Although if I find another CB I won't hesistate to improve!

You know when you see a player that plays in a position you weren't looking to improve but you go for him anyway? We are getting a new keeper.


Our back up has left us so this made sense in the end. Don't think he's an improvement on existing but its nice to have a good back up.


First signing made, last to arrive. He will go RB and free up James to go CB.

SO after everything. This is what the new strongest XI looks like...


New RB, LB and AMR. We have a new GK, on the bench. I think theres still room for improvement in CM back up. But that is the squad I'm going to be putting in charge of a playoff push.


The media expect more.

Now a little breath before the Pre-Season begins.


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Pre-Season 2022-23

Historically I don't care about friendlies. I never play and this save will be no different.

I will whizz through this. Wage budget is shot, no more wheeling and dealing. Just pray everybody survives and nothing stupid happens.


I'm improving :-)


Once again begging and pleading works.

I leave my Assistant Manager to organise friendlies normally...


He didn't get very far in the phone book.

A bit of transfer news to go through. We sent a youngster out on loan and free up 200 quid a week in wages and we finally say goodbye to this weapon...


Bye bye. You will not be missed.




Prove them wrong!

It was a great Pre-Season and sets us up lovely for the new season.


The league is back up to 24 teams with 4 going down. Means 46 games, 16 more than I played last season. Fingers crossed its enough to be challenging near the top.

I'm ready to get hurt again.

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Unlucky in the playoffs, but it’s still a great season given where they were when you took charge. Getting Rush back is a great signing, hopefully you can challenge at the top of the table this season!

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Posted (edited)
17 hours ago, BoxToBoxFM said:

Unlucky in the playoffs, but it’s still a great season given where they were when you took charge. Getting Rush back is a great signing, hopefully you can challenge at the top of the table this season!

I was gutted but happy. Went into that Semi with no expectations (just like the Mrs). But very happy with how Summer went. Looking forward to getting stuck into the Season.

Edited by andychar
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Baptism of Fire

So normally I don't care about the fixture list. The way I see it is you have to play everybody twice so it doesn't matter. That being said we start the season against 5th,4th and 1st predicted teams so this season could start brilliantly or terribly!


Dorking 0-0 Chelmsford City - Oh man you wait all Summer for Football return and this is what you get! What a truly awful game this was. We had more chances than Dorking but honestly both teams could have played all season and not scored, it was just one of those games. End of the day its an away point against a potential Playoff rival. I'll take it.

Chelmsford City 2-0 Maidstone - This is more like it. We dominated this game from start to finish and deserved the win. A goal in each half from Aleksiev did the trick, he's not really known for his goalscoring ability so this was a nice chance of pace. I had to make a decision before game to rotate or stick with a few players fatigued. I made the right choice sticking with the same Starting XI.

Chelmsford City 2-1 Dulwhich Hamlet - Revenge! Not going to lie this felt goooood. Good to see Matt Rush open his account, he didn't really impress until the last few months so hopefully this is the start of something good. We were deserving of our 2-0 lead before Dulwich made us sweat with a late goal. Brilliant start.

Worthing 1-1 Chelmsford City - This was the first bad result of the season. Newly promoted Worthing didn't show us anything yet out of nothing went 1-0 up. A long ball going over everybodies head. It took an absolute wonder goal from Isaac to rescue a point. I'm talking 30 yard thunderbolt. Not happy we didn't win but at least we rescued a point.

Chelmsford City 2-0 Gloucester City - Battle of the cities down in Tier 6 and we came away with an easy 3 points. We didn't start well but settled down after the goal. Plain sailing from there really. This Tier likes to have 2 games in 2 days randomly but once again I tried to keep changes to a minimum and it paid off.

Good start to the season.


We are where we need to be. I have a feeling it could be tight. Look at Dorking, turns out that opening point was indeed a good one.

One thing of note..

"Mum can we have John McGinn?"
"We have John McGinn at home!"
John McGinn at home...


This made me chuckle.

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On 10/06/2022 at 02:30, andychar said:

I was gutted but happy. Went into that Semi with no expectations (just like the Mrs). But very happy with how Summer went. Looking forward to getting stuck into the Season.


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15 hours ago, ManUtd1 said:


Honestly out of the 2894 posts I've had on this forum. It was my favourite!



It didn't mean it literally!

Braintree 2-2 Chelmsford City - Would you believe me if I told you there was a goal in between Blissett scoring twice? Well tough! Cos it happened! Braintree took an early lead against the run of play. No worries, we equalised, then they went straight down and retook the lead! No worries, we equalised. Then we battered them and just couldn't find the winner. 

