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Question about Promises and contracts (FM20)

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1. I Have had a year long battle trying to keep my Star player. He finally wanted to talk about a new contract but he demanded that I Strengthen Midfielders.
I was wondering if its possible to fulfill this promise without signing any players? Can the promise be completed if my current players becomes better players? Or is there any other ways to complete this promise without signing any new players, perhaps by selling the worst rated guys in the squad.

2. I have another star player who does not want to sign a new contract.  would he also want to sign a new contract if the current players improve in star rating or in performance on the pitch, or is the only option to sign new players?


Thanks for any advice!

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Star player expects someone as good as him. I had one of these: he wanted a better AMR, so I bought 3 -- one first teamer and two excellent prospects. He didn't rate the first teamer and carried on in a state of misery for several months, until said first teamer emerged as a 'leading divisional player'.

These demands are generally a PITA, and I try to avoid them, but often they are easy to fix because you already know you need to strengthen in the specified area.

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I had such cases - players demanding this or that for signing a contract - several times.

Whatever I promised and whatever I did - I never was able to meet the players' expectations.

Promising to strengthen squad or staff always ended in serious drama.

And so ... nowadays I get them to sign a contract without any clauses or promises.

And if not I get another player, period.

Even if he is significantly weaker.

EVERYTHING is better than drama in the squad.

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[FM 21] moving up to championship from VNL i constantly have this problem any midfielders i want to buy want me to improve the midfield. i cant afford two midfielders :)

my transfer budget and wage budget are both only a million each lowest in the league. all the regular players expecting double their previous salary doesn't  help either.

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