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  1. This is a link to the database I used: https://www.fmscout.com/a-fm20-database-england-lower-leagues.html Its football manager 20, I didnt download a skin. I use a skin but I use "dark mode" skin that is included in the base game. I started at level 12, instead of 11 but I hope that is ok, I dont need points for the first promotion.
  2. I like to play using the LLM playstyle that is written about in this article: https://bit.ly/3uzgX7a North Ireland, Ireland and Wales are all very hard. They all have one dominant team that makes it hard to win the top division. You can start as ameatur in all of them. And its almost impossible to then go and win champions league. Poland is semi-pro, but with very interesting squad selection rules. Worth playing too. -There has to be a U19 player on the field at all times, meaning you need a U19 player on the bench in order to substitue if you only have one in starting 11.
  3. Error with site, didnt respond.. sorry for multiple posts.
  4. The page didnt respond or update when I clicked submit, I am unable to delete but I edited so it doesnt take so much space.
  5. I didnt know about this challenge, but I started a save that follows all the rules listed, Except I used a database called "E20 - England Level 16 with Jersey & Guernsey teams 1.0." I hope the 2 databases have the same competitions and league systems. I Manage Heswall F.C. "The Yellows", (they have a website). They where a Ameatur team, where no players had any salary and no apperance fees or anything bonus pay. All staff including myself had no wages.
  6. Want a new interesting save, with a odd limitation to make it harder or more challanging to find good players? -How easy/hard do you think these would be to use in the game? -Do you have any suggestions for other conditions/features that player can have in common? 1. All player has one thing in common. 2. You cant sign contracts to players that lack this feature. Includes Loans/Trials, and perhaps also Staff. 3. You cannot renew contracts to players who doesnt have / lost this feature. Suggestions - Every player is: -left footed -Weighs more than 85kg -Shorter than
  7. Thanks for moving it to the correct sub-forum. I like the way you change it when you understand why you do it. I don't know if I am able edit/add it to the poll and how to word it simply as an option.
  8. Hi I was wondering how often people change tactics. I created a poll just for fun. You can select multiple answers if you agree with more than one answer. Is it better to have good Tactical familiarity (fewer changes) or use a "counter" tactic by changing it often. Perhaps both are good options for different reasons.
  9. I have multiple save games thats 15-20 years long, but It would take ages to go through them and collect the data. If you want to sit a few hours with google sheets and figure it out ill give you them. its moslty FM19 and FM20.
  10. Can you try and combine those stats in the screenshot into numbers? Would be interesting to compare it to real life football and see how far off it is. I found this in a article: -The table below shows the percentage of games won by the home team, away team and drawn in the last 21 years of the top four divisions of English football. Home win, away win and draw percentage of games played in England’s top four divisions since the 1996/97 season and to the time the article was written. Link to the full article: http://eightyfivepoints.blogspot.com/2016/08/home-advantage-home-advantage-is-
  11. I tried to win the champions league with Goytre United. They dont have that low of a wage budget but the JD Cymru Premier is such a low rated division that most good players want to leave the team because lack of opposition. I ended up playing the reserve/youth players in the league and the best players in european competitions. I got to the group stages and even won the group a few times. but I never won the champions league. About 90% of the income is from European price money. If your not in europe you get less than English Vanarama National League money. All the teams are Semi-pro exc
  12. Its all listed very detailed under Rules within the game. Go to competitions, click on the league. Mouse over "Overview" near the top left and click Rules in the drop down menu. I did the british isle challenge and I remember there was a points threshold. I cant remember the details but International Apps and Wage is a factor. You can see in the red box in the picture that if you offer that player high enough wage he will get a work permit. The other 3 teams must have payed him a larger salary.
  13. I guess you are talking about the top teams of the world. What about for a smaller club that cant really afford to pay someone a wage and loan him out for a few years to develop? I noticed that young players that gets first team matches do gain Ability Star Rating. The once who barely play any matches gets no improved star ratings. So Id say the training has little effect by itself.
  14. I use a single Chief Data Analyst, but no other Data Analysts. It very useful to have one because it allows me to use a new training schedule option called "Match Review" on sundays after matches. Its the only reason I have a Data Analyst.
  15. Well its normal to have 25-30 players in the squad. And most contracts have apperance fee's, goal bonuses and like 10 other bonuses. And those bonuses are also only payed sometimes depending on match results and is also not to the entire squad every week/match. If they used Recent Expendature numbers to calculate the "wage budget: Current spending" i bet most people could afford another rotation player or at least have a easier time staying within the wage budget.
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