Chelmsford City 0-0 Hungerford - I've played this team 3 times now, all 3 times I've destroyed them and all 3 times we have drawn. They are my bogeyside. We did everthing put score here. Matt Rush hasn't started the season how I would have wanted him too. Fingers crossed he will push on.

Chippenham 1-1 Chelmsford City - Ok the good news is we are unbeaten this season! The bad news is we haven't won in 3. Something just isn't clicking. We went 1-0 up and were looking comfortable, until suddenly...we weren't. They scored out of nothing and then we struggled to get a foothold of the game. Frustration is building.

Chelmsford City 2-0 Dorchester - Nothing like the FA Cup to help you forget your woes. A good run here would be getting to the First Round Proper. Rush pretty much gave us the game in 15 minutes. We were the better side, they showed flashes of danger but nothing too conerning. Suppose we have only conceded 1 goal in 3 games now. Positives Rodney!

Chelmsford City 3-1 Truro - We went behind early here. Cue the eye rolling and hatred. Luckily we actually managed to turn it around. Both CB's combined for the first goal, as you do. Before 2 second half goals gave us the win and the icing. 

Concord Rangers 2-3 Chelmsford City - Another game where I was nearly scratching my head. A good start and a deserved lead but suddenly pegged back out of nothing. We were bossing the game so didn't come down to hard on them at half time and luckily this was the right thing to go. We retook the lead and made it 3-1. Unfortunetely we went down to 10 after an injury forced Aleksiv off (he will miss 4 weeks). They scored in the 95th minute to do nothing but hurt out GD.

It means the league table looks like this....


Things are very tight at the top with the next 5 teams missing from the screenshot all on 12 points. Us and Dorking unbeaten, they are smashing goals in left right and centre, making our 0-0 at the start of the season look quite impossible.

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How do you like it? How do you like it?


Draw draw draw!

Ok maybe not that many draws but they are still cropping up.

Chelmsford City 1-1 Walton Casuals - Talk about taking things casually. I made a few changes ahead of this (what I thought was a) straightforward cup tie against lower league opposition. We battered them for 120 minutes and when we finally broke the deadlock on the hour mark I thought we were golden. Cue a 88th minute equaliser and me thinking "annoying but we will battle them in the replay". So imagine my surprise when ET popped up. Started sweating, had chances to win it but penalties just seemed inveitable. They missed 1st. We missed 4th so suddenly it was sudden death. Luckily they missed the 5th and we booked our place in the next round.

Chelmsford City 2-1 Gosport - I'm going to be honest with you guys, I played this game a few days ago and have absolutely zero memory of it. Lets say I battered them and they scored in the last second so it doesn't look like a sweated it.

Torquay 2-1 Chelmsford City - This one hurt. A tight first half with both sides creating chances but not really looking dangerous. We absolutely bossed the 2nd half and was unlucky not to take the lead before we did, a goal being chalked off, but when we went 1-0 up I was start to dream of a length cup run which ended with a 10-0 defeat at Anfield or some shizzle. Then we scored again, only for it to be chalked off again. They went straight down and scored not once but twice from cheapshot counters. We huffed and puffed but couldn't force extra time. Fine margains and we were dumped out.

St Albans 1-1 Chelmsford City - Once again we deserved better. They scored early and from then on it was a training ground session. Attack vs defence. We kept coming they kept knocking us back. Eventually we broke the barrier and grabbed a much deserved equaliser. But that was it, we couldn't grab the winner and another frustrating afternoon ends with 1 point instead of 3.

Chelmsford City 3-3 Billericay - We were battered here. Complete opposite of the St Albans game. Amazingly we went 2-0 up. 1 against the run of play and one was a beautiful curling shot and all was right with the World. Then in the 45+4 minute we conceded a penalty. 2-1 at the break but still in the lead. It didn't take them long to equalise and then they proceeded to batter us. Then amazingly we scored a free kick, out of nothing we were winning and for a very brief moment I thought we were going to FM the AI. Then they went straight down and scored their own free kick. We held on for a point we didn't deserve.

Slough 1-4 Chelmsford City - This is the performance we have been crying out for. Perfect in every way (I'll ignore the fact they scored). 3-0 at the break. Absolutely crusing. They did have a better 2nd half but we were 4-0 up before they struck. It meant for a change I could sub out for fitness rather than performance. Perfect way to finish what was a mixed bag month.



We remain unbeaten but in 4th behind a Maidstone team which seemed to come out of nowhere. Honestly I was looking at the live table during the Slough game and was like Office Dwight Schrute GIF - Office Dwight Schrute Surprised - Discover &  Share GIFs

Just got to plow forward. Think the FA Trophy starts soon so will be something to break up the league fixtures.

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