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  1. Yes I agree that if you say "He has a higher pace" you mean that someone is running faster. But the number value in minutes would still be a lower value. And the game uses numbers to tell us about a players pace. Pace has many meanings depending on what you are talking about. Its not simple. I am talking about "Running Pace", in the context of a person running. And the players do run in football manager. Take a look at this page: https://calcrun.net/pace-time/#pace_time What is running pace Running pace is the amount of time in which you run 1 mi or km. Pace indicates how
  2. Ok I see. I was talking about real-life not in-game. This game has many concepts and rules from real life inside it. I guess Pace is not one of them.
  3. Pace = defined as the number of minutes it takes to cover a mile or kilometer. - Lower is better Pace is NOT mesured in KM/H or MPH like cars where higher is better.
  4. There are attributes where its better to have a 1 and bad to have a 20 ingame already. It would not be that much coding to reverse the Pace stat so that 1 is best and 20 is worst.
  5. I think its odd that a guy with 18 Pace runs faster than one with 5 in Pace. It should be the other way around! Someone who runs a kilometer in 18 minutes would be slower than a guy who runs a kilometer in 5 minutes. "In running, pace [4] is usually defined as the number of minutes it takes to cover a mile or kilometer. Pacing is often a critical aspect of endurance events. Some coaches advocate training at a combination of specific paces related to one's fitness in order to stimulate various physiological improvements.[5]"
  6. Check this webpage: https://www.ethicalfa.org/top-flight-clubs And perhaps this: https://www.dw.com/en/welcome-to-the-worlds-greenest-soccer-club/a-46694185
  7. I think its for teams outside of Europe mostly. Perhaps the badge pack you are using does not contain all National badges. Mine only had european teams afaik. Try using a different badge pack. Or perhaps you need a French badge collection pack thing?
  8. You could start in a league with a very long first transfer window. some places it lasts all the way until march the next year. This way you would get to disable transfers for almost a entire season!
  9. The only thing I can think of is by using screen shots. But If you have 2 monitors its pretty fast to look at the game and write the data directly without moving your eyes back and fourth.
  10. The "locking in" of playing time does only apply if you are delegating loan transfer to staff. They will automatically accept any loan offer that meets the "requirements" that you set, and refuse any below. It does not affect what type of loan offers you receive.
  11. I had my backup keeper play as a winger in a cup match to rest a player. He got 2 yellow cards and got sent off in the second half. I think it was his 3rd match that season. He did a decent job as a winger all things considered.
  12. well related question: Do the team talks you choose affect the players view on the match? or does it only affect their morale?. I understand all green response helps morale. lets say in a teoretical situation: Both options "I have faiith in you" and "I excpect a win tonight" gives a green response, does it matter witch one you choose? (its only teoretical since you cannot know the effect in advance)
  13. Goal Keeper passes the ball to the striker who only has one touch on the ball and sends it into the net.. lucky!!!
  14. Very often all the answers are wrong, or I would like to answer something else. That goes for team talks and most interactions too. And its the same questions and answers in fm19 and fm20. think they should add more options, even if they keep the 5 avaliable answers, they should have 20 answers total and only 5 show up using context to help. And also every journalist has a name and yet they all formulate the questions and sentances identical, they should have a bit of varaity. Right now I just click the second answer without reading the questions, its always a good answer.
  15. I try and have the club make a profit each year. And the wage/tranfer budgets that are given does not always allow this. Meaning if I where to spend the entire budget the overall balance would go negative very soon. And this would result in smaller budgets in the future and you suddenly have to sell players ect. I try and sign mostly 18 year old players that is good enough to play in the first team. Since they become home-grown. You can see here I only made 330K last season, If I had spent the entire wage budget I would have lost many millions and had a lower budget this year anyways.
